Fire of Fryslan

Fire of Fryslan Friend turns to foe Light fades to darkness but a new Fire is burning in the night Aska Tjalling Sytse Enna and Royce have fallen into the hands of Mayor Edison The corrupt leader of Brandaris kno

  • Title: Fire of Fryslan
  • Author: Jen Minkman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Friend turns to foe,Light fades to darkness,but a new Fire is burning in the night.Aska, Tjalling, Sytse, Enna, and Royce have fallen into the hands of Mayor Edison The corrupt leader of Brandaris knows what they have done, but what he doesn t know is what motivated them In a desperate attempt to regain power over the island, he uses the five rebels as bargaining chips tFriend turns to foe,Light fades to darkness,but a new Fire is burning in the night.Aska, Tjalling, Sytse, Enna, and Royce have fallen into the hands of Mayor Edison The corrupt leader of Brandaris knows what they have done, but what he doesn t know is what motivated them In a desperate attempt to regain power over the island, he uses the five rebels as bargaining chips to force the Skelta to reveal who is part of the Skylger resistance Anglian girl Melinda and Skylger girl Dani team up to free their friends from prison, but their task won t be an easy one.Meanwhile, some of the Sirens from the deep visit the indigenous Skylgers to help them to reclaim what was once theirs And when Tesla and his assistant set sail for the island of Skylge to come to the people s aid as well, all bets are off Edison will not give up his family s position of power without a fight, and his struggle will involve Anglians, Skylgers, and Sirens alike.The War of Currents is about to be fought, and nothing will ever be the same again.

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    1. Jen Minkman 1978 writes YA paranormal romance, dystopian fiction and poetry She is from the Netherlands and self publishes her work in English Her works are available in paperback digital format ebook and audio.You can subscribe to her newsletter here eepurl bTXSWvJen was born in the Netherlands and lived in Austria, Belgium and the UK during her studies She learned how to read at the age of three and has never stopped reading since Her favourite books to read are YA paranormal fantasy, sci fi, dystopian and romance, and this is reflected in the stories she writes In her home country, she is a trade published author of paranormal romance and chicklit Across the border, she is a self published author of poetry, paranormal romance and dystopian fiction Her books are already available in English, Dutch, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Afrikaans.She currently resides in The Hague where she works and lives with her husband and two noisy zebra finches.

    2. ☆ I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ☆In the final tale in the Tales of Skylge series, Fire of Skylge was nothing short of amazing.Author Jen Minkman goes all out in this one, guns a blazing, metaphorically speaking, and we see the ultimate battle and clashing of light versus darkness take place.I have to say that I was more than impressed with how she intricately crafts this mythical and vividly imaginative tale and was bittersweet to see it all en [...]

    3. The truth behind St. Brandon’s Fire, once thought to be a saving grace, has been revealed. The rebellion grows and two girls join the cause wholehearted, both for their own reasons and their voices will be heard. The true evil has been uncovered, but not unmasked and lives hang in the balance for many of these brave rebels. Will their lives be forfeit by a vile and power hungry politician or will the people and and the sirens finally teardown the forced walls of mistrust and fear? Is it possib [...]

    4. This was a good conclusion to the trilogy. I did wish that Enna and Royce were in it more.I liked all the other characters from the books 2 & 3. However, I liked those two the best. Everything worked out for everyone which was great. All the couples were together in the end. It just sucked that one of them wasn't able to see his family again. The people all know the truth and were able to fix everything so that was nice. If you are looking for a short yet awesome trilogy then you should pick [...]

    5. I received this book in exchange of an honest review!The last book in this epic trilogy, I am sad to see it go, another series is finished and I can just hope that Jen Minkman will be writing more awesome trilogies in the future. The plan was to read some other books first, but this book just pushed and pulled at me, it wanted to be read, so I decided to read it, and am I glad I did. The main characters this time are Melinda (yay!) and Dani. It took me some time to find out who Dani was again, s [...]

    6. 'Fire of Fryslan' is narrated from two perspectives; Melinda and Dani. It took me a while to remember who Dani is, but reading from her perspective I finally discovered who she was. This book immediately took after the last part of Light of Lorelei in which the two perspectives shown how the Skylgers and Currents reacted towards the disappearance of St. Branda's Fire.It made so much sense reading this book because Sound of Sirens didn't have much away on how the Skelta works. Dani's an active pa [...]

    7. Well this wasn't what I expected. Then again, after previous two books I should've known there might be yet another leading character, but this time there's two of them. I didn't think I might actually like Mel after the second book, but here she was - being her awesome self. Add to that Dani and you've got two strong leading characters to get you through this story :)This book was a good ending to this trilogy. At least it felt like it. Story feels complete, although I wouldn't mind a part or t [...]

    8. Fire of Fryslan is the stunningly brilliant conclusion of the wonderfully enchanting Tales of Skylge series. I found this last part of the story to be incredibly challenging and deeply heart wrenching. My appreciation towards these fantastic characters has been greatly enriched by their bold heart and courageous love. What an extraordinary way to end this marvelous series that has stirred my heart and enriched my soul.Dani is struggling to figure out a way to save her friends who were captured w [...]

    9. (From my blog)It is for me a real pleasure to be here to talk to you about one of my favourite authors, Jen Minkman, and her latest Young Adult book series : Tales of Skylge. You can already check my previous reviews of Jen's books by cliking here. I enjoyed the first two books of this new dystopian series and was dying to read the last one. Jen always gives me her books in exchange of an honest review and it's ALWAYS nice to be able to say : I LOVED EVERYTHING ! Fire of Fryslan, just like the p [...]

