Anne Frank: The Biography

Anne Frank The Biography For people all over the world Anne Frank the vivacious intelligent Jewish girl with a crooked smile and huge dark eyes has become the human face of the Holocaust Now in paperback here is the high

  • Title: Anne Frank: The Biography
  • Author: Melissa Müller Robert Kimber Rita Kimber Miep Gies
  • ISBN: 9780805059977
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • For people all over the world, Anne Frank, the vivacious, intelligent Jewish girl with a crooked smile and huge dark eyes, has become the human face of the Holocaust Now in paperback, here is the highly acclaimed first biography of the girl whose fate touched the lives of millions Drawing on exclusive interviews with family and friends, on previously unavailable correspoFor people all over the world, Anne Frank, the vivacious, intelligent Jewish girl with a crooked smile and huge dark eyes, has become the human face of the Holocaust Now in paperback, here is the highly acclaimed first biography of the girl whose fate touched the lives of millions Drawing on exclusive interviews with family and friends, on previously unavailable correspondence, and on five diary pages long kept secret, Melissa Muller has created a nuanced portrait of her famous subject This is the flesh and blood Anne Frank, unsentimentalized and so all the affecting Full of revelations, Muller s book casts new light on Anne s relations with her mother and solves an enduring mystery who betrayed the families hiding in the annex just when liberation was at hand An indispensable volume for all those who seek a deeper understanding of Anne Frank and the brutal times in which she lived and died.

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      128 Melissa Müller Robert Kimber Rita Kimber Miep Gies
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    1. Melissa Müller Robert Kimber Rita Kimber Miep Gies says:

      Melissa M ller born 1967 is an Austrian journalist and author.She was born in Vienna After working as an au pair for some time in London, M ller decides first for a study of the management economics and German Studies, afterwards she worked for different restaurant editorships and magazines.

    2. قبل 85 عاما، ولدت آن فرانك، الفتاة اليهودية التي أصبحت مذكراتها أبلغ الشهادات ضد الممارسات النازية إدانة وتأثيراً.في عام 1942 وبعد إحتلال الألمان لأمستردام بدأ النازيون حملة منظمة لإعتقال اليهود بهدف إرسالهم إلى معسكرات التعذيب. اختبأت عائلة آن فرانك مع أربعة آخرين في منزل خل [...]

    3. I was sent a review copy of this book in April, and although I was so excited to read it, it just sat on my night stand collecting dust until I finally decided to pick it up. The reason for my trepidation? I am an extremely unreliable, emotional reader who is afraid of failure. I don't make promises to finish a book once I start it. I don't abide by rules or deadlines, and my ratings are almost always based on whether I was able to relate to the author and their work on a personal, down-to-earth [...]

    4. Ik had heel wat anders verwacht toen ik deze biografie opensloeg.Ik dacht het leven van Anne Frank weer meer in beeld te krijgen. Het bleek dat de schrijfster ook in de gaten had dat de familie om haar heen en de omstandigheden ook een aandeel hadden in wie Anne Frank was en wat ze mee moest maken. Het was niet de weer zoveelste Biografie waar je dezelfde dingen tegen komt. De schrijfster licht ook meer haar vader en moeder uit, hun familie, hun leven en hun bedrijven, wat ermee gebeurde en wat [...]

    5. Wonderful biography about Anne, her family and friends, with lots of fine detail, yet it never drags or is boring. As the story of those days is told, snippets from the Diary are included alongside. Though the book starts with the arrest of those in hiding, at the end Muller traces where each person was transferred to and writes what is known of their final days.Includes an index in the back that gives short bio details of the people Anne mentioned in her diary. I really appreciate that Muller u [...]

    6. This book gives a great deal of information about the family and friends and what happened to all of them after the war. It's very thorough and detailed. There is another one written by one of their family friends that I think would also be an interesting perspective. The writing was engaging and held my interest. I liked how the author interspersed Anne's writings throughout. One of the reasons that I enjoyed reading this is that we'll be staying very near to the Anne Frank Museum for a few day [...]

