The Book Club

The Book Club For five women their monthly book club meeting is a time to share their hopes fears and triumphs As each woman faces transition they embrace the challenges that come with change and hold fast to t

  • Title: The Book Club
  • Author: Mary Alice Monroe
  • ISBN: 9781551667218
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
  • For five women, their monthly book club meeting is a time to share their hopes, fears, and triumphs As each woman faces transition, they embrace the challenges that come with change and hold fast to their unfailing friendship.

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    2 thoughts on “The Book Club

    1. New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe found her true calling in environmental fiction when she moved to coastal South Carolina Already a successful author, she was captivated by the beauty and fragility of her new home Her experiences living in the midst of a habitat that was quickly changing gave her a strong and important focus for her books.Mary Alice Monroe writes richly textured books that delve into the complexities of interpersonal relationships and the parallels between the land and life Monroe s novels are published worldwide She has achieved many lists, including the New York Times, USA Today and SIBA She has received numerous awards, including several Readers Choice Awards, RT Lifetime Achievement Award, the 2008 South Carolina Center for the Book Award for Writing and was featured at the National Festival of the Book In 2011 THE BUTTERFLY S DAUGHTER won the International Book Award for Green Fiction.Mary Alice is an active conservationist and serves on the Board of the South Carolina Aquarium, The Leatherback Trust, and Charleston Literacy Volunteers She is a frequent speaker at book festivals, conferences, and private events.Monroe lives with her family on a barrier island outside Charleston, South Carolina Her new novel, BEACH HOUSE MEMORIES May 2012 , is the prequel to her bestseller THE BEACH HOUSE and completes her first trilogy For information, videos, contests and , visit her official website maryalicemonroe.

    2. This book definitely wont be getting a standing ovation from me. This is hard to write; it's my first unflattering review but I have to be honest here. The plot is formulaic and the writing itself did not make the story outstanding. If I hadn't already lost interest by then, I really zoned out after Pg 134 where “Intelligence shone in his large, deep-set eyes and sensuality teased in his full lips”. Why do the men in these books always have sensual full lips? This is so over-done. The book w [...]

    3. 3.5 stars. I really like Monroe's writing style as I find it easy to breeze along and her character's relatable. I did not think this was one of her best, but still a feel good read. Five women have been in a social book club for many years. I would not say they all are good friends, but over the years the friendships seem to slip back and forth. This is what I enjoyed. These women reminded me of friendships I have had with different womenmetimes they are the best of friends, sometimes you can't [...]

    4. Awesome book! These middle aged moms are all in new phases of their lives. Everyone can relate to at least one woman and what she is going through - relationships, empty nesters, death, illness, infidelity, job loss but the thread that runs through this story is finding yourself again as a woman. It made me think. I really enjoyed this book and will be looking at some of her other books.

    5. One and a half stars Let me say at the outset that I have read several books by this author and enjoyed them, so I was prepared to like this book despite some negative reviews. It started off okay for a light read I thought but disintegrated as it went along. I thought the premise of the book club wand the use of books would be interesting but in the end for me it didn't work and the 5 women in this book club I found annoying and unrealistic. I'm not really sure why I continued to read it, excep [...]

    6. I judged this book by its cover, literally. I am leery of any book that tells me on the cover how great it is ("The Book Club: A remarkable novel of the power of friendships"). Remarkable? Hm. Let me be the judge of that. While I wouldn't go so far as to say this is a "remarkable" story, it was enjoyable. An easy, breezy read to wrap up the summer with. The plot includes everything and the kitchen sink- cancer diagnosis, adultery, empty-nest syndrome, sexual identity questions, mommy issues, agi [...]

    7. I selected this book for my 'night' reading, aka reading before I go to sleep. I like to read light, funny and interesting books at this time, not thrillers or political subjects. Unfortunately, I often fall asleep during this time and it takes a while to finish a particular book! In reading this book, I couldn't wait to get back to it and fought the Sand Man! The story opens with descriptions of five women, each with varying issues confronting (or soon would be)them. I felt that the description [...]

