Last Chance Mustang: The Story of One Horse, One Horseman, and One Final Shot at Redemption

Last Chance Mustang The Story of One Horse One Horseman and One Final Shot at Redemption Last Chance Mustang is the story of Samson a formerly free roaming still wild at heart American mustang that was plucked from his mountainous Nevada home and thrown into the domestic horse world whe

  • Title: Last Chance Mustang: The Story of One Horse, One Horseman, and One Final Shot at Redemption
  • Author: Mitchell Bornstein
  • ISBN: 9781250059413
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Last Chance Mustang is the story of Samson, a formerly free roaming, still wild at heart American mustang that was plucked from his mountainous Nevada home and thrown into the domestic horse world where he was brutalized and victimized After years of abuse, Samson had evolved into a hateful and hated, maladjusted beast until the day he found his way to a rural Illinois faLast Chance Mustang is the story of Samson, a formerly free roaming, still wild at heart American mustang that was plucked from his mountainous Nevada home and thrown into the domestic horse world where he was brutalized and victimized After years of abuse, Samson had evolved into a hateful and hated, maladjusted beast until the day he found his way to a rural Illinois farm, an ill equipped owner, and one last chance Mitch Bornstein s task was to tame the violent beast whose best defense had become offense He had twenty years of experience fixing unfixable horses, but Samson would be his greatest challenge Through the pair s many struggles and countless battles, Samson would teach Mitch about the true power of hope, friendship, redemption and the inspiring mettle of the forever wild and free American mustang.Last Chance Mustang explains Samson s violent and antisocial behavior while addressing the remedial techniques employed to remedy these issues The art of working with damaged horses is demystified Though his story is sad, the reader is asked to respect Samson not pity him He has good and bad days, and he has a dark side Like all of us, Samson is far from perfect And his saga will move the reader to both tears and laughter Part history lesson, part training manual, and part animal narrative, Samson s is a story that all readers will be able to relate to a story of survival, of trust, and ultimately, finding love.

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    1. At the age of seven, Mitchell Bornstein jumped atop his first horse, and in the thirty eight years since, he has pursued his life s dream of working with damaged, abused, and difficult horses College, law school, and nineteen years as a practicing attorney have not stood in the way as Mitchell has followed his passion and one true calling to save the horses that no one else will From Illinois to Indiana, Wisconsin to Iowa, Mitchell has traveled the Midwest and entered stalls that others won t and mounted steeds that others can t Practicing what he has termed command and control horsemanship, Mitchell handles each of his horses with a firm yet respectful approach For Mitchell, there is no such thing as a bad horse or a steed beyond repair Mitch lives and works in Wheeling, Illinois.

    2. I bought the Kindle version and read it in 3 days. I throughly enjoyed the book, well written. The book not only gave excellent insight to why horses act the way they do, but also how harmful the BLM is to Mustangs. I was but a young girl in the early 70's and was so thrilled to hear about how the BLM was going to "protect" the Mustangs. Boy were we fooled. Unfortunately there are a lot of abusive horse owners in the world, most I believe are due to pure ignorance. This book will educate as well [...]

    3. I enjoyed the story about the horse more than I did the story about the man. Maybe it was the audio narrator or maybe it was much more than that. Samson, the horse, had a hard life and needed to be domesticated. This story mentioned wild mustangs and the abuse of these animals, and I feel it needed to be told, but I had a hard time with the trainer. This didn't seem to be well written or maybe the editor needed a stronger handI don't know, but it didn't work for me. There was a lot of anthropomo [...]

    4. This book was very touching. I never expected it to make me laugh and sob. The author does a beautiful job describing the special relationship between himself and Samson the very deeply troubled horse. I also learned a lot about the "American Wild West" through this book. Chapter 7 detailed the horrendous ways Mustangs were (and probably still are) treated during capture. I lost sleep after reading that chapter. Overall, this was a very moving book and anyone who appreciates animals and the rela [...]

    5. This is a must read for horse lovers in America. This non-fiction story is written by an experienced horse trainer dealing with a last chance Mustang and the history of wild horses across the country. He gives an eye opening and fact filled history of many of these wild horses that many of us have not heard about.