    7. I first read Anne Frank’s diary (which should be required reading for everyone) many years ago, and re-read it in the 80’s after visiting the house in Amsterdam where she and her family spent two and half years hiding in the Secret Annex . I’ve picked up the Diary again for the third time now that I’ve just finished this thoughtfully written yet deeply disturbing book based on information gleaned from letters, documents, personal interviews with family members and others who knew the Fra [...]

    8. This is a real life story which gives a first hand view of what it was like to live through Hitler's reign in WW2. Anne Frank writes her diary from her hideout in an attic, the secret annex. It shows a young girls perspective on the war. It discusses everyday issues, including Anne's crush on a boy living with her. This is quite relevant to older children as they go through the same feelings. This book is suitable for upper KS2 children as it discusses WW2 and the faith of Jewish people at the t [...]

    9. or several years, I taught The Diary of Anne Frank as an 8th grade English teacher. I have read several books on Anne, including a couple of different biographies. I was eager to read this one, and I was not disappointed. I would consider the most comprehensive biography of an incredible young woman. I learned many things about Anne that were only alluded to in other things I have read. I have a clearer picture of the true person that she was than I have had before. Muller does not canonize Anne [...]

    10. I was disappointed because it seemed that most of the book was about Otto Frank and other adults and their business issues. Also somewhat disconcerting was the way the author skipped around in time. On the same page one reads about things said or occurring in 1942 and 1944, for example.I was interested in the way Anne expresses typical teenaged angst and coming of age behaviors even though in such horrific and even blizzare circumstances. Her writings (not just her diary) leads us to believe tha [...]

    11. Outstanding book! I would definitely recommend this one. Questions still remain to this day on who betrayed the residents of the secret annex.

    12. One might think that if you have read Anne Frank's diary, you would know everything there is to know about Anne, but you would be wrong. Melissa Muller does an incredible job of fleshing out Anne's diary with writings, photos, and historical records from the time.One of the things that always saddens me the most about Anne Frank is how close the family came to survival. At the time their annex was raided, the allied invasion had started. If the family could only have remained hidden a little lon [...]

    13. I bought this book at the Ann Frank House in Amsterdam. The house was the single most moving "monument" I've ever visited. Heartbreaking, yet filled with hope because of the great risk so many people took in helping hide the Frank family. It was a reminder that although the world is filled with great evil, it is also filled with great kindness and compassion.Melissa Muller did an excellent job of portraying Ann as a real teenager, and not as the Jewish martyr that so many authors tend to do. She [...]

    14. Muller wrote a good bio of Anne, with a few reservations. Another more recent biographer discovered who actually betrayed the family to the Nazis which is info Muller didn't have available. This one does a more honest job on Anne's personailty. She is presented as a bit of a brat, which a relative who knew her (Buddy Elias) had called her as well. Anne was spoiled, but not simply for being the youngest. Her health was poor and she might have had a heart condition. They were just very fortunate t [...]

    15. Anne Frank: The Biography is a revised copy of Melissa Müller’s previous work and one well worth reading. Müller, through further research and documents previously unavailable to her, has allowed Müller to show the world a far more in-depth look at Anne Frank through beautiful, thought provoking prose, adding more depth and breadth of information than in the previous version and for those who have read about Anne Frank and think they have heard it all, I highly recommend Anne Frank: The Bio [...]

    16. I just finished reading the updated version of this book, published in 2013. Additional material has been added, given the reader a deeper understanding of Anne's family, going back a few generations. A must read for those who appreciate the important of reading Holocaust literature.

    17. Anne Frank: The BiographyMelissa MullerNonfiction256 pagesThe first biography of the girl whose fate has touched the lives of millions was a great book. For people all over the world, Anne Frank, the vivacious, intelligent Jewish girl with a crooked smile and huge dark eyes, has become the "human face of the Holocaust." Her diary of twenty-five months in hiding, a precious record of her struggle to keep hope alive through the darkest days of this century, has touched the hearts of millions. Here [...]

