With No One as Witness

With No One as Witness The police never suspected a serial killer was at large until they found the third murdered boy the first white victim his body draped over a tomb in a London graveyard Suddenly a series of crimes a

  • Title: With No One as Witness
  • Author: ElizabethGeorge
  • ISBN: 9780060545611
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
  • The police never suspected a serial killer was at large until they found the third murdered boy, the first white victim, his body draped over a tomb in a London graveyard Suddenly a series of crimes and a potential public relations disaster have Scotland Yard on the defensive, scrambling to apprehend a maniac while avoiding accusations of racism.Detective Superintendent TThe police never suspected a serial killer was at large until they found the third murdered boy, the first white victim, his body draped over a tomb in a London graveyard Suddenly a series of crimes and a potential public relations disaster have Scotland Yard on the defensive, scrambling to apprehend a maniac while avoiding accusations of racism.Detective Superintendent Thomas Lynley, distracted by concerns for his pregnant wife, has been assigned to the investigation, along with his disgraced partner, Barbara Havers, who s fighting for her professional future Winston Nkata, deservedly, if hastily, promoted to detective sergeant, is the black face who will speak to the media But none of them can imagine the tenacity and ingenuity of the killer they seek and no one is prepared for the savage, shocking instant when everything will change forever.

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    2 thoughts on “With No One as Witness

    1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.Susan Elizabeth George is an American author of mystery novels set in Great Britain Eleven of her novels, featuring her character Inspector Lynley, have been adapted for television by the BBC as The Inspector Lynley Mysteries.She was born in Warren, Ohio, but moved to the San Francisco Bay Area when she was eighteen months old She was a student of English, receiving a teaching certificate While teaching English in the public school system, she completed an advanced degree in psychology.Her first published novel was A Great Deliverance in 1988, featuring Thomas Lynley, Lord Asherton, a Scotland Yard inspector of noble birth Barbara Havers, Lynley s assistant, from a very working class background Lady Helen Clyde, Lynley s girlfriend and later wife, of noble birth as well and Lynley s friends Simon and Deborah St James.This Elizabeth George is distinct from the other author named Elizabeth George Christian author.Series Inspector Lynley

    2. I read one of the early Elizabeth George novels years ago and didn't like it. George is an American writing police procedurals set in London. Having lived in London myself, I was put off by her unsure grasp of English social customs and mores. I don't know what possessed me to read this, but I must say George has come a long way in the intervening years. Not only is she more sure-footed in making her way through the English class system, her gift for plot has truly blossomed. The only real compl [...]

    3. I have followed this series from the first book and read them all in order. This one, took me by surprise and brought a tear to my eye, something that does not usually happen. Firstly, Ms. George for the first time went for a serial killer and also took on a difficult subject of what goes through the mind of a paedophile and their justifications for how they act. Mixed race 12/13 year old boys are being murdered with their bodies mutilated in London, and it takes four deaths before the police re [...]

    4. I have been a fan of the Thomas Lynley series from the beginning, reading them in order and loving each one. However, this one takes a plot twist that was a mistake, in my opinion. I was, quite honestly horrified and heart broken by what happened. I have continued to read the books after this one but I confess it is with less enthusiasm and I find I care less about the characters. It's as though since the author apparently doesn't care enough about the character to give them a life that is at le [...]

    5. SPOILER ALERT: This review reveals an irritating, but important, plot detail. Sweet Lord mother of God. Did nobody tell this woman that reading a book about a crazed serial killer is tough enough going? But to kill off Lynley's fricking WIFE in the middle of the book! For no apparent reason. Give me a freaking break.

    6. I have very mixed feelings about this book. I like to read Elizabeth George because I'm so attached to her characters, especially to Helen Lynley because she adds a light touch to the proceedings. Other than Helen, the characters are all very serious and pained in various ways. This book is very well plotted and the characters are as strong as ever. The ending is satisfying, while leaving me wondering what will happen with these characters next. I have a big problem, though. Ms. George has kille [...]

    7. This one was quite a ride. One of the best in the series, in my opinion. I almost didn't want to read it, having accidentally found out a major plot development in advance. But Ms. George's writing was spot on in describing how all the characters dealt with the situation. Very realistic. It was good to have Lynley & Havers back, although this one leaves you hanging whether they will be a team in the future. If you're a fan of the series, and the characters, this one is a "don't miss." Not ea [...]