    6. Having been an amateur horse-trainer many decades ago, I truly enjoyed this book that I received through Giveaways.I admire Mitchell Bornstein for becoming involved with an abused horse like Samson. I think if I had been Amy I would have decided to let Samson live the way nature intended, though in a much smaller, restricted range. This is not a "how-to" book, but an interesting blend of a unique inter-species relationship and history of the mustang.Having experienced the same sort of bond as e [...]

    7. I just finished my arc of this book and it was very inspiring. It took me to a world that I know very little about. What a great book and author. The compassion for Samsom shows what a truly wonderful person Mitchell Bornstein is. Samsom was very lucky to have Mr. Bornstein as a trainer.

    8. Fascinating account of Mr. Bornstein's attempt to train (and his partial success - Samson will always be partly wild) a formerly wild, abused Mustang stallion named Samson. Interspersed with episodes of Samson's training are accounts of the catastrophic failures of the BLM, or the Bureau of Land Management, to manage the herds of wild Mustangs in the prairies of the Midwest and West. Mr. Bornstein repeats over and over that Samson could easily have been one of the horses killed cruelly and inhum [...]

    9. I won this book on Last Chance Mustang is a great book! I throughly enjoyed this book and will read it again in the very near future. If you are an animal lover this book is definetly a must read. Samson's story is both tragic and triumphant! A horse that saw the very worst of people and the best of a great man who knew he was worth saving. Samson never lost his great spirit of freedom and pride even through all the abuse he suffered. Samson story is inspiring. Mitchell Bornstein has done a grea [...]

    10. I'm giving this book five stars on the understanding that it's not for children. Mitch met an adopted mustang, recently gelded at the age of twelve, called Samson. His owner Amy who ran a de facto animal sanctuary had been the violent - because much abused - horse's last hope. The book tells of how Mitch, who had managed to reclaim other stressed and difficult horses, decided he had to work with the mustang and save him. Every step took a long time and Mitch gradually worked out the sources of s [...]

    11. I received a copy of this book through the First Reads giveaway program in the hopes that I would then post an honest review.When I was younger, I went through a horse literature phase, reading Black Beauty, all of Marguerite Henry's Chincoteague books, and several (if not all) of the books in the Saddle Club series. I was kind of excited to briefly return to that obsession of my childhood. Last Chance Mustang did not provide a story similar to those from my childhood. It's a lot more technical [...]


    13. This is a great book! It's an interesting mix of history, story, and training guide. I believe all equestrians should read, but any non equestrians may find some of it boring and/or can't understand everything. I learned a lot from the history and the training. I even used some of the training advise with my own horse! It will be one of my favorite books for a long time to come. I loved the quotes at the beginning of every chapter.

    14. This was a solid 4.75 and Jennifer, Nancy and Kathy's ratings were all spot on and better than I could have done! Again, not typically my cup of tea but I really enjoyed it. Great job!! I won this great book on GoodReads and like I do with most my wins I will be paying it forward by giving my win either to a friend or library to enjoy.

    15. Thank you good reads for letting me win this wonderful book. It was truly a story that touched your heart.

    16. Do you like horses, or reading about them? Well if you do, or even if you don't, I recommend “Last Chance Mustang” by Mitchell Bornstein. This animal nonfiction book follows Samson, a wild mustang that was was chased and caught and brought from beautiful Nevada home surrounded by the horses that he grew up with. He was brutalized and severely abused for years until he found his home at a rural Illinois farm which was his last chance. Mitchell Bornstein’s job was to tame the “violent beas [...]

    17. I "really liked it" all while I felt that the book could have been just as enjoyable and instructive at two-thirds the length. The author tended to elaborate on and on with much metaphor and simile, way past the point that, for me, separates illumination from the melodramatic. I also at times wearied of the parallel story of the historical plight of the wild Mustang horse, but I did come away with an increased awareness of the need to remain vigilant about how the BLM handles its charge to care [...]

