Heartless A dark stranger Finding herself abandoned after the death of her father Leandra Harcourt takes the greatest risk of her life She accepts the marriage proposal of a complete stranger the Duke of Derr

  • Title: Heartless
  • Author: Jaimey Grant
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A dark stranger.Finding herself abandoned after the death of her father, Leandra Harcourt takes the greatest risk of her life She accepts the marriage proposal of a complete stranger, the Duke of Derringer a man the world calls Lord Heartless A heartless proposal.A desperate girl with no prospects seems the perfect solution to Derringer s most recent problem marryA dark stranger.Finding herself abandoned after the death of her father, Leandra Harcourt takes the greatest risk of her life She accepts the marriage proposal of a complete stranger, the Duke of Derringer a man the world calls Lord Heartless A heartless proposal.A desperate girl with no prospects seems the perfect solution to Derringer s most recent problem marry before his 30th birthday to gain his rightful inheritance, though marriage is the last thing he needs The need to find his missing cousin takes priority over any silly marriage and he quickly abandons his new bride in the wreck of his family estate.A perfect love.Two people were never suited for each other than the duke and his wife, but will they discover it before it s too late With an assassin dogging his heels and a suitor wooing his wife, love will not have the luxury of time.

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    1. I m an author who battles ADD with sporadic doses of writing, book cover design, blogging, online promotion, homeschooling my two kids, fermenting things with my husband mostly beer , video games, reading, and housework The housework suffers I sleep and eat when I remember.Check out my blog, if you get the chance Into the Mind of Jaimey Grant

    2. I am becoming quite a fan of Jaimey Grant! Her books are traditional historical romance with meat. While "Heartless" is not as dark as previous books, it holds more depth than many romances on the market today while still allowing for the HEA. Leandra's character is especially rich, she lives with the stigma of illegitimacy with not only acceptance but with grace. She is not just one dimensional, however, Grant writes her so well that we are allowed to see both her incredible strength and her in [...]

    3. 3.5 stars.This book starts out very well. Up to about page 100 I thought it would be one of my best reads ever, and that is saying something because I read a lot. It is an entertaining book, but there are far too many secondary characters, many of whom are not even introduced as far as I could tell. New names crop up here and there; by the time I was three quarters of the way through I gave up caring who they were really and just carried on reading.I liked the two main characters, The Duke of De [...]

    4. This story is my favorite out of all the stories that I have read of Jaimey Grant! The characters were very well developed and I became attached to them as well as caught up in their emotional struggles from start of the story. This book is filled with romance and mystery that I could not put it down. I can't wait to read Redemption.The only thing that bugged me was about the will it is a big deal and we never find out what it contains.

    5. 3.5 Stars:I am not a romance reader. I typically do not enjoy those novels, except for a few Nora Roberts books. Nicholas Sparks might catch me by surprise once in a while as well, but for the most part- romance is a no go for me.I read this novel as part of a book club on GoodReads, where the authors meet and share their works. Jaimey Grant is a sweetheart. She is very talented at drawing a picture of the characters and making me be able to imagine them walking throughout a castle. She has the [...]

    6. I need to start with a confession: I'm a walkaway from the romance genre. When I was asked to review "Heartless," I was glad to accept the invitation. I didn't know quite what to expect, other than what the synopsis told me.What I got was a surprise.Jaimey Grant's Regency romance is part of the "old school" (read: clean) style of writing. Her primary characters, Hart and Leandra, are well-written and likable -- even in their foibles. Married for completely non-altruistic reasons on both sides, t [...]

    7. Ms. Grant has done it once again in Heartless. A man, plagued with horrors of his past, finds himself seeking a bride in order to receive his inheritance. In his anger and frustration, he attempts to choose the first woman who crosses his path. Though he strives to behave otherwise, he finds himself growing used to his having his meek little wife in his life. Through many trials, they learn to love and depend upon each other.I thoroughly enjoyed Heartless! It was enjoyable to see the change wrou [...]

    8. I read this book online for PIF, and I have to give Jaimey Grant credit: she knows how to keep a reader's attention. The characters were believable and well-drawn. And from the very beginning, the book pulled me in. I did feel that the story got off track in a few places, where details seemed to be there that weren't directly relevant and too much time was spent on secondary characters, but all in all, I enjoyed the read. Romance isn't ordinarily my thing, but Heartless kept my attention (which [...]

