On the Street Where You Live

On the Street Where You Live In the gripping new novel from the Queen of Suspense a woman is haunted by two grisly murders separated by than a century yet somehow inextricably linkedFollowing a nasty divorce and the trauma of

  • Title: On the Street Where You Live
  • Author: Mary Higgins Clark
  • ISBN: 9780671004538
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the gripping new novel from the Queen of Suspense, a woman is haunted by two grisly murders separated by than a century, yet somehow, inextricably linkedFollowing a nasty divorce and the trauma of being stalked, criminal defense attorney Emily Graham leaves Albany to work in Manhattan Craving roots, she buys her ancestral home, a Victorian house in the seasideIn the gripping new novel from the Queen of Suspense, a woman is haunted by two grisly murders separated by than a century, yet somehow, inextricably linkedFollowing a nasty divorce and the trauma of being stalked, criminal defense attorney Emily Graham leaves Albany to work in Manhattan Craving roots, she buys her ancestral home, a Victorian house in the seaside resort town of Spring Lake, New Jersey Her family sold the house in 1892, after one of Emily s forebears, Madeline Shapley, then a young girl, disappeared As the house is renovated and a pool dug, a skeleton is found and identified as Martha Lawrence, a young Spring Lake woman who vanished several years ago Within her hand is the finger bone of another woman, with a ring a Shapley family heirloom still on it Determined to find the connection between the two murders, Emily becomes a threat to a seductive killerwho chooses her as the next victim.

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    2 thoughts on “On the Street Where You Live

    1. Mary Higgins Clark, 1 international and New York Times bestselling author, is the author of 46 books and counting she s written thirty three suspense novels three collections of short stories a historical novel, Mount Vernon Love Story two children s books, including The Magical Christmas Horse and a memoir, Kitchen Privileges She has also written five holiday suspense novels with Carol Higgins Clark and The Cinderella Murder, a new thriller in collaboration with bestselling novelist Alafair Burke.Clark s books have sold than 100 million copies in the United States alone Her books are beloved around the world and have made her an international bestseller many times over.

    2. On the Street Where You Live, Mary Higgins Clark A young, recently divorced New York attorney buys a sprawling old Victorian house her great-great-grandmother once owned, only to find a skeleton in the closet -- and one in the backyard! Separated by more than a century, the two murders are nevertheless somehow linked, and worse, she discovers that the killer may still be on the loose. Chilling, thought-provoking, and utterly compelling, this mesmerizing thriller is vintage Mary Higgins Clark, an [...]

    3. the end was so predictable ! i liked it at first but i got bored quickly and there was so many characters i lost count and got confused and bit lost reading this one just naah !! not my cup of tea

    4. Emily Graham, a successful defense attorney and recently rich, decides to buy an old Victorian home at the New Jersey resort seaside of Spring Lake, that once belonged to her great, great grandmother. Emily has also accepted a job with Todd, Scanlon, Klein and Todd, a nationally known criminal defense law firm in Manhattan. After closing on the house, and trying to establish her life in the new area, Emily receives threats on her life, which she believes are from the stalker that she put in jail [...]

    5. The queen of suspense didn’t build her reputation writing books like this. This is another mediocre effort with too many characters, compounded by not one of them having more than one or two vaguely memorable characteristics. As a result, I never got very involved in what was going on, since I was constantly wracking my brain to remember who was who every time the scene changed. By the time the murderer was revealed, it was insignificant because I couldn’t remember who he was.Emily Graham le [...]

    6. Mary Higgins Clark is one of my favorite authors when it comes to reading a quick and good mystery novel. This one did not dissapoint me at all.I really liked the plot, the way the mystery that they were dealing with in the present was linked to one that happened in the past was handled perfectly. It was a little bit predictable, I knew who did it half way through this, but it was just so good I enjoyed it anyways. I highly recommend reading one of MHC's novels if you are into mystery novels.

    7. Ugh. This book!The main character is dumber than a brick. She has absolutely has no common sense at all. I can't really picture a community where there is a serial killer on the loose, taking names left and right, and they calmly go on their lives without worrying glances over their shoulders.This book got me so frustrated. Ugh. Just thinking back on it makes me mad.

    8. She's One of My Favorite Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Authors. She’s amazing! I started reading her works way back 2006. On The Street Where You Live by Mary Higgins Clark was the first book I've ever read. I borrowed it from the library. And since then, I started to read all her books. I became fascinated with Suspense-Mystery Crime Books. Criminal defense attorney Emily Graham accepted an offer to leave Albany and work in a major law firm in Manhattan after her divorce has been finalized and ex [...]

