I Can Hear the Mourning Dove

I Can Hear the Mourning Dove Gifted but severely mentally disturbed sixteen year old Grace moves back and forth between school and hospital where she receives unexpected support from an antisocial delinquent named Luke

  • Title: I Can Hear the Mourning Dove
  • Author: James W. Bennett
  • ISBN: 9780395536230
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Gifted but severely mentally disturbed, sixteen year old Grace moves back and forth between school and hospital, where she receives unexpected support from an antisocial delinquent named Luke.

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      254 James W. Bennett
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    2 thoughts on “I Can Hear the Mourning Dove

    1. Writer James Bennett draws heavily on personal experience in his novels for young adult readers His high school aged protagonists are often emotionally or intellectually confused individuals unable to summon the emotional strength to deal with the circumstances that confront them in school, at home, and in other social situations Only the caring, compassionate support of others can provide Bennett s characters with a resilient lifeline to adulthood I would like my readers to recognize that the handicapped are not throw away people, Bennett told Publishers Weekly interviewer Lynda Brill Comerford Within them lies enormous courage and a strong nourishing drive.

    2. I didn't know this when I grabbed it from the "Teen Zone" at the library (they let you in for being young at heart, I guess), but the author of I Can Hear the Mourning Dove is from Normal, IL, just twenty miles down the road from my house. The story's climax takes place at the Alleton Gardens by Monticello, IL, one of my favorite local places, and it was fun to read about the Fu Dogs, the Dying Centaur and the Sunsinger, some of the statues in the gardens. I also didn't recall that he wrote Fait [...]

    3. Grade: CWhen her father dies, Grace loses her grasp on reality, tries to kill herself and is now a patient in a psychiatric facility. She's confused, withdrawn and depressed. Shortly after she leaves the hospital, she's attacked and must return. This time, a scary, rebellious young man is in her group and if Grace lets herself, they may become friends and change each other's lives.I love that James Bennett didn't turn I CAN HEAR THE MOURNING DOVE into a love story, which happens too frequently i [...]

    4. I was 12 when this first came out. I'm not sure how much longer afterwards i read it. But it is one of those that has stayed with me for my lifetime. I am in my late 30's, I've often wondered what became of the characters as adults.

    5. While this is not an outstandingly written novel, I really enjoyed its portrait of Grace. The author is sensitive in his descriptions of psychosis and mental illness, and I like how he writes Grace as distrustful and confused. This is a clunky little book, but I found it very emotionally cathartic, and a resonant portrait of recovering from psychosis. Recommended.

    6. In James Bennett's I Can Hear the Mourning Dove 16-year-old Grace is trying to recover. Her father, with whom she was very close, is dead. She suffers from nightmares and hears her deceased father talking from the sky. After a suicide attempt, she's hospitalized under the care of her no-nonsense psychiatrist, where she tries to cope with her grief and deal with the stress of reality. After she's discharged, Grace still faces fear and depression, but with the help of an unexpected friend, she fin [...]

    7. I debated for a long time between two and three stars for this book. I decided to read it after reading Bennett's autobiographical work, and I can definitely see the influence of his own experiences with mental illness in Grace. She is perhaps the single most severe case of mental illness I have ever found in fiction. One of my family members has a severe mental illness, and I really appreciated Bennett's willingness to write a character so out of touch with reality - one who struggles so much t [...]

    8. this book. this book was something else. if you want to go on a psychological trip with a extremely troubled girl, you've found the book. its hard to express how this book made me feel because it had me feeling so many things at once i almost feel like throughout this whole book there was a fog around my brain. I just I don't even know.

    9. the best of all of the depressed young girl books. i vividly remember a scene in the book of gazpacho shattering all over the floor, and that scene encapsulates for me the mood and tension of the entire book.

    10. Amazing story about a girl suffering after her father's death and her own suicide attempt. Shows her recovery, and how she slowly learns how to manage in this hard cruel world.

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