Grey Grey has always enjoyed the finer things in life He maintains control over his darker blood thirsty side by being human as much as possible He s immersed himself in the daily life of the living as a

  • Title: Grey
  • Author: Bella Roccaforte
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Grey has always enjoyed the finer things in life He maintains control over his darker, blood thirsty side by being human as much as possible He s immersed himself in the daily life of the living, as a history professor, and art historian He has no patience for the seedier parts of humanity and revels in honor and propriety That s what keeps his thirst at bay, along wGrey has always enjoyed the finer things in life He maintains control over his darker, blood thirsty side by being human as much as possible He s immersed himself in the daily life of the living, as a history professor, and art historian He has no patience for the seedier parts of humanity and revels in honor and propriety That s what keeps his thirst at bay, along with the threat of The Directive He s been enjoying his mundane life, until he s contacted by member of The Directive and ordered to complete a task, one he he s been dreading for centuries A favor he must repay for a time when he exercised less discretion There s a Supernatural wreaking havoc in Atlanta and he has to stop them That s when it strikes The Thirst Like a bolt of lightning crashing into him and rendering him powerless to resist the allure of his target His control has deserted him and his power has increased beyond his comprehension He ll defy anyone and everything, including The Directive to fulfill his desire for his blood mate Will anyone survive Grey s dark thirst Bella Roccaforte brings you book 2 in A K Michaels brand new world, A Vampire s Thirst full of hot as hades alpha males in this smoking paranormal romance story.

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    2 thoughts on “Grey

    1. Award Winning Author Bella s motto has always been that you can choose to watch life pass you by or your can be the one spinning the world You have to get out and live, life won t come to you Bella has always seen things in the world with a different view and has been an avid story teller She is enjoying putting her crazy musings into print for others to enjoy.To her, one of the most exciting parts of writing is getting a chance to interact with readers It is truly her hope that readers will reach out and tell her what they like and even don t like about her stories She s looking forward to a relationship with the readers to better write stories they will love To stay current on new releases please click the Stay Up To Date option on the right side of the profile and consider joining my mailing list here bellawrites join my maKeep in touch with me here facebook Bellaroccafortetwitter BellaRoccaforteHttp BellaRoccafo

    2. 2nd story in the new world created by AK Michaels!Grey has been around for a long time. He shuns his own kind generally, preferring bagged blood and hiding amongst humans as a Professor. But don't take hiding as a sign of weakness. Grey is all Uber Vampire, he just wants a quiet, drama-free life, away from his Maker, Charles!But when a visit from his maker coincides with a dramatic increase in his thirst for blood, poor Grey is just about over the edge of no control. He drinks from humans and qu [...]

    3. An ancient vampire who can not only control his thirst for fresh human blood but also his need for sexual release? Grey is a Professor of ancient mythology, and being a sexy as sin vampire, has all of his students swooning over him and trying to become the ‘teachers pet’.Grey is a wealth vampire and his sire, Charles, uses him for his strength and control to do his bidding well more to fix his screw ups. Charles send Grey on a mission to find his newest prodigy, who is out of control. When G [...]

    4. This is a great story! I was quickly pulled into the book and couldn’t put it down. The author has created complex characters that are very likable. I look forward to reading more from this author.I received a copy of this book from the author, my review has been voluntarily submitted.

    5. Well this was a unique storyline, different from the usual vampire reads and with an unusual pairing, certainly using a supernatural I was not familiar with.These elements all combined to give the story a freshly interesting and exciting vibe that easily kept me engrossed in the tension of the plot.As for the very start of the book, I was impressed with the writing and that really caught my attention, awesome story.

    6. Holy hell I know this isn't something Miss Roccaforte usually right but she needs to keep writing it. I'm not normally into the sexy shmexy type of books but good Lord this woman did it just right! The perfect amount of sex. The perfect amount of love. The perfect amount of action. This woman is truly gifted and can make the phone book sound amazing. In this book we meet Grey the stunning sexy British vampire who can make any woman want to be his blood mate. He is the epitome of the perfect gent [...]

    7. Book: A Vampire's Thirst: GreyAuthor: Bella RoccaforteMy Rating: 5 StarsPublication Date: 12/12/2017Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook NutsREVIEWWow !! Talk about a wickedly good book. We get Grey who is a gentleman. He has chosen to live life as a good vampire? Is there really one of those? Well his maker aka Father demands that he go to Atlanta to deal with something so against his better judgement he goes. Grey starts feeling weird, nothing is making sense until her. Mila knew from the momen [...]

