Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters Enter the old West Point mansion tenanted by the restless spirits of John F Kennedy Mrs Douglas MacArthurd an angry long dead murderer Behold the psychic vision that brought three sadistic rapists t

  • Title: Ghost Hunters
  • Author: Ed Warren
  • ISBN: 9780312923259
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • Enter the old West Point mansion tenanted by the restless spirits of John F Kennedy, Mrs Douglas MacArthurd an angry, long dead murderer Behold the psychic vision that brought three sadistic rapists to justice Witness the case of a teenage girl that innocently began with a Ouija boardd ended in a devastating exorcism For nearly forty years, Ed and Lorraine WEnter the old West Point mansion tenanted by the restless spirits of John F Kennedy, Mrs Douglas MacArthurd an angry, long dead murderer Behold the psychic vision that brought three sadistic rapists to justice Witness the case of a teenage girl that innocently began with a Ouija boardd ended in a devastating exorcism For nearly forty years, Ed and Lorraine Warren have investigated thousands of manifestations of the spirit world, from hauntings and poltergeists to demon murders and possession Now they share their most fascinating cases True stories that have made the words most called upon professional demonologists actual, terrifying accounts you ll want to read with all the lights on.

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    2 thoughts on “Ghost Hunters

    1. Edward Ed Warren Miney was an American paranormal investigator and author associated with prominent cases of haunting He was a World War II US Navy veteran and former police officer who became a noted demonologist, author, and lecturer He worked with his wife Lorraine Warren.

    2. Oh lord, it's these two again. Ed and Lorraine Warren, dragging along this Amityville Horror thing WAY further than it ever needed to go, and introducing even more ridiculous stories where they end up rambling on more about themselves than the actual ghosts. I have no problem with people who believe in ghosts or the supernatural, and I myself think that there are a lot of mysteries in the world that sometimes just don't get solved. We all grow up (I assume) hearing these stories in films, around [...]

    3. I havn't read one book by the Warrens yet that I don't enjoy! This book definantly had me spooked! Ed and Lorraine Warren are/were (Ed is with God) demonologists, so naturally everything paranormal is going to be a demonic infestation to them. I can see where they might get the impression about the demonic on the hauntings they talked about in this book, but they even included a way to make the big hairy man shaped creature, better known as bigfoot, a demonic force.I would not read this one if I [...]

    4. I was very disappointed with this book. I was expecting to be scared, and creeped out, but every story fell short. They were dry case files. There was no suspense at all. I was expecting and hoping for so much more!

    5. Horrible bookThis is one of the worst written books I've ever read, the format was awful. The stories themselves seemed like nothing but self serving pats on the back. The chapter about Jane Seymour was about Lorraine sort of meeting herhad no relevance as a ghost story of any kind. Skip this one, it's not worth the read. 👎

    6. I don't really know why this edition has been published, the original first coming to light in 1989. It wouldn't have been very interesting to the majority of thinking people then, even less now, and there is a 'dated' feeling (if it's possible to say so about 'ghosts') not only in the presentation but in the incidents it purports to present.According to this book:demons cause mental illness and murders;reading about the occult can invite possession;pornography leads to necrophilia and possessio [...]

    7. This is the name of a great book written by Ed and Lorraine Warren with Robert David Chase. I was excited to get this book as I had already read THE DEMONOLOGIST (also written by Ed and Lorraine Warren), which was a most intriguing book. Most of us in the paranormal arena are all too aware of this dynamic duo. But for those of you who aren’t familiar with the Warrens, they are the only non-clergy approved by the Catholic church to perform exorcisms. The Warrens have been all over the world and [...]

    8. It was an entertaining book, as far as fantasy goes. I do not put much validity in people who think that demons take the shape of human entities and harm the living. Their investigation of the Amityville House has been debunked by many investigators.

