Going Home

Going Home Journalist Carter Roberts was required to interview Carl Foltz and Matt Evans for an article on their lives It was not an assignment he relished he just wanted to get there get it done and get out Th

  • Title: Going Home
  • Author: Max Vos
  • ISBN: 9781502846578
  • Page: 254
  • Format: None
  • Journalist Carter Roberts was required to interview Carl Foltz and Matt Evans for an article on their lives It was not an assignment he relished he just wanted to get there, get it done and get out Thinking about the subject matter made his stomach churn.The interview reveals as much about himself as about the two men, and for the first time, Carter learns what a real hJournalist Carter Roberts was required to interview Carl Foltz and Matt Evans for an article on their lives It was not an assignment he relished he just wanted to get there, get it done and get out Thinking about the subject matter made his stomach churn.The interview reveals as much about himself as about the two men, and for the first time, Carter learns what a real home feels like He never would have expected that meeting the two men would change his way of thinking and his life forever.WARNING Contains materials for ADULTS only If you have any reason to think that you cannot or will not tolerate any type of mature subject matter, please do not continue If you have any issues with any type of taboo, or what you may consider taboo material, please do not read If you have a closed mind about any sexual activities whatsoever, please put this book down or delete it now If you truly believe that love is love, then by all means, continue.

    • Unlimited [Spirituality Book] ☆ Going Home - by Max Vos ✓
      254 Max Vos
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    2 thoughts on “Going Home

    1. Max Vos is a classically trained chef with over 30 years of food service experience After retiring in 2011, Max found himself with time on his hands and turned his talents to writing Cooking English , a short story, was his first published work, and has two others currently in publication, and he has just completed his second novel.

    2. 3.5 starsDisclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for absolutely nothing. Max only asked that if I read it, I do so with an open mind. And I did.The taboo topic in Going Home has already been mentioned in other reviews, and it's revealed in the book almost immediately, but I'm still going to use spoiler tags in this review. Carter, a young journalist, is heading to a remote part of Indiana to interview a couple. The couple is only interesting because their relations [...]

    3. In a perfect world this could be possible, sadly we are far from a perfect world.It was hot as hell. I was exhausted there was so much sex my head went dizzy.The whole story was awesome I cried and was horny at the same time.My heart swelled at all the love on the pages. All the good vibes omg I love itdamn I want to live with them.They were perfect with each other the three of them p-e-r-f-e-c-tFor those who love big taboo and lots of sex and most of all.love and love and lovePlease read this o [...]

    4. 3.5★ A slippery, slidey, whole lotta hot mess. It made me laugh, gag, feel sad . god, I love taboo stories way too much.

    5. I've been meaning to read Max Vos for a while now, so when I saw the content warning and the growing chatter on Facebook, I figured I'd jump on this one before I was spoiled and I'm very glad I did. This book definitely won't be for everyone and does challenge you to consider what exactly you mean when you say love is love as long as it's between consenting adults who aren't hurting anyone. I fell for Carter straight off. Growing up knowing he was unloved, he still managed to make the best of th [...]

    6. It was a sweet story, the taboo didn't bother me at all (Matt and Carl were consenting adults when their relationship turned sexual and there was never an abuse of power or an imbalance between them), and the sex was smokin' hot! The author took great care to show that there was only love between Matt and Carl and nothing devious going on. I believed it.BUT I would have been happier, had the relationship between Matt+Carl and Carter stayed exclusively physical/sexual. I know that I have a hard t [...]

    7. No, this book might not be for everyone, but it may as well have been written just for me. In this case no amount of petty technical issues or whatever the fuck else someone could come up with to complain about a book cannot take away from how special this book is. At least for me. All time best favorites shelf immediately, and I knew it would be after the first few chapters and then it just got better. My god this is brilliant, and hard for me to put into words because I just finished it and fo [...]

    8. This book is very highly rated by most of my friends, but it was not for me and the reasons had very little to do with the taboo element in the story. So regarding the taboo. . . I loved the description of their idyllic, if isolated by necessity, lifestyle together on the ranch. And I was almost prepared to accept the relationship and how it transpired until. . . well, putting that under spoiler tag further down.I have no problem with insta-love most times, but I wasn’t feeling the insta-love [...]

    9. Well I'm going home,Back to the place where I belong,And where your love has always been enough for me.I'm not running from.No, I think you got me all wrong.I don't regret this life I chose for me.But these places and these faces are getting old,So I'm going home.-"Home" by Daughtryyoutube/watch?v=7bnX-I would like to do a review for this book that would give it justice but Pacquiao and Mayweather's fight is coming in a few so I'll just make it damn short lolI've read Dani's review before readin [...]

    10. *** This story took me by surprise ! *** It is so well written, so beautifully told, so enlightening and eye-opening. Oh. My. Gosh ! I was hooked before I knew the premise. Carter, a journalist and reporter, is on his way to interview two men for his magazine. Along the trip we get a view of Carter's own sad past. These cattle ranchers raise Piedmontese cattle, known for their tender meat and have less fat. Carl Foltz, 6'5", and Matt Evans, 6''7", both huge, honey blonde haired men, are built fo [...]

    11. I did not buy this book because of the recent drama attached to it. I actually bought it (three days to be exact) before it all happened, the removal/banning from and later Are that is.  I was not aware of the taboo subject matter as it was not present in the blurb but having learned it, I was still on the side of want to read this book. That being said…Yes, this story has consensual incest in it between a father and a son… and yet that is not the whole story. I am not going to get on a so [...]

    12. 1.5 STARS!I didn't need open-mindedness about the consensual incest while reading this book for I am not ashamed to admit I love incest stories. It gives me thrill, it intrigues me, it sucks me down like a skilled porn star's mouth, it tickles my eccentric taste for twisted tales. Specially, a father-son incest. I've been craving for such book since forever. But why oh why I am fucking disappointed and pissed off for the magic of such "taboo" in this story, the thing that got me so excited to re [...]

    13. I laughed. I cried. I gagged.Kudos.The pros: this highlighted and made me think about my own prejudices that I weren't even AWARE existed, so that's a good thing. Thinking about how far and what limits we are all willing to dictate on what happens in a consentual adult relationship is fascinating and I appreciate the opportunity for self reflection. I'd like to think I came out of this one more open minded than I went in, but i'm not sure. The author obviously paid great attention to just how to [...]

    14. Uh. Huh. Hmm.After the shock of the big "taboo" reveal wore off, the story just didn't hold up very well, for me. Take out that element and it was just a ménage story.(view spoiler)[Once you accept, or at least try to do a work-around in your head, that Carl and Matt are biological father and son, and now lovers, I just felt they accepted Carter too easily into their relationship and so quickly. (hide spoiler)]Edited 10/24/2014 to add: 2.5 Stars. I kept thinking about this book, and thought I m [...]

    15. OMFG,outstanding!!!Max you outdid yourself with this wonderful story, it has everything that I was looking for. I don't know how he manage to do a plot about such a touchy subject and passed with flying colours.Some people complained in a forum that it was little bit of a shock hellooo??What part of this you didn't get!! the author made it very clear."If you have any reason to think that you cannot or will not tolerate any type of mature subject matter, please do not continue. If you have any is [...]

    16. Review wiill be posted at GGR-Review dot com in the near future. In the meantime, read the warnings and if you don't have a lot of hard limits, it's a hot book, if you're in the mood for hot. I'm always in the mood for hot and Max delivered on the fire with this book. Best I have read of Max's books to date.

    17. OH HELL NO!!!I have only managed to finish two chapters and I DNF."It wasn't like either of us could get pregnant and that was the reason for most laws against such things." WTF!Maybe I am not that openminded. Sorry.(Oh well not really sorry)

    18. This book had pretty much any kink you could want, short of water sports and BDSM. Incest, rimming, felching, snowballing, DP, you name it. Parts of it felt like a really raunchy porn flick, and parts were syrupy sweet, with sex the second day, and declarations of love soon after. I did feel the father/son thing was decently done. It doesn't really bother me, so long as everyone is a consenting adult. The sex was smoking hot, so long as man smells and sweaty balls don't turn you off. It’s not [...]

