Darker Than You Think

Darker Than You Think The unsettling dreams begin for small town reporter Will Barbee not long after he first meets the mysterious and beautiful April Bell They are vivid powerful and deeply disturbing nightmares in which

  • Title: Darker Than You Think
  • Author: Jack Williamson
  • ISBN: 9780575075467
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • The unsettling dreams begin for small town reporter Will Barbee not long after he first meets the mysterious and beautiful April Bell They are vivid, powerful and deeply disturbing nightmares in which he commits atrocious acts And, one by one, his friends are meeting violent deaths.

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    2 thoughts on “Darker Than You Think

    1. John Stewart Williamson who wrote as Jack Williamson and occasionally under the pseudonym Will Stewart was a U.S writer often referred to as the Dean of Science Fiction.

    2. Seeing this, I knew right away that April Bell was a huge Rock 'n' Roll fan, making it quite obvious that she's been ceremoniously singing along to some of her favorite songs!♬ Ride the tigerYou can see his stripes but you know he's cleanOh don't you see what I mean ♫~ Dio "Holy Diver"Umm, yeah. So, anyways. I held out on purchasing Darker Than You Think for years until I could find the one with the cover pictured above; A naked red-haired witch riding a huge golden sabre-toothed tiger again [...]

    3. they don't always howl at the moon but they do only come out at night, in all sorts of shapes, there and not-there, ready to kill and have been ready since the beginning of mankind. The Enemy! to humans and canines alike! masters of atomic probability: turning metal into mist and walking through walls; picking just the right place for an unfortunate accident, be it bloody car crash or a great fall from a high place. only silver holds them back! Fantastic Plotexpert pacing: the plot moves like it [...]

    4. 5.0 to 5.5 stars. I just finished re-reading this FANTASY CLASSIC after originally reading it over 10 years ago. As good as I thought it was back then, I must have read it too quickly and not absorbed all of the nuances because this time around I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! Originally published in 1948, this novel is one of the definitive stories about werewolves. I certainly think it is the most interesting explanation for Homo lycanthropus that I have ever come across. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF PLOTWill [...]

    5. Read as part of the Retro Hugo Voters' Packet - although it was disqualified as a nominee: "The finalist “Darker Than You Think” by Jack Williamson was mistakenly categorized as a novelette. The story is a novella, but did not receive enough nominations to be a finalist as a novella."Personally, I'd say this is definitely an actual novel - the pacing and structure give it that feel. It's really not that short, either.Wait ah-ha! "Darker Than You Think by Jack Williamson, originally a novelet [...]

    6. I reserve the right to give this one three and a half stars.Ooh boy! This is a toughie.Early on at least, I enjoyed the 'pulpy' style of the writing in Darker Than You Think. The opening airport scene was terrific, and it succeeded in reeling me into the story. I also thoroughly enjoyed the pseudo scientific theories used to explain much of the plot. Hey, a secret and ancient cabal filled with malice and ill intent, it works for me!Also, as someone who is well read on astral/etheric projection, [...]

    7. Darker Than You Think is well-written but dull, and its characters seem really fake for the most part, for lack of a better word.

    8. A gripping story from start to finish that provides a different take on the idea of lycanthropy drawing together strands from quantum mechanics, freudian psycology and evolutionary theory.

    9. Despite being identified as “one of the best werewolf novels”, I found this book to be a crashing disappointment. Why? The reasons are as under: -1. The protagonist is the worst one that I have EVER encountered in a book, in terms of believability. My arguments are:a. In a style bitterly reminiscent of Hamlet and his procrastinations but without any of the literary paraphernalia that had made those lines so special, he spends the whole length of the novel without doing anything in his person [...]

    10. I was surprised when I checked this out from the library that it was written in 1948. It is a dark tale and must be one of the earliest examples of urban fantasy.It is a tale of lycanthropy rather than werewolves alone. It is pulp fiction that has quite stereotypical characters such as April Bell the femme fatale. It is great fun and a quick read with some interesting twists. While it is of its time period it has aged well.