    8. I was given an advanced copy in return for an honest review.Vampires, we have seen them all before right, don’t eat food, can’t go out in daylight, have to take blood from a live host, sleep all day, out at night. Yeah yeah, same old story. You think, wrong. Grey is a Vampire, but nothing like you have ever read before. He goes out in the day, he sort of eats food, but only for show, he hasn’t taken blood live from the vein in years, and he certainly doesn’t have sex whilst doing it, wha [...]

    9. Grey is a very old vampire and has been controlling his darker side and living off bagged blood - he could be held up as an example of how to live a quiet life by The Directive. Then he gets a call and has to help another vampire in The Directive by handling a problem for him in Atlanta. When he gets there a Thirst for blood hits him like lightening and he loses almost all control as he needs to find his blood-mate before he goes insane. Can he find her in time to save them both and how far is h [...]

    10. Grey is the second book in A Vampire's Thirst series but not the same author as the first book. Grey was just as good and I really liked reading it!! It was interesting from beginning to end and the sex was quite hot too!! I definitely recommend this book and how can you go wrong with the price?! You get hours of entertainment for under a dollar!! Enjoy!!

    11. Fast paced sexy fun! I really enjoyed this story and had a hard time putting it down. The characters were entertaining to read and the tension between them was sizzling!I look forward to reading more from this new world full of shifters, vampires, fae and more!I voluntarily reviewed an arc from the author.

    12. I've always loved Bella Roccaforte's writing style and Grey's story was another notch in her sparkling belt. The next vampire to be hit by the thirst and find his Bloodmate is our hero Grey and what a hero. Nothing will stop him from protecting and claiming his mate. This was a very enjoyable journey that I took with these characters. Loved the story and I'm a sucker for a happy ending every single time.

    13. This is Grey and Mila's story . At first I was wondering what was going on with Grey . His actions were not what I had expected . But once he figured out what was going and why . WOW !! This story took off ! I love a story that has everything in it and let me tell you this one does !! If you love reading about heart felt feelings along with drama danger and wow the love then this is the book for you too !! You will get to read about a new ( or at least new to me ! ) Blood Fairy and let me tell y [...]

    14. I received a free copy of this book from the author.Holy crap on a cracker! I really really enjoyed this book. Sexy and riveting and kept me on my toes from beginning to end. I loved Grey and Mila. Grey has always had impeccable control over his thirst. That is until he goes on an errand for his Father/Maker Charles. Things take a turn and he loses control just minutes from arriving in Atlanta. Angus, a Brownie is to assist Grey on apprehending a new vampire who coincidentally was sired by Charl [...]

    15. Poor Grey had such control until he does a favor for his site, which he does NOT want to do. So he meets up with Angus a friend who is a Browniewhen he gets to Atlanta all hell breaks looseGrey falls apart! Enter Mila a bloodfairy from the Underworld and her friend Hera. Can Grey get it together? Who is Milawhat the heck is going on? Read and find out you'll LOVE IT!

    16. This is the second book in the series and it is fantastic. I love Grey, he's a vampire but he likes the quiet and drama free existence. He chooses to stay away from drama as much as possible. That is, until he is sent on a task as repayment of a favor. Now, he has the sent of his bloodmate and he will not stop until he has her. But of course she has lots of drama attached to her. That's ok, she's his now so he'll fix it all!!!!Received a free copy of this book from the author

    17. Grey is the much awaited 2nd book in the Vampires Thirst series it follows Victor perfectly. This is also a first vampire book by Bella Roccaforte her British vampire is the epitome of class with a dash of sexiness who isn't hot for teacher. This is a great read typical of Bella and her passionate characters that make you love them.

    18. I really liked this book. The Thirst is a condition a vampire goes through when he/she meets/scents/senses their Bloodmate. Grey Hart is one such vampire who finds his after he travels to another city. Mila-known as a blood fairy-lives in that city.Running, pursuing, car chases, and loving happen throughout this story. Great read.

    19. Absolutely loved this book and oh boy Grey is a sexy as heck Vampire! This is the first book I have read by this author and this series and I highly recommend it!! Great storyline awesome characters, if you love Vampires, you will love this book!!!

