For One Moment: A Biographical Story

For One Moment A Biographical Story None

  • Title: For One Moment: A Biographical Story
  • Author: Christmas Carol Kauffman
  • ISBN: 9780878135363
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Hardcover
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      458 Christmas Carol Kauffman
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    2 thoughts on “For One Moment: A Biographical Story

    1. Christmas Carol Kauffman December 25, 1901 January 30, 1969 was a Mennonite author of inspirational Christian literature Kauffman was best known for her semi biographical novels, and her writings were largely based on the life stories of people she met through the mission work she performed with her husband, pastor Nelson E Kauffman She is mother of James Kauffman.

    2. A deep and inspiring testimony of a young man who tried to fill the void with everything, even making Hitler his idol-before one moment changed his life forever! Greatly enjoyed this, I couldn't put it down. :)

    3. i really liked this one though it was really sad.i don't like the endingi wish there was more to the story!!!!

    4. Fast moving, hard to put down. Two very young boys deal with the divorce of their parents and having to live with a father and step-mother who would rather they were not around. One of the boys ends up following Hitler and joins his army. Lots of characters in the story bring hope and a very strong message of faith develops. Really enjoyed this read.

    5. This was one of a number of books left by my grandparents after their death. Rows and piles of yellowed, dusty volumes were laid out to be divided among aunts, uncles and cousins. Not many of them had the benefit of appealing book-cover design to win over their next reader -- truly a "can't judge a book by the cover" scenario. But this one was a worthy pick.Mom picked it up before I did -- a slightly more voracious reader than I -- I often trust her to recommend (or not recommend) books that she [...]

    6. Around 1918, five-year-old Herbert (Herbe) Englehardt is living in Dresden, Germany, with his mother Grete, teenage sister Emeline, and four-year-older brother William (Willie) who is somewhat mentally challenged. Herbe’s father Ludwig has been away as a soldier fighting for the Kaiser during World War I. The family is looking forward to having him back after the war ends. However, when Ludwig returns home following the war, he divorces Grete, marries his new Italian girlfriend Nelda, and take [...]

    7. This book simply disgusted me. I know that it is biographical, but the way that the situation was presented made me very angry. It's about an abusive husband and father, and what angers me is that the wife stays with him, lets him abuse her, and worst of all, lets him abuse her children. More than that, it's portrayed as a good, meek, humble, right thing for her to do. It wasn't. It's one thing if you want to let someone beat you up. But to let him beat up your children is another matter. She wa [...]

    8. another book I've read over and over as a Mennonite teenager. This book has stayed with me for life. As Mennonite we were taught that it was wrong to go to war. If we ever had any doubts as to the severity of war, this book removed all doubts. Any going man who was even harboring the thought of enlisting, was given this book to read. 40 years later I can still recall the image and horror in my mind and heart as I read how the " severed arm laid in the mud, like gravy."

    9. Not worth another read. The characters, writing, and plot were all pretty pathetic. I realize that it was a true story, which makes it more difficult, but this book was not even slightly enjoyable. It rambled and dragged on for what seemed like forever.

    10. Outstanding true story of former German soldier in WWIIs a Christian, marries, leaves Germany, emigrates to America, etc. Loved it.

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