Till the Cows Come Home

Till the Cows Come Home Stella Crown works hard and loves her life She runs her own dairy farm with the trusted help of longtime assistant Howie rides her Harley on the weekends and has enough friends to suit her just fine

  • Title: Till the Cows Come Home
  • Author: Judy Clemens
  • ISBN: 9781590581872
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback
  • Stella Crown works hard and loves her life She runs her own dairy farm with the trusted help of longtime assistant Howie, rides her Harley on the weekends, and has enough friends to suit her just fine.But on her twenty ninth birthday, things start to change A neighborhood child dies from a strange and threatening illness, a string of mysterious disasters place Stella andStella Crown works hard and loves her life She runs her own dairy farm with the trusted help of longtime assistant Howie, rides her Harley on the weekends, and has enough friends to suit her just fine.But on her twenty ninth birthday, things start to change A neighborhood child dies from a strange and threatening illness, a string of mysterious disasters place Stella and her farm in peril, not to mention her friend Abe showing up with a new woman on his arm, creating confusing emotions all around Electrical outages, flooded barns, and cows running loose in the countryside are bad enough, but when her livestock begins turning up dead, Stella knows someone, or something, is out to get her.Though doctors quickly announce the discovery of the neighbor child s cause of death, another child dies before they can declare victory over the illness, sending the community into a state of near panic While trying to solve the mystery behind her own troubles, Stella begins to think she alone might hold the answers to the children s deaths.Striking out on her own, afraid to trust anyone friends, neighbors, or the gorgeous stranger she s fallen for Stella must find her enemy before anyone else, including herself, ends up dead.

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    2 thoughts on “Till the Cows Come Home

    1. Judy Clemens is the author of LEAVE TOMORROW BEHIND, the newest book in the Anthony and Agatha nominated Stella Crown mysteries She also writes the Grim Reaper mysteries, and wrote LOST SONS, which is a stand alone.She lives in the beautiful state of Ohio with her family.

    2. Stella Crown has been running her family’s dairy farm, Royalcrest Farm in rural Pennsylvania, since her widowed mother died when Stella was just 16. Life has been hard, and Stella has just been keeping it together wth the help of Howie Archer, a longtime farmhand to the Crown family, when she suddenly gets hit with a rash of accidents within days of her 29th birthday — so many that she soon realizes they aren’t accidents. For years, the oily real-estate developer Hubert Purcell has been ho [...]

    3. Although I read it quickly, this book was exhausting! I can't believe how much turmoil this author throws at her protagonistd keeps throwing at her. This poor woman keeps going through mored mored moreap! Both literally and figuratively! Haha, I don't believe I've ever read a book where the author was more mean to her main character. Job has nothing on Stella Crown! An impressively strong female lead is always a pleasure to encounter.

    4. Till the Cows Come Home by Judy Clemens is the first book of the Stella Crown mystery series set in contemporary Pennsylvania. Stella is a dairy farmer and a tattooed Harley-Davidson enthusiast. With the help of long-time family friend Howie, she owns and operates the farm her parents established. She works very hard, but loves her life. That is, except when a greedy land developer comes to call, and tries to buy her out. As a mysterious illness sickens and kills children in her small town, Stel [...]

    5. Stella Crown became sole owner of her dairy farm when her widowed mother died when Stella was sixteen. Thanks to the hired hand, Howie, she has managed to keep the farm going. As she comes up to her twenty-ninth birthday, however, everything seems to be going wrong--one accident after another, including the unlikely death of a newborn calf. Stella suspects these can't be all accidents, and Howie seems to agree. In addition, something is sickening children in the area, and no one seems to know wh [...]

    6. Stella Crown a.k.a. JobThe main character, Stella,is hit from the left then the right then the back then the front - over and over! It was so intense I had to read the book in small chunks and give myself time to breathe. Besides a great plot, characters were well developed and believable. Everything is about dairy farming but you don't need a ton of background knowledge on the topic to understand the situation. This was book 1 of the Stella Crown series. After all that was endured, I can't imag [...]

    7. Likable charactersI learned a lot about running a dairy farm, about the hard day in day out work it takes. I liked the book's characters (except the bad guys, of course). This was a good read, not great or unforgettable, but good. I would read the next installment in the series in a NY minute.

    8. WoW, a tear jerker! One of my favorites of this series. Her books are pleasantly wonderful. You should check them out.

    9. Those were the longest three days of my life with Stella down on the farm. It can almost quell any romantic notion I have of farming, well at least dairy farming. This was a fast paced book that had me right there. Stella is a new feisty, never say die heroine. She has just enough attitude to keep most people from messing with her.Stella's 29th birthday should be a piece of cake, but instead things start going wrong one right after another on and around her farm. A bull calf is born with the hel [...]