    9. Case #1: West Point Case #2: Murder Most Violent Case #3: Bigfoot Case #4: Jayne Seymour Case #5: The Exorcism of a Teen GirlCase #6: Killer in the MistCase #7: Demonic InfestationCase #8: The UnspeakableCase #9: The Darkness AfterCase #10: The Terrified Minister

    10. While the stories of Ed and Lorraine Warren are fascinating, the "ghost writing" of this book leaves something to be desired. It is over-dramatized a bit. The stories are generally well told, however, and inherently fascinating. It's difficult to decide about the Warrens' interpretation of events since they have a strong Catholic bias. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but it does color their interpretation of what may be happening in the realm of the hereafter.A collection of stories [...]

    11. Very interesting book. After watching 'The Conjuring' and being surprised that Ed & Lorraine Warren were real people not just 'Hollywood Demon Hunters' I had to learn more. This book is not disappointing for anyone intrigued by the supernatural, things that go bump in the night, or simply for a good scare. Well written and documented. I am afraid I am hooked and have already purchased the Warren's autobiography documenting their career. I think I'll end up collecting their entire series. If [...]

    12. For anyone who is interested in the Paranormal, reading the case's of the Warren's is a must. This book highlights some of their case file's and gives you an insight into the type's of supernatural case's that have affected real people's lives. If you're looking for a Hollywood scares read then you'd best look elsewhere but the stories in this book detail that reality is much stranger, and scarier than fiction. It is a fascinating, intellectual read on the subject of the paranormal.

    13. This was all in all not a bad book but it wasn't their best, to date. It features brief summaries of each of their cases & encounters, some already touched on in their previous books so if you do not mind a little repetition, its fine. I do adore Ed & Lorraine Warren & they are extraordinary people & if you do too, go for it. I believe that It was worth the read.

    14. A bit disappointedI found this book easy to read,but found that the stories in it were glossed over.A little more detail would have been better.All the stories seemed to end abruptly.Still a good read but compared to the other Warren books disappointing.

    15. I did not like this book at all. Most of the stories were kind of half told and not insightful at all. It was a quick read however.

    16. #CompNtBkOwn in paperback.FS: "It was not the type of story you expected to find in The New York Times."LS: "Through God's abiding will, we have a more mature and sophisticated understanding of what is really going on in this world we call earth."

    17. Great book. Lots of info about the Warrens and their adventures including interviews. Probably my favorite of their books that I've read so far.

    18. Fifteen stories of the supernatural featuring Ed and Lorraine Warren, the demonologist psychic researchers. While the book is a bit sensationalistic in places (I think it's the co-author's doing), the stories themselves are really interesting and (yes, well) frightening. At the core of these stories that recount some of the Warrens' notable cases are the Warrens themselves, who seem quite down-to-earth, humble, likeable, and not prone to exaggeration or sensationalism. I admit: I was fascinated [...]

    19. Just finished this book after having seen the movie, "The Conjuring" pretty creepy and pretty interesting, about demonologists Ed & Lorraine Warren. This is a collection of some of their cases, where they cast out demons & face "ghosts" in haunted houses and possessed people. They are devout Catholics, a down-to-earth intelligent couple who believed they were put together to help those who are trapped and savaged by demonic forces. Makes you examine exactly what you believe and why. The [...]

    20. Waste of money. I was really excited do read this after having read several books on this topic and being generally fascinated by the supernatural, but was disappointed. Actually got bored after "Chapter" 3. Don't waste your time on this. PLUS. I found the information in this book to be different from their accounts of the same stories in another book I read (which was actually quite good, it's called "Demonologist" by Gerald Brittle, gave me nightmares that), which makes me think they may actua [...]

    21. I was so excited about reading this book because I've been a big fan of Ed & Lorraine since I watched the TV series, "A Haunting." This book is like an anthology of some of the cases they have worked on through the years.Of course, we read about people becoming demonically possessed. Houses or towns that are cursed and people are experiencing some pretty scary stuff! Of course, Amityville is in here! Lorraine helped a few police officers solve some murder cases. I was shocked that there was [...]

    22. A fascinating study of the supernatural Ghost Hunters by Ed and Lorraine Warren is a fascinating exploration of various cases that been brought in on. From a haunted village to a teen who messed with a Ouija board to a disturbed young man who found the touch of a woman rather cold, we get to explore some interesting supernatural settings here and see how the Warrens responded to them. Anyone who wants to know more bout the Warrens and the cases they investigate should check out this book.

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