The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within What if a foreign rogue nation launched a war against the United States within its own borders America s largest cities are in flames Its majestic landmarks are in ruins Electronic sabotage cripples i

  • Title: The Enemy Within
  • Author: Larry Bond
  • ISBN: 9780446603850
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • What if a foreign rogue nation launched a war against the United States within its own borders America s largest cities are in flames Its majestic landmarks are in ruins Electronic sabotage cripples its far flung communications systems Race battles against race in a raging civil conflagration The first waves of a meticulously orchestrated international terrorist campaWhat if a foreign rogue nation launched a war against the United States within its own borders America s largest cities are in flames Its majestic landmarks are in ruins Electronic sabotage cripples its far flung communications systems Race battles against race in a raging civil conflagration The first waves of a meticulously orchestrated international terrorist campaign have achieved a stunning and terrifying success As grim national leaders hunker down with advisors, as the finest living minds in strategic intelligence together with state of the art computers link up to search out and destroy the source of the savagery, as armies both with and without uniforms mobilize to win the ultimate unconventional war, two men once friends, now adversaries to the death race to a decisive confrontation On one side is General Amir Taleh, an implacable foe of the United States, a nimble survivor of the brutal cross currents of Iran s internal politics, and a shrewd fighter who believes that killing for revenge is pointless but killing for a higher purpose is justified Opposing him are two American operatives who become tactical allies as well as unexpected lovers Colonel Peter Thorn, the Delta Force veteran who has faced down the masters of terror on foreign soil and now feels powerless to defeat them at home and Special Agent Helen Gray, as beautiful as she is a formidable player in the old boy network of special operations Together, they must find a way to defeat Taleh and his forces before the West awakens to its greatest nightmare of all.

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    2 thoughts on “The Enemy Within

    1. Larry Bond is the author of several bestselling military thrillers, including Crash Dive, Cold Choices, Dangerous Ground, Red Phoenix and the Larry Bond s First Team and Larry Bond s Red Dragon Rising series He was a naval officer for six years, serving four on a destroyer and two on shore duty in the Washington DC area He s also worked as a warfare analyst and antisubmarine technology expert, and he now writes and designs computer games, including Harpoon and Command at Sea He makes his home in Springfield, Virginiacmillan author larrybond

    2. Please ignore this, this is for a school project(unless you are my teacher grading this of course)IR Review “The Enemy Within” By Larry BondPages: 528This is for both IR sessions second semester (I got better than 75% on quiz)Question #1 There were many things about this book that appealed to me. The first thing was that the terrorists or the FBI agents were afraid to play dirty. They wouldn’t mess around. For example, a terrorist hired by a special group in Iran went into Chicago and kill [...]

    3. The bad guy is not always easy to determine. He could be the one closest to you, maybe. This is the story of America and Iran in the 90s. Terrorism is still going strong, but Iran is making moves for reconciliation. Yet terrorism grows despite Iran claiming no part of it. Who is behind the attacks? What is their purpose?The story is set at a very good pace with an intricate storyline that I appreciate. The author did an excellent job of creating multiple storylines and tying them all in. I was a [...]

    4. "So it is that an army avoids strength and attacks weakness." - Sun TzuThis is the central idea behind The Enemy Within. Semi-spoilers ahead.The central antagonist starts a campaign not of terrorism but of guerrilla war against the US. His agents are not just fanatics but commandoes, well trained and well equipped. They are literally the survivors of the training camp set up to prepare them for this campaign.But their attacks are designed not weaken America, or to convert them or to force them t [...]

    5. The Enemy Within (Enemy) reminded me of Tom Clancy's Sum of All Fears (SAF) . Both books were about terrorism. SAF was nuclear terrorism, which made it more unlikely to happen than Enemy, which was straight up domestic terrorism perpetrated by sleeper cells. Let me tell you, those guys were slick. From the first chapter, I kept saying damn, this can't be happening; this is too close to home; hell no, someone needs to be fired from the FBI or CIA. Those were my thoughts. Enemy is a domestic terro [...]

    6. The plot is a good one but I felt it got bogged down in detail. How many terrorist attacks does it take to get the point across? And each attack is elaborated ad nauseum. However, it is easy to skip a lot of it and not miss anything, so that isn't really a deal breaker.

    7. The Enemy Within reviewThe Enemy Within is the first fast-paced book in the Helen Gray/ Peter Thorne series written by author Larry Bond.