    18. In all of her post-war fame, I think it is difficult not to generalize Anne Frank’s experiences to some extent, and to unintentionally hold her in the mind as more of an abstract symbol than as an actual person. Especially in light of World War II’s utterly incomprehensible and brutal nature, it’s almost impossible for most people to contemplate the individual personality and uniqueness of a young girl in the midst of so much chaos.But Müller’s portrayal of Anne Frank and accompanying n [...]

    19. In comparison to the Diary, The Biography of Anne Frank was a great, easy read because the story was being told from an outside perspective. The book flowed very nicely, as opposed to the series of journal entries by Anne Frank, herself, that were a lot more challenging to follow. The book emphasized the challenges that were faced “up in that annex” (75) and the atrocities committed during the “unforgettable atrocities committed during the Holocaust” (11) as a whole. The author did an ex [...]

    20. So much more than just the Anne Frank narrative, Müller's updated biography tells a broad story not just limited to the Franks, although this family and the other residents of the Secret Annex are the focal point. It also encompasses the events, policies, and mania of Nazi Germany and occupied Europe that ultimately resulted in the Holocaust. By looking at it through the experiences of the Franks, their helpers, extended family and friends, it puts a tragedy of incomprehensible proportions into [...]

    21. Anne Frank a book based on a true story during World War 2. It discussed the the way they survived in hiding in the second floor of an factory with another family. As you know the book was based on a Jewish family trying to survive until the Americans came to save them from torment. They hid by day and night, but would have to stay still and not even using the bathroom until about 8:00. Also there was two famlies but one did'nt come until later on in the story. The Frank Family consisted of both [...]

    22. Won this in a librarything giveaway. Tone is slightly mawkish at times and veers every now and then into hagiography. Little analysis or insight. If you're interested in Anne Frank, read her diary; if you're interested in the Holocaust or Jewish history during the war, read any book about it at random and it'll likely be better.

    23. Perhaps one of the story that holds on to the times during the atrocities of Hitler's Nazi towards the Jew is the story of the youmg girl we know only so much by the only document she left- her diary. I read the diary in many occasions and it never failed to present to me as a strong and sublime literary work even in its simplicity you eould not expect a thirteen year old child to produce. Still on the emotional whims brought by adolescence I see on Anne Frank the strenght and character worthy o [...]

    24. Excellent biography of Anne Frank based on extensive research. The updated edition of this has an Epilogue by Miep Gies. Beautifully written, easy to read, and well documented, this book is large--458 pages with notes--but well worth the time and effort to read.

    25. Incredibly written, you can find it on . I picked it up at the library in the "new books" section. Miss Muller has waded through years of documentation to update this book which she originally wrote in 1963. New data has been forthcoming.Of all the biographies I have read, this one is probably one of the most compelling .e other being about Bonhoeffer. Anne Frank as a young teen kept copious notes and then rewrote them as a second edition. It was only through a desire to return the diary to her [...]

    26. The author’s purpose in the book Anne Frank was to inform readers about what she and her family and many other Jews had to go through during the Holocaust. The book is not in first person, however you still get a strong sense of emotion from it being in third person. I also think the author wanted to get Anne’s story out there, what had happened to her family and everything they went through. All of the fear and sacrifices they had to make. To make people know that this was a real thing that [...]

    27. I overall really enjoyed this book. I am very interested in what happened during the Holocaust and this book really captured Anne’s life and what she went through during it. I really liked the very begging how the book started off when the Frank family and Van Damms got captured by the Germans while hiding out in the secret annex. After that the book went back and explained what happened before the capture and what led to the Holocaust and how the Franks life was before they had to go into hid [...]

    28. Anne Frank's tale is one we are all familiar with. A young Jewish girl growing up in Germany leads a happy and untroubled youth. On her 13th birthday, she is gifted a journal in which she begins faithfully documenting her life. Even at an early age Anne began feeling ostracized from her peers, and though not a timid girl, prefers her solitude. Anne and her family soon go into hiding so as to avoid the overtake of the Nazis. While in hiding Anne gains a real verve for reading and learning. She sp [...]

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