El guión. Sustancia, estructura, estilo y principios de la escritura de guiones

El gui n Sustancia estructura estilo y principios de la escritura de guiones Partiendo de conceptos b sicos McKee muestra el misterio de las estructuras explica las caracter sticas de cada g nero define la importancia de la ambientaci n la diferencia entre la caracterizaci

  • Title: El guión. Sustancia, estructura, estilo y principios de la escritura de guiones
  • Author: Robert McKee
  • ISBN: 9788484281689
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
  • Partiendo de conceptos b sicos, McKee muestra el misterio de las estructuras, explica las caracter sticas de cada g nero, define la importancia de la ambientaci n, la diferencia entre la caracterizaci n y la realidad de un personaje, en suma, todo aquello que hace que un gui n destaque por encima de los dem s Ilustrado con muestras de guiones cl sicos, analiza c mo est cPartiendo de conceptos b sicos, McKee muestra el misterio de las estructuras, explica las caracter sticas de cada g nero, define la importancia de la ambientaci n, la diferencia entre la caracterizaci n y la realidad de un personaje, en suma, todo aquello que hace que un gui n destaque por encima de los dem s Ilustrado con muestras de guiones cl sicos, analiza c mo est construida cada escena para que funcione y por qu funciona.

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    2 thoughts on “El guión. Sustancia, estructura, estilo y principios de la escritura de guiones

    1. Robert McKee began his show business career at age nine playing the title role in a community theatre production of MARTIN THE SHOEMAKER He continued acting as a teenager in theatre productions in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan Upon receiving the Evans Scholarship, he attended the University of Michigan and earned a Bachelor s Degree in English Literature While an undergraduate, he acted in and directed over thirty productions McKee s creative writing professor was the noted Kenneth Rowe whose former students include Arthur Miller and Lawrence Kasdan.After completing his B.A McKee toured with the APA Association of Producing Artists Repertory Company, appearing on Broadway with such luminaries as Helen Hayes, Rosemary Harris and Will Geer He then received the Professional Theatre Fellowship and returned to Ann Arbor, Michigan to earn his Master s Degree in Theatre Arts.Upon graduating, McKee directed the Toledo Repertory Company, acted with the American Drama Festival, and became Artistic Director of the Aaron Deroy Theatre From there he traveled to London to accept the position of Artist In Residence at the National Theatre where he studied Shakespearean production at the Old Vic He then returned to New York and spent the next seven years as an actor director in various Off Broadway, repertory and stock companies.After deciding to move his career to film, McKee attended Cinema School at the University of Michigan While there, he directed two short films A DAY OFF, which he also wrote, and TALK TO ME LIKE THE RAIN, adapted from a one act play by Tennessee Williams These two films won the Cine Eagle Award, awards at the Brussels and Grenoble Film Festivals, and various prizes at the Delta, Rochester, Chicago and Balti Film Festivals In 1979, McKee moved to Los Angeles, California where he began to write screenplays and work as a story analyst for United Artists and NBC He sold his first screenplay, DEAD FILES, to AVCO Embassy Films, after which he joined the WGA Writers Guild of America His next screenplay, HARD KNOCKS, won the National Screenwriting Contest, and since then McKee has had over eight feature film screenplays purchased or optioned, including the feature film script TROPHY for Warner Bros In addition to his screenplays, McKee has had a number of scripts produced for such critically acclaimed dramatic television series as QUINCY, M.D starring Jack Klugman , COLUMBO starring Peter Falk , SPENSER FOR HIRE and KOJAK starring Telly Savalas.In 1983, McKee, a Fulbright Scholar, joined the faculty of the School of Cinema and Television at the University of Southern California USC , where he began offering his now famous STORY SEMINAR class A year later, McKee opened the course to the public and he now teaches the 3 day, 30 hour STORY SEMINAR to sold out audiences around the world From Los Angeles where his course is only taught two times a year to New York two times a year to Paris, Sydney, Toronto, Boston, San Francisco, Helsinki, Oslo, Munich, Singapore, Barcelona and 12 other film capitals around the world, than 50,000 students have taken the course over the last 15 years Through it all, McKee continues to be a project consultant to major film and television production companies, as well major software firms Microsoft, etc , news departments ABC, etc and In addition, several companies such as ABC, Disney, Miramax, PBS, Nickelodeon and Paramount regularly send their entire creative and writing staffs to his lectures In 2000, McKee won the prestigious 1999 International Moving Image Book Award for his best selling book STORY Regan Books HarperCollins The book, currently in its 32nd printing in the U.S and its 19th printing in the U.K has become required reading for film and cinema schools at such top Universities as Harvard, Yale, UCLA, and USC, and was on the LOS ANGELES TIMES best seller list for 20 weeks.