    9. On the Street Where You Live is a mystery/suspense novel by Mary Higgins Clark. Emily Graham buys her ancestral home, in the town of Spring Lake, New Jersey following a nasty divorce and the trauma of being stalked. Her family sold the house in 1892, after one of Emily's forebears, Madeline Shapley, then a young girl, disappeared. As the house is renovated and a pool dug, a skeleton is found and identified as Martha Lawrence, a young woman who vanished several years ago. Within her hand is the f [...]

    10. After reading "Daddy's Little Girl", by Mary Higgins Clark, I was excited to become engrossed in another of her novels. But, I have to say, "On the Street Where You Live", was very disappointing to me. I actually couldn't wait to finish it, just to finish it, not because I couldn't wait for the ending. This story covers eleven days. It starts on Tuesday, March 20, and the "big" day that keeps popping up in the book is Saturday, March 31. Kind of eerie, I finished this book today, Saturday, March [...]

    11. I feel as though the Mary Higgins Clark books are good for quick reads.For me all her books seem to be three point five star books. They’re good if you want something quick to read and yet I never seem to enjoy them as much as I love other authors. They’re sort of just there for when I want something quick to read.I think my main problem is that they all seem to be a lot of the same, in my opinion. Whether it is simply due to the selection of her books I have read or whether such is the case [...]

    12. I've only read one or two of her books before but I found this at a used book sale. It pulled me in pretty quickly and I'm enjoying it so far.This was better than I expected. It felt like if I'd read it more awake I might have been able to piece together enough to solve the mystery. One mystery was revealed to us before the other characters knew and that was fun too because we were able to wait to see how everything would unfold.I've only read one or two of her books before but I'll seek out oth [...]

    13. This is my first Mary Higgins Clark novel, and one thing that I appreciated about this book is that I was wrong in who the killer was. The author does a really great job of making it seem as if the killer can be anyone in town, and even better when I think I know who it is, I'mcertainI know who it is, and am just waiting for the big reveal and well, damn. I was wrong.And that's a GOOD thing.The only reason, really, why this didn't get more stars from me is because I just couldn't buy into a rece [...]

    14. Emily Graham is looking for some peace and quiet. She left Albany after a nasty divorce and a stalking incident that put a disgruntled man behind bars after Emily (an attorney) got a man off the hook for his mother’s murder.She has a job set up in Manhattan, but is taking some time off to get settled in her new home. This home is in Spring Lake, New Jersey, and was her family home, before a family member went missing and it was sold in 1892.As Emily is remodeling the house, and digging for the [...]

    15. MurderMysteryReincarnationWhat more can you ask for in a Mary Higgins Clark novel?Emily Graham has had a rough year. A defense attorney, she leaves Albany to work in Manhattan after her divorce and the stalking incident following her big court case. She comes into some money and buys her ancestral home in Spring Lake, New Jersey. It's a beautiful Victorian house in the seaside resort. The history of the house is that the family sold the house in 1892, after Madeline Shapley, Emily's ancestor dis [...]

    16. Já tinha ouvido falar muito desta autora, mas nunca tinho lido nenhuma obra sua. Alguma tinha que ser a primeira, e, bem, foi esta. Sinceramente, depois de tantas críticas positivas que li dela, estava à espera de melhor. Quer dizer, gostei, mas esperava que fosse brilhante. Enfim, esteve ali entre o três e o quatro, mas, no fim, dei-lhe o benefício da dúvida. Quando ler outro livro dela, aí tirarei as minhas dúvidas.

    17. A disappointing effort from Mary Higgins Clark.

    18. یک کتاب سرتاسر هیجان! نمی توانی بگذاری زمین! من تمام کتابهای خانم کلارک رو سفارش دادم امروز!

    19. Jalan cerita yang cukup lambat dari buku ini seolah menutupi keistimewaan buku ini. Pembunuhan antar abad yang melatari buku ini sangat unik, 3 orang wanita muda dibunuh 1 abad yang lalu, mayatnya tak diketahui dimana. Nah, di abad yang baru ini, tiba-tiba ada lagi 2 gadis yang hilang, satu persatu mayat mereka ditemukan dalam satu kuburan dg para korban di 1 abad yang lalu! Kok cuma 2? bukannya 3? nah, 1 orang lagi sedang ditunggu pada tanggal 31 maret, tanggal yang sama dg kematian gadis ketig [...]