    8. SurpriseNot too bad a story line let us hope it doesn't give anyone ideas i always enjoy Larry's booksd have now read them all.

    9. The Enemy WithinLarry BondThe Enemy WithinVision: March 1, 1997528 pp. $6.99978-0446603850 The first wave of the terrorist attacks hit the United States and succeeded to bring the country into civil chaos. With the Country’s best antiterrorist task forces coming up with nothing, Colonel Peter Thorn and his comrade, Agent Helena Grey, must find the enemy within before its too late. The story revolves around Colonel Peter Thorn of the Delta squadron tracking down the cause of the worst terrorist [...]

    10. This was an excellent geo political thriller which had me gripped from page one. I have previously read Larry Bond’s war novels (Red Phoenix and Vortex) but this was a bit different with it being more a thriller. America is reeling under a series of large terrorist attacks and subsequent riots have them on the brink of an internal race war. Into the mix are thrust Helen Gray (FBI Hostage rescue team) and Colonel Peter Thorn (former Delta force commander and now in an intelligence billet at t [...]

    11. The author focused quite a bit on the technical details at the expense of other details, like sensory descriptions and a real love story. The vignettes of people on site during the various scenes in the book were nice, because the author did not keep putting his main characters miraculously into every major event, but each one had a backstory in some way which felt a bit forced at times. The love story was quite unnecessary and poorly written, shoehorned in because of course the protagonist need [...]

    12. Fast paced thriller! Shadowy terrorists manage to start a race war within the United States. With U.S. authorities distracted by this internal conflict, Iran quietly prepares an attack on Saudi Arabia to gain control of that country's rich oil fields. Ludlum and Clancy fans will love it.

    13. This was another really very good, excellent, book by Larry Bond. The story developed nicely and built into a nice crescendo of intrigue and drama. On at least one occasion the book kept me awake after my nightly reading! My only complaint was that the ending did seem hurried, almost as if it was cutoff due to space limitations or something. The ending plot twist or "turn" as a better descriptive, was cliche and the final events seemed glossed over. Kind of like watching a Tom Clancy book based [...]

    14. Years before 9/11, Bond penned a very real scenario of terrorist attacks on American soil. In this look into the minds of evil men, with a cause they believe so just, children are intended targets, Bond keeps the pages turning by bringing America so close to the brink, that the reader expects the worst possible outcome. Bond could use this book to serve as a warning to the horrible possibilities that have, in some of his fictional attacks, already become reality in other parts of the world.

    15. A surprisingly good book. Any book that ends well but still leaves you wanting just a little more, is a good book. Well paced with action and interactions through out. There are not any extra or unnecessary verbiage, it's almost too tight, Since this book was written before 2011, I thought this was going to be story enmeshed in old history of a story that did not happen. It had to start that way but worked it way quickly to a viable scenario in today's world. So read this book.

    16. I don't usually like war/military books but this was surprisingly good. My only real complaint is the ending; so often it seems like writers get bored and just want to finish the book. He built up this big moment and then nothing. Other than that it was a good read.

    17. Riveting ReadI didn't want to put this book down. It was filled with twists and turns and I couldn't get over Thorn's friend's treachery. Was impressed with his desire to protect his country and determination to rid the world of a "monster."

    18. It has been at least 20 years since I read Larry Bond's Red Phoenix, and a couple years more than that since I read tom Clancy's Red Storm Rising (co-written by Larry Bond), and I had forgotten what a great writer he is. I really loved this book and will have to read his others

    19. Incredibly prescient plot, given this was written 20 years ago, complete with war with Iran and racial tensions in US. Occasional references to Rodney King or recent Iran-Iraq war remind you this wasn't written recently. Character development not great but solid story.

    20. The author has talent as a writer but after a promising setup the story quickly becomes tedious and dull. The final few chapters provided some excitement but not enough to elevate this book about others in the terrorists vs America thriller genre.

    21. very good book i would have liked if it had a way more interesting ending than it has but hey it is not my book.

    22. This book deserves 6 stars. A very well written war story with high paced action, intrigue, friend betrayal and romance. Very hard to put down.

    23. One of my favorites about how prone to attack America was prior to September 11. This book pre-dated 9/11/01 and really described how terrorists would go about attacking us from within

    24. Very well-written action-packed book and very hard to put down. The scary part is that the story doesn't seem to be far fetched at all.

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