    8. The book encompasses the 5 separate lives of women who are best friends and in some cases, best frenemies as they meet for book club monthly. I found some of the characters in this book extremely annoying to the point that every time they came up in the story, I found myself rolling my eyes and heaving a heavy sigh. A few of the characters deliberately made their life dramatic, and as such, the book itself and its writing was dramatic too. One character in particular was very "tied up in a nice [...]

    9. I am embarrassed to admit I read this book. I had to skip so much- but unfortunately I was hooked with the prelude. The overall story of friendship was nice, but that's where it ends. So don't waste your time, there are so many wonderful stories out there about friendship and adversity weathered, my advice look else where for such.

    10. What a great book to be completely immersed in. Five long time friends have had a book club since their children were very small and they meet monthly to review and discuss books. A simple pastime for sure and very enjoyable and companionable. Over the years their friendships have become very close and they are more like family to each other.The story is about how lives are in constant change and how good friends can be the best blessing that a person can have.An excellent read.

    11. Oh sure there were some missteps with the narrative, and I wish the author had given each woman equal space to develop their own story, but my oh my, this was such a sentimental read and I couldn't help but give it full stars. I've had the privilege of belonging to two book clubs over the years, and I understand all too well how necessary those friendships become. Books have the power to bring people together, and the relationships they engender become beautifully written stories in and of thems [...]

    12. The Book Club by Mary Alice Monroe is about the power of friendship, honesty, understanding and tenderness. It is a story about five remarkable women who belong to the same book club. This is a well crafted story about these believable characters. This is a story for women in their 50's and 60's! There are many topics that will make you ponder about marriage, children, death, health.fe in general.

    13. It is a pretty good read about 4 friends who are in a book club together who try to solve each others problems. Definitely check it out.

    14. As I began reading this story, I knew it was a story about a group of women I headed further into the story I found myself somewhat bored with the story and I was thinking to myself why did I start a book that was about a circle of women, because it seemed as if it was becoming predictableere was the suddenly widowed Dr's wife with two young children, the neglected and unappreciated wife, the high power go getter wife who suddenly wants a baby, the single woman who' s art becomes her children an [...]

    15. Saya terobsesi dengan kisah-kisah persahabatan. Lebih tepatnya sih, saya pengen punya sahabat-sahabat perempuan yang dengannya saya bisa apa adanya, mereka juga apa adanya kepada saya. Yang saling mendukung dan memaknai kehidupan (yang kayak di quote-quote friendship itu lho – tuu kan, saya terobsesi. Saya sudah punya beberapa sahabat kok, tapi kurang banyak :DMakanya, saat baca novel ini, du du du, relate banget. Saya bisa mengidentifikasikan diri saya ke salah satu salah dua tokoh-tokohnya; [...]

    16. bookcrossing/journal/4It was the title that attracted me to this book and I thought the quote from a different book at the beginning of each chapter was a clever idea for each one’s theme. Unfortunately though I did not find the story at all enjoyable in fact it was just plain boring.I really dislike writing a bad review as I know it is far from easy to write a novel and criticising one is something that I feel uncomfortable about.The cover stated that it is ‘A remarkable novel of the power [...]

    17. Every summer I read really crappy books. It's like eating a bag of chips. You don't want to do it often, but on occasion, it tastes really good. Usually after a book of two, I'm satisfied and ready to go back to all those "important" books. Read too many, and it's like eating the entire bag. You feel sick and bloated afterwards and willing to swear them off forever (and by forever, I mean until the next summer).This was surprisingly not terrible. I can't really say much more than that. It's no T [...]

    18. For Eve, Gabriella, Doris, Midge and Annie their monthly book club meetings are more than a book discussion, but a bonding of friendship and loyalty. They shared watching their families grow, heartaches they've experienced and now share the changes occurring as they reach middle age. Eve has lost her husband suddenly to a heart attack, and must find a way to care for her teenage children and find a job to support her family. Gabriella's husband has lot his job and she is working more and more ho [...]