    2. Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend. A superb book that illuminates the purpose of writing stories and the most effective approach to penning tales that transcend the ordinary.

    3. I think this is the first time where I read a book solely based off a scene in a movie. The scene can be found here: youtube/watch?v=_VseQeLines like, "You cannot have a protagonist without desire! It doesn't make sense! ANY. F****NG. SENSE!" and "WHY THE F*** WOULD YOU WASTE MY TWO PRECIOUS HOURS WITH YOUR MOVIE? I DON'T HAVE ANY USE FOR IT! ANY. BLOODY. USE FOR IT!" more or less had me drooling. For those of you who don't know anything about Robert McKee, he's the writing teacher you wished yo [...]

    4. YES! It took me six months, but I finally, finished this bitch. The reason it took me six months was that Story is incredibly dense, and in the best possible way. If you want to understand what makes for a good story, and how and why they work, this is the book to read. But you'll need to read it slow because this is the kind of dense where you'll want to stop and think about what you just read after every few pages to make sure it really sinks in.Though oriented primarily towards screenwriting, [...]

    5. کتاب واقعاً خوبی بود و لذت بردم نکته‌های خیلی خوبی رو توش بهش اشاره می‌کنه! برای کسایی که می‌خوان فیلمنامه‌نویسی یاد بگیرن و یا فیلمنامه خوب رو از بد تشخیص بدن خوندنش خیلی می‌تونه مفید باشه!

    6. In a past life I did a professional writing degree for my undergraduate BA – half of which was in script writing. I wish we had been taught the stuff that is contained in this book. This is such a good book it is hard to praise it too highly. The advice is clear and all of it good. From avoiding adverbs and adjectives in your treatment to the psychology of interesting characters this book has many very important things to say to anyone thinking about writing a screenplay (or anything else, if [...]

    7. As a freelance editor of any type of writing, I am always searching for insight, wisdom, guidance, illumination about the many forms of writing that cross my desk. I'd heard about McKee's "Story" but shied away because screenwriting is so far removed from my usual work. Or so I thought. I bought the digital version on a whim thinking that it might prove useful someday as a reference book. I was immediately hooked and read it straight through. Then I went back and highlighted many passages for fu [...]

    8. I can't believe it's taken me so long to read this book. I expected more of the same: structure, story elements, character tips. And those are certainly there. But Story actually deserves its tremendously broad title, because that's exactly what this book is: a discussion of *story.* It's theory and practicality all wrapped up into one module. McKee presents ideas I've never seen elsewhere, backed up by solid example after solid example and all in an extremely engaging and absorbing way. This is [...]

    9. Robert McKee is the famous Hollywood screenwriting teacher gently poked fun at in the movie "Adaptation." Though that film could leave one with the impression that McKee teaches formula storytelling, this book is about how good stories transcend formula to become great art. McKee has a masterful understanding of the fundamentals of story itself, and he writes with clarity about the basic story tools every writer must develop in order to move beyond cliche and into something original. Using examp [...]

