Peculiar Ground

Peculiar Ground One of the best novels of the year so far The Times Unlike anything I ve read Haunting and huge and funny and sensuous It s wonderful Tessa Hadley I just enjoyed it so very much Philip Pullman It is

  • Title: Peculiar Ground
  • Author: Lucy Hughes-Hallett
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  • Page: 145
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • One of the best novels of the year so far The Times Unlike anything I ve read Haunting and huge, and funny and sensuous It s wonderful Tessa Hadley I just enjoyed it so very much Philip Pullman It is the 17th century and a wall is being built around a great house Wychwood is an enclosed world, its ornamental lakes and majestic avenues planned by Mr Norris, land One of the best novels of the year so far The Times Unlike anything I ve read Haunting and huge, and funny and sensuous It s wonderful Tessa Hadley I just enjoyed it so very much Philip PullmanIt is the 17th century and a wall is being built around a great house Wychwood is an enclosed world, its ornamental lakes and majestic avenues planned by Mr Norris, landscape maker A world where everyone has something to hide after decades of civil war, where dissidents shelter in the forest, lovers linger in secret gardens, and migrants, fleeing the plague, are turned away from the gate.Three centuries later, another wall goes up overnight, dividing Berlin, while at Wychwood, over one hot, languorous weekend, erotic entanglements are shadowed by news of historic change A little girl, Nell, observes all.Nell grows up and Wychwood is invaded There is a pop festival by the lake, a TV crew in the dining room and a Great Storm brewing As the Berlin wall comes down, a fatwa signals a different ideological faultline and a refugee seeks safety in Wychwood.From the multi award winning author of The Pike comes a breathtakingly ambitious, beautiful and timely novel about game keepers and witches, agitators and aristocrats, about young love and the pathos of aging, and about how those who wall others out risk finding themselves walled in.

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    1. Lucy Hughes-Hallett Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Peculiar Ground book, this is one of the most wanted Lucy Hughes-Hallett author readers around the world.

    2. This is a stunning, ambitious, haunting and epic novel that outlines what it is to be human in two different historical eras separated by centuries when the world is in a state of flux and change. It is beautifully structured to give us insights into how change is viewed from numerous perspectives. We begin in the seventeenth century, 1663, in the country house and estate of Wychwood in Oxfordshire, being landscaped by Mr Norris into a veritable paradise. A wall has been built to enclose the ent [...]

    3. Reading 'Peculiar Ground' was like slicing into a beautifully decorated cake, which revealed a multi layered creation, with each layer having its own unique flavour.The country house estate of Wychwood in Oxfordshire is the location at the heart of this story. Within its walls lies a world distinctly seperate from the rest of the world. The tale begins in 1663, and the landscape designer Mr Norris is called upon to perfect the acres of grounds, with avenues of trees and ornamental ponds and foun [...]

    4. Peculiar Ground is a wonderfully descriptive and enchanting story. I loved the way it was written and felt it flowed well. I also loved the map at the beginning, and within minutes of reading this, I was there within the beautiful place of Wychwood and didn’t want to leave. I found I became emotionally involved very early on too. I particularly enjoyed the chapters in the 17th century. It felt magical and mystical, with the mention of fairies and witchcraft. It also reminded me of my medieval [...]

    5. Lord Woldingham's fancy to enclose his park in a great ring of stone. Other potentates are content to impose their will on nature only in the immediate purlieus of their palace. They make gardens where they may saunter, enjoying the air without fouling their shoes. But once one steps outside the garden fend one is in, on most of England's great estates, in territory where travellers may pass and animals are harassed by huntsmen, certainly, and slain for meat, but where they are free to range whe [...]

    6. This is a wonderfully quirky and clever novel. The main character is the house and grounds of Wychwood in Oxfordshire and the central theme is walls. The story begins in 1663 when a wall is built around the house to keep those inside 'safe'. The tale then leaps forward in time to 1961 when the Berlin Wall suddenly appears almost over night, and then time hops again to 1973 and again to 1989 when big changes are occurring in the world and walls are broached.There are a lot of allegories and paral [...]