    18. An Extraordinary TalePicking this book out of a list of books that were offered lived up to its advertising as something different. The author must posses an almost Divine insight and patience. The essence of Samson came through his writing. His attributes and character were revealed through his training and behavior.I knew a little about the Mustangs and their treatment, but I had no idea of the viciousness that was directed their way. And how consistent and current it is. The details of that h [...]

    19. Samson, a wild American Mustang, was taken from his mountainous Nevada home and thrust into the domestic horse world where he suffered years of abuse. He ends up on an Illinois farm with a well-meaning owner who does not have the skills or experience to help him. Mitch Bornstein is contacted to work with Samson and give him one last chance. Although Mitch has years of experience working with challenging horses, Samson will push the boundaries of Mitch's knowledge, experience and heart. Woven int [...]

    20. Being a “horsey” person, I quite enjoyed this book. It brought a mix of different things: story of a horse, history of the mustang, story of a man and his self reflection, history of the BML program, Amy’s story and all her animals as well as subtle training tips and many personalities within humans and pets.

    21. Took me a bit to get this one read- but I enjoyed the story being told with the historical struggle of the Mustang intertwined- a story of real partnership between human and horse, and the on going struggle to preserve a living legend.

    22. I recommend this book to anyone who loves horses and wants to learn more about horses in the wild and what is happening to them.

    23. I received in giveaways in exchange for an honest review. I was not in any way obligated to write a positive review.Not the best horse book I have ever read but not the worse. Parts of the book is more of a history book than it is about a horse and a man trying to save him. Very hard to get into and follow because it jumps around when telling the stories, so you are not able to get a clear picture of what is going on during the horse's rehabilitation. If you just want highlights and get to the h [...]

    24. A good story, told with heart and vigour. The author also talks a lot about the history of the round ups of mustangs, which is alternatively awesome and "really? This again?" and he has a bad habit of John Cenaing the horse."Samson isn't a horse, he's a wild Mustaaaaaang." (Shades of 'that's no's a SPACE STATION') but the story galloped (yes, pun intended) along well. Anyone who likes horse stories or even cowboy-types will enjoy this.

    25. [I got this book for free from a First Reads giveaway.]I have always loved horse stories. When I was little, I had a copy of Black Beauty that I read until it nearly fell apart. I owned almost the entire Black Stallion seriesd still have most of them. My favorite ones were the ones where someone took a horse considered wild and dangerous and untamable and worked with them until they were, if not tame, at least calm. Or calmer.This ended up being all of that and more.There are two stories in thi [...]

    26. Fantastic. Having been a horse trainer for the best part of this year, I am totally able to relate to and understand this beautiful story. And can I just say? Seriously, any and all horsepeople should read this book. There are some valuable lessons, that I think everyone should learn, but maybe not first hand. This book was beautifully written. Michael Bornstein a renaissance man if ever I read one. He's a lawyer, a horse trainer, and an author (among many other things, I'm sure). I love how he [...]

    27. Tom Zingarelli warmly relates the tale of a renegade Mustang and his first two legged friend, the man who aimed to resocialize and train him in Last Chance Mustang, by Mitchell Bornstein. The drama of Samson, the “rescued” wild Mustang is told interspersed with the history of horses, horsemanship, and the plight of the wild Mustang population in the U.S. Bornstein weaves a poignant tale of the equine as resident in our nation. Bornstein takes on the Herculean task of seeking recovery for a d [...]

    28. As a lifelong horsewoman, I was deeply disturbed by this strange tale which purports to be a feel-good tale of a man who saves an abused horse, but in fact, demonstrates mostly the writer's deep ignorance of horses and horse care. From the moment I started reading this story, I was plagued by the feeling that this man was passing himself off as a horse expert when he was no such thing. What was missing from this story was how on earth this woman and her abused and fearful horse ended up in the h [...]

    29. Last Chance Mustang is a beautifully written story of the deep bond formed between one man and one horse, or should I say a "wild beast." This book pulls at your heart strings and takes your emotions on a roller coaster ride. I was also amazed at how a seemingly tough cookie like Bornstein opens up and shares his personal life experiences with the reader. Throughout the story, Bornstein intertwines Samson's story with the plight of the wild American mustang and It's incredible how the two storie [...]

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