Jabril Librarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B FPZ AG Houston Texas Cowboy boots baseball and journeys to the stars right Wrong Because Houston is also home to Jabril Karim one of

  • Title: Jabril
  • Author: D.B. Reynolds
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B004FPZ0AG.Houston, Texas Cowboy boots, baseball and journeys to the stars right Wrong Because Houston is also home to Jabril Karim, one of the eight powerful Vampire Lords who control all of North America And as Private Investigator Cynthia Leighton will soon discover, not all Vampire Lords are createdLibrarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B004FPZ0AG.Houston, Texas Cowboy boots, baseball and journeys to the stars right Wrong Because Houston is also home to Jabril Karim, one of the eight powerful Vampire Lords who control all of North America And as Private Investigator Cynthia Leighton will soon discover, not all Vampire Lords are created equal For Jabril is the face of evil in the new world, a vampire who values no life but his own, who enslaves those he desires, steals whatever he covets and destroys anyone who stands in his way.Running from L.A and its seductive Vampire Lord, Raphael, Cyn sees the Houston job as a welcome refuge, a place to get away and heal her broken heart But Texas will be no vacation For in Jabril Karim, Cyn will confront a true enemy, one who will go to any lengths to satisfy his lusts, enrich his coffers and expand his power.Fighting for the lives of two young sisters, Cyn s journey will take her through the streets of Houston and back to L.A where the human police are determined to bring Raphael down for the murder of one of their own But the danger doesn t end there For Jabril has set his sights on Cyn, and he will stop at nothing to have her.

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    2 thoughts on “Jabril

    1. D.B. Reynolds Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Jabril book, this is one of the most wanted D.B. Reynolds author readers around the world.

    2. 5+ viciously bloody, deliciously sexy, left me frantic for more stars!Jabril is a continuation of book 1, Raphael, and a more brutal, heartless, evil vampire I’ve yet to meet than Jabril. He is not a good guy. He is not redeemable. He is nothing but evil, through and through. And no, I didn’t love him in spite of his flaws as I do so many alpha vamps. The thing is – the title is kind of misleading for most romance fans because while, yes, this is about Jabril, this isn't about him finding [...]

    3. Holy F Balls, scary vampire alert! This series is like no other vampire series that I have read. It is dark, it is awesome, and it is more than a tiny bit terrifying!Okay, okay, granted I'm a huge wimp, but this book was creeptastic! And amazing! First off, some things you should know. Unlike most series where the title of the book is the guy getting his happily-ever-after, this book again follows Cyn from the first book in the series and the title guy is one sick M-Fer. Not a guy you are rootin [...]

    4. This book has one of those bad guys that you want to be killed in the most painful and horrific way possible. You know those ones? They are so horrible that you are just getting more and more bloodthirsty for their death as the book goes on? The problem with a villain as vile as Jabril is that they usually don't get the type of death that we need to satisfy the bloodlust. Their death is too easy. Too quick. There wasn't enough suffering involved. And, believe me, this guy needed to suffer.This w [...]

    5. ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*Raphael. Enough said*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱Third re-read: 28.05.2017Ugh, I told myself I that I was going to read something else. To not continue re-reading this series. But how can I not? It's Raphael? Sadly though, there isn't enough Raphael in this book. Though I enjoy the re-read (even if I just did a re-read of this one), it's not what I want to read right now. I need something else probably a Raphael who's gay.“I have been mastered at last, sweet Cyn, helpless in the face [...]

    6. "Mirabelle felt a flush of pleased surprise. A simple exchange, the wink of an eye, that's all it was. But it said so much: We're together here, you and me. Two women in a room of fools. She returned a tentative smile, but quickly lowered her gaze, suddenly embarrassed at how she must appear to this elegant woman, with her ugly clothes and drab scarf, not even a brush of mascara to bring out the color of her eyes."See what the author did there? She gave us the formula for how to be a confident a [...]

    7. This one was better than the first. Now I'm sad to learn that the next books will not focus on Cyn and Raphael. The book held my interest from start to finish. There is no real twist in the story, but I enjoyed watching it all unfold. It's fast pace and lingering questions are answered. Jabil is a bastard and one you hate and never love. He's not a villain to be admired.(view spoiler)[I want to know who will get the territory and if the girls got their estate back including the house and money. [...]

    8. SUCH A LOVELY SURPRISE: This book is a continuation of the first one MANY TIMES have you finished an outstanding read and just wished for the author to write another one with the same characters you loved so much?And only to get your hands on the second book of the series and realize that all the characters have changed and only if you are very lucky you will get a little glimpse of them? I've suffer with so many series for this reason But then I read book one in Vampires of America and had that [...]

    9. Terrific second installment! Jabril is NOT a good guy or one that you would want to have a relationship with. Most vampire series focus on the romantic element between the two main characters and that is not the case here. Jabril hires Cyn to locate someone after he hears how she helped Raphael in his investigation. These vampires are very territorial, and Jabril’s intentions seem to be more than just the need for a good PI. This story packed a lot of punch and you get a good mix of the new ch [...]

    10. What a great book! The second instalment in the Vampires In America series was better than the first. It upped the action from the get go and never let down. Where as Raphael was a little slower to start, I appreciated diving right into this one.Jabril picks up a month after Raphael finished, leaving Cyn desperately trying to move on from her Lord vampire but failing miserably due to some hot and bothered dreams that appear to be more real than not. She is working hard, mainly to forgot the dark [...]

    11. All right, Jabril is one creepy dude. But Cyn really shines in this book. She's scared to death of the Texas vampire lord and his freaky minions, but stands her ground and saves the day. Her actions are really the definition of bravery. At first, anyway. Then things go downhill. We don't see much of her man Raphael for quite some time, as he and Cyn have called it quits due to him being the typical male, scared of his feelings. I didn't like this one quite as much as the first in the series, but [...]

    12. I liked this one more than the last one.Ok, so everyone was right, this series really is good.I loved the characters, really liked that they finally got the ending they deserved. Too bad we didn't see much of Raphael, at least not as much as in the previous book. He's still a badass though, and so is the heroin. I like that she has weak points as well and they're not the all powerful couple I'm used to, they both have their flaws.The plot was good, nothing exceptional but good nonetheless. And i [...]

    13. 3 1/2 stars (rounded down to 3 stars, because there was too much Jabril - the bad guy - and not enough Raphael - the good guy - to my liking)

    14. I enjoyed this second book just as much as the first in the series. The old characters were more well defined and the new characters were pretty much brought in with full personalities that made you either like or dislike them immediately upon meeting them. You knew who was who and who could be trusted in a tense situation. Jabril Karim is one of eight Vampire Lords and headquartered in Houston, Texas. While Raphael rules through loyalty and respect, Jabril uses fear and threats. Mirabelle is a [...]

    15. This book opens one month after the last and Cynthia is still dreaming about Raphael and to kind of get away from him goes to Texas and takes a job with another Vampire Lord and pretty soon she is wishing she didn't because he is pure evil. Cyn is soon embroiled in helping two sisters who are his victims, one who he turned into a vampire, another who has run away to get away from that fate. The book takes us back to LA and Raphael who is back and wants Cyn back. Most of the book we see Cyn being [...]

    16. Joint review with MaruMy rating: 4.7*Maru: Ok, are you ready folks? Aly and Maru joint reviewers extraordinaire are back! Yes, we know that our Raphael review left you wanting more of our hero picks, snarky comments and oh so funny gifsAly: Hear, hear!Maru: So we decided to continue the path of joint reviews and see where it takes us. Aly, are you ready to kick some review butt?Aly: Sure am Maru!Maru: Awesome, as a matter fact so am I! Aly, what did you think of the ending?Aly: Satisfactory :PMa [...]

    17. *****SPOILERS*****YeapThat was me after reading the second book in the Vampires of America series! I think Reynolds has a new fan!After her heartbreak from Raphael, Cyn wants to be as far from California as possible so when a Vampire Lord from Texas contacts her with a job she accepts to travel there. Jabril is nothing like Raphael. He has no respect for women, humans or even his own subjects. He was the legal guardian of Liz and her sister Mirabelle but the only use he has for the girls is the [...]

    18. Reviewed at Bitten By Paranormal RomanceJABRIL doesn’t skip a beat and picks up right where RAPHAEL ended. Cyn, suffering from a broken heart and wanting to put distance between herself and Raphael, heads to Houston, Texas, when she is offered a job from the powerful Vampire Lord, Jabril Karim. Unfortunately, when she meets Jabril, she is disturbed at what she finds.Lord Jabril hires Cyn to find his runaway “ward”, Elizabeth. He is also aware of Cyn’s connection with Raphael. Jabril is a [...]