    10. This is not a book. This is like a school in a book. A master's degree. The amount of notes I took got out of hand, so I decided to just outright buy it, to have it handy. The best parts are the scene analysis chapters, which are pretty much the same for novel writing and screenwriting. Seeing a scene broken down into manageable bits has made it clear for me how to rewrite my scenes to make them better. Because if I can't write excellent scenes, I can't write an excellent book, period. So glad I [...]

    11. If you're a writer of drama or fiction, you need to master these rules before you consider breaking them.I knew from an early age that I wanted to write stories, but it wasn't till I was about 17 that I learned that there are actual methods, principles, and techniques involved in storytelling, when I received as a gift a copy of The Art of Dramatic Writing by Lajos Egri. Wow! What a revelation! I read it greedily.Flash-forward to 1990. I was 31 and now had my own TV series, The Odyssey, in devel [...]

    12. The truth is that this whole concept of three acts and obligatory antagonist will make you unemployed screenwriter in 99,9% of cases. I know, I've witnessed it myself. In some ways the book is usefull, I think it gives pretty accurate analysis of turning points and different types of screenplays and genres, some other things maybe But in general film bussiness has moved on from straight-forward "hero against something" concept, festival cinema and mass production for theatres and television alik [...]

    13. This is the text that went along with his three-day seminar that I attended. Although it is primarily focused on the screenplay, it is equally suitable for a novel, and there were quite a few novelists in attendance at the seminar. Although the focus is on traditional story structure—something McKee believes has become a lost art—his emphasis is so heavily on character, and writing from the inside out, that if well executed, a reader/viewer would not be consciously aware of the story's struc [...]

    14. A classic, but reads a little bit like a dictionary. Don't got through it from cover to cover, but open it when you need a refresher on story structure. Unequaled in depth and understanding of storytelling. If you really want to understand the nuts and bolts of writing narrative fiction, this is your go-to book.

    15. Why are there so many bad movies out there? I mean seriously - you and I both know that of all the films that are released every year, we probably get only one or two that are actually good. There's some that are good enough to spend an afternoon watching, maybe enjoyable enough that we'll want to watch it again on DVD later. But so many are just bad.It is my own fault, I think, for seeing Transformers 2. I have no one to blame but myself.The really scary thing is that, in the summer of Transfor [...]

    16. Wow. I mean it. For the would-be average screenwriter this is the best thing since sliced bread.An excruciatingly insightful book- for a tyro, that is. 'Cause that's the angle I'm judging from.My first thoughts upon reading the book- boy, am I lucky I stumbled upon this book and no other which might have been a disheartening bummer. I guess it's off the essence to start off on the right foot. Getting down to brass tacks, I recommend this book to everyone who's looking for a no-nonsense, comprehe [...]

    17. McKee may be a great screenwriter, but I certainly hope his classes are less pompous and verbose than this book is. It's poorly edited, with too much preaching, and long lists of movie titles cited as examples of a particular point. Since the style is to use ALL QUOTES for titles, when he goes on for a third of a page it just gets annoying.In his acknowledgements, he thanks someone for their omnivorous will to omit needless words - his wife. Obviously she was too close to it all to tell him to j [...]

    18. به عقیده ی من مشخصه ی کتاب های آموزشی/فنی مرجع در گام آهسته ی آن هاست. این کتاب به صورت کامل این اصل را ارضا می کند. مطالب بسیار جزئی و فشرده ی این کتاب هرچند سرعت مطالعه ی آن (مطالعه ی صحیح همراه با یادداشت برداری و درک) را پایین می آورد ولی خواننده را حداقل به یک دید عالی جهت تمیی [...]

    19. UPDATE: Once a year or so I get the urge to return to attempts at screenwriting: it's actually a cheap hobby that's a great mental exercise. In the past, I've bought stacks of books about screenwriting: this is one of a handful I've kept and referenced. It's a stupendously fast read with some very good points. My review below digresses away from the book itself, as all my reviews eventually tend to do, but all in all, McKee is as good as anyone else in Hollywood at kick-starting your career.ORIG [...]