    10. I received a free copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review. This is the final book in the Tales of Skylage series. It was an oddly happy ending to the series. We got to see all of the old characters come back for one final performance, and watch their love stories conclude. I guess I was expecting a different ending, maybe a full on war with carnage? But happy endings are cool too. In the Fire of Fryslan, we take off from where the last novel left off. But with two pre [...]

    11. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.A short and sweet review, for a short and sweet book!Why I read it: I've read the first two novellas in this series and I liked them both very much, so of course had to read the final book!Plot: The story picks up right where it left off, this time from the point of view of two characters who were in the background of the last novel, Dani and Melinda. They are b [...]

    12. There are authors that just get how to talk directly to your heart. And for me Jen Minkman is one of them. I remember winning First Reads some years ago and reading one of her novels (Shadow of Time). It was good, but not my favorite. I´ve written a review with both praise and a bit of criticism. What was my surprise when the author contacted me to review her next book. And so it goes since then and I have to say that each book is better than the previous one! Right now I will buy any title by [...]

    13. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This was the perfect end to a really interesting trilogy. It took everything I thought I wanted in a book and twisted it into this alternate universe fantasy read (with mermen!). I can honestly say that there is nothing else on my virtual bookshelf that comes close.In this installment we follow Dani and Melinda as they try to rescue the objects of their affection from the evil mayor. At the end of the previous book we watched the re [...]

    14. One of the things I love about Minkmans writing is how beautifully descriptive it is without bogging you down with page after page of descriptive text, and Fire of Fryslan is no different. My to read pile is HUGE but this book called to me the minute it hit my kindle and I couldn't ignore it. So much so that I read this book in its entirety in just one sitting. This book is told from the POV of Dani (Enna's friend) and Melinda aka Lin (Aska's friend). It has been a while since I read Sound of Si [...]

    15. Another trilogy is done. When is the next one? I received this as an ARC from Jen Minkman. I love all of Minkman’s work. Descriptive where I feel a part of this story. Dystopian & paranormal all the like, all with a mix of historical figures. Jen always has me googling things when I read her stories, must find out more. Never thought about the contract b/n two power houses of Edison and Tesla. Nor, in my education, did I need to know. I appreciate the inspiration to learn more, and I am al [...]

    16. Rocking closure of the series. Revolution is a bitch. Tense book, in a positive way. It kept me thinking for a couple of days about the sacrifices people have to make when fighting for freedom. Dani is a lovely character! You don't notice her that much in the previous books but in this book she shines, grows and learns a great deal about herself, struggling with her unanswered love for Sytse and her confusion about Melinda. Melinda is just as fresh and sweat as she was earlier, trying to make up [...]

    17. Frankly, after reading the other parts this one surprised me the most. Because I expected to be written from the old characters. So seeing Melinda and Dani was strange. Also I loved the ending. This was an amazing journey and there were more happy endings then there were books which I love. Glad I could have been a part of this and experience this kind of stories.

    18. This was the last book of the Tales of Skylge series. I have not read many books or series about merfolk so I found the subject of this series interesting. I also liked it how each book had kind of its own view point and the protagonists were different in each book as well. *SPOILER ALERT*This book was a good conclusion for the trilogy and it answered all the questions that remained unanswered in the two previous books. This time the story concentrated on Dani and Melinda (Enna's and Aska's best [...]

    19. Fire of Fryslan is a thrilling conclusion to the story begun in Sound of Sirens. It’s more fast-paced than the previous installments, which is fair because it has a lot of loose ends to wrap up. Practically every character with a major role in the previous two books has some kind of closure due to them. To Minkman’s credit, each of them gets it in a way that doesn’t feel too neat or rushed. In facts, she brings the strand of each story together so they bind together in a very satisfying wa [...]

    20. Fire of Fryslan is the conclusion to the Tales of Skylge series and it really wrapped things up nicely and also added an interesting character POV (Melinda) and her trials, both with the existing story arc of the series and also coming to grips with her sexual orientation. I would like to state that the author has handled this particularly tricky topic with realism and tact. You only got a glimpse of Melinda’s character in the previous books but in this installation you definitely come to symp [...]

    21. Overall, the series was fine. It was a quick read. The plot advanced almost too quickly. This whole series takes place over the course of like two weeks? Felt too fast, honestly. The character development suffered a bit for that. I also just never found the writing to be particularlygood. Those are the primary reasons I'm at 3 stars for this whole series. This book, though, poses another big problem for me. I'm so confused by the ending. I won't spoiler beyond the obvious, but I'm super unclear [...]

    22. 3 1/2 Platypires for Fire of Fryslan by Jen MinkmanI received a free digital copy for an honest review. This was the last book in the Tales of Skylge trilogy. I thought it was a pretty good ending and wrapped up the series pretty well. This time around we get two new narrators instead of just one. Even though I liked the girls I wasn't that big of a fan of changing the POVs; especially when it wasn't done in the previous two novels. Other than that the story was pretty good and it kept me intere [...]

    23. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.I really loved this series and I think Jen Minkman is a amazing writer. I think I went into this one with really high expectations, but for me, it fell a bit short. This book follows two characters that were introduced in the other books, but I thought they still seemed like supporting characters. I felt like the climax to this story was really in the second book and that this book was just sort of wrapping things up. It just felt flat to me. [...]

    24. This trilogy gets better with every book. There are so many unexpected twists and turns as well as so much love and passion. Secrets are revealed, danger lurks around every corner, and love concurs all. Melinda and Dani work together to help uncover the secrets of Skylge and bring them to light, while trying to save the ones they love. Jen Minkman did an excellent job bringing me into the world of merfolk and Skygle.I received this book for an honest review.

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