Christ on a Bike!

Christ on a Bike A dark comedy horror A short spinoff story from The Celtic Curse Newgrange just for a little giggle I hope this to be the start of something bigger for Father Jack and his posse Father Jack and his p

  • Title: Christ on a Bike!
  • Author: D.J. Doyle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 450
  • Format: None
  • A dark comedy horror A short spinoff story from The Celtic Curse Newgrange, just for a little giggle I hope this to be the start of something bigger for Father Jack and his posse Father Jack and his pontification of priests are on their travels to conduct an exorcism Demons can lurk in every corner Can Father Jack overcome the demons within

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      450 D.J. Doyle
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    2 thoughts on “Christ on a Bike!

    1. D.J Doyle was raised by pot smoking hippies and spent her days worshipping pagan deities in the HellFire Club and her nights watching horror movies and reading horror books She now lives with her family in a treehouse, preying on unsuspecting travellers, and where she likes nothing better than coming up with ideas for new stories and plotting her next novel Some of this might have been made up To learn about D.J Doyle, her website can be found at djdoyleauthor and her official Facebook author page is facebook DJDoyleAuthor Now she enjoys writing her own as well as reading and reviewing on her blog with a couple of like minded friends, the Picky Bitches Book Blog.

    2. Father Jack is no ordinary priest. What kind of priest curses like a sailor, drinks Jameson, and chain-smokes? A bad-ass demon-hunting priest, that’s who. This little firecracker of a story is short, but it packs a mean punch in it’s twenty-five pages. Five priests set out to a small town to save a possessed, young boy. The story quickly moves into gory, graphic action. But what makes this story really work is that in such few pages, the author manages to sneak in an interesting back story a [...]

    3. I'm fast becoming quite the obsessed fan of Ms. Doyle's work. She can spin a tale of horror with such zeal and jaw dropping descriptions that you are sucked in until the last word. This little short story is proof of her talent as a skilled writer of thrillers and horror.I LOVED the priests and their exorcism of a demonic spirit. They make quite a rag tag team of misfits. I certainly didn't expect their banter and wild behavior which was a fun read. Drawn into the main priest by his colorful out [...]

    4. Why can I not give 6 stars???? This unique little short was bloody brilliant! I have to say I have never laughed as hard as I did when reading how Fr. Jack referred to his team. This terrific little short is like the show Father Ted on steroids, it has all the humor, all the sass and a s**t load of horror with enough creep factor to give you the heebeegeebees. I humbly ask the author D.J. Doyle to continue writing about this frickin brilliant priest and the possessions he attends and gets rid of [...]

    5. A good shirt read This is a book you can read in one sitting quickly. No waiting until you have time later in the day or on another day. For all the readers who enjoy books about possession and demons, this is the one to read.

    6. When I added Father Jack and his minions to my soon to be released Newgrange, I had no idea how interesting a character he could be. I don't think Father Jack has finished his work just yet and may pop up in the near future to battle more demons and monsters from other realms.

    7. Never judge a book by its title! I wasn’t sure what to expect but because I am familiar with the author’s previous offerings I decided to read this. Hah, what an excellent story this turned out to be.Father Jack a witty Irish Catholic priest narrates the tale of what should be something horrendous in a humorous dead-pan fashion. Doyle nailed the stereotypical priest that is forever being cast in movies. Although I don’t have an Irish accent I read the story with one, you just can’t help [...]

    8. A great read, to be sure!A great story! Excellent characterisation and well-crafted humour enhance this story of possession and exorcism, told as only an Irish priest could tell it. I found myself reading it with an Irish accent more than once.

    9. This was the first book I've read by this author, and I was not disappointed. It is a most original story, written from the viewpoint of Father Jack. The author rings brings him alive, I felt sure I could hear him speak (and swear!) through his wonderful dialect, cutting thoughts and knee-jerk reactions. In charge of the exorcism of a possessed soul, he runs a tight ship, but is mindful of it not always being the case with poignant references to a similar case involving his sister.A quirky tale, [...]

    10. Christ on a Bike is a well written short horror story by D. J. Doyle. The author throws you right in the midst of the action in this great little short story of an exoricism and keeps you drawn into her story until the last word. This author is very skilled and knows how to keep her readers glued to the page. Somehow Doyle manages to pack quite the punch into this short story and it was actually great to find out more about Father Jack who makes a bigger appearance in her book Newgrange, and I a [...]

    11. This short tale is about demons, ones who possess; but humour is not what you expect with this genre. However, it was very well done because the characters are brilliant, especially Father Jack, who tells the tale.An eccentric version of exorcism; its gore and seriousness but the humour makes it different.Cleverly done.Well-written and worth a look.

    12. Father Jack is the man. I totally dig the humor. The last scene may have me riddled with nightmares for a while. I really enjoyed this little short story and I recommend it to anyone who has read or will be reading Newgrange.

    13. This is the third story I've read from D.J. Doyle, and it's another winner. Funny and scary in equal measure. Highly recommended.

    14. What word can I use to describe this? Funny? Hilarious? Interesting? How about all of thosed more. I read this all in one sitting - of course I did, it's a short story - but it was FUNNY! I loved it. I'm not going to give anything away here, but I have to say that Father Connor has my sympathy. The writing was superb. I could actually visualize almost everything. My only wish is that this was longeror perhaps a series of short stories. Bravo, author D.J. Doyleis was an amazing, and funny, story. [...]

    15. Thank god it was only 25 pages. More pages could not have made this any better. There was really no point to the story. Oh well.

    16. Christ on a Bike by D. J. Doyle: The author delves straight into the action of an exorcism, the writing kept me interested in the story. Father Jack is like no priest I have ever read about. He curses all the time, drinks far too much whiskey and chain-smokes. And that gave the story its edge. Gory, funny and twisted, my kind of read. It's 1st person POV, which isn’t the easiest to write and well worth a read, and 4 stars.

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