My Education: A Book of Dreams

My Education A Book of Dreams With My Education A Book of Dreams William S Burroughs pushes on into new territory once again committing the unspeakable crime of questioning the reality structure Dreams have always been a rich sou

  • Title: My Education: A Book of Dreams
  • Author: William S. Burroughs
  • ISBN: 9780140094541
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • With My Education A Book of Dreams William S Burroughs pushes on into new territory, once again committing the unspeakable crime of questioning the reality structure Dreams have always been a rich source of imagery in Burroughs work In this book they are a direct and powerful force Hundreds of dreams intense, vivid, visionary form the spiraling core of a unique aWith My Education A Book of Dreams William S Burroughs pushes on into new territory, once again committing the unspeakable crime of questioning the reality structure Dreams have always been a rich source of imagery in Burroughs work In this book they are a direct and powerful force Hundreds of dreams intense, vivid, visionary form the spiraling core of a unique and haunting journey into perception Exploring and embodying Burroughs provocative ideas on writing, painting, consciousness and creativity, My Education is profoundly personal, and may be as close to a memoir as we will see.

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      235 William S. Burroughs
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    2 thoughts on “My Education: A Book of Dreams

    1. William Seward Burroughs II, also known by his pen name William Lee February 5, 1914 August 2, 1997 was an American novelist, short story writer, essayist, painter, and spoken word performer A primary figure of the Beat Generation and a major postmodernist author, he is considered to be one of the most politically trenchant, culturally influential, and innovative artists of the 20th century His influence is considered to have affected a range of popular culture as well as literature Burroughs wrote 18 novels and novellas, six collections of short stories and four collections of essays Five books have been published of his interviews and correspondences He also collaborated on projects and recordings with numerous performers and musicians, and made many appearances in films.He was born to a wealthy family in St Louis, Missouri, grandson of the inventor and founder of the Burroughs Corporation, William Seward Burroughs I, and nephew of public relations manager Ivy Lee Burroughs began writing essays and journals in early adolescence He left home in 1932 to attend Harvard University, studied English, and anthropology as a postgraduate, and later attended medical school in Vienna After being turned down by the Office of Strategic Services and U.S Navy in 1942 to serve in World War II, he dropped out and became afflicted with the drug addiction that affected him for the rest of his life, while working a variety of jobs In 1943 while living in New York City, he befriended Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac, the mutually influential foundation of what became the countercultural movement of the Beat Generation.Much of Burroughs s work is semi autobiographical, primarily drawn from his experiences as a heroin addict, as he lived throughout Mexico City, London, Paris, Berlin, the South American and Tangier in Morocco Finding success with his confessional first novel, Junkie 1953 , Burroughs is perhaps best known for his third novel Naked Lunch 1959 , a controversy fraught work that underwent a court case under the U.S sodomy laws With Brion Gysin, he also popularized the literary cut up technique in works such as The Nova Trilogy 1961 64 In 1983, Burroughs was elected to the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, and in 1984 was awarded the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by France Jack Kerouac called Burroughs the greatest satirical writer since Jonathan Swift , a reputation he owes to his lifelong subversion of the moral, political and economic systems of modern American society, articulated in often darkly humorous sardonicism J G Ballard considered Burroughs to be the most important writer to emerge since the Second World War , while Norman Mailer declared him the only American writer who may be conceivably possessed by genius.Burroughs had one child, William Seward Burroughs III 1947 1981 , with his second wife Joan Vollmer Vollmer died in 1951 in Mexico City Burroughs was convicted of manslaughter in Vollmer s death, an event that deeply permeated all of his writings Burroughs died at his home in Lawrence, Kansas, after suffering a heart attack in 1997.

    2. William S Burroughs dreams of heroin, giant centipedes, and guns. Oh yeah and young boys with skin like alabaster. I pretty much knew he would dream of those things.

    3. I loved the few pages when Burroughs is actually sharing his thoughts about life rather than his dreams Which this book is mostly about. Looking forward to reading his other novels especially "Naked Lunch".

    4. It's odd what people share as far as common dreams. Mr. Burroughs describes a number of odd dream experiences I thought were peculiar to just me. I guess the human condition is more universal than I thought.

    5. Really for those with a longstanding interest in the life and work of WSB. probably not a good point of entry as a first contact.

    6. This book is a collection of Burroughs dreams. Some a more like snippets, others are a page or two, and some read more like journal entries. I think that if you are already a fan of Burroughs then this book is for you. I had never read Burroughs till now and I got a good indication of how he writes. Lucid, dreamlike, honest. I enjoyed the dreams that were weightier in their language and depth and that were longer. Burroughs has a few reoccurring themes: making it with men, the absence of food, p [...]

    7. I like dreams. I like hearing about other people's dreams. Have a funny dream? Tell me about it. I've never been able to figure out why telling people about a dream I had bored them to death. At the beginning of this book Burroughs explains this: dreams have no context. Ahh. I see now. Anyway this is quite interesting and strange. I waffled between giving it three and four stars because there were parts of it that bored me to no end. But then I realized that stars don't mean anything lol. Burrou [...]

