Wicked All the Way

Wicked All the Way Retired military colonel Caleb Edgington has spent two long years trying to achieve the most important mission objective of his life but not behind enemy lines He s trying to capture a woman with a br

  • Title: Wicked All the Way
  • Author: Shayla Black
  • ISBN: 9781936596188
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • Retired military colonel Caleb Edgington has spent two long years trying to achieve the most important mission objective of his life but not behind enemy lines He s trying to capture a woman with a broken heart Having lost at love once, he understands being gun shy The residual fears from Carlotta Buckley s nasty divorce have stood between them, but he s done with that.Retired military colonel Caleb Edgington has spent two long years trying to achieve the most important mission objective of his life but not behind enemy lines He s trying to capture a woman with a broken heart Having lost at love once, he understands being gun shy The residual fears from Carlotta Buckley s nasty divorce have stood between them, but he s done with that And he s got the perfect strategy to lure her in Carlotta never thought she d fall in love again Once bitten, she s now than twice shy And Caleb is everything she can t handle fierce, relentless, uncompromisingxual She s managed to mostly avoid him, but now his son and her daughter need their help Can Caleb and the spirit of the season convince her that she s ready to take a chance on love again

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    2 thoughts on “Wicked All the Way

    1. Shayla Black is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of than sixty novels For nearly twenty years, she s written contemporary, erotic, paranormal, and historical romances via traditional, independent, foreign, and audio publishers Her books have sold millions of copies and been published in a dozen languages.Raised an only child, Shayla occupied herself with lots of daydreaming, much to the chagrin of her teachers In college, she found her love for reading and realized that she could have a career publishing the stories spinning in her imagination Though she graduated with a degree in Marketing Advertising and embarked on a stint in corporate America to pay the bills, her heart has always been with her characters She s thrilled that she s been living her dream as a full time author for the past eight years.Shayla currently lives in North Texas with her wonderfully supportive husband, her daughter, and two spoiled tabbies In her free time, she enjoys reality TV, reading, and listening to an eclectic blend of music.Follow me on Facebook facebook homep Sor Twitter Shayla_Black

    2. A Wicked Novella you will Love!!YES!! Finally someone shows us mom and dad aren't just around to give the kids sage advice and dinner. Now don't freak out this isn't a book about rickety old people with whips, chains and walkers. LOL Retired Colonel Caleb Edgington is right there with Mark Harmons - Special Agent Jethro Gibbs and Sean Connerys - James Bond. Carlotta is right up there with Sigourney Weaver giving Angelina Jolie a run for her money.Both Caleb and Carlotta had the pleasure of falli [...]

    3. It's so nice to see romance and SEX between people in their 50's. Us old folks do know a thing or two you know *wink*. As kink goes not so much here - but that's coming from someone in the lifestyle who is kinky. One small piece of a scene (though I loved the location!) otherwise it's all vanilla. I'd of liked to see more kink honestly - but then that's me. Older Dom's (and I don't mean late 20's - 30's here) with hair peppered with gray? Sign me up GIBBS! It's a novella so the length prohibits [...]

    4. First let me start by saying I freakin LOVE this series!!!! It was a short Novella but anything to do with that family is hottt so I was interested to see another side to their dad."WAS HE NOT JUST AN ALPHA MALE, BUT A DOMINANT, LIKE HIS SONS?"ok now that it's out the way. So it was cool that Hunters and Logan's dad got his story with Kara' s mom. I knew from the beginning that it would be interesting, that being that the Edgington boys are sexy as hell Aphas and intense Dom s. But holy crap the [...]

    5. Me ha gustado leer, por fin, sobre Caleb, el padre de Kimber, Hunter y Logan y la madre de Kata, Carlotta. Se trata de una historia cortita pero intensa, que confirma que todos los hombres Edgington están cortados por el mismo patrón.

    6. Retired military colonel Caleb Edgington who is the father of Hunter, Logan and Kimber has been trying to capture the heart of Carlotta Buckley who is Kata's mother. Carlotta who has finally divorced Gordon is gun shy. Celeb knows that he has to rain in his dominate side with Carlotta. This was also a really good book and it was nice to see people over forty enjoy good sex.

    7. 3.5 Stars. I was a little disappointed in this book. I thought Shayla Black I'd a pretty good job, but it felt pedestrian. I had higher hopes for this couple over 50. It was hot, but not Shayla Black hot.

    8. A quick and good read; it was interesting reading something 'new' when it comes to the age of the main characters. It was interesting and well written yet I felt that I was reading the last part of a longer book. Also, it'd have been good to read the previous books in the series, silly me. Shayla Black is an author I know I can read when I'm in the bdsm mood, along with Lexi Blake.

    9. Wicked All the WayCaleb Edgington and Carlotta Lottie Buckley4/5 StarsWicked All the Way is the second novella of Wicked Lovers series by Shayla Black. We've first seen Caleb and Lottie's interaction in Surrender to Me. This book is based on second chances, both Caleb and Lottie are over the age of 40. Caleb being the Edgington's patriarch and Lottie being Kata's shy mother. This novella is a very hot read. I like how persistent Caleb is and how he guided Lottie to be the woman she ought to be. [...]

