Lesser Spotted Animals

Lesser Spotted Animals Bison They re banned Tigers Taboo Say good bye to the gnu cheerio to the cheetah and peace to the panda The world of Lesser Spotted Animals STARTS HERE Find out all about the amazing animals you nee

  • Title: Lesser Spotted Animals
  • Author: MartinBrown
  • ISBN: 9781338089349
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bison They re banned Tigers Taboo Say good bye to the gnu, cheerio to the cheetah, and peace to the panda.The world of Lesser Spotted Animals STARTS HERE Find out all about the amazing animals you need to know but never get to see, from the numbat to the zorilla, and everything in between.

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    2 thoughts on “Lesser Spotted Animals

    1. Martin Brown born 1 November 1959 is an Australian cartoonist illustrator According to and The Telegraph, he is best known for being the main illustrator of the Horrible Histories books.

    2. Between the illustrations, excellent facts and humor throughout, this book is a winner for any age. Plus, it's fantastic for those school reports on the hard to find, unusual animals. Definitely a fun, informative read! – Jennifer K.

    3. This was great! Such fun writing with facts that almost read like funny jokes scattered throughout the text. This is the type of book that you could pick up and read about one animal to a class for a book talk or an after school programen you would have kids wanting to read the rest of the book after that. Clever. Interesting. And full of animals that most people have never heard of.

    4. Lesser spotted here refers lesser known. An engaging, informative look at fascinating, little-known critters from all seven continents.

    5. In this humorous but informative book originally published in the United Kingdom, readers meet some the lesser known stars of the animal kingdom. After all, as the author makes clear in his prose, some animals such as the koalas, pandas, elephants and zebras, get more than their fair share of attention in books and even in classrooms. It's high time that some of the other interesting animals are highlighted. And that's exactly what this book proceeds to do, introducing readers to 21 often-overlo [...]

    6. So it took me a bit to catch that the title had nothing to do with spots on the animals, rather than the frequency of spotting (seeing) them. Admittedly, I figured it out on the first page, but still. Or maybe the subtitle (The coolest creatures you've never heard of) gave it away when I finally had the book in hand. But you get the picture. If the illustrations look familiar, maybe you are acquainted with Horrible Histories. If they look familiar and you aren't, you probably need to be. The hum [...]

    7. Loved it! It was interesting to read about some lesser known animals. The text is engaging. The illustrations and little factoids are great.

    8. Not necessarily about small, spotted animals, but about lesser-known animals that are rarely spotted in other books for children. Includes animals such as the numbat, Cuban solenodon, zorilla, Russian desman, and 17 more. Lots of snarky, funny comments, and terrific illustrations, with expressive animal faces.

    9. The title confused me at first. I thought the animals were less-well known creatures with spots! Interesting book about animals kids don't know as well as pandas and lions--like the onager and zorilla. Fun illustrations and humorous tidbits.

    10. In the early hours of yesterday morning, after finishing up a writing project, my canine companion and I took a stroll around our backyard. As we were approaching the house, she began to growl. She became more and more agitated. As a mere human, looking into the night and listening, I still had no clue as to the cause of her upset. Nevertheless, we scampered up the deck steps and into the house. After turning on the backyard lights I swirled around as her barking increased to look at one of the [...]

    11. Interesting book. Nice art, great intention. Some funny moments. They're right about people caring more about the famous animals and how many fascinating species there are out there that we don't hear about.It's just that the joke gets old. Lets actually hear about the animals, rather than insert a (kidding on the serious side) rant about similar animals that get the limelight. Maps for each species-fantastic, glossary-great, but it could really have uses either a partial bibliography or some so [...]

    12. I think some of these are just made up. But seriously folksThe problem of charismatic fauna is recognised and discussed by environmental activists. Animals we find cute, photogenic and anthropomorphic get so the attention and the $. How can we rally people to the cause of lesser known but critically endangered animals, like the Cuban solenodon or the zorilla? Educate children. And this book is a good start. There are many fine interesting examples here, some fasinating, like the bizarre Russian [...]