    8. I won't read any more Elizabeth George novels because of this one. I was so angry at what she did to the characters that I swore off her altogether. A big part of what I enjoy about murder mystery series is that we get to know the primary characters over time, and see them develop. So to mess around with the relationship between readers and characters is to incur the readers' wrath.I hope to eventually forgive Ms. George, because I enjoyed the series prior to "With No One As Witness". For now, I [...]

    9. I enjoyed reading this book. It took me a moment to get into it as well as get around the dialect. This book is 928 pages or 19 cds long. Starts off slightly boring and takes a minute to kickstart the desire to read.There's a killer going around selecting young black males as his victims and performing painful torture to them. No one ever witnesses these abductions nor does anyone know why these boys would be so susceptible to their killer. On the case is Constable Havers, Acting Superintendent [...]

    10. I know I wrote a review for this some time ago and I'm disappointed the system seems to have blipped said review into oblivion As with almost all George's books, I loved this one and was so dumbstruck and awed and distressed by the ending that I could not read the sequel to this particular story - 'What Happened Before He Shot Her' still haven't managed to get to it although I've read 'Color of Blood' I think it's called - the one that came after "What Happened" anyway. I'll enthusiastically aw [...]

    11. I am done with this book for now. I read the prologue and that made me start this giant novel, but just after a couple of pages I felt totally disenchanted and bored by the story. The writer has a literary flair and her usage of some proverbs and phrases is amusing at times but the pace of the story is nowhere near that of a fine mystery thriller book. Very slow paced and laden with useless details of London streets and how Barbara Havers smoke cigarettes is quite unnerving as well as annoying. [...]

    12. I was exasperated by the monumental struggles with authority faced by Lynley, Havers and Nkata in this book. On top of their problems at work, too, Havers has to deal with an unpleasant situation at home, Nkata can't make any headway with Yasmin (and struggles with the recognition of his own weakness) and Lynley well I won't go into that. All the personal drama is wrapped around the hunt for a serial killer who preys on those least likely to be missed. I enjoyed this book, in spite of the above- [...]

    13. This is my first Elizabeth George book, so I'm not able to comment on how it compares to her previous works nor how it compares to other books in the series of Lynley and Havers novels. I know this can be a blessing and a curse to review readers. That said, I found the book absorbingspite its length, I was hardly able to put it down. Ms. George paints the scene beautifully, and her characters are richly multidimensional, bringing the reader into their heads and hearts to see the world through th [...]

    14. I have been re-reading the Inspector Lynley series from the start, and this is the first one I remembered well. I'm guessing it left an indelible impression because it's such a devastating story. This time through I was aware of all the forehadowing. Lynley, Havers, and newly promoted Winston Nkata are investigating the serial murders of adolescent boys, and the path leads straight home. Havers is at her best when she's most vulnerable, and she's finally starting to understand herself better. Ly [...]

    15. Però non si fa così! Anche se lo avevo già letto in inglese, quando sono arrivata al punto fatale . sigh, ho pianto come un vitello! Sono talmente affezionata a Linley & co.! ok, questo il commento a caldo. Quello a freddo eccolo qua: Il livello della scrittura della George è notevole, ed è notevole come non si affievolisca in lei - libro dopo libro - l'impegno che ci mette. Scrittura e struttura sono un meccanismo ad incastro che in questo libro si muovono inarrestabili verso la traged [...]

    16. If you have the stomach for it, reading a suspense novel about a serial killer, With No One as Witness (Inspector Lynley, #13) by Elizabeth George is a page turner! Several social issues play a role in the hunt for the killer, which gives depth to the plot. I challenge anyone to predict who the killer(s) is/are, which characters find a love interest, who loses a love interest and who is able to hold on to his/her job as the case is resolved. Everything is threatened in this book. Everything is a [...]

    17. I really should have brushed up on my British Slang. I spent the first quarter of the book trying to settle in to a language barrier. I found it odd, actually, because British accents are among my favorite to listen too but to read in British slang is a challenge I failed at miserably. Believe me, in my head the person reading was a horrible interpretor. I finished the book thinking if I had used an audiobook I probably would have enjoyed it more.Besides trying to make out what a "torch" is or a [...]

