Destiny Revealed

Destiny Revealed Twins Jack and Maddie Austin discover their magical birth rite in a realm of wizards gnomes and hidden secrets they must rescue their parents from the evil wizard Tardon and have their destiny reve

  • Title: Destiny Revealed
  • Author: Cris Pasqueralle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Twins Jack and Maddie Austin discover their magical birth rite in a realm of wizards, gnomes, and hidden secrets they must rescue their parents from the evil wizard Tardon and, have their destiny revealed.

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    2 thoughts on “Destiny Revealed

    1. Cris Pasqueralle Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Destiny Revealed book, this is one of the most wanted Cris Pasqueralle author readers around the world.

    2. Cris Pasqueralle’s DESTINY REVEALED is an outstanding book on a multitude of levels! What makes this book so incredible is that kids, young adults, adults, and parents alike will all enjoy this epic fantasy read. In all honesty, I see this as the next up-and-coming HARRY POTTER and PERCY JACKSON. Yes, it’s THAT good! Cris Pasqueralle’s masterful writing style is captivating from the very beginning. You latch on to the two main characters, Jack and Maddie, before the adventure even begins. [...]

    3. Reviewed for Readers Favorite.Jack and Maddie are read to celebrate their 13th birthday, their parents are a little nervous because they have a great deal to tell them. When the day comes, just as they are about to find out and their parents start to talk, evil magicians sweep in and kidnap Mom and Dad. Uncle Benny takes Jack and Annie to the magic realm, and it becomes a little much for them to handle. While they are natural talents for the magic, Jack wants nothing to do with it, he just wants [...]

    4. Mystery surrounds the first part of this book. Twins, Jack and Maddie, are followed home from school. Their mother is worried, when she learns of the follower, but Jack reassures her that it was just a boy that likes Maddie and that he took care of it. On the day of their thirteenth birthday, they receive a special gift from their Uncle Benny: two necklaces, and a mysterious note from someone in their parent's past. The note says, the Earth will revolve around the sun, until time when the sun is [...]

    5. Destiny Revealed is a magical coming of age tale.Every preteen can't wait to finally have the honor of being called a teenager. They see that as a time where life really begins, and in this book, it's true.Maddie and Jack are really looking forward to their thirteenth birthday party, but the day before the party, they think someone is following them home from school. Jack tells his mother it's just a boy who interested in Maddie so their mother doesn't think it's something to worry about. Boy, i [...]

    6. Destiny Revealed is the first of a thrilling, fantasy and adventure trilogy in which the balance of powers in the world threaten to destroy it. Jack and Maddie find out that they possess magical powers which they must hone and learn to control in order to survive on their quest to save their parents from the evil wizard Tardon. Along their journey into the magical realm, Jack and Maddie meet many people who may or may not be on their side. Jack has to learn to control his emotions, and Maddie ha [...]

    7. Great read that adults, young adults and children will love. Jack and Maddie are twins and upon the thirteenth birthday they are given an amazing present, they find put that they are not who they thought they were. The twins, their parents and a a few relations are all part of a wizard group. On the day the twins learn the secret they learn another about evil wizards when Tardon, the leader of bad wizards takes off with the twin;s parents and the adventure begins. great story with an amazing wri [...]

    8. If Your Teen Loves Harry Potter, Here’s a New Series…This is a neat fantasy novel that is book 1 of a trilogy. What I liked best were the characters. They were completely individual. Even the twins had their own personalities – complete with faults, weaknesses and strengths. The writer does a great job of showing you the twins in their old world before taking you on their journey into a new land that is dangerous for novices like themselves. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who [...]

    9. What a fabulous YA adventure/fantasy!! The story started right up and quickly moved into interesting territory. I found myself shaking my fist at the bad guys and rooting for the twins, and enjoyed the realistic portrayals of two formerly ordinary preteens suddenly thrust into fantastic and dangerous magical situations! It was really fun and I look forward to the next one!

    10. Jack and Maddie are average fraternal twins. As they turn 13, they realize that they are not so very normal at all! Their parents are kidnapped and taken to a world full of magic. Once they have followed, in their attempt to rescue them, they discover they have magical talent. They meet "Uncle Benny" and his friends who have come to train them. Before their training takes place they must save parents and battle an evil wizard. This is a Heroes Journey for the young teen set in a classic Coming o [...]

    11. Interesting but . . .This book reminded me of Return to Witch Mountain twins with magical powers from another world.I found there were too many characters to keep track of and found it distracting to the story to keep meeting new people along the way. There are magical creatures, but it's never explained where they come from or why.Also I keep reading about this destiny of the twins, but it's not really explained until the end. I liked the concept but overall I had a hard time finishing this boo [...]

    12. I haven't read anything like Destiny Revealed in a long time, if ever. It was a great read with a lot of action, coming of age issues, etc. Jack frustrated me and I wanted him to let the older, more experienced people lead the group. But, he is a lot like any other boy his age and doesn't listen. It was also a great story of the bond between a brother and sister, one that I had with my brother while growing up, even though we weren't twins like the characters in this story. Wonderful book and no [...]

    13. A wonderful coming of age story of twins just before their thirteenth birthday.It has all you could wish for: magic, adventure, suspense and a great fantasy plot.Jack and Maddie are the Destined Ones who need to learn to control their supernatural powers, fight the evil wizard and grow up fast as they face their adversities.This is really enjoyable fantasy fun with inspiring characters and some wonderful messages about becoming th ebest you can.Marvellous.