    10. This one was so much fun to read, mostly because the couple wasn't a some young thing, instead these two are in their 50's, proving love and sex don't end. I remember when Carlotta first showed up, she was so fragile and broken, it was hard not to love her. I really liked that Caleb knew what he wanted in Carlotta and tried to go after her. His strong handed ways scared Carlotta, but he was also the one she called when he needed help. I did find myself laughing at times, especially when Caleb an [...]

    11. Oh, what a hot, sweet and lovely Wicked Lovers holiday story! As Caleb helps Hunter with Kata's Christmas present, he has plenty of opportunity to woo Carlotta and that's just what he does. I loved how Caleb shows Lottie that he isn't like her ex-husband, and how he appreciates her enjoyment of things her ex wouldn't tolerate. And most of all, I loved that Shayla showed us that even the parents can enjoy sex. If you are a Wicked Lovers series fan, this is a must read novella.

    12. Very nice addition to the WL Series from Shayla Black. I enjoyed this one but did not love it as much as the others. Knowing it is a novella should have put it in perspective for me, but this one was more formulaic than the others. And while it was enjoyable, it was the most predictable of the series.Looking forward to Xander's book!

    13. 3´5 estrellas.Historia corta, pero intensa. Me ha gustado que los protagonistas no sean treintañeros, Caleb y Carlotta, son los padres de Hunter y Kata.Me ha encantado la paciencia de él, protector, pero sin quitarle la independencia a Carlotta.

    14. Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Me ha encantado,Caleb y Carlotta.Ainss por fin después de todo lo que ha pasado ella con su ex marido,por fin vuelve a ser lo que era.Y le ha dado una oportunidad a Caleb es igual que sus dos hijosjajaja

    15. 4 stars!Wonderful contemporary romance with some erotic scenes between two main characters who are both 50+. It was a short and hot little story! Caleb Edgington is the father of Kimber, Hunter and Logan, who were all featured in the series with stories of their own. Carlotta is the mother of Kata, Hunter's wife, and she is divorced from hubby #2, who was abusive. Her first husband, Eduardo died. Carlotta was rescued from her abusive ex by Caleb and Hunter apparently in a previous book, and so s [...]

    16. Le doy 4 estrellas única y exclusivamente por el primer relato "Entregada a ti", la historia de Carlotta y Caleb quedó a medias en el libro de Hunter, aquí tenemos su final feliz, con unos personajes maduros pero llenos de pasión. Si tengo que valorar el libro conjuntamente no llegaría a las 3. El relato "Loca por ti", me resultó superficial en todos los sentidos, da igual que sea corto, puedes darle profundidad a los personajes, que parezca creíble lo que sucede entre ellos, cosa que en [...]

    17. Ive just started reading this and im really struggling to get pasted being pissed off at lottie and kara. How the hell lottie can get angry about hunter telling his dad about the miscarriage is beyond me.Kara is out of order for not allowing him to tell anyone and yet she can tell her mum. It was calebs grandchild aswell!!!Thats also like saying hunter doesnt need his family's support or to talk to them because he has her mum. Just because hes a bloke doent mean he doesnt have feelings or need h [...]

    18. Outside of paranormal romances, I haven't read or seen many erotic stories centered around people over the age of 50. I'm sure they are out there, but I'm simply not aware of any. In the 100+ pages, Shayla did a marvelous job of bringing Caleb and Lotta's love to life. She showed passion doesn't stop at 20-40 and it shouldn't. The only section I wasn't quite "feeling" was the usage of Hunter's dungeon. For me, it was like "doing it" in your kid's bedroom. I'll pass! Besides that one snafu, I lik [...]

    19. Aww I loved this one. It proves it's never to late to find love. I really liked Caleb and Carlotta togetherey were just so sweet. I thought it was kind of fast for Caleb to say I love you at first but it realized he had been waiting two years to say it. the ending made me cry! Great novella of the series!

    20. I admit this book took forever for me to read. I purposely stayed away because for some reason reading about two "mature" adults was daunting to me. However I am so glad I did. I honestly should have known better. The Colonel is HOT. Carla is Luscious. Together they were sexy and completely addictive. I loved their story and the happy ending was the cherry on top.


    22. I absolutely loved Carlotta and Caleb's story. The story of independence and a strong alpha male, the story of love found, the story of love won and fought for. A peek at the characters from the previous books ends the story perfectly and gives this novella the highest rating I give novellas.

    23. Loved it! Very quick read. Was surprised Caleb was setting up the playroom in his son's. And on top of that, it was weird that he & Carlotta used it though it was understandably fiancé they had no privacy. Anyways, it was still good. Can't wait for Xander's book in May.

    24. I'm really glad Shayla gave Caleb and Carlotta their story. Once again love Tyler. He is so funny. You just gotta love him.

    25. A beautiful story about two people overcoming their hang-ups over own failed marriages to discover what a true partnership can be and is with the right person.

    26. I just love this series. Shayla does a wonderful job with bring all of her characters all together as a family.

    27. Retired military colonel Caleb Edgington has spent two long years trying to achieve the most important mission objective of his life—but not behind enemy lines. He’s trying to capture a woman with a broken heart. Having lost at love once, he understands being gun shy. The residual fears from Carlotta Buckley’s nasty divorce have stood between them, but he’s done with that. And he’s got the perfect strategy to lure her in…Carlotta never thought she’d fall in love again. Once bitten, [...]

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