Feynman Richard P Feynman stato una delle grandi menti e personalit del Ventesimo secolo Fisico insignito del premio Nobel fu anche scassinatore di casseforti avventuriero musicista e raccontasto

  • Title: Feynman
  • Author: Jim Ottaviani Leland Myrick Leonardo Favia
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • Richard P Feynman 1918 1988 stato una delle grandi menti e personalit del Ventesimo secolo Fisico insignito del premio Nobel, fu anche scassinatore di casseforti, avventuriero, musicista e raccontastorie di prima categoria Feynman ha vissuto un esistenza sopra le righe, diventando amato dal pubblico grazie ai suoi libri autobiografici Sta scherzanzo, Mr Feynman Richard P Feynman 1918 1988 stato una delle grandi menti e personalit del Ventesimo secolo Fisico insignito del premio Nobel, fu anche scassinatore di casseforti, avventuriero, musicista e raccontastorie di prima categoria Feynman ha vissuto un esistenza sopra le righe, diventando amato dal pubblico grazie ai suoi libri autobiografici Sta scherzanzo, Mr Feynman Vita e avventure di uno scienziato curioso e Che t importa di ci che dice la gente Altre avventure di uno scienziato curioso Le sue innovazioni nel campo dell elettrodinamica quantistica hanno profondamente alterato il nostro modo di pensare a cose semplici o complesse come la materia e la luce Ha avuto un ruolo fondamentale nella scopert della verit sul disastro dello Space Shuttle Challenger Il suo contributo al progetto Manhattan ha portato alla creazione della bomba atomica, che ha cambiato il corso della storia mondiale In pi era davvero uno spasso alle feste Se questo l uomo pi intelligente del mondo, che Dio ci aiuti Questa frase fu pronunciata dalla madre, Lucilly Feynman, dopo che la rivista Omni aveva dichiarato che Richard Feynman era l uomo pi intelligente del mondo.

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      189 Jim Ottaviani Leland Myrick Leonardo Favia
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    1. I ve worked in news agencies and golf courses in the Chicagoland area, nuclear reactors in the U.S and Japan, and libraries in Michigan I still work as a librarian by day, but stay up late writing comics about scientists When I m not doing those things, I m spraining my ankles and flattening my feet by running on trails Or I m reading I read a lot.

    2. Somewhere around two years ago, I ran into a video clip in which a brilliant physicist almost-patiently explained to an interviewer why he would not be explaining how magnets work to the man. Indeed, why he couldn't explain the phenomenon or any of the laws that govern it. The physicist was Richard Feynman and his answer was essentially that the question would demand an infinitely regressing series of Why questions, each one more complex and specialized than the last. Or in short, the interviewe [...]

    3. I have been slow to discover the delights of Feynman, but I recognise a similar thinker, albeit a much, much brighter man. I love his famous BBC interview that was towards the end of his life and I did greatly enjoy his autobiographical sections in "Six Easy Pieces".A graphic novel adaptation of Feynam's life works very well. While it does not present any new material, it takes the best snippets from all different sources and makes his life come alive with wonderful and simple illustration. Anot [...]

    4. I was really disappointed by this graphic novel. The storytelling was weak, disjointed and confusing. I struggled to finish it and was bored most of the time while reading it. Maybe it was just me

    5. I really enjoyed this graphic biography. I found it much more engaging (perhaps because the subject was more engaging) than Logicomics, to which it will likely be compared. Unlike Nat Torkington, I loved the last part of the book, which took a stab at explaining Quantum Electrodynamics (for which Feynman shared a Nobel prize.)It was also lovely to see people I know appear in the book, including Freeman Dyson (who explained Feynman's idiosyncratic thinking to the rest of the physics world in a wa [...]

    6. A comic-book biography of Nobel Prize winning theoretical physicist Richard Feynman?! It's an idea quirky enough to have pleased the man himself, I think. It's a great way of finding out about a great scientist without risk of ever getting bored and would make a fine first book about the man for someone unfamiliar with his life and work.For Feynman fanatics, and I suppose I must be one, it offers less; most of the material here is taken from the widely available published books by and about the [...]

    7. A graphic novel about a famous Mathematician and Physicist. Wow! I loved this book. I have been wanting to read about Feynman and this was a great introduction to who this nobel prize winning physicist is. He was so different than you would think he is. It has little math or physics in it. It is mostly an engaging story about him.He helped them come up with the atomic bomb. He liked to study small things like safes and locks. At Caltech, he would do his work at a strip club which got in trouble [...]