    8. WSB dreams about what you'd expect him to: gay intercourse; morphine; strange creatures; guns; Tangier; etc. But some of his dreams are just amazing, and his writing -- raw, concise and descriptive -- captures these dreams with powerful impact. These are interesting dreams from a very, imaginative talented mind. There are themes in the dreams, like the above things, and recurring people, and many dreams have dark settings and disturbing goings-on. But there is also levity, in that WSB flies arou [...]

    9. Very interesting glimpse into one of the darkest and most fascinating minds of the 20th Century. Similar to Kerouac's Book of Dreams in parts, Burroughs here presents a record of some of his dreams (in explicit detail) towards the end of his mortal career. I'm not averse to the usual obscenities and rectal mucous in his books but this book had little of that and just focused on what happened in his dreams as he levitated or ran into people he knew. Some of his dreams sound quite frightening but [...]

    10. Reading this book is a strange experiencebut it is kind of exciting too.(Link: bucktickmusicrumotion/t)The author seems to be flying around in this massive maze which is formed with his strange thoughts and even stranger dreams and I'm struggling even just to keep up with his track of thoughts.or the lack of it.See? This guy is taking flight with his words and dreams! His feet are leaving the ground! So you run after him, trying to keep upbut to tell the truth it is difficult to keep up.William [...]

    11. The reviews and blurbs on "My Education" tout it as an extremely personal book for Burroughs, and it is. The problem, however, is that it's also extremely self-indulgent and not easily-accessible unless you're already well versed in Burroughs' previous work and background. It's a welcome edition for the die-hard Burroughs fans out there, but definitely not a good place to start for those looking to give the surrealist beat writer a try.

    12. This book is a horrible bit of collected scraps of disconnected dreams. Do not bother getting or reading it. i suspect that it is simply an effort to create revenue from Burroughs's estate by publishing some of his notes as a book.

    13. "Speaking of black holes, Sanche said: 'I would have to know what the cuisine is like'. And I thought, 'You are really earthbound.' Cuisine! The aliens that have been contacted it seems have no stomachs."Nothing more than dreams.

    14. This book was exhausting and I couldn't really get into it, I couldn't focus on it for more than five minutes at the best and now that I've finally read it till the end I feel drained. I kept on reading because I thought it would get better somehow, that something new would raise its head, but it appears I've wasted my time. I wasn't familiar with Mr. Burroughs before this book, maybe if I knew what I was getting into I'd been better prepared. Now I know this, apparently well-known and appreciat [...]

    15. There are some aliens camped near us in blue denim suits - Martians, I think - and I visit them. They seem friendly enough and one man takes off his clothes and there is a column of bone running down from his neck and nothing else except his hipbones. He says, "Well, I really got a turkey of a body"He shit sure does.I feel heat in my foot and look down and there is a lighted cigarette shoved under the sole of my shoe near the toe. Someone has given me a hot foot. When I extract the cigarette, I [...]

    16. A series of dream vignette's investigating the subconscious mind of the true mastermind of the beat generation entertained me for longer than I had expected. Burroughs scientific nerve and scalpel wit is sharp and shining while he is freely associating on some of his lucid and hazy dreams. One particular quote that kind of stuck in my head was something like " how does God feel watching his creation dying for thousands of years?”. If you're a fan of Burroughs you’ll find it profoundly person [...]

    17. This is actually a re-read on my part. Moving through this book years after my initial read I do find that this is a deeply personal book by Burroughs. He often uncharacteristically speaks in the literal first person to the reader, biographers, etc. the tone as well is brighter dispute the less than whimsical subject matter - dreams and all. I have to echo some of the other comments however This book is best suited for a reader intimately familiar with Burtoughs' body of work. His book "Junky" i [...]

    18. Burroughs describes his dreams and includes comments on his recurring dreams about levitation and about searching for breakfast, and comments on the meaning of dreams about packing suitcases. Some dreams include celebrities (Mick Jagger, Ron Hubbard); some are about cats, and some are about firearms. Most of the descriptions are short, frequently a few lines long, but Burroughs is precise in his details, particularly when describing persons and settings.

    19. I have asked myself, why am I so entranced by this book of another persons dreams?No one has a greater skill at describing the misery of the human condition than William Burroughs. Dreams are as real as any other part of our consciousness and in them Burroughs explores perception and his ideas and creativity are profoundly personal and at times touching here as well.

    20. This is the first William S. Burroughs' book I've ever read, and I really enjoyed it. It's basically an experimental piece of writing that deals with Burroughs' dreamworld. The book delves into topics of drug use, pop culture, sexuality, violence, and memory.It's an interesting read. I'm definitely glad I checked it out.

    21. Always a treat when you're deeply insomniac and sleep seems to be the last thing on your body's mind. Burroughs' dreams are wicked and sensual, giving that feel of short stories or weirdly-structured poems, always beautiful to run your fingers down the sentences, pretend to understand half of what they mean, but, anyway, that doesn't matter because who doesn't really get beauty?

    22. Tap into the mind of William Burroughs and experience, among other things, recurring visits to the Land of the Dead, dreams of food, or rather lack thereof, and male sexuality. A strange, wonderful and peculiar education!

    23. I think they found this scribbled in the back of Burroughs's CHILTON manuals, or generated it via Monte Carlo method, or something.Naked Lunch this ain't.

    24. This is an odd little rumination on dreams from the final stages of Williams's life. Tender, surreal, cranky and insightful at various points. Forthright and honest always.

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