Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #1

Serenity Leaves on the Wind Malcolm Reynolds s crew shook the verse to its core when they laid bare the crimes against humanity undertaken by their sinister government the Alliance Always outlaws Mal a very pregnant Zoe new p

  • Title: Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #1
  • Author: Zack Whedon Georges Jeanty Karl Story Laura Martin Michael Heisler
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • Malcolm Reynolds s crew shook the verse to its core when they laid bare the crimes against humanity undertaken by their sinister government the Alliance Always outlaws, Mal, a very pregnant Zoe, new pilot River Tam, and the other surviving crew members are in greater danger than ever Meanwhile, everyone is asking the same question .

    Serenity Leaves on the Wind The Firefly and Serenity Leaves on the Wind Serenity Leaves on the Wind Joss Whedon In the film Serenity, outlaw Malcolm Reynolds and his crew revealed to the entire verse the crimes against humanity undertaken by the sinister government the Alliance Here, in the official follow up to the film, the crew has been in hiding since becoming everyone s most wanted, and now they are forced to come out. Serenity Leaves on the Wind fictionBOX SciFi Kurzinhalt Acht Monate sind vergangen, seitdem die Serenity Crew das Verse ber jene Allianz Experimente auf Miranda, durch die die Reavers erschaffen wurden, aufgeklrt hat wofr man jedoch mit dem Tod von Shepherd Book sowie Hoban Washburn einen groen Preis bezahlen musste Im Wissen, dass die Allianz nun erst recht Jagd auf sie machen wird, versteckt man sich seither in einem Serenity Leaves on the Wind Comic Book TV Serenity Leaves on the Wind is a six issue comic book miniseries by Dark Horse Comics, set in the Firefly verse and written by Zack Whedon, brother of Firefly creator Joss Whedon It ran monthly from January to June , with a hardcover Serenity Leaves on the Wind YouTube If you Watch CBC and would like to show us that you support us Please Hit the Like Button, it takes Second and lets u know that you appreciate our work and lets other see what we make Also

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      404 Zack Whedon Georges Jeanty Karl Story Laura Martin Michael Heisler
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    2 thoughts on “Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #1

    1. Zack Whedon Georges Jeanty Karl Story Laura Martin Michael Heisler says:

      Zack Whedon born August 14, 1979 is an American screenwriter Deadwood , Dr Horrible s Sing Along Blog and Fringe and Comic Book writer Dr Horrible and Other Horrible Stories , Terminator 2029 to 1984 and Firefly serenity s The Shepherd s Tale He graduated in 2002 with a film degree from Wesleyan University where he served as president of the Eclectic Society Zack is from a family of writers he is the son of screenwriter Tom Whedon, grandson of screenwriter John Whedon, and the brother of screenwriter musician Jed Whedon and producer director writer Joss Whedon.His first professional work in television was as a production assistant on his brother Joss Whedon s series, Angel He is best known for his work, alongside his brothers Joss Whedon and Jed Whedon, on the parody musical Dr Horrible s Sing Along Blog which he co created and co wrote Credit enpedia wiki Zack_Whedon.

    2. Very quick read, i think that if I am going to read graphic books like this, I am going to need to have a set of them to go through all at once. I found it a little frustrating to settle down to read and be all over in 10 minutes.The quality of the story is fine, I am not sure yet on how to review comics other than how well the story flowed, what the images did for me and if I felt anything for the characters.So with that said, I was happy with the artwork, easy to look at and not overpowering. [...]

    3. Mal is greatI do love getting with my favorite outlaws. I did read this a little back words so this should be the starting point for those who want to read these comics.

    4. ‘Serenity: Leaves On The Wind’ is the latest in the on-going series of comics devoted to the story of Malcolm Reynolds and the crew of the Serenity. For those unfamiliar with the world of Firefly (gasp!), these comics are all that remain of a beloved TV show ‘Firefly’ that died too quick a death and a movie, ,Serenity, that wrapped up the dangling plot threads in a way that excited and frustrated. Until now, the comics have been limited to mini-series, single issues and short stories tha [...]

    5. I want to start this review by saying how much Firefly has meant to me. Firefly was the third Joss Whedon show that I became obsessed with. When it reached it's untimely end, I was so sad. When we got our movie Serenity, I was ecstatic and loved every second of it, even the sad moments. When I heard the story was going to fly on through comics once more I was jumping up and down with excitement. I have realized over my time of reading comic books that I do not enjoy the introduction issue very m [...]