    8. A graphic novel biography. There are a few of these floating around now, and I think it's a format that's best suited for scientists and artists. People whose lives will necessarily have graphic elements. Now, I knew very little about Feynman going into this book, and it would probably work best for people who are similarly uninitiated. It seems like much of the content was taken from Feynman's more popular works, and so there will be little new here for people who have been reading about him fo [...]

    9. Too disjointed, showing bits and pieces of Feynman's life without much connecting it all together. The art didn't grab me either. The book jacket claims Feynman was a lot of fun at parties, but that doesn't shine through much in the book itself. I didn't realize some of the the things he said were jokes until other characters laughed uproariously, and even then I still don't quite understand how some of them are jokes. The lecture presented as Feynman's effort to make quantum electrodynamics und [...]

    10. Anyone who knows anything about anything knows I'm a know-nothing when it comes to math and physics. This is probably the fault of the Arizona public school system. Despite this lack of knowledge I quite liked this graphic novel bio. With great illustrations and not too math heavy it reminded me a lot of Logicomix though I don't feel it was anywhere near as ambitious. Hopefully these types of graphic novels keep getting released so there's a better chance of me becoming a know-something.

    11. Zufällig in der Bücherei entdeckt.War ganz interessant, aber wer sich im Vorfeld nicht schon mit der Biographie von Feynman auseinandergesetzt hat, wird mit den ganzen Orts- und Personenwechsel so seine Problemchen haben. Ging zumindest mir so. Auch der Zeichenstil war sehr oft wir von Kinderhand gezeichnet - das mag der Stil des Zeichners sein, mich hat er eher in den Augen geschmerzt. Trotzdem: wer sich für das Thema interessiert, und die Hintergründe kennt, für den ist dieser Comic eine [...]

    12. TODO full review later:+++ A biography of Richard Feynman, as a graphic novel no less! Feynman by Jim Ottaviani is a rare attempt to explain the life of a brilliant physicist to us all. ++ The biographical elements are well chosen, sampling from the memoir series of Richard Feynman (The pleasure of finding things out, Surely you're joking, Mr. Feynman!, and What do you care what other people think?). The curious mind. The irreverent scientist. The boy. The explorer. +++ The professional work is [...]

    13. Great art. Seems to capture various dimensions of the guy very well, and even get at the ineffability of explaining certain of his physics discoveries, which he admitted he couldn't fully understand himself. I grew tired of him; the idea is that he is sort of Aspergerishly off-putting, socially, quirky, and this genius who hates almost all other disciplinesexcept he uses art to illustrate/explain his ideas. His "charm," which never wears off for the adoring Ottaviani and Myrick, wears off for me [...]

    14. Before I picked up this book I didn't really know who Richard Feynman was. I mean I heard the name, but it didn't really mean lot to me. And thenI picked up this book. And within 4 pages I was captivated by him and what he meant not only to our understanding of science, but our understanding of the world at large. I didn't even get 15 pages in the book and I started looking to see what other books my library owned about Feynman, just so that I could learn more about him. That's how well this boo [...]

    15. This graphic biography is so well done, I now understand quantum electrodynamic AND feel like I was there with Feynman throughout his life.

    16. This completes my Jim O. catchup, having also recently read Primates and T-Minus. As usual, a five-star read. (You'd think I knew the author personally.) Recommended for anyone interested in anything.My only complaint here is that it wasn't long enough--that's actually sort of the point, though. It's taken several books to document Feynman's life and Ottaviani does everything he can to capture his spirit without becoming excessively long. The medium and execution both work great. He's a ridiculo [...]

    17. Good primer on an incredibly smart man. There were several times where the story jumped and I couldn't follow, and that's not to mention the math and science parts! I do have some background in calculus and physics, so I was mostly able to follow those sections, or at least follow it enough to keep going. I love how he insisted that it's OK to not get it and it's OK to question the results, because that's what this level of math and science is supposed to be! Pushing boundaries, thinking outside [...]

    18. gave this to dad to look at, he was doing his masters at caltech and went to several lectures by feynman, this is what he said: Wonderful book Michael. And the drawings really work. So I have concluded that the reason I have not liked the "ilustrated" ones you brought to me before is that I did not like the violence that was a major part of each page. Thanks so much for bringing it to me.Love dadso that is a rec!