    19. Had to grab a book in the airport as I'd forgotten mine!Like Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons and The Jane Austen Book Club, I really liked the female relationships in this book. Of course, revolving around books just made it more fun :)There were a surprising number of errors in this copy and I'd log them on typoze, but I handed this to a flight attendant when I finished it.Also to note: there's a Tattered Cover store in Concourse B of the Denver International Airport. No need to buy books in a [...]

    20. I gave this book a 4, perhaps partly out of sentimental reasons. It's the last book "my" book club is reading before disbanding and this seems like a good one to end on as it outlines what is good, and important, and unique about sitting down with a group of women with different perspectives and in different places in their lives and just listening.

    21. "Kita akan terus berubah, mengambil berbagai keputusan baru, lalu menjalani semuanya. Memang itulah isi kehidupan, hanya serangkaian panjang pilihan"

    22. I love this book! I related to it on so many levels. There are several highlights I will save to my a "Quotes From Literature" file. Here is one" "e moon. It hung in the sky beside her, a silent but steady presence - inspiring, enlightening, timeless, changing. Sometimes fat, sometimes think, sometimes glowing. Sometimes those blotches were right there on the surface for the world to see. Some nights the moon dominated the sky, other nights it slipped quietly through veils of clouds. Sometimes i [...]

    23. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. You'll see a bit of yourself in each woman portrayed but one will stand out with certain familiarity for each reader.My favorite part was this, "Friendships were easy when life was going smoothly. What was hard was to be there for your friend when life got rough and the friendship was neither easy nor fun. The challenge was to forgive the friend when she failed."That I am in a book club made reading this all the more enjoyable.

    24. The story of this book club intrigued me because my book club is important to me. This small group of women have major changes going on in their lives including the death of a husband, cancer, infidelity, children growing up, aging parents and divorce, to name a few. The friendship prevails and they discuss their interesting book choices. An interesting read about 50 something women that I could relate to.

    25. wow! This is one of those books I hate to put down and hated to let it end. The author stated it best in her closing."All stories come to an end. that moment when we sigh and close the book, perhaps sit back in our chair and rest our palm over the cover, is met with quixotic emotions, On one hand we're satisfied if the author successfully tied up loose ends, turned a memorable phrase and rewarded the hero's moral choice with her hearts desire. Yet we're also saddened that the adventure is over." [...]

    26. The Book Club is a breezy story about five middle-aged Chicago women who confront the changes in their health, relationships, and dreams while they occasionally discuss novels. Eve Porter must deal with her handsome husband's sudden death. Ambitious Annie is faced with huge obstacles when she finally tries to start a family. Doormat Doris is the perfect wife, but that doesn't mean she has the perfect life. Bohemian Midge has carved out a peaceful creative existence until her mother threatens to [...]

    27. This book surrounds the lives of five friends who live in the Chicago area and have a monthly book club. The novel opens with the death of Eve's husband and the turmoil this throws into her life. Her friends attempt to rally around her and her children, but have their own strife. Annie is struggling to have a baby, Gabriella is working extra shifts to support her family after her husband loses his job, Midge, an artist is dealing with her mother moving back to Chicago and in with her, and Doris [...]

    28. I was skeptical about this book because of the "Club" theme and having tried a couple other books with multiple characters I was worried about too many subplots. I am happy to report this book written by Mary Alice Monroe was not a disappointment in any way. Her characters were rich with the feeling of real life women who have real life issues in every aspect of life. You see a little of yourself in all of them and I really could identify with not only some of the trials and tribulations but of [...]

    29. A group of women who form a book club and all of their adventures as their lives all fall apart and then try to put them back together. There were some very nice parts to this book and good, sound life lessons. Very predictable and very ho-hum, I guess for me. As someone who has had (well, still ongoing) one bout of being rocked to my core by life (my middle child being diagnosed with autism) I could empathize with the women dealing with their life-altering situations. They chose to move forward [...]

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