    10. Judy Clemens is relatively new on the author scene, readers of her mysteries will find a fun and refreshing writing and a real life involvement in the daily life of a Pennsylvnia farm owner who is also a person who takes her entire community into her concern so becomes involved in the various crimes that staqrt to occur. It is also interesting that as you read through her novels you will see there are age and surrounding changes in all. Our prime character by the way is lady who rides a Harley. [...]

    11. TILL THE COWS COME HOME (Amateur Sleuth-Pennsylvania-Cont) – GClemens, Judy – 1st bookPoisoned Pen Press, 2004-HardcoverStella Crown, with her farmhand Howie, has been running the family dairy farm since her parents died. At the best of times, it's very hard work. But it just became harder with a rash of accidents, or are they, happening on the farm. At the same time, children in the town are becoming very sick, and two have died, but no one knows why. Are the two things coincidences?*** Cle [...]

    12. Stella Crown runs a dairy farm, but finds that times are tough and getting tougher. Developers want to buy her out, but she won't sell. Then someone seems to be sabotaging her farm, killing her cows, vandalizing her property, making life miserable in general.In addition to that, there seems to be some kind of virulent flu outbreak in the small county. Children are sick and dying. Then bad goes to worse when murder happens.I really love the writing and the characters. The only reason I didn't giv [...]

    13. Not sure what I expected from this series, after reading two from the Grim Reaper series by this author. Grim Reaper series is a bit grimmer. This one is pretty gritty - certainly not a cozy mystery. I especially like a heroine who does go off impulsively and foolishly to confront suspects or just further the investigation. Stella is smart, resourceful and not a fool. What a relief and a joy. The mystery is fairly complicated as well and not at all obvious (at least not to me). Learned more abou [...]

    14. This was a tough book to rate. I read it in basically two sittings in one day because it was difficult to put down, but there were certain things that happened that were rather gut-wrenching to the point that I really wanted to stop reading, but still couldn't. Also, much of the ending I guessed early on, but it was still mostly satisfying. I'm going out looking for the next in the series now, so I guess that overall means I really liked it.

    15. I started this book before Christmas and it is not reflection of the quality but rather the fact that I got absorbed into too many books at one time and this one sat by the bed for several weeks with no attention. I found the story line to be dynamic and the characters to be sympathetic and intriguing. The twist at the end was well written and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.Wish Good Reads allowed for half starsis would have been a three and a half.

    16. Since I love the Grim Reaper series, I thought I would try some of her earlier stuff. It was suspenseful, with a strong "different" kind of female lead. She has a cattle tattoo on the back of her neck, with the long horns extending along the sides of her neck to the front. Pretty cool for a dairy farmer!

    17. Since my grandfather was a farmer and I'm a bit into mud myself (gardening), how could I not like a book about a beleaguered female dairy farmer? She even has tattoos and fixes her own Harley. Loved that it wasn't a formulaic whodunit. Loved that lots happened and that I was introduced to a new background.

    18. I enjoyed this mystery and will read more by this author, but I didn't give it more stars because although it was good, it wasn't all that much of a stand-out in the crowed mystery genre. Still if you're looking for a fairly quick little mystery and you'd like to learn about dairy farming or motorcycles, its a good read.

    19. Loved the Grim Reaper series, so thought I'd give this series a try. I know nothing about farming or cows, but that didn't matter. The characters are different and the writing makes you feel like you know these people. I seldom go back to read older titles (no time!) but I will continue with this series.

    20. This is a fun story with a little mystery, I enjoyed the agricultural references and the characters were well developed.To sum this up, it was a fast paced mystery with so many twists and turns , I didn't want it to end.I highly recommend it to everyone

    21. I really liked this mystery. It touches on important questions for all of us re the future of farming and farmers. It's also very well written, with a light and sensitive touch, sometimes sad and sometimes fun. I really enjoyed it and I look forward to reading the next volume.

    22. This is a fast paced mystery with so many twists and turns you won't want to put the book down. The characters are wonderfully woven into the story and you may find a tear in your eye from time to time. I look forward to reading the rest of the books in this series by Ms Clemens.

    23. The Stella Crown books have a great main character. She rides a Harley, runs a dairy farm, and has a tattoo on her neck. The story is definitely not run-of-the-mill. A sleeper of a read, won't be picked up by enough people so I'm recommending it here.

    24. Enjoyable series - new to me, but six or so books strong - Clemen's Stella Crown is a dairy farmer turned detective when her farm starts experiencing sabotage.Nice example of the genre and a good rec for those looking for a new cozy series.

    25. You have to be able to deal with a lot of farm/dairy info to enjoy this book, but I found it interesting as summer vacations used to be spent on my grandmother's farm in SD. Convincing main character and good plot.

    26. This mystery, about a dairy farm owner, had a lot of suspense. I was surprised at how many bad things the author threw at the protagonist, so I am wondering what will happen in the second book.

    27. This was such a different type of mystery. I found myself anxious to get back and read some more. Farming, illness, murder, a touch of romance. I will definitely read the next one.

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