    20. Professor Grey Hart is currently teaching Greek mythology to his college class when he is visited by Charles, his maker who has (yet another) situation he needs Grey to handle. Save the life of Michael, a new vampire wreaking havoc in Atlanta. It would seem that he’s taken it upon himself to feed openly. He must be stopped immediately or he will be terminated by The Directive. Grey goes to Atlanta and meets up with Angus. He knows where to find this kid Micheal. This is the last time Charles w [...]

    21. Hang on for this ride! Literally! This is a super-hot story that is action packed and never slows down. Hold on to your hats, folks! Right from jump we meet Grey. Even as a vampire he is an incredible gentleman. Very genuine and cares about humanity but super sexy! He is sent on a task for The Directive, against his judgement. However, when he arrives the Thirst is overwhelming him, to say the least. He can’t get satiated. Someone is out causing a ruckus and there are bodies piling up everywhe [...]

    22. Bella Roccafort give us the second installment in A Vampires Thirst series & she does not disappoint; if you thought Victor was hot handsome strong, ancient powerful vampire; it’s time to meet Grey. Grey is a Vampire who appreciates and Enjoys the finer things in life. He works hard to control his dark side and loves living a mundane life as a art historian & history professor. He is a man who highly respects honor and honesty and has no patience for the seeder side of human or superna [...]

    23. Great readAnother great read in the Vampires thirst series. Bella has introduced me to new beings in this story. Blood fairies and Brownies. I understand what a blood fairy is but don't know what a Brownie is. Anyway, Grey and Mila are from different species and realms. This causes its own problems, not icluding the fact that Mila is betrothed and her father hates vampires. Just a few of many obstacles they have to overcome. There are times you wonder if they can and what is the alternative? Tur [...]

    24. Loving this new series. Book 2 was packed with action and suspense, from start to finish. Grey is always in controlThat is until he’s sent to take care of a problem for his maker. He isn’t feeling himself and his thirst for blood is way out of control.When he senses his Bloodmate, he realises what is happening and knows he must find her. Even if means not following orders. Only problem is, his mate doesn’t want to be found. She’s on the run and is very hard to pinpoint. Can he find her b [...]

    25. Totally HotnessWho doesn't want a man who would do anything for you. Grey has always been a man that was in control until the scent drove him to the thirst. He just had to find the person that the scent belonged too.This was the perfect written story that brought you into the feelings of each characters. You get the feeling that what Grey is going thru is really bothering him and he doesn't understandYou want to go thru the pages of the book and make him feel better.I love the idea of blood fair [...]

    26. LovedGrey and Milas story is that of love, confusion, and even drama. Their story made for a amazing read. I could read it over and over b and find new things I love about it. Bella is awesome

    27. Having lost a control he had nursed for long, Grey was struggling not knowing what was wrong with him. With an intense thirst and lust drawing him to his Bloodmate Grey was against anything that kept him from her. Interesting how reason was null once the thirst got hold of the vampire. Bringing a blood Fae, a new kind of paranormal for me, to the equation added drama and intriguing elements to the story. Liked the pace and the twists in the story that kept me following the plot development amuse [...]

    28. 2nd in the Vampire's Thirst series.This is aboutGrey one of the oldest vampire who was sent on a assignment to stop the trouble that was brewing in New Orlean.All of a sudden he developed a thirst that is driving him mad.He realized he need to fine his mate.That is went trouble begins.Good plot,drama,action,suspense and of course romance and passion.Enjoy the series.Voluntarily reviewed.On to the next.

    29. A Vampire’s Thirst: Grey is the second book in this series and a lusty adventure through the realms of Earth and the Underworld. To slake a vampire’s thirst is to unite him with his Bloodmate. Mila ,half Blood Fairy, suffers from this thirst, too, and nothing short of uniting her with Grey will suffice. Their road to each other is full of passion, danger and obstacles. Can they find their HEA and have eternity together? Read this steamy, exciting paranormal romance to find out.I received a f [...]

    30. Wow I loved this book an professor with a hidden secret he’s a vampire! But one of immense control for centuries only taking donor blood, from a bag that is until he is sent on a wild goose chase to find a wayward nearly turned vampire his maker has let run wild in the city, causing issues for the vampire world, whilst on the hunt he comes across a scent that sends him crazy in every sense of the word he goes on a feeding frenzy, and not knowing why! That is until he has a glimpse of his blood [...]

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