    9. A brilliantly written historical romance with a mixture of suspense an intrigue that are sure to meet anyones expectations when it comes to a must read novel. The characters were well portrayed and I became attached to them as well as caught up in their emotional struggles from an early start. It is a story of hardships, inheritance, and the power of love that will have you asking or more upon completion.

    10. I admit to being sucked into the story right from the start. I really liked Leander’s character; she is the type of person that everyone just falls in love with because of her niceness, honesty and charm (aside from her crazy family of course). She sees the good in her husband Hartley right from the beginning and because of that she doesn’t let him get away with much. He isn’t used to people treating him in such a way, and falls for her pretty quickly. I actually liked Hartley, even though [...]

    11. This story is my favorite out of all the stories I've ever written--current count is about a dozen, by the way. It has mystery, adventure, long-lost relatives, murder, deception, betrayal, and of course, romance. Then there is the ultimate redemption of a ruthless man accounted by most as a lost cause. And I must not forget the heroine who, throughout all the hardships placed upon her, never attempts anything more than simply trying to understand her husbanduntil she falls in love with him.This [...]

    12. The story was a good idea, but I felt like I was missing huge chunks of the secondary characters backgrounds and how they were involved with the main characters. The main character "Hart" was extreme at both ends within minutesmetimes within the same conversation. He would threaten "I will beat you," then flip to the opposite end and talk about "taking" her right then. WHAT? He seriously needs some meds for his bi-polar disorder. Good story, just not one I would really recommend to a friend.

    13. Once again, Ms. Grant's characters draw you in from the first page. Leandra Harcourt and Duke of Derringer are thrown together by fate and desperate circumstances. Both stubborn and determined, they try to ignore their growing feelings towards each other. In the end, they learn that what they need most is each other. Along with this romance, Ms. Grant mixes in some family histories that need unraveling and a mystery that needs solving. An engaging read!

    14. 4.5 Stars"Derringer’s face darkened and he pushed a hand through his loose hair in frustration. “Woman, you try my patience.” He turned abruptly on his heel and continued to the back of the house. "RECAPThe Duke of Derringer is someone everyone fears. To many he is known as Lord Heartless because of his merciless behavior. When the duke is in need of a wife he chooses a poor girl that walks into the tavern he’s in. Little does he know that the woman he marries is not what he believes she [...]

    15. I enjoyed this book until about 2/3's of the way through and then the mystery took over and the story suffered. I think, for me, this book tried to do too much. If it was just a straight romance which it was for 2/3's it would have been an entertaining read, but the gothic-ish murder mystery was just over complicated and detracted.Initially we have Leandra and Hart. Hart has to marry to meet an inheritance requirement. Leandra has just been made homeless and penniless due to her father's death. [...]

    16. I was excited to receive a free copy of this book from the author for review. Having read some excerpts on her website of the short story "Lady Coward", I was excited to read more from her.I just barely finished reading, so I apologize if my thoughts are a bit scattered.There are so many things I loved about this book - Hart (who doesn't love a bad boy hiding pain?), Merri - a very unconventional heroine (her glasses completely grew on me, and her honesty made her very real), murder, mystery, pa [...]

    17. *Book source ~ Picked up for free on Hartley Giles St. Clair, the Duke of Derringer, has been plagued with problems, accidents and outright attempts on his life since he inherited the title of Duke at age seven. Now, an additional problem has cropped up in the form of a clause in his late father’s will, a clause that has gone unnoticed all these years (I’d fire that law firm). He has a week to marry or he loses his considerable inheritance. Since no one in London has any appeal to him he dec [...]

    18. Hartley St Claire, Duke of Derringer is forced to marry by his thirtieth birthday in order to maintain his inheritance so he finds the first woman he can and sets off to marry her. He plans to dump her at his country estate and then continue on as he did before. His wife, Leandra, awakens something in Hart that he doesn't wish to put a name to. But he has no time to reflect upon his new wife and his feelings as he tries to find his cousin, Gabriel, and determine who's out to kill him.The story w [...]

