The Civil War: Strange & Fascinating Facts

The Civil War Strange Fascinating Facts Wonderfully entertaining look at some intriguing oddities unusual incidents and colorful personalities connected with the Civil War Includes names the war was known by personal quirks of Robert

  • Title: The Civil War: Strange & Fascinating Facts
  • Author: Burke Davis
  • ISBN: 9780517371510
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Wonderfully entertaining look at some intriguing oddities, unusual incidents, and colorful personalities connected with the Civil War Includes 25 names the war was known by, personal quirks of Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson, and ,

    • Unlimited [Philosophy Book] ☆ The Civil War: Strange & Fascinating Facts - by Burke Davis ✓
      156 Burke Davis
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    2 thoughts on “The Civil War: Strange & Fascinating Facts

    1. Burke Davis Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Civil War: Strange & Fascinating Facts book, this is one of the most wanted Burke Davis author readers around the world.

    2. This book mostly lives up to its name.  The anecdotes and comments in this book are certainly strange and fascinating, although they are not necessarily facts.  The author passes along some old canards about the rebels looking for shoes in Gettysburg, for example [1], and the fact that the author gives false facts does not exactly inspire a great deal of confidence in his veracity, as does the fact that he declines to cite his sources.  This is an entertaining book on the Civil War, and it is [...]

    3. I bought a used copy of The Civil War: Strange & Fascinating Facts by Burke Davis, because it sounded like it had the potential of being a very interesting read. I was not disappointed. It was entertaining and a great source of Civil War trivia. The book consists of 38 chapters including Firsts, Mr. Lincoln’s Beard, The Machine Gun, Imported Warriors, Riots on the Home Front, Was Stonewall Jackson a Hypochondriac?, Spies at Work, and Sex in the Civil War. I found in the Sex in the Civil Wa [...]

    4. Fun to read, but be warned you had better be up on your Civil War basics before attempting to read this book. It assumes that the reader is well aware of the main battles, campaigns, personalities and relative strengths and weaknesses of both the North and the South.As the title suggests, the book is primarily a collection of facts and oddball "did you know?" type of stories that are not really intended to re-tell the story of the Civil War but are mostly aimed at people who know the story fairl [...]

    5. The other book I was reading was soooooo ill-writen I picked this up to read as a quick "shot in the arm". As per the description/review cited "Wonderfully entertaining look at some intriguing oddities, unusual incidents, and colorful personalities connected with the Civil War"; that covers it very well. A great read when consistant interuption may occur as the each chapter deals with a topic, with near each paragraph a new or differing fact; perfect for "Stop and Go" reading. As noted by anothe [...]

    6. An interesting collection of anecdotes about the Civil War. I liked the section about the bystanders (including Louisa May Alcott). There were a ton of names which may not be many other places easily accessible to the public at large. This book is a few years out of date, so some of the edge may have been lost, but I felt there was a lot of research behind this story an I enjoyed the personal touches in this work.

    7. As someone who is interested in the Civil War but no means a Civil War buff, I found this book to be very interesting. It covers many stories and facts that I had not found anywhere else in my reading. Each chapter was a stand alone story so it was easy to pick up the book for a short read. I especially appreciated its focus on numerous technological innovations done at the time. Unfortunately the book has a very small bibliography and no footnotes.

    8. This would be interesting to anyone who enjoys reading about history. It is mentioned that the Civil War begins in a gentleman's yard and then ends in the yard of his new house. Some soldiers might have brother-in-laws who fought for the other side.An Army private got $11 a month but a free slave in Virginia got $30 a month. A young Confederate officer was fatally shot on the same horse that his three brothers were killed on. These are but a few of the very interesting facts.

    9. The book is exactly what it says, short stories of the civil war. For me, this wasn't a book to read in one sitting but rather off and on when one has 10-15 minutes to kill. The stories were interested and easy to follow. I really enjoyed the one of the submarine and wondered how the caption kept finding new crews to sink.

    10. A collection of trivia, mostly outdated at that.The most useful thing about the book is that it confirmed that I've read a lot about the Civil War and can now spot omissions and mistakes.I guess I got some useful factoids, but the view of history in this book is not holding up to modern scrutiny very well.

    11. This is one of those books wherein I read a chapter and put it down and come back to it later. It took a few weeks to finish. Almost anything written about the Civil War is worth reading. Interesting information and some fact correcting. For example, Grant's alleged alcohol consumption was exaggerated but he did have a problem with alcohol. I enjoyed the book for the most part.

    12. It's a great book for anyone interested in the Civil War. There are plenty of stories that you might have heard, and even more of those that you might not have (for example, 'The Machine Gun', 'Imported Warriors', or 'Lincoln's Subs').

    13. Originally written in 1960 in time for the Civil War Centennial, this book is a little out of date with some facts (such as the Confederate H. L. Hunley), but it is still an interesting read. That is why I didn't give it an extra star rating. Recommended.

    14. This book presents a number of chapters which focus on several pinnacle events and people of the Civil War. Burke Davis grants readers an enjoyable experience as they learn about some lesser known points concerning the Union and Confederates.

    15. Pretty entertaining as its divided into 20+ Topics and then most of those are just short stories. Easy to jump to something else if your interest is not held.

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