    20. “On the Street Where You Live” is another one of Clark’s intriguing murder mysteries. This novel concerns a woman named Emily Graham, who has moved back to her hometown of Spring Lake in which three murders took place about a century ago. Emily becomes involved in the case when the skeleton of one of the victims is found buried in her backyard, and from then on, she’s determined to figure out what really happened to those three victims so many years ago. The main aspect of this novel is, [...]

    21. It felt good to read a MHC book when I haven't read one in so many years. As always, she leaves me with a smile on face after I just went through a rollercoaster, edge of your seat, can't put it the book down type read. I love the "Queen of Suspense" and how she captures your attention and doesn't falter throughout the book with nonsense. This book was a fast read for me, as I didn't want to put it down LOL. Meet, Emily Graham, a criminal defense attorney on her way to a new start in Spring Lake [...]

    22. On the Street Where You Live was the first novel I ever got to read from all the mind-twisting and suspense-filled masterpieces of Mary Higgins Clark. From then on, I became an absolute fan striving to grab every copy of her novel stockpiled in bookstores. :) Though others find it very futile to have numerous characters on the course of the storyline, I think it contributed a lot more patches of mind-boggling thinking on who in the end will be revealed as the real murderer. Everyone seems to hav [...]

    23. This was the perfect good ole-fashioned whodunnit to read while being wrapped up in the front of the fire poorly. I am pretty new to Mary Higgins Clark but I now know that she can be completely and utterly relied on for comfort reading.Emily Graham moves in to her ansestoral home in Spring Lake, NJ knowing that over 100 years ago a family member was murdered in that very town. In the following years, two more of her ancestors friends were also murdered and the town now appears to have a copycat [...]

    24. I first came to know Mary Higgins Clark through my younger sister. She had a couple of her novels which I borrowed and never returned. Ever since I have come to rely on MHC as one of two authors I will turn to for a good fast paced comfort read,especially after doing some heavy duty reading and she never lets me down.She always gives you a good ole-fashioned whodunnit which more times then not I can read in one sitting. Emily Graham moves in to her ansestoral home in Spring Lake, NJ where over 1 [...]

    25. Women disappear in the 1800s and women today are being murdered and buried in the same previously hidden places as the women 100 years ago were. Plus there are stalkers and notes slipped under doors and people being strangled and possible reincarnation!.I don't know how you can manage to make this horribly boring but somehow Clark manages it. Other reviewers say that the book is "complex" and "hard to follow". Nope. Just poorly written. The "complexity" is caused by introducing way too many char [...]

    26. Mary Higgins Clark delivers another gripping, complex novel. Defense attorney, Emily Graham, buys her ancestral home after a nasty divorce, an upsetting trial, and the conviction of a man who had been stalking her. The day following her move into her new home, her life and those of her neighbors is thrown into turmoil. Two bodies are discovered in her backyard belonging to a young lady who disappeared 4 1/2 years agoe other the remains of Emily's missing relative from the 1890's. Are the murders [...]

    27. I didn't really enjoyed that book. I figured the plot twist within the first 100 pages, I thought the characters weren't really interesting, and the dialogues not really Relatable, I would say. I wasn't interested enough to be concerned about Emily, even though Mary Higgins Clark's writing style is as good as I expected: I was genuinely scared as I read that book at night (but I am easily scared). It was quite hard to go through in my opinion.Not the best book, but not terrible. Just not my tas [...]

    28. Great mystery that's not intense.Emily Graham, eager to get away from her money-grubbing ex-husband and a stalker, buys her great great grandmother's house in the sleepy resort town of Spring Lake. Things aren't quite as relaxing as she had hoped however, when the workers digging her new pool find a woman's dead body clutching a finger bone that has her great great grandmother's ring on it. Emily is determined to figure out the connection between the murders before she is the next victim.

    29. I picked this up for $0.95 at the DAV thrift store one day when I was trapped in downtown Oceanside without my car and had a whole lot of time to kill. I had read some Mary Higgins Clark books as a kid but none really as an adult. I finished it that day, not just because it was a quick read, but because it was a really good story. Have I noticed in the 10 or so that I've read since then that all her stories have a lot of similarities in the setup and plot development? Yeah, and yet I keep readin [...]

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