    19. I got this free from the Kindle store, and the least I could do is like it, right?But I am sorry, I did not.I failed to relate to the characters and they remained unlikeable all through out the story. The protagonist Hartley St Clair Hughes, the duke of Derringer, is called heartless but he didn't strike me as heartless in any part of the book. Probably insensitive but not heartless. I really do not get the title. In the beginning of the book, he was already introduced as a kind spirit as he was [...]

    20. An interesting historical regency romance with just enough suspense to keep moving along at a steady clip. A marriage of convenience that turns to love, which I always enjoy. The hero is quite an arse and I enjoyed that while the author strives to make us understand him, she doesn't push us to like him. He doesn't have an instant personality change. Rather, he only allows his softer side and love to appear to his wife. I enjoyed his wife, Merri. Not a beauty, she also isn't made into a raving be [...]

    21. Leandra Harcourt marries a tall dark stranger because she has been abandoned by her step family after her father passes away. She has no where to go. Her husband is mysterious and sexy but doesn't take the marriage vows very serious when he leaves her to attend to business after only being married 2 days. The Duke of Derringer, or as some call him Heartless married Leandra because she is the first woman he meets after he finds out he needs to marry to save his inheritance. Leandra Harcourt is no [...]

    22. Heartless by Jaimey GrantWas very luckily sent a free copy of this book to read and review which I have written below I had waited a long time to read this book after meeting Lord Heartless in previous books and I was not disappointed. We meet Hart (Duke of Derringer ) at a soliciters trying to release his Inheritance where he rescues a lady who needs a room for the night and he marries her.We discover his secrets which are sad and he exudes a vulnerability which has been hidden in our previous [...]

    23. I really enjoyed this novel! The duke's character was so awful and cruel at times that it actually kept me reading. I couldn't believe that he could be capable of loving someone and treating her right. It had that but of romance/suspense that I love in a good regency era novel.

    24. Not as clean as I would like. Even though they are married, I don't need to read, even briefly, about him fondling her breast. Other than that, a great story. I do wish the issue of her fathers will had been resolved, and any man using violence on a woman reeks.

    25. I found this book as a freebie on Kindle. It was actually a really good read. Although I felt that there was a few questions that needed to be answered all in all a good book

    26. Hartley, Duke of Derringer needs to marry before his birthday, which is a week away, in order to receive his complete inheritance. Leandra Harcourt, has been kicked out of her home after her father's death as she was born out of wedlock. Together Hart, whom many refer to as Heartless, and Merri (Leandra's nickname) get married in order to help each other. Hart has many secrets. Not only is he searching for his cousin who disappeared after Waterloo, but someone has been trying to torment and kill [...]

    27. Review previously posted to my blog wp/p1P7gt-9XThe Duke of Derringer finds out he has to marry before his birthday to keep his inheritance. He has one week or he will go from super-rich Duke to pauper. He pretty much picks the first girl he saw: Leandra. She was homeless since her father died. She was an illegitimate offspring raised in her father’s house. Despised by her father’s wife, she was kicked out as soon as her father died.Derringer put up a veritable brick wall, because he did not [...]

    28. It's official. I'm a sucker for Jaimey Grant novels. Heartless is the second novel by Ms. Grant that I've read, the first being Spellbound. There's something charming about reading a clean romance that focuses on character and plot rather than graphic sex or endless pages of characters swooning over each other. That's probably what keeps me coming back. Grant's stories are like delicious slices of red velvet cake served up on a literary dish of impeccable prose.I found myself a shameless voyeur [...]

    29. I LOVED this book!!! Ms. Grant captured me from the beginning and pulled me into another world of romance, danger, heartbreak, forgiveness, trust, and undeniable love. Leandra, the illegitimate daughter of an Earl, was tossed out of her house when her father died leaving her penniless and alone on the streets. Hartley, The Duke of Derringer, must marry in five days in order to secure his lively hood as a last "heartless" gesture by his father in his will. And he must struggle to stay alive as so [...]

    30. This would be my.3rd time reading Heartless. And still I love it! Does it help to have read her previous books? yes, you will enjoy the side characters that come into play a bit more and the anticipation for Hart's story is increased. It can stand on its own however.I did own this book in paperback and then when I went to transfer much of my library into e-book format (for space and safety of my favorite stories from my children) I donated my copy of Heartless before checking completely on wheth [...]

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