Spellbinding She woke to a strange world After months in a coma Belinda woke to find she d lost her job her apartment and even her fiance Ricky He had left her for another woman She resolved to get on with thin

  • Title: Spellbinding
  • Author: Charlotte Lamb
  • ISBN: 9780373113934
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • She woke to a strange world After months in a coma, Belinda woke to find she d lost her job, her apartment and even her fiance, Ricky He had left her for another woman She resolved to get on with things and make a new life for herself But she hadn t reckoned on the meddling of Ricky s brother, powerful merchant broker Vincent Garrett Gradually, despite all her attemptsShe woke to a strange world After months in a coma, Belinda woke to find she d lost her job, her apartment and even her fiance, Ricky He had left her for another woman She resolved to get on with things and make a new life for herself But she hadn t reckoned on the meddling of Ricky s brother, powerful merchant broker Vincent Garrett Gradually, despite all her attempts to evade him, Belinda was forced to acknowledge the attractions of a very unconventional Prince Charming.

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    1. Sheila Ann Mary Coates Hollandaka Sheila Holland, Sheila Coates, Charlotte Lamb, Sheila Lancaster, Victoria Woolf, Laura HardySheila Ann Mary Coates was born on 1937 in Essex, England, just before the Second World War in the East End of London As a child, she was moved from relative to relative to escape the bombings of World War II Sheila attended the Ursuline Convent for Girls On leaving school at 16, the convent educated author worked for the Bank of England as a clerk Sheila continued her education by taking advantage of the B of E s enormous library during her lunch breaks and after work She later worked as a secretary for the BBC While there, she met and married Richard Holland, a political reporter A voracious reader of romance novels, she began writing at her husband s suggestion She wrote her first book in three days with three children underfoot In between raising her five children including a set of twins , Charlotte wrote several novels She used both her married and maiden names, Sheila Holland and Sheila Coates, before her first novel as Charlotte Lamb, Follow a Stranger, was published by Mills Boon in 1973 She also used the pennames Sheila Lancaster, Victoria Wolf and Laura Hardy Sheila was a true revolutionary in the field of romance writing One of the first writers to explore the boundaries of sexual desire, her novels often reflected the forefront of the sexual revolution of the 1970s Her books touched on then taboo subjects such as child abuse and rape, and she created sexually confident even dominant heroines She was also one of the first to create a modern romantic heroine independent, imperfect, and perfectly capable of initiating a sexual or romantic relationship A prolific author, Sheila penned than 160 novels, most of them for Mills Boon Known for her swiftness as well as for her skill in writing, Sheila typically wrote a minimum of two thousand words per day, working from 9 00 a.m until 5 00 p.m While she once finished a full length novel in four days, she herself pegged her average speed at two weeks to complete a full novel Since 1977, Sheila had been living on the Isle of Man as a tax exile with her husband and four of their five children Michael Holland, Sarah Holland, Jane Holland, Charlotte Holland and David Holland Sheila passed away on October 8, 2000 in her baronial style home Crogga on the Island She is greatly missed by her many fans, and by the romance writing community.

    2. Really silly tale of a man who falls in love with a comatose woman who just happens to be his brother's ex-fiancee. *face palm*Lots of melon appetizers but no Dover Sole in sight. Instead we get atrocities like roast poussin and something called mayonnaise salmon. E to the ewwwwwwww :(

    3. Re Spellbinding - Charlotte Lamb dusts off her massively domineering H type for this one, he basically kidnaps the h as she is recovering from an eight month long coma and refuses to let her go.This one starts with the h waking up in hospital and having no idear what is wrong, but everyone seems really excited to see her open her eyes. As memory returns to the befuddled h, we get the events leading up to the dramatic reawakening. The h is a regular girl who works in an office, one day she met a [...]

    4. This one was fun. The heroine has been in a coma for 8 months and the hero visited her everyday because he fell for her at first sight when he warned her off his brother. Now that she is recovering he's brought her back to his home and tries to woo her.The heroine is having none of it. There's a trip to an exclusive restaurant with a lazy afternoon in a rowboat that leads to a dunking. A croquet game at the family estate where the heroine again sees the brother who was driving at the time of the [...]

    5. **********Spoilers********* Warning*********I have to give this 5 stars simply because I was glued the whole way through. This was much lighter than most CL's I have read. It was much more tongue and cheek. Something I would expect more from Napier than Lamb, but it really worked. Story opens when our heroine comes out of an 8 month coma caused from a car accident while the heroes brother was driving her home to "have it out" with his parents. Heroes brother was already engaged to another woman [...]