    13. Brown, Martin Lesser Spotted Animals: The Coolest Creatures You’ve Never Heard of 52 pgs. , 2017. $18.99 NON-FICTIONThis book features 22 lesser spotted animals, each one gets a double page with large colorful illustrations and tons of information including a map of where they live. The book set up and content is completely humorous, where students are told its time to learn about some animals that are never in the spotlight and the super star animals are all grumpy about it. The content is pr [...]

    14. 4.75 starsNot quite 5 but close! This was interesting, humors, well written, well illustrated just all around good! I googled each animal after reading their pages and learned a whole lot more! This was a blast! I don't give high marks but this did it all for me! The pictures on the table on contents were HILARIOUS! Why I can't go to 5, well two reason. 1) this is for a book award committee and I have to be really really tough on it 2) My only complaint (and not a complaint) is that is does talk [...]

    15. A survey of some of the least looked at animals on the planet. You know, the ones that never appear in any stories and always get overlooked. These are the animals that really exist and you've probably never heard ofuntil now. Learn where they live, what's unique about them, and what they look like.This is a fantastic compendium of animals you've probably never heard of. I taught biological sciences for several years and I've never heard of many of these. It's the perfect read for curious kids ( [...]

    16. This fabulous addition to the nonfiction shelf will pull in readers - especially reluctant readers. Emergent readers will be drawn to the humorous illustrations while older readers will dive into the 2-page spreads with details about these lesser known animals from around the globe. Teachers will love the simply placed basic information, and those who are interested in a more global view will appreciate the inclusion of the status of each animal. A glossary at the end even includes an explanatio [...]

    17. I thought this was going to be about animals with spots that are not well known, so perhaps it isn't the best title. Instead it is about 22 animals we don't hear about very often or at all. It is clever, funny and packed full of information! Great book to recommend to those students looking for a unique animal when their class does animal reports (and there is always at least one class that does animal research).

    18. This nonfiction animal book is fun and informative. Have you ever heard of an onager or a banded linsang? These are animals rarely reported on and this book is a great way for kids and adults alike to learn about these interesting creatures. Endangered status, size, diet, habitat and curious facts are listed for each.

    19. A clever and humorous look at a variety of animals that for one reason or another, are ignored for their more familiar counterparts. Some are threatened or endangered, others are not. All are fun to learn about.

    20. Adorable, funny, clever, totally full of information on animals you've never even heard of! You'll laugh, you'll cryis book will change your life! Great edition to any library or school media center or classroom. Heckyou might even want this book for yourself!

    21. 1/27/2018 ~~ Spotlights animals which are endangered or at risk; also, animals that aren't commonly included in books about animals. I just wish it had actual photos to go with the sketches, drawings, and interesting facts.

    22. This nonfiction books features humor to illustrate the plight of many endangered animals. each two page spread features one animal. I really liked this was relatable and had a little box on each page for quick facts about what the animals eats , where it lives and it's status. elementary and up

    23. Between the illustrations, excellent facts and humor throughout, this book is a winner for any age. Plus, it's fantastic for those school reports on the hard to find, unusual animals. Definitely a fun, informative read!

    24. Fans of the animal kingdom will thoroughly enjoy learning about insure animals, their habitats, and unique attributes. Colorfully illustrated and humorous as well, this book will delight readers of all ages.

    25. A wonderfully entertaining non fiction look at animals you might not have heard from. The illustrations are lively and informative.

    26. There are millions of creatures out there. Martin Brown takes us on a tour around the world to meet many interesting creatures!

    27. Lesser known, fascinating, fact-filled, and fun look at some of the strange and wonderful creatures that inhabit our earth.

    28. I loved the writing - witty and alliterative - and I learned a bunch about animals I never knew existed. The pictures are fun and informative, too. Kids should love it.

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