    11. I finally finished this sucker. Far from being a page turner, I found it tedious. For me the novel has four big problems: the writing is bad, okay it's pulpy, it hasn't dated well, the main character who tells the story from a first person perspective is a fool that we NEVER sympathize with, and lycanthropy is my least favorite horror trope, so it already had a poor chance to do more than show with me.As far as being dated one might say "it is of its time." but so is The Colour Out of Space but [...]

    12. Originally written at the very end of the 1930s and published in 1948, this is a remarkable dream-like (or rather nightmarish) paranoid fantasy about were-people taking over the world - it is also very sexy in that subdued way of the mid-twentieth century.I can imagine this being filmed in 'noir', a greyscale of airports, small town life, redheads in apartments, cocktail bars and insane asylums, with the 'dream' or 'madness' or 'enhanced existence' sequences (it is not clear what they are and I [...]

    13. Early on the writing was a bit clunky, and with an abundance of oft repeated phrases. Thankfully it smoothed out a little as the story progressed.This was an interesting tale about a secret race of shape-shifters - allegedly out for world domination, although there was little sign of that. I did enjoy the rather novel approach Williamson took with regards the creatures shape changing abilities, but felt the story was let down by the unlikely actions of a somewhat deplorable protagonist. Neverthe [...]

    14. I had bought a paperback of this when I was a wee lad (the edition pictured above) - tried to read it, gave up, and later lost it. Looking at it as an adult, I can see why it was tough for me to engage with it, as I even had some problems reading it as an adult now. I like lots of different styles of writing , including some experimental stuff that drives most people batty, so saying I had a tough time may be taken as code by some that this book is poorly written. It isn't.It's inelegant and clu [...]

    15. Jack Williamson's "Darker Than You Think" is a one-shot horror-novel excursion for this science fiction Grand Master, but has nonetheless been described as not only the author's finest work, but also one of the best treatments of the werewolf in modern literature. It has been chosen for inclusion in David Pringle's overview volume "Modern Fantasy: The Hundred Best Novels" ("a relatively disciplined and thoughtful work," Pringle writes, in comparing it to the author's earlier space operas) as wel [...]

    16. I finished reading Darker Than You Think one night last week on the bus home from work. Gollancz reprinted it in 2003 as number 38 in their “Fantasy Masterworks” series. I don’t know if it’s a masterwork or not, but it’s definitely one of the best books I’ve read recently. I haven’t read much werewolf fiction, but I’m fairly certain this isn’t representative of that sub-genre of horror/dark fantasy. It also doesn’t really fit into the urban fantasy genre. While it’s true th [...]

    17. This book is to the werewolf story what "I Am Legend" is to the vampire story. That is high praise and I enjoyed this book immensely.The intermingled themes of folklore, anthropology, Indiana-Jonesesque archeology, quantum physics, pulp-noir detective, witchcraft, psychological and supernatural murder are handled expertly. As has been said by another reviewer, it is more a story of shapeshifters than a classic werewolf tale.Settle down with this book and a hot drink, but first check the doors an [...]

    18. An interesting story where "were" creatures are not confined to wolves. Though they are definitely dark and in conflict with humans. We see a weak man torn between the beautiful new woman of his acquaintance and the life-long friendships of those on the side of good. At stake? Oh - only the fate of all humanity!It was a bit of seasonal reading for me since Halloween is in a week and enjoyable enough.

    19. Again I'm not as thrilled with a book as some of my friends. I need to remind myself that a lot of the cliches in this book weren't as cliched when it was written.There is a scene early in the book that is written in the standard heavy dark portentous manner that left me in stitches. We've all seen it and read it sooooo often. The professor has already sent word that he needs to be protected and guarded until he makes his huge announcement. So he steps out of the plane and begins, not a quick an [...]

    20. Darker Than You Think is the story of WILL BARBEE, a heavy drinking newspaper reporter assigned to cover the story of an archaeological teams' mysterious dig in the Gobi Desert. When Dr. Mondrick Lamarck and his team of scientists deplane, Will and a rival reporter APRIL BELL are there among other members of the press to meet the archaeologists at the airport. The team carries with them a mysterious trunk, but instead of being excited about what's in it, they're afraid -- intensely so. When Dr. [...]