    6. One has to give it to CL, she knows how to make her characters seem real and believable, even if the story has nothing new to offer other than the coma angle. The h and the om are in love and are planning to get married. Then the om’s big brother, the H lands up at her place with the usual heavy handed threats and tells her to keep her greedy hands off his brother as he is engaged to a nice sweet girl. The h is understandably shocked but gives him back some.The next day, the om reassures her t [...]

    7. Really enjoyed this classic CL. She was the unwitting other woman before the car accident that put her into a coma. (The heroine has supernatural haire was in an accident and then a coma for 8 months. Her head was shaved, but after 8 months she has long hair. Wow! Wonder what products that hospital used on her hair??)

    8. Solid vintage HP read. Interesting premise with the heroine having just awakened from a coma. She was in a relationship with the hero's brother. But while she was asleep he married someone else and the hero has sat by her side for 8 months. I liked the whole set up but I found the heroine a bit childish. Her dislike for the hero lasted a little too long based on how basically nice to her he was. It was nice to see him so in love with her. The reader of course could see it even if the heroine cou [...]

    9. This was good -- a classic, older HP. The hero wasn't tremendously awful, showing some concern for the heroine and letting you suspect that he might have been in love with her the whole time. Enough romantic interaction to keep my interest (lately I've been finding that it's harder to stay engaged with older HPs where the characters pretty much don't even kiss until the end). Nothing ground-breaking, but a light, decent read.One small nitpick that the heroine apparently had her head shaved after [...]

    10. What an awesome story! She was in a coma for 18 months while the world changed around her. I thought more could have been done for the story from that angle however the love story components were great. The guy faithfully coming to see her every day cause he can't stay away!!! Wow that's devotion!

    11. “Spellbinding” is the story of Belinda and Vincent.The tale of how a man falls in love with a woman. coma who also happens to be his brother’s ex!When Belinda wakes up from an 8 month coma, her life has drastically altered! She’s lost her house, job and fiancé- and her nemesis stares at her, kidnaps her and then kisses her!It was a fun read. Vincent was obviously obsessed with Bel, and went through all the OTT methods to make her his.Belinda initially views herself in love with Ricky, b [...]

    12. It was a frustrating read that made me want to strangle the hero a couple of times, but i decided to let him live since he is supposed to be a typical old school harlequin hero. Domineering, arrogantly sure of his masculine proves and passionate, but he occasionally also shoved a softer side. The heroine resisted (at least tried pretty hard)his domineering and arrogant ways which naturally caused sparks to fly all over the place. Well at least i saw them.There was almost no character development [...]

    13. Nothing special, nothing terrible. Just a Liberty print duvet cover and random drinking of tomato juice and pineapple juice.

    14. She woke to a strange worldAfter months in a coma, Belinda woke to find she'd lost her job, her apartment and even her fiance, Ricky. He had left her for another woman.She resolved to get on with things and make a new life for herself. But she hadn't reckoned on the meddling of Ricky's brother, powerful merchant broker Vincent Garrett.Gradually, despite all her attempts to evade him, Belinda was forced to acknowledge the attractions of a very unconventional Prince Charming .

    15. Call me sentimental but I kind of have a soft spot for this one as I've definitely read it in my youth. I felt sorry for our h she got royally messed about by the H's brother and he really did need to get a grip. But our H more than makes up for it and while it's a bit weird falling in lurve with coma girl once she wakes up its a bit more believable and she has him jumping through hoops more or less while she keeps her backbone.

    16. Okay, Charlotte Lamb certainly brought happy tears to my eyes at that very sweet HEA. I am 100 percent a sucker for fairy tales and happy endings. Vincent and Belinda were truly good together. There were scenes with them together that were quirky and comedic, that you couldn't help but smile. I would definitely recommend.

    17. seems it was love at 1st sight 4 vincent ! in only one meeting, he fell hard 4 her n knew she was the one. i dunno 4u but it sounds cheesy 2me. i did not believe nor feel dat they were actually in love. even their supposed attraction 2 each other seemed false, especially on belinda's part. she was so unaware of him at 1st n felt only antagonism towards him dat it was a very big surprise when she suddenly realised she loved him actually !! lol;)

    18. Very typical of Charlotte Lamb, full of emotions. The story line itself reminded me to her other novel, Forbidden Fruit.My feelings toward Vincent and Belinda were ups and downs. Sometimes they made me so crazy in a bad way, but then made me like them even more.

    19. I love the writing style and the storyline. But how Charlote Lamb deals with the emotion is over the top.I hate when the character act out of thier personality for the sake of the storyline I feel disappointed.

    20. I always like HPs where the hero is the older brother of the heroine's fiance and he manages to steal her away for himself.

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