    20. I discovered "Story" during a writing workshop last fall. Although the book focuses on the creation of screenplays, its principles are directly applicable writing the short story and novel. McKee is an old school storyteller, which suits me to a "T". He insists that the writer respect the audience desire to be entertained, but intelligently and with integrity. He provides a classic structure of plot, progression, character development within one simple but profound concept: the protagonist has a [...]

    21. I usually race through how-to-write books in a day or two, but this one took me a month because it is so damned good. And what a month. I found myself wanting to underline sections and scribble in virtual exclamation points!!! In triplicate!!! On my Kindle!!! And I hate exclamation points!!! Because, well, it's not so much that McKee was telling me anything I hadn't read before in the writing-craft circuit, but dammit, the way he said it, the waaaaaay he said made this storytelling business fina [...]

    22. If you only ever read one book on writing, this should be it.Even if you're not an author, STORY will deepen your understanding of novels and movies. What makes a good plot? What drives character motivations? How do you deal with audience expectations?Telling stories is one of the most defining characteristics of being a human. Learns to do it well, and learn how to appreciate it, too.I read a lot about writing, but nothing has ever blown me away like this. It has everything, and I plan to keep [...]

    23. Well, this book certainly covered all the topics one would hope for in a book on writing craft. It was a bit on the theoretical/academic side for me. I was looking for something that was more practical. But if you are looking for something theoretical/academic, then you would have your bases covered here. I will keep the book on my shelf, but for use more as a reference text. Still, solidly written throughout and I am happy with the purchase.

    24. this book is fantastic and it has become my bible since I bought it. it doesn't just give you "How to s" but also gives deepest views on elements of storytelling. It's one of the best book about screenwriting that I have ever read. so I recommend it to anybody who wants to do serious writing in screenwriting field. you are the best McKee!!!

    25. I can understand how this book would be good for potential screenwriters; in fact, that's who this book is for exactly. However, the book does get tedious and has a lot of personal bias involved (a tendency that spills over into McKee's seminar, unfortunately). There is no story in "Story," so unless you are gung-ho about becoming a Hollywood writer, stay away from this one.

    26. This is one of the very best books on the fundamentals of screenwriting. I found it provided me with inspiration before doing rewrites during pre-production on one of the recent feature films I made.

    27. There is a science to this art, and Mr. McKee seems to understand it quite well. For any aspiring author of screenplays, plays, or novels, this is recommended reading.

    28. For all of you who loves films and screenwriting this is arguably the best book about itso this amazing youtube channelLessons from the Screenplay

    29. - تنطلق القصة من تجربة إنسانية تغلف نفسها داخل تعبير فريد - الوقت الذي تحتاجه لكتابة سيناريو بدء من الإلهام حتى المسودة الأخيرة قد يماثل الوقت الذى تحتاجه فى كتابة رواية - حين يكتب الموهبون بشكل سيء فأن ذلك يرجع إلى سببين إما وجود فكرة مجبرون على إشباعها او يكونوا منساقين وراء [...]

    30. My mind is officially blown!Make no mistake: this bible to story-telling is dense and intensely analytical. The first time I tried reading it, I gave up. I think if I thought too much about these principles on a first draft, my creativity would shrivel up and die (though there's no unlearning it now).Yet, to revise a novel, McKee offers incredible insight into pacing, story arc, characters, climactic scenes, and more. If something isn't working, you can probably find some tool here to help you t [...]

    31. "Story: Style, Structure, Substance, and the Principles of Screenwriting" is one of the bests books I've ever read about the complex Art of Writing. It's not only a "bible" for all upcoming screenwriters and filmmakers but also a treasure for all writers (novels, short stories) Robert McKee gives us the basis of STORYTELLING, an art in itself, so complex and rich as the human brain. This book is a delicious journey through human history and the way we built stories, a map that guides us and teac [...]

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