    14. FIVE STAR FANTASY FOR ADULTS AND KIDSI enjoyed DESTINY REVEALED, a lot! Mr. Pasqueralle writes with a lightness that is a joy to read. His characters are well developed and the story moves along at a quick pace, engaging the reader. You won't have to wade through this one you will have a hard time putting the book down. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Lucky for us, this story is part of a trilogy!

    15. A fast-paced and enjoyable story which should appeal to teens and older folks alike. The author moves the story along briskly and makes the book quite a page-turner. The characters are fun and I found myself warming to them as the story progressed. I would recommend to anyone, particularly younger readers, who like well-paced fantasy / sci-fi with a healthy dose of action.

    16. Fast moving adventureAn excellent adventure for readers, young and old. A tale dealing with the coming of age of twin wizards, torn from the everyday routine of this world to a new and dangerous world, their destiny. Lessons involving power and responsibility, love and treachery.

    17. This was a pretty enjoyable, very quick, read. The adventure was engaging and the magic system, or the little we got to see of it anyway, was quite interesting. The characters were a lot more distinguished and well-rounded than I expected, and the dialogue felt convincing (particularly for the younger protagonists). My problem was that I can't think of a single original thing in this story. It sounds harsh, but it's the truth - the characters, the plot, the world, it all felt like something I'd [...]

    18. Destiny Revealed is the first in what promises to be an enthralling, young-adult fantasy series. I have to admit it's been an awful long time since I have read anything in the young-adult market, so I was quite looking forward to this book. My first comment would be that it is very much in line with the Author's stated intentions of giving middle-school and young adults, exciting, compelling fantasy stories to read and encouraging them to read in general. Destiny Revealed is indeed all that, exc [...]

    19. ‘Destiny Revealed,’ by Cris Pasqueralle, is a no-brainer for young readers. It’s got light and dark wizards, gnomes, dragons, fairies, and even a sasquatch or two for good measure.Written in a simple and easy to follow style, it tells the story of young, twin teens Jack and Maddie, as they undertake a dangerous journey into a strange land to save their mother and father, kidnapped by a dark wizard bent on dominating not only his own magical realm but our non-magical world as well. Jack and [...]

    20. This was a really good book. I started listening to it in my car and then restarted it for my 6 & 8 year old kids. They LOVED it. Maddie and Jack are twins with a destiny that their parents are going to tell them about on their 13th birthday. That all comes to a screeching halt when their parents are taken. Uncle Benny is there and takes the twins to safety but then has to explain about magic and why their parents were taken.I really liked the characters in this book. Honestly, Maddie seemed [...]

    21. Loved spending time with the twins Jack and Maddie and especially when they begin to find out that they have ever known is about to be turned on its head and things will never be the same ever again. Thirteen years is not long to spend in the world but then again, long enough to accept that the world is such a way and there's not much else going on, same old, same old. Don't know what I'd do if an evil wizard showed up out of the blue, kidnapped my parents and I found out that there exists other [...]

    22. "Hey, what's that?" said my 13 year old daughter as I sat down to read Destiny Revealed. She quickly read the back cover and fell in love. We took turns reading aloud to each other until the book was finished. Her review: "This book is awesome! Ask him to please not kill Jack or Maddie. Can we get the next one?" We did download book two and I can't wait to get started. My review:Jack and Maddie are 13 year old twins who unbeknownst to them have magical powers. Turns out they are destined to save [...]

    23. Destiny Revealed peaked my interest from the start. There was a bit of a mystery from the start that quickly escalated which kept me turning the pages.The main characters were well developed but some kept me wondering about their true intentions throughout the story. The story was very good and set up the background of the characters well. I loved diving into the author’s version of the world of wizardry and the various realms that exist. Destiny Revealed is packed with adventure while doing a [...]

    24. When happens when the gift of magic is revealed?The twins Jack and Maddie are different. Before their parents can comfortably tell them why, they are whisked into a magical world where it is revealed they are magical and the evil Tardon has kidnapped their parents. Along with their Uncle Benny and a multitude of other interesting an unusual characters, the siblings (who are wizards) must embark on a quest to rescue their parents and learn to control their magic. This is a rip-roaring good read [...]

    25. Destiny Revealed is a YA novel about two kids, just turned 13, who find their life turned upside-down. The contrast between the real world and the world of magic makes this novel’s storyline a fascinating read.The two main characters share the spotlight well, and Cris writes their emotions and thoughts incredibly realistically. Getting into the mind of a child as an adult author can be difficult, so this is an accomplishment! The plot itself is well written and paced; I didn’t find any info [...]

    26. I enjoyed this book immensely. Cris Pasqueralle has written a moving and fast paced story suitable for teens and adults. The story pulls you in as if you are alongside, with the characters in the story and if you reach out your hand its as if you can touch them. Jack and Maddie the 13 year old twins, are very believable as brother and sister, as they react to each other as any normal siblings would. But when the chips are down, they would do anything to keep the other safe. A truly spell binding [...]

    27. I really enjoyed this book. It's a well written Middle-Grade fantasy adventure that kept me eagerly turning the pages until I was finished. The characters were great and the story entertaining.

    28. EnjoyableI don't post spoilers or detailed information on the story or characters. It's ruins things for others. I would recommend this book.

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