    7. PECULIAR GROUND is a beautifully written novel which begins in 1663 on the Wychwood estate in England. The Earl of Woldingham hires John Norris to design stunning gardens and vistas on the large estate. Woldingham imports certain animals and has a wall built to prevent interlopers. There are many strong characters and occurrences during this period of time. The plague, possible witches, love and death are just a few of the things that are dealt with. I believe this to be the best part of the boo [...]

    8. I received a free copy via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.This is one of only a hand full of books that I DNF this year.The story is slow and seems extremely pointless.Please do not bother with this.

    9. 'Are we making a second Paradise here, or a prison?'There are lots of good and politically pertinent ideas and images in this book: walls that divide, keeping people in or out, whether as a physical boundary or an ideological one. And one of the themes is the fissures that co-exist with walls, boundaries which prove to be permeable, sometimes through desperation. For all the current relevance though (Trump's wall, the rhetoric of taking back control of UK borders) this didn't work over well for [...]

    10. When you enter Wychwood and Wood Manor, you enter an enclosed world of deception, untruths and superstition. A world of religious intolerance and possible witchcraft. A world where half heard conversations take on a life of their own and can have consequences for the future.Walls are the central to the plot. The wall surrounding Wychwood, the building and subsequent fall of the Berlin wall. Both walls designed to keep some in and some out and protect their ideal world?This is a rambling tale, wi [...]

    11. Once you enter Wychwood and Wood Manor in the delightful haunting new novel Peculiar Ground, you will not want to leave, Once inside you will meet Landscape Gardener's, witches, ghostly apparition's of a dead child, said to have frowned in a lake on the grounds that surround the house, and of course the families, along with the secrets, ,,

    12. 4.5 perfect timing for this book, we just bought a new home and I am creating a new expansive garden, I loved the 1600s as the landscape designer waxed florifically with his grandiose plans, reminded me of capability brown and of visits to many grand garden estates in Europe. the book covers a multitude of events, but I did prefer the earlier century. beautifully written, easy to get lost in.

    13. I really wanted to like this book and some of it lived up to my expectations - the setting of the imaginary country estate in Oxfordshire, Wychwood, is beautifully evoked and I was fascinated by the accounts of the work of Mr Norris, in charge of the "landskip" development. The estate itself is probably the most interesting character and the set-piece scenes, such as the great storm and the turning on of the fountain are suitably dramatic and bring home how swiftly the illusion of control over N [...]

    14. I received an uncorrected proof copy of this novel from HarperCollins. Switching in time between the seventeenth and nineteenth century, this novel is set on the great estate of Wychwood in England. In 1663, the landscaper Mr. Norris is designing ornamental lakes and elaborate gardens as a wall is raised around the estate. In 1961, Nell, a little girl whose father manages the estate, witnesses adult behavior she cannot understand and talk of the wall being raised in Berlin which confuses her. Jo [...]

    15. You have to keep your wits about you, as this is a long novel and involves multiple characters and places and events. Lucy Hughes-Hallett provides a Dramatic Personae; very useful - at least to me ! The novel opens in mid-17th cent. England at a time when a landscape gardener, Norris, has been contracted to create a garden and park on the estate of an Earl, now able to return to his home with the restoration of the monarchy. We meet family members and a number of estate and house staff. The stor [...]

    16. I started out loving this book. The beginning section, set in 1663, was beautifully done; language, characters, setting, historical details, everything. The viewpoint was consistently first person from Mr. Norris, the landscaper's, point of view, which was helpful since there were a lot of characters and jobs to keep straight. I was really excited to keep reading. I have to confess I was sadly disappointed when the plot line switched to 1961, and honestly it prevented me from enjoying the rest o [...]

    17. Oxfordshire in 1663 and the exiled Lord Woldingham has returned to claim the family estate Wychwood. As part of this he commissions Mr Norris to design and implement grandiose grounds including a wall surrounding the estate. The state itself is home to aristocracy and servants, dissenters and people who believe in witchcraft and the wall tries to isolate them from the Plague. Three hundred years later and Wychwood is still isolated from an increasingly fraught world, as the inhabitants live thei [...]