    19. Open a comic book and you step into a world of superheroes. In the late twentieth century, few cultural heroes were more super than Nobel Prize physicist-educator-safe cracker Richard Feynman. So what if he didn’t don a cape, stop bullets with his bare hands, or wear his underpants outside his trousers. He revolutionized our understanding of how light works, helped build the first atomic bomb, solved the Challenger mystery, and played some pretty mean bongos. Most remarkably, though, he brough [...]

    20. A brilliant book about a brilliant human being. I'm insanely jealous of the art--Leland Myrick's drawings are deceptively simple, done with an economy of line and an energy that makes them look like spontaneous sketches, but each one carries at least a thousand words-worth of storytelling, conveying a setting, a likeness, or a telling gesture without using a single line more than is absolutely necessary to do so. The line work is perfectly complemented by Hilary Sycamore's color work, an importa [...]

    21. I don't think I can recommend this book enough for anyone really. If you like math, or physics, and of course Feynman at all, you should give it a read, but even without those interest, Feynman's life was a pretty interesting. From meeting Einstein as a graduate student to working on the Manhattan Project to winning a Nobel Prize in Physics, he always brought his weird sense of humor to it. For anyone who doesn't like math or physics, there is about 20 pages broken into two sections that are VER [...]

    22. I don't know all that much about physics, but part of what I do know is that Richard Feynman is good at explaining physics to people who know nothing about it. He's also really funny, so I decided I was going to track down some of his books and see what I could learn. You will note this book is not by Feynman, though it quotes him extensively. I decided to learn about him first and get some context for what I'd learn later. Also my friend was reading it and I wanted to talk to her about it.So! F [...]

    23. This is a quick read, a highly accessible and entertaining story of everyone's favourite 20th century physicist. There isn't much new that can be said about Feynmann, who has been pretty much cemented into the general folklore with four achievements, each of which would make him worthy of world fame: his atomic bomb work, winning the Nobel prize for the development of quantum electrodynamics, creating a hugely influential lecture series, and leadership during the failure analysis of the Challeng [...]

    24. A graphic novel which provides an excellent introduction to American physicist Richard Feynman, especially if you've not read his oral reminiscences, "Surely You're Joking, Mr.Feynman" and "What Do You Care What Other People Think?" Well researched, it is an infective read which turns up a few gems even for the enthusiast. The book ends with his experiences on the Challenger investigation. "For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fool [...]

    25. Overall it was inconsistent in tone and pacing. I get that life is like that too but ultimately I want a biography to make a life cohesive rather than just portray disparate potions of it in a staccato manner. And unfortunately the art just did nothing for me. After 272 pages I thought maybe I'd warm up to it but I felt like I was fighting against it rather than learning to love it. Ottaviani clearly has a deep love for Feynman, I just wish this had been a better conveyance of that passion.

    26. Fascinating look at the life of this esteemed scientist. Since I had read a book on the atomic bomb Manhattan Project, I wanted to know more about one of the leading figures involved. And I love Ottaviani's work. This was not disappointing! It's a nice easy-to-read portrait of a brilliant, complicated, fascinating man. It was interesting to read his essays and lectures in this illustrated format; it explained complex physics topics in a simple manner.

    27. Huge Feynman fans like me won't find much new here- but there's so much worth revisiting that it's well worth picking up. I loved the stories, I loved the recreations, and I frankly loathed the illustrations. This loathing took away no little enjoyment for me, but since it's a book about RPF, well, I still loved it. 3.5

    28. A good look into the life and mind of a brilliant scientist. My first exposure to Quantum Electrodynamics (seems like an extremely challenging topic).Didn't enjoy the artwork style though. Quite dull for my taste.Overall, still a worthwhile read.

    29. Investigative, meandering visual biography of Feynman, and his life and works. Some interesting details which even the typical Feynman fan might miss. Beautiful explanations of physics, helpful diagrams, and skirt-chasing escapades included, as always.

    30. Ottaviani and Myrick do a remarkable job bringing to life Feynman's astonishing brilliance and colorful personality.

    31. A full review coming: ramblingreadsMan oh man, this was so great. I can honestly tell you that this graphic novel is one of the best I've ever read.

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