    6. I'm desperate for anything Firefly so of course I thought this was wonderful! Bullet point time :) • I love that we finally get to see Mal and Inara together, it's only taken forever. • The dream sequence scene with Zoe and Wash broke my heart all over again; it was short but powerful. We already knew Zoe was pregnant from the last comic series, so it was nice to finally meet her and Wash's daughter. • I like how River emulates/channels Wash as she's flying Serenity. Not to mention seeing [...]

    7. This is a great set-up for a longer story in the comic Serenity series. Whereas the shorter stories - though pretty cool in their own right - kept on balancing on the verge of milking the characters in small sidelines of minor importance, this volume seems to be a start of something new.Storywise, not much has been told, but a lot of promises were made as to were the series is heading.This is an exciting start.

    8. Before we get into the meat of the review, let's acknowledge what has to be said whenever a new piece of media is released for this franchise. A little over ten years ago one of television's greatest mistakes occured when Joss Whedon's sci-fi show Firefly was cancelled after only one season. The sheer fact that there is still a franchise to speak of is a testament to the world Joss created, but also to the cult fanbase that now follows every step it takes. And now there's a fresh addition to the [...]

    9. Taking place eight months after the movie, Leaves on the Wind starts off with several new subplots happening in the 'Verse. Zoe gives birth to her and Wash's daughter, Emma, while tearing out our hearts with the phrase "leaf on the wind" once more. Meanwhile, Alliance supporters are doing everything in their power to deny the truth about Miranda and the creation of the Reavers. Former Browncoats are teaming up to try and find Mal before the Alliance can. The icing on the cake is the return of a [...]

    10. I am unwilling to go thru marking all the issues and I do not understand why GR doesn't list the compilation version. so let's just take this review as for all them. it's both great to see what happens after Serenity and depressing because does this mean they've given up on a film sequel? it's also weird because a lot of lines are kind of. ed lines or similar to lines they've already said in the show/film. which make up new dialogue, guys. come on. but it does help keep consistency of characters [...]

    11. The "Serenity: Leaves on the Wind" comic series takes place eight months after the events of the feature film "Serenity". I have been excited to read this series because viewers of "Firefly" can finally see all the exciting places Joss wanted to take the series. I thought this first issue was pretty good and functions as a good set-up for events to come. The feel of reading it, however, seems a little different to me than "Serenity: Those Left Behind", perhaps because while "Those Left Behind" w [...]

    12. So, I read this first issue twice fuck you Joss Zack Whedon, just fuck you. Why did we have to see Washburne's death all over again? You're such a jerk. *sniffle* I fuckin' love Jayne. I am glad he's back. He'll probably get the money AND back on the crew. I am glad the baby is fine but internal bleeding? That can't be good. The hospital trick isn't going to be easy to pull--especially with all these hunters on their tail. I love the political aspect of the story going on in the background. I [...]

    13. Graphic novels/comics is never a medium I'm going to be comfortable reading but the temptation to find out what happens next to the crew of Serenity is too great. Looks like we're about eight months down the line from where Serenity the movie left off and the characters are about where i expected them to be. Mal/Inara - we all knew it was coming but I can't help wishing we'd even able to see it play out on screen. I've always loved Simon/Kaylee and though there wasn't much of them in this editio [...]

    14. This picks up right after Serenity. I really miss the show so it is nice to have this to see old characters again. I have missed everyone so much. It is interesting that the events that took place at the end of Serenity are now being spun to be a lie and once again, Mal and his team on are "on the run". I liked the set up for the rest of the comics to follow. I was also happy to see characters I did not think I would see again! I am excited for the next one. But can I just say, the title "Leave [...]

    15. It was interesting to see this interpretation of what would have happened next in the Serenity 'verse, but that's all I can really see this as - an interpretation. Despite the fact it was written by Zack Whedon, I can't see this story as canon. The characters seemed a bit off, and the plot didn't seem to fit the charming yet threatening world of Firefly. The one thing I did really like about this story was the fact that it begins with the people thinking that what happened on Miranda is only a c [...]

    16. I'm a big Firefly/Serenity fan and while I'm not big on comic books, I'm really happy they are continuing this story. Personally I think it's a story worth telling and any fan of the series will be delighted to own this. A true addition to the collection. The cover art is pretty great, but the actual comic isn't as detailed or refined. I do applaud the artist for the likeness of the characters and the amazing colour palette used. The story has many point of views and it's easy to differentiate b [...]

