The Ten Things You Can't Say in America

The Ten Things You Can t Say in America Straight Talk From the Firebrand Libertarian Who Struck a Chord Across AmericaLarry Elder tells truths this nation s public figures are afraid to address In The Ten Things You Can t Say in America he

  • Title: The Ten Things You Can't Say in America
  • Author: Larry Elder
  • ISBN: 9780312284657
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
  • Straight Talk From the Firebrand Libertarian Who Struck a Chord Across AmericaLarry Elder tells truths this nation s public figures are afraid to address In The Ten Things You Can t Say in America, he turns conventional wisdom on its head and backs up his commonsense philosophy with cold, hard facts many ignore Elder says what no one else will Blacks are racist thStraight Talk From the Firebrand Libertarian Who Struck a Chord Across AmericaLarry Elder tells truths this nation s public figures are afraid to address In The Ten Things You Can t Say in America, he turns conventional wisdom on its head and backs up his commonsense philosophy with cold, hard facts many ignore Elder says what no one else will Blacks are racist than whites.White condescension is mor damaging than white racismThere is no health care crisisThe War on Drugs is the new Vietnamd we re losingRepublicans and Democrats are the same beast in different rhetoricGun control advocates have blood on their hands.America s greatest problem Illegitimacy.The welfare state is our national narcotic.There is no glass ceiling.The media bias it s real, it s widespread, it s destructive

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    2 thoughts on “The Ten Things You Can't Say in America

    1. Larry Elder Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Ten Things You Can't Say in America book, this is one of the most wanted Larry Elder author readers around the world.

    2. I pray every single day that this man will run for president one day. I had always been intimidated by politics. This man single-handedly, got me into the world of politics. He's brilliant.

    3. Good book for people who love individual rights. Some of it's a little simplistic, but hey, I'm a simple man. There's a great chapter on media bias, which is something that's much more blatantly obvious today than it was when Elder wrote the book. The Sage from South Central has many great points in this book. It's good to share with confused friends.

    4. "The Ten Things You Can't Say in America" by Larry Elder is a conversation starter for discussion with your liberal friends--- assuming you can get them to read it. Why are these ten, the things you can't say in America? Because conventional political correctness, foisted upon society by the left says you can't. Why does the left preclude discussions of these ten assertions? Because if they can stop debate they can't be proved wrong, and that's a lot easier than having to argue against them. Is [...]

    5. The first two chapters had an interesting point: businesses that discriminate against women or minorities will fail because competing businesses will step in and hire those people. After that the book goes downhill and is like a high school paper. Numerous spelling errors aside, he repeats the same things and changes subject from paragraph to paragraph. He uses statistics but I'm very doubtful of a lot of them and I'm not sure even he knows how they were acquired. He contradicts himself in many [...]

    6. I got about three quarters of the way through this book before I gave up. In the beginning, a lot of the points are made in a concise and logical fashion, but then it turns into restating the same point(s) repeatedly with varying levels of logic applied. The points in the very beginning of the book are essentially the only points brought up. Statistics and figures are randomly pointed to as though to say that because there's a figure for this point, it must be valid. There is even a figure that [...]

    7. Conservative radio host Larry Elder leads the charge on the perils of political correctness in American society. If we are unable to truly speak our minds we are victims of the worst form of tyranny - tyranny of the mind. Elder makes the argument that many of the PC movement's ideals actually hinder the progress of minorities they seek to protect.

    8. I requested this book as a gift, but I didnt know how old it was, so my rating reflects that it doesnt hold up well over time. Too many references to George Bush and Bill Clinton. I had hoped for more and newer insights, instead I got solid statements and very well documented, but not very interesting.

    9. It's not that his ideas are particularly new, nor that his over the top, sensationalist delivery is particularly shocking. In fact, most depressing about this read was its' predictability. If I can parrot your ideas back at you before you finishing the chapter then you might need to change it up. Nothing cogent to see here people. Keep trying Larry.

    10. Really interesting. Didn't agree with all of his positions - but one is forced to deal with the argument, as opposed to the emotion most common in today's discussions. Worth a read.

    11. I found the book in a thrift book store yesterday and having listened to Larry in Dave Rubin's interview I bought it right away. I could not believe this book is 17 years old since its never been more relevant. The same people being talked about here are still around doing the same thing to this day. Having listened to Mr Elder for a while now he really writes the way he talks. Ten Things is really entertaining to read despite what its all about.