    19. 3.5 StarsI put this book on my list of books to buy a week or so ago. I didn't buy it right away because I have a huge list of already purchased books that I haven't yet read and I have been trying to exercise a little bit of self restraint. That never lasts all that long when it comes to books, but I do try, on occasion. I knew about the taboo subject matter ((view spoiler)[Carl is Matt's father, so we're talking incest. However, this book is NOT about molestation, or abuse of any kind. Matt w [...]

    20. So i'm not going to touch on the taboo subject here (everyone has already mentioned it) except to say that this is a taboo kink i really enjoy and i thought it was written beautifully.So i loved this book for its sexiness, sweetness, romantic moments and gorgeous kinky dirty (literally) sex. This sex was seriously hot, not just for the obvious kink but because it was gritty in the i love sweat and masculine hairy man sex way! Also there was a nice little surprise towards the end, which i won't s [...]

    21. Nevermind. I remember now.---Have I read this!? I feel as though I've read this, but don't recall it.Halp.

    22. This book was hot as hell, and I enjoyed reading every word of it. Journalist Carter Roberts was required to interview Carl Foltz and Matt Evans for an article on their lives. Carter did not want this assignment it made him sick to his stomach. Carter judged Carl and Matt before he met them, because like most people the subject of incest bothered him. During the course of the interviews he learned that Carl who was the father did not go into the relationship lightly he was sick about it in the b [...]

    23. ★★★★☆½ This was recommended to me, unfortunately I waited a couple of days and it was banned off by the time I went to get it, I then sent a pm to the author who has since added it to his website store - quite reasonably priced and I'm guessing he gets the full amount now instead of /ARE taking their cut.It's TABOO (view spoiler)[consensual, both adults incest (hide spoiler)] subject matter so you might as well know that going in - don't want you to be surprised.New-to-me author and [...]

    24. Good shit. Filthy good shit. Exactly the way I like my taboosunapologetic. It is what it is, and I luh that.

    25. Rating overviewWriting: ★★★★★Story: ★★★★Characters: ★★★★Overall: ★★★★ (4.33)~~~Okay, so I'm gonna be totally honest here. Have you ever thought you would like to be a fly on the wall of an author's sex life? Well according to my sources it is not uncommon and I do now know what this feels like because I felt it all the way through reading this bookG Max Vos might be my new 'King of kink', I've not been able to find someone who does kink so well in quite a few mo [...]

    26. Re-read Jan 10-11, 2017Holy crap to write down everything I'm feeling right now???The premise was awesomed a little disturbing. But I usually like edgy stuff so I kept going and I wasn't disappointed. I wouldn't recommend it for people with taboo issues or who don't appreciate intense M/M sex. Carter is writing an article about Matt and Carl and their very unconventional relationship. (view spoiler)[They are father and son but also lovers and life partners. (hide spoiler)] At first, Carter is sh [...]

    27. This may just be the raunchiest book I have read in a long while. I’m not much of a fan of the topic (view spoiler)[ incest(hide spoiler)] here but I do love all kinds of love. I’ve to give props to the author for giving us those steamy-straight-out-of-porn scenes that made me blush here, there and everywhere. LOL As for the story, the insta-love got me laughing so hard I feel like going Queen Elsa all over these three guys but it was fun just the same. I wrote a shorty about insta-love befo [...]

    28. I think Mercy Celeste's excellent novel 'Beyond Complicated' ruined me for this kind of plot.Edit: After reading the full novel, I'm adding one star, because of the excellent erotic fiction that is this book ;-) I mean, this story is REALLY hot and even a bit on the kinky side for my taste. The epilogue is just heartbreaking. Still, I missed the emotional reasoning behind this type of love. It felt rather insta-love to me, despite the circumstances. And adding Carter as their third was a decisio [...]

    29. What a wonderful surprise this book was. I've not read anything by Max Vos before and reading the blurb I was expecting it to be kinky, I chose it for the taboo theme, but it was way more than that. I loved that Carter found his home with Matt and Carl and the journey he took to get there. I'll definitely be checking out more books by the author.

    30. was thinking 4 stars but there was just so much kinky goodness going on I had to bump it up! Plus there was some awesome feels that hit ya right in the heart. :)

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