I Don't Like Koala

I Don t Like Koala What s not to love about a cute cuddly toy koala This is the story of a boy and the stuffed animal he just can t seem to shake Adam does not like Koala Koala is a little creepy Adam tries explaining

  • Title: I Don't Like Koala
  • Author: Sean Ferrell Charles Santoso
  • ISBN: 9781481400695
  • Page: 107
  • Format: ebook
  • What s not to love about a cute, cuddly toy koala This is the story of a boy and the stuffed animal he just can t seem to shake.Adam does not like Koala Koala is a little creepy.Adam tries explaining this to his parents He tries putting Koala away far away He tries taking Koala on a long, long walk Nothing works Will Adam ever be rid of Koala This darkly funWhat s not to love about a cute, cuddly toy koala This is the story of a boy and the stuffed animal he just can t seem to shake.Adam does not like Koala Koala is a little creepy.Adam tries explaining this to his parents He tries putting Koala away far away He tries taking Koala on a long, long walk Nothing works Will Adam ever be rid of Koala This darkly funny debut picture book from Sean Ferrell and Charles Santoso celebrates imagination and bravery while addressing a universal childhood dilemma what to do about that one stuffed animal who just won t stop staring at you.

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    1. Sean Ferrell lives and works in New York City He writes novels and picture books His novels include Man In The Empty Suit and Numb A Novel His picture books are I Don t Like Koala and The Snurtch.Sean has been published in several literary journals, including The Adirondack Review which awarded him the Fulton Prize for his short story Building an Elephant.

    2. sometimes i can't help but feel there's some kind of goddess of synchronicity guiding my reading choices. it's eeriee, i bought this book here - a picture book about a little boy and a stuffed koala, expecting nothing more than a cute story with adorable pictures. HOWEVER, i did NOT expect it to basically be the jr. version of this horror novella i just read: The Bear Who Wouldn't Leave.i read this koala book late last night, and with every page i turned, i became more and more apprehensive abou [...]

    3. When your parents want you to be friends with a person whom you don't like, no matter what arguments you provide, you are bound to stick to that friend.Sometimes it becomes a headache when this friend follows you everywhere you go, other times it can be proved as a boon.Nice illustrations and deeply dark. Recommended to adults who read children's books.

    4. A slightly dark, quirky, picture book which seems to be trending. I enjoyed the funny story immensely and the illustrations are stunning. I wish this book could be a Caldecott contender but I believe the illustrator is not a resident of the U.S.

    5. When Adam opens his gift and discovers Koala inside, he is not pleased. After all, Koala is “the most terrible terrible.” He has bright yellow eyes that follow Adam around the room. So Adam decides that he must get rid of Koala, but it’s not that easy. Every night Adam puts Koala away in different places all over the house and happily goes to be alone. But when he wakes up, Koala is right there on his pillow, every morning. His parents think that he loves Koala, even though Adam tells them [...]

    6. I get it. Some stuffed animals are creepy looking. The kid doesn't like this one and his parents somehow misinterpret this as blind love and devotion. It's also so much not the message* I want to be giving my 2 year old who is a little too young to get whatever humor might be in this. So if your kids are still of an impressionable age, skip it. It would definitely have gone over better with my elementary school students. As it is, I'm returning it to the library without a re-read (an unthinkable [...]

    7. Popularity/appeal rating: 4Quality rating: 5In a one-sentence nutshell:This book achieved "eat it" status - I loved it so much I wanted to eat it. I especially loved Koala's one creepy eye that's weirdly-shaped and looking off in a different direction. When my sister and I were little, my family had a Christmas elf toy that we HATED. I have no idea why we were filled with such loathing, but oh man - we couldn't STAND that thing. I seem to remember holding its spindly felt legs as I bashed its pl [...]

    8. Are Koala’s eyes following Adam? He thinks so. He tells anyone and everyone ---“I don’t like Koala.” But no one listens. Stuffing him under the couch or under the bed doesn’t work. Leaving him behind doesn’t work. The terrible, terrible-ness of Koala always ends up right by his side. Adam doesn’t like Koala though. Or does he?Every sideways glance, frown, or stare is brought to life with soft, natural colors. The pages have a jovial warmth to them. A softness that adds just the rig [...]

    9. I liked it, but I definitely think it's one of those picture books that's for the enjoyment of adults and not kids.

    10. Clever use of language: 'the most terrible terrible' - and how it is used throughout the story - that really caught my attention!Soft pencilled illustrations set agains a white background keep the eye focused on the koala and the boