The English Witch

The English Witch One of the finest and most delightful writers in romance Mary Jo Putney The traditional Regency classic from New York Times bestseller Loretta Chase is back A Comedy of Manners Her father s prodigal w

  • Title: The English Witch
  • Author: Loretta Chase
  • ISBN: 9780802710277
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One of the finest and most delightful writers in romance Mary Jo Putney The traditional Regency classic from New York Times bestseller Loretta Chase is back A Comedy of Manners Her father s prodigal ways have forced the extremely lovely Alexandra Ash into an engagement with a strange man in a strange land a man blind to the effect her unearthly beauty has on othe One of the finest and most delightful writers in romance Mary Jo PutneyThe traditional Regency classic from New York Times bestseller Loretta Chase is back A Comedy of Manners Her father s prodigal ways have forced the extremely lovely Alexandra Ash into an engagement with a strange man in a strange land a man blind to the effect her unearthly beauty has on other men, and which has earned her the title the English Witch So when she s kidnapped by another love struck suitor, Alexandra assumes she s truly doomed to a loveless marriage with her captor.A Villain Redeemed But her troubles have only begun for although she s quickly rescued, her brave hero is the notoriously irresistible, unrepentant scoundrel, Basil Trevelyan, who finds himself quite taken with the tart, spirited Alexandra So taken, in fact, that he s determined to make her his own Now, if he can only charm her into agreeing with his plan

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    2 thoughts on “The English Witch

    1. Loretta Lynda Chekani was born in 1949, of Albanian ancestry For her, the trouble started when she learned to write in first grade Before then, she had been making up her own stories but now she knew how to write them down to share In her teenage years, she continue to write letters, keep a journal, write poetry and even attempt the Great American Novel still unfinished She attended New England public schools, before she went off to college and earned an English degree from Clark University.After graduation, she worked a variety of jobs at Clark including a part time teaching post She was also moonlighting as a video scriptwriter It was there that she met a video producer who inspired her to write novels and marry him Under her married name, Loretta Chase, has been publishing historical romance novels since 1987 Her books have won many awards, including the Romance Writers of America RITA.

    2. This was only Chase's second romance, yet she already showed a rare talent for "promoting" a secondary character/villain to hero status. Three years after being packed off to India, Basil Trevelyan is somewhat ashamed over his dastardly actions in Isabella, has gained a lot of useful experience in solving problems, and is considerably richer. But he's still delightfully devious and witty--a state of affairs that does him no good at all when he falls in love for the first time, but which is certa [...]

    3. Just her second book, and already Loretta Chase's marvelous talent convincingly takes the villain from her first book and turns him into the reluctant hero here. And what a delicious rogue he is! The action ranges from his rescue of Arabella in Albania to the ballrooms of London to the English countryside. Yes, some of the action is rather unlikely (and far too complicated to even try to summarize), but LC keeps things moving and the reader enjoys going along for the ride.This book is the sequel [...]

    4. This is the kind of book I live to read - witty, engaging & intelligent dialog and a supporting cast almost as fun as the main couple. Chase lays out a story so thoroughly she makes it seem effortless. I adored Basil, the rake and reluctant suitor. He made this book!Recommended read / A-

    5. I HATE CHASE BOOKS. Alexandra is so goddamned stunning that she collects men like bees collect pollen. Basil is so goddamned tricksy that he collects problems like flowers collect bees. After rescuing Alexandra from one unwanted suitor, he finds himself needing to rescue her from all her suitors, unwanted or not, because he's going to be her only suitor, goddamn it!1. I was literally SO ANNOYED for the first half of this book. I HATED that Alexandra's Big Flaw is that she's so gorgeous men justl [...]

    6. Loretta Chase can do humerous and witty characters better than anyone else writing today. I loved Basil and Alexandra! Both were strong personalities that would fit perfectly together, if only they realized it. Some of the secondary charcters were equally amusing. I especially loved the scheming Aunt Clem and Lady Deverall, who languishes on the settee all day long, similar to the Lady Bertram in Mansfield Park.This book is the follow up to Isabella, and though this story would stand on it's own [...]

    7. Alexandra Ashmore is known as "The English Witch" all over Albania where her intense green eyes bewitch every man around. Alexandra's archeologist Papa barely notices. He wants her to marry the son of a his man of business, a wealthy wool merchant. Alexandra finds Randolph Burnham extremely boring. She writes an impassioned plea to her godmother, Lady Bertram, back in London for help. Lady Bertram dispatches her wayward nephew Basil Trevelyan to rescue Alexandra. Basil has spent three wretched y [...]

    8. Loretta Chase is known for writing historical romances with brainy heroines who defy societal conventions and rakish heroes who underneath there charm possess a heart of gold along with elegant dialogue and an engaging storyline. In the English Witch, she doesn’t disappoint. Our heroine Alexandra has been dragged through Albania by her father who cares more for investigating antiquities than engaging with humans, including his daughter. As they travel, Alexandra bewitches the men in every vill [...]

    9. This is the story of Alexandra Ashmore, plagued from every which way by fiances and suitors she doesn't want. In order to put off one engagement, Alexandra pretends to be engaged to another in the form of Basil Trevelyan, a villainous-scoundrel-turned-wealthy-hero, then turns around and secures another one once they return to England, just to be safe. Of course, then it turns out that she and Basil were perfect for each other all along, and after various mishaps and misunderstandings, end up hap [...]

    10. I think it would have helped to have read Isabella before reading this book. While the story was understandable, there were a lot of references to events that were quite confusing. Rather than puzzle them out, I just read on and accepted what was written as it stood without fully understanding all the connections between various characters. While it didn't necessarily diminish this book, I think knowing that information would have made it more enjoyable.

    11. With a title like The English Witch, I was expecting a willfully tempestuous heroine and 100% more smut. Instead, this is a tonny novel of manners and marriageable misses. The anti-hero, the rake in need of reform however, is delightfully witty;and while Basil is not diabolically wicked, his naughty charm is the bright point in an otherwise slog of a book.

    12. "She would have preferred certainly that Lovelace did not so very much remind her of Mr. Trevelyan."Poor Basil but he was a little bit like that ( but surely not as cruel as Lavelace! ) in the previous book of the series

    13. The best of her early Regencies. Again, a villain redeemed, which she does remarkably well. Plus Albania makes its first appearance.

    14. This book has such a great start, with Basil back and even better than in the first one. But boy, were we misguided! It became boring, with a dragging storyline and characters that were not well explored. Maria is just annoying, Sir Charles doesn't know what he wants, Randolph is just a big nothing and so on I was expecting more from the author.

    15. A fine, amusing and even interesting book until the last quarter of the book [which takes forever to read because it is essentially boring] where our stalwart heroine becomes a dithering weeper, and the plot descends to farce.

    16. My reviews are mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookOk, halfway through I LOVE Alexandra, she is really spunky! Loving Basil as well, let's see what he does in the end My only "sighing point" is that there is no love scene in this novel like the first one! :/*************Argghh! What wouldn't I give to read a love scene with Basil and Alexandra Lord I didn't want it to finish! They are perfect for each other in their own cute yet wicked way lolz Sweet and sassy! :DVerdict: I REALLY love [...]

    17. I really like the character Basil. He is a charmer, arrogant, rogue, and scoundrel but possesses a a conscience at times. He's the bad boy you can love and hate. His motives may not always be above reproach, but make sense because of his character or lack of character. I was truly disappointed with Alexandra. At first I thought she would be a formidable match for Basil, but she ended up being a ninny, prideful and downright irritating. She was also selfish leading men on because she couldn't acc [...]

    18. This was another fun quick read. I almost liked this book better then the first one really. I have to say though that I was reminded of how unrealistic romances really are. The reader really needs to allow the brain to take a break from reality sometimes. Not that the relationships themselves are unrealistic, but that the hardships the characters go through are sometimes just too hard to believe. I don't know for sure, but really, even in regency times, how often would a girl find herself forced [...]

    19. 3.5 starsThis book was light and delightfully tongue in cheek. A woman who captures men's affections so easily, none of them bother to get to know her. A man so charming and silver-tongued he always gets his own way, how could he possibly settle on one woman alone when they all roll over for him? Great banter, although we miss it in the middle of the book when the hero is avoiding the heroine and as such the pace slackens. Not a book to stir deep thought, simply to enjoy it for what it is. I had [...]

    20. low 3ste. stronger than its prequel, Isabella. chase does a nice job mostly letting go of plot threads from the previous book and simply letting the new protagonists have their fun (a pet peeve of mine with series is the overexplanation and unnecessary reintroduction of old characters and unrelated plot summaries; authors, if it ain't moving THIS title along, cut it. be ruthlessly unsentimental!). like most of chase's books, the slightly larger-than-life characters strained credulity, but in thi [...]

    21. This moves along at a well clipped pace. It includes threads from the previous novel, Isabella, but holds its own nicely. Basil Trevelyan is still a flirtatious cad but his character develops along and his love for Alexandra is believable despite his previous rakish ways. There are enough twists and turns as well as subplots to hold the reader's interest. This has adventure, humour, and, of course, romance. The chemistry between Basil and Alexandra is palpable. This is an entertaining, well-pace [...]

    22. It was pretty okay, nothing to grand. But, I have to give it it's due, none of that baloney I've recently stumbled upon in historical romance, with rape and similar horrible things. The worst part is the father, who acts like his daughter is there as an unwanted toy. But, I imagine that there are a lot of fathers like that in the world, and it wasn't too annoying. All in all a passable book, but not much else.

    23. I can't say this is the best Loretta Chase book I've ever read. There were too many characters in it, especially at the beginning, that really didn't add anything to the story. The book itself was kind of a slog until about halfway through and then it got more interesting, although I never really did get to a point where I enjoyed any of the main character in the book. Chase is one of my favorite authors, but this book was overall a disappointment.

    24. I didn't rate this because I only read one quarter, and then read the ending. I never got into it. Maybe it's just because I didn't read Isabella before, as another reviewer said--wherein the many characters would have been established, and the reader's interest in them engaged. I just struggled over every page.I'm also tired of all these daughter-of-scholar heroines in Regencyland.

    25. Although an earlier book, this one is the most interesting in this serie.We're following the adventures of Basil Trevelyan, who is left to redeem himself after his more than questionable behaviour in 'Isabella'. And of course, how life has some more surprises in store for him.A pretty enjoyable read.

    26. I heard from readers I like and respect that Loretta Chase is really good, so maybe I just picked a bad place to start her canon, but I just can't get into this story. I got a third of the way through before giving up. I'm bored with the characters, with the plot, with the too fast to follow (but not especially witty) dialogue. Maybe I'll try one of Chase's newer books. Maybe not.

    27. Enjoyed this book a lot. It was a light read, only took a few hours to read. Very entertaining, better than first in series, Isabella, though I recommending reading them in order as Basil is a huge part of first book. Again, a cute romance with no smut added.

    28. Finished this morning! Very fun to see what happens to everybody after Isabella and the "I want to murder you" dynamic between hero and heroine is what Chase does best. I think her very best early regency is The Devil's Delilah but they are all well worth the read.

    29. Lovely story. Unbelievable to the core, and very much in harmony with the stereotype of a romance, but lovely nonetheless. The story is remarkable only in its dialogue, which is witty, and exceedingly British. Goodness, what a sucker I am for this nonsense!

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