    12. Written by an unabashed Libertarian, this book talks about things that it's not politically correct to say (at least in public). I'll list each one.Blacks Are More Racist than Whites - The subtlties of black racism. Very interesting. Also statistics to back it up.The Media Bias -- It's Real, It's Widespread, It's Destructive - I read the first part of this one. He shows how the media doesn't intentionally exhibit biased reporting. It's just the way reporters and journalists interact and exchange [...]

    13. This is a great book written by Larry Elder. It covers many topics that most people are scared to speak out about, not Elder, he comes out and point blank states his opinion and what he believes can be done to fix it. I respect that. In the book, he covers black racism, white condescension, media bias, the glass ceiling, illegitimacy, which he goes as far as saying is America's greatest problem, the so called health care crisis, welfare, the differences between democrats and republicans, which s [...]

    14. It was a chore, but I finally finished (well, almost finished) this book. He has opened my eyes to his point of view. It has made me start to re-think my political affiliation, for which I am starting research. Although this book is in some ways outdated, and in some ways it over-simplified many issues, it is thought provoking, and that makes it worthwhile.*******************Now I am about halfway through and am finding that I disagree with alot of his analysis. I am also fatigued by his overuse [...]

    15. This is a nice book. Mr. Elder saved his most pervasive arguments for last, on the issue of hoplophobia. Had it not been for this, I would have rated the book 3 stars. His other arguments, while well supported, felt "light" as if they were lacking substance. I agreed with the vast majority of them nonetheless but it felt like a little more analysis was lacking. The book has a few minor spelling and grammatical mistakes which for me detracts from the book a little.Mr Elder relies heavily and ofte [...]

    16. I read this for my book discussion group. While I didn't agree with everything he said, I did enjoy the book. I felt that he started out much stronger than he finished and thought that he made a number of very good points regarding racism, affirmative action, and illegitimacy. I imagine he would make a very entertaining speaker. What I did wish for was less reliance on his personal experience as "evidence" that supported his own particular viewpoint, and his evidence for the nonexistence of glob [...]

    17. Okay, so my copy of this book, originally published in 1998, was updated in 2000 in order to include the "final word" on the Bush-Gore election that year. So, basically, the data used to support the arguments are not always pertinent to today's statistics. However, many of them still stand the test of ten years down the road. Of particular interest is the state of the Welfare State, illegitimacy, black racism and white condescension, not to mention the whole chapter on gun control. I need to ser [...]

    18. I wasn't a big fan of Mr. Elder on tv, but I got intrested in his talk show. That's what prompted me to buy his book. What an honest discussion on some of the most sensitive topics in America. He didn't just give his opinion and say,"Well you know" He supported his views with facts! Then he made those facts easy for anyone to look up. Wow! If only more discussions were so honest with what's wrong in this world, just maybe there be more solutions.

    19. I've heard about Mr. Elder from a friend and decided to buy this book a few years back. I've read it twice throughout my subway and bus commute. I consider myself a libertarian as well and it is refreshing that a highly intelligent black man stands out and speaks the truth about what's going on with our society no matter what race anyone is.

    20. I loved this book. Some of the things in here, you really do not feel free to say in polite company, though I'm sure everyone knows/thinks them. [return][return]The chapter on illegitimacy is very poignant. As anyone who works in a poor school district can tell you, the lack of good male role models is a HORRIBLE problem in impoverished areas.

    21. I disagree with about 90% of what Mr. Elder says, but I think it is good to understand why people one doesn't see eye to eye with feel the way they do. He lays out his arguments in a reasonable and well-researched manner (for the most part) and he does bring up some interesting points that should be at least thought about and discussed.

    22. This book is painfully predictable. Elder serves all of the regular courses: bash Rachel Carson, question climate change, attack Britain's NHS, etc I actually agree with the author on some of his main points, such as illegitimacy being one of America's main problems, but Elder fails to find convincing reasons for his conclusions. I will not be coming back to this book.

    23. Okay, never finished the book (now packed into storage, so it won't be going on my current reads list any time soon), but of the chapters I read I thoroughly enjoy Elder's ideas. He doesn't seem to be writing for shock value, though he knows the ideas are "taboo".

    24. Larry Elder is brilliant and knows what he's talking about. He addresses the "victicrat" mentality that many embody in our society today by touching on things that may offend the politically correct crowd.

    25. Found it to be very interesting; filled with lots of facts I was unaware of. He covers a whole spectrum of topics from racism to healthcare and gun control to the war on drugs. There are so many more books, tha he sighted in this on, that I want to read.

    26. Excellent!! Well-written, logical and backed up with facts, not emotional rants. Another book everyone should read!

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