    21. I loved this story! DARKER THAN YOU THINK, by Jack Williamson, is a classic old-school shapeshifter novel originally published in the 1940s. Will Barbee is an alcoholic newspaper writer, who goes to greet his ex-colleagues at the airport after they have been digging for artifacts in Mongolia for two years. Something isn’t right and the lead researcher dies on the tarmac before he can make a big announcement.Barbee wants to find out why the researcher was murdered and before long more people ar [...]

    22. I'm no werewolf expert, so far be it from me to judge the wolves in this 1948 horror classic. My frame of reference is the adorable, furry Seth Green, so I didn't really expect them to be scary, but I also didn't expect them to be so human. When they shift, they act exactly as they would in their human form, which makes for hilarious scenes such as this: "She trotted past the fallen chair, sprang lightly to the desk and grasped the dead man's pencil in her pliant paws". Werewolf lady then procee [...]

    23. One of the first fiction books i read. Found it in a cafe selling used books in Toronto called bookworm fell in love with the cover and later on with the story. Great dark atmosphere, well written and seductive.

    24. A gripping,humane story that arent dated at all. Its about a very intresting and different take on lycanthropy. The best story about Lycanthropy i have read or seen.A true masterwork.

    25. Obvously styles change over time and it would be churlish to downgrade my rating for Darker Than You Think without bearing in mind how old it is. Even so, there are a few annoying flaws with the prose here - repetitive terms and description being the main one. Couple that with a fairly lacklustre main character and you've got a tale that didn't do a lot for me.Some interesting ideas and a fairly tight plot, but not a book I'll revisit. 2 and a half stars rounded up to 3 because I'm in a good moo [...]

    26. Newspapermen and one gorgeous, redheaded, green-eyed newspaperwoman wait on the chilly tarmac of the Clarendon airport for the chartered plan returning the Lamarck Mondrick expedition from their two year stint in Nala-Shan. (Nala-shan actually exists. It's a mountain range in Northern China between Ninxgia and inner Mongolia's Alxa League. This could be the only trace of verifiable fact Williamson brings to his novel.) Along with the press are family members of the four returning explorers, incl [...]

    27. It started out so well. The perfectly suspenseful opening scene immediately hooked me. And then, the mysterious female explained what she was. Spoiler alert: she was not a werewolf. This is not a book about werewolves, despite what the cover and summary and reviews suggest. From then on, the novel got increasingly frustrating.The main character is insufferable and unbelievable. He’s supposed to be smart, yet it takes him almost the entire novel to figure out what the reader already figured out [...]

    28. I've been reading Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy masterworks this year. Jack Williamson is an author who often hits all these genres, and Darker Than You Think is a novel which nails all three.Main character Will Barbee is a newspaper reporter and former student of anthropologist Dr. Mondrick. As the professor and his protégés are returning from a two year expedition, Barbee meets the mysterious red head April Bell. She knows little, allowing the author time to share the back story. Soon [...]

    29. I have to admit I had somewhat of a difficult time with this book. Shapeshifting monsters from the beginning of time re-emerging into society thousands of years later, werewolves (sort of), a mysterious red-haired film-noir style villainness, and plenty of action--and somehow I just could not get into it. Most of the time when I read something and I like or dislike it, I don't find it difficult to explain my reasons, but with this one I'm a little confused myself. I'll tell you one thing right o [...]

    30. This is one of the dumbest books I have ever read. April Bell is pretty much a standard Mary-Sue character and Barbee, well, all he does is drink and babble on. This book is ridiculously tragic, not even remotely scary. The plot is this: alcoholic small-town journo Will Barbee starts having realistic nightmares after meeting said Mary Sue character, the redheaded April Bell, who is of course stunningly beautiful and intoxicating. She confesses a sad backstory to him that her "father" beat her al [...]

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