    18. This is a sweeping and ambitious novel set in the 17th and 20th Centuries. The great house at Wychweod was built in the 17the century, its gardens and elaborate lakes were designed by Norris, and enclosed by a wall. Three hundred years later, another wall is built, this one in Berlin. The occupants of the house and their lifestyles have changed over time, but the building and its gardens continue to dominate the landscape. In the 20th century, the house and gardens are invaded by festival goers; [...]

    19. A story told over three centuries In the 17th Century, a wall was built around a deer park of a great house. Wychwood is a world of ornamental lakes and majestic avenues. After decades of Civil war everyone has something to hide or fear. Three centuries later, there is a house party. Over that weekend the Berlin wall and a new world is being born, but the same fears and secrets are at Wychwood. This book is very long but the descriptions of the house and gardens as well as the characters, help t [...]

    20. Lucy Hughes-Hallett’s Peculiar Ground meditates on the function and meaning of walls. The themes of separation, incarceration, and isolation are hammered into a story about two generations of people who live in and around the vast estate of Wychwood, Oxfordshire. Wychwood is as much a symbol as it is an estate, even though it is lovingly described. So much so that it’s hard to read this book as a story about multi-dimensional people. Because of the way the narrative constantly drew my attent [...]

    21. There are no words to describe this stunningly beautiful book, which is my read of the year so far. In the 17th century the earl of Woldingham returns to England with the newly restored Charles II. But the earl finds the hustle of court life too much and decamps to his estate Wychwood, where he builds a wall. 3 centuries later Nell witnesses the Berlin wall go up and come down again, while being privy to the tensions and secrets that exist at Wychwood where her father is manager for the owners. [...]

    22. Some of this was great! I loved the level of description about the estate, the land, etc. I think there were one too many plot threads going on (really did someone need to be a spy in the middle of this?). I like books that cover big periods of time when they focus on the smaller details of lifefe is interesting enough without extra sensationalized bits. Still, it was enjoyable, and I would recommend it to people with the caveat that it may be a bit overly praised.

    23. For the first couple of hundred pages, this was a 4 or even 5 star read, but the twentieth century section (the book takes place primarily in 1961, 1973 and 1989, but is framed by two section set in the 1660s) drags on for far too long, and too many underdeveloped themes and ideas get crammed in so that the primary focus on walls (very timely) gets somewhat lost. Still, there is plenty to admire here (echoes of Adam Thorpe's 'Ulverton') and I'm very glad I read it.

    24. Peculiar Ground is a clever and beautifully written book spanning the century's.The book is about a wonderful house called Wychwood ,what a fabulous place to live and when you enter you won't want to leave .It is a story of secrets ,rumours of witches and ghosts and intrigue .I loved the fact the book started in 1660 and went right through to 1989.Very intriguing book .

    25. This is a novel which I know I will remember for a long time. Until I read this book I'd never really thought about the real significance of walls.There are aspects of the story which seemed surreal and slightly confusing. However I really enjoyed this book. I loved the setting in a part of rural Oxfordshire which I know well.The dual time frame works well within this story.The subtle links between the significance of the Berlin Wall and the wall around the Wychwood Estate during the time of the [...]

    26. I didn't really get the point of this book. I tries to be a mistery but it really isn't, tries to be about Wychwood, yet half the time we are in London, tries to be about the caracters, but there are too many of them for me to be able to care about them. Despite all of this, the actual writing style is captivating. I really enjoyed eading it.

    27. Sweeping and complex, this had its delights (some nice historical touches and moments of recognition). The voice of the 18th century gardener is no easy read, but it suits his fastidious character. Had I not promised a review of this, I might not have persevered, but if cold war historical fic is your thing (that's when the bulk of the book is set), you might find it more your taste.

    28. Peculiar Ground was massively disappointing. The premise of the book was intriguing but its execution was below par. Read more of my review here: bookerworm/reviews/121

    29. probably not for everyone, and the framing narrative is a little hard to followbut an intelligent, rich book against a backdrop of post wwII history, terrific writing. I hope it gets more public recognition than it seems to have.

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