    19. Originally reviewed at prufreads/My rating: 4 out of 5 stars"You told me once I haunted your dreamswith you gone, I have lived for those moments stolen from your sleep. I wanted you to remember me so that no other man could touch you the way I had. ~RaphaelJabril picks up right where Raphael left off. This book flowed a bit better than the previous with lots of romance and even more kick ass action. I loved the fact that parts of the book took place close to home, in Houston Texas. In hopes of t [...]

    20. Jabril is book 2 of Vampires In America and I am so hooked! I really enjoyed Raphael and delving into this world where there are eight Vampire Lords ruling with absolute authority over eight different regions. Raphael (the vampire) is so powerful, sexy, bad*ss, mind controlling, and yet really good to his people - both vampire and human. Jabril (the book) continues the story of Raphael and Cyn, much to my delight. The pace is much faster and suspense filled in this second book by D.B. Reynolds. [...]

    21. Cyn is AWESOME!!!Love this girl:)This one is the continuing of Cyn and Raphael relationships.Love that, he the one who eat the humble pie admit his feeling and she the one who the strong one, you go girl!!! Btw, the last scary scene? The scene when Cyn hold that gun and surrounded by those horrid vampires? It's magnificent!!:)))One complaint from me to though, didn't see C&R together much here:(From other reviews is more of them in Sophia's book, because they are already solid couple by then [...]

    22. Re-read because a new full book about Raphael and Cyn coming this year. As always, I just love this series. I know a lot of readers gave up after the first book, not realizing that there was more to come in this book about the couple, which actually finishes up their story.

    23. Quite frankly I'm bored. DNF @ 78 % Not a series I feel like continuing. I know I know the first one is quite promising but this is just lacking.

    24. Jabril opens up right where Raphael finished. Cyn and Raphael have split up and she runs from California to Texas, to pick up another job for a vampire lord – as far away as possible from Raphael.This lord, however, is the polar opposite of Raphael.Had she expected them all to be like Raphael – beautiful, lying bastard that he was? Sure, he’d broken her heart, but all those Boy Scout virtues, like honorable and trustworthy, applied to him too. Powerful as he was, he ruled his territory wit [...]

    25. Another action packed addition to a very addictive series. Jabril was a nice surprise as it did not focus on the romance between the two main characters. Raphael and his Cyn's rollercoaster of a relationship, while ever present, took a backseat to the main storyline which centered around freeing two sisters from the book's sinister namesake. The myriad of secondary characters - Duncan was my absolute favorite - were fabulous and I really hope I see many of them elevated to main character status [...]

    26. Jabril is the second installment in the Vampires in America series. I have recently become a new fan of this author. This story is a continuation of the first book, "Raphael", but there is more focus on Cyn than Raphael. From the beginning here, Raphael and Cyn haven't seen each other in weeks. Cyn goes to Texas on assignment for a vampire "Jabril", little does she know how cruel he is or how warped his fascination with her would be. I enjoyed seeing more character from Cyn and seeing her capabi [...]

    27. This was a continuation of the last book's cliffhanger, although you don't need to read the last one to fully understand this one.As always, this was another amazing story added to this series. It started out dealing with the loss of Raphael & his abandonment & Cyn's anger toward him. But then it quickly moved to 2.5 side stories as well. The .5 means it was part of but not fully connected to anotherCyn is semi hired by Jabril (a very bad vampire) to find a missing human girl he has cust [...]

    28. Ok, well the end this was not what I wanted it to be!Considering the ending of the first book, I truly expected the development in that aspect, instead Raphael is still being a dick and Cyn has taken another case - this time is the covered up case of missing person she is hired to find BUT behind it, it's an actual fucked-up vamp camp in Houston/Texas with the Vamp Jabril dude who's in charge of it all in this territory. Cyn ends up finding the missing person, helping another to escape the craze [...]

    29. Cyn's new case takes her to Texas to find a missing girl and the only reason she was called by Jabril Karim is to piss off Raphael. "You would hire a woman?""Oh hardly, Asim,” he said with a dismissive flip of his fingers. “Talk to the lawyers and find a proper man for the job."I can't think of a character I hate more than Jabril at this moment. The way he treats the missing girl's sister Mirabelle is infuriating.At the same time someone is killing teenage girls and the police think it is a [...]

    30. 4.5 Stars:) Loved it! The ending was in wish-i-could-give-it-6-stars territory, but we really had to wait for it. From the moment Cyn asked Raphael "Why?" things really rocked. I love the writing stylefast paced and interestingd Cyn's strength as the lead female. Looking forward to continuing this series, although I'm reading the Raphael/Cyn novellas first. Great read!

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