    17. This was a phenomenal read! The comic picks up where the movie(Serenity)leaves off, but still gives enough information that allows any reader to follow the story even if they aren't familiar with the Firefly or Serenity. Zack Whedon gives us dialogue that is spot on for each character, and it's so easy to feel like this is an a new episode Firefly that unfolds in our hands. Whether you read comics or not, this is definitely a must read for any Firefly fan.

    18. I'm addicted to these characters!Can't wait to see more of River. It's interesting to see Jayne gone. Poor Zoe! Her daughter is healthy though and looks just like her. I'm somewhat surprised they brought Jubal back. But the Whedon's did that before I'm the earlier comic series. Mal needs to learn how to thoroughly kill people. So exciting to see everyone again. Can't wait to see where this goes!

    19. The script is excellent, the voices of characters just perfect. My only minor gripe is the art - I feel Will Conrad's or Chris Samnee's illustrations from previous Serenity comics fit the 'verse better than Georges Jeanty's artwork (which sometimes doesn't seem to capture the actor's likenesses so well). Nonetheless, the official comics continuation of Serenity, covering the events after the movie, is a must-read for all and every Firefly fans.

    20. I enjoyed the Fire Fly series and was sorry to see it cancelled. This graphic novel is a good continuation of the story after the final movie, Serenity. The ending promises more graphic novels to follow.I like that this is a true graphic novel in that one needs to not only read the text, but look at the pictures for the full story. Both are need to be a good graphic novel. I missed part of the story until I reread several pages and re-examined one of the pictures.

    21. Crtež je običan; likovi liče na glumce iz serije i my link textfilma, ali nisu isti tj. ne prepoznaju se na prvu; a priča je nezanimljiva. Uzela sam ovaj strip, jer je osvojio nagradu članova GR za 2014. godinu. Nadam se da će se popraviti, jer sam u ovoj godini čitala puno boljih stripova.

    22. I was excited to learn that they were going to pick up the Serenity storyline after the events of the movie. The story is great, but the art is not. I have difficulties trying to figure out which character is which because sometimes I can't tell. It's bad.Mal and the crew have gone into hiding. Many people are looking for them - some good, some bad. Zoe is about to have her baby and still coming to terms with the death of Walsh at the end of the Serenity movie.

    23. Hell yes, a stellar entry in the on-going saga that retains the feel of the show. I've read the first four so far and this is a very good story. The parallels to our world are cogent, bringing to mind Wikileaks and government's reactions, protest and resistance movements and the powerful's responses, and more.Excellent, really.

    24. It's so nice to be back in the 'verse! Zack Whedon & team did a great job catching us up on what had been happening since the end of Serenity, and this issue painted a pretty clear picture of what state all of the characters are in. And of course, this issue also thrusts the crew of Serenity back into trouble to save one of their own. I'm looking forward to the next one!

    25. Oh Serenity, how I've missed you! So excited to have new stories coming out of the 'Verse and this does not disappoint! We pick up some months after the movie left off. Some very interesting things happen and some pretty moving things too. I totally cried while reading this. Can't wait to see where the rest of this series goes!

    26. I'm finally getting more of the story, I love it. It's still in the Whedon family and its going well. So far, no real complaints. The art bugged me in a couple of spots but mostly it was all fun. I was just bummed it was so short. Might have to wait until it comes out in trades before I pick it up again.

    27. It's really good to see how the crew's doing after Serenity. There were moments that hit me right where it hurts the most, and there were moments that made me laugh because I love the characters and can picture them saying some of the lines.I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to seeing how this story unfolds.

    28. Really very good indeed, slightly unnecessary sex scene notwithstanding. I loved (view spoiler)[the return of an old enemy, whom I suspect would have been used again in the TV series should it have been continued. (hide spoiler)] Really looking forward to issue 2.

    29. Wow. I'm glad to see this story continuing. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that I had a hard time figuring out who each person was because they were not drawn like the actors. The artwork was good, though. I can't wait to get the next one.

    30. It's taken nine years to get the next story of the crew of 'Firefly' and it doesn't disappoint. The dialogue is great, the plot reintroduces all the main characters very well while adding in some new faces and an unexpected old one. This was definitely worth the wait!

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