    18. Great book! Back to her original form. I don't know why she put the St. Jameses in the forefront in the last book, but she brought Lynley and Havers back into the picture along with New Scotland Yard. All the character depictions and rich details about places, etc. A Place of Hiding was too shallow--something was wrong about it. I'm glad George is back. Unfortunately, she killed off Helen Lynley and had Acting Superintendent Lynley then turn in his badge. Why? Is she done with Lynley? We're neve [...]

    19. I had never read this series, but I knew Inspector Lynley and Constable Barbara Havers from the BBC TV series I had rented on NetFlix. I like the characters and the stories within the story, so was happy to find this book at one of our campsites, I think in Bakersfield at the River Run RV Park. It was as good a read as the BBC series was to watch. This episode had the prerequisite serial killer and side -stories about Lynley, who is wrapped very tight always, and his side-kick, Havers, whose lif [...]

    20. With No One as Witness by Elizabeth George. A.This was a re-read for me. Before I start looking for the next one, I wanted to re-read this one. In this book George did a very artful job of presenting a police procedural with a serial killer of little boys. The usual problems between Lindley and Hilliard come to a boiling point. And there is ultimately a tragedy of great proportions. George does a wonderful job of presenting the initial grief processes for everyone involved. I’ve only lost one [...]

    21. This novel was a fun and enjoyable read: a little bit of gore, a good bit of suspense, and a whole lot of mystery. This is the first Lynley series I've ever readd I find it hilarious that I just watched theInspector Lynley BBC series for the second time and Lynley's wife gets shot and killed, which definitely sets a damper on my spirits. And then I read this book and his wife gets shot while she's pregnant, and consequently she's brain dead and Lynley has to pull to plug on both his wife and unb [...]

    22. Was I the only one who wasn't shocked about Helen's death? Yes, it was brutal and senseless, but sadly, such is life. And as far as fictional characters go, Helen was one of the most shallow, one-dimensional annoying people you could imagine; I've found her obnoxious from day one and won't miss having her part of the stories any more. And speaking of story, this one was excellent, disturbing and captivating and one of my favourite of the series. I read it twice - once when it came out and then a [...]

    23. I've been an Elizabeth George fan off and on for years, and while I'm playing catch-up with her series, I love this book. It's angsty and full of action and emotion, for all of the major characters (and she has a few!) As with all her books, the balance between our 'core characters', the series characters, and the new characters she creates for this particular book is good and strong. I adore Lynley and Havers, and also Winston NKata, the newest of the 'core' players. While I knew to expect the [...]

    24. The best Elizabeth George Inspector Lynley/Barbara Havers novel yet, although there is a tragic plot twist that I didn't like--although I see why the author may have written it that way. As always, the tragedies and perversions of twentieth-century policing are portrayed, but not as graphically as in some George novels. This one is a winner and I want to know what happens to the characters next, as well as admiring the plot and the credible red herrings. Well done.

    25. I applaud Elizabeth George's bravery in her handling of one of her recurring main characters. I've enjoyed all of her novels and have always thought she did a good job of developing her primary characters and playing out the relationships throughout the series.

    26. Another great installment from one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth George. I already knew how it ended when I started reading it and was still shocked! One of the few books that has made me cry. Can't wait to find out what happens next to Lynley and Havers.

    27. I just reread this book -- Elizabeth George is my favorite author, and I want to read her latest, What He Did Before He Shot Her -- but decided I'd re-read this which leads up to the new one. It was as good as ever -- she is such an amazingly good writer, her books never get old.

    28. When the Metropolitan Police fail to realise a serial killer is at work, London ignites over the fact that the killer's victims are young black and mixed race boys. Institutionalised racism is claimed by the community's activists and tabloids alike.

    29. *** Spoiler Alert *** When I finished this book I entered it in my book log and found I had read the book once before 9 years ago. Strangely I didn't remember any of the novel from before. Perhaps the reason was it was the second book of E. George I read, completely out of order and not really knowing the characters as I now do, but also possibly because I read it not long after my father had died and I was still dealing with family concerns once we learned our mother couldn't live on her own, s [...]

    30. Book 13, in the Inspector Lynley seriesI am happy to see with this instalment my beloved protagonists Thomas Lynley and his partner Barbara Havers back to the forefront and plunged into a suspenseful case complete with red herrings and gritty crime scenes. The book provides an intellectual challenge, its 600 pages or more is a kaleidoscope of complicated themes and sub-themes crisscrossed with a rich narrative that keeps us on the edge of our seat while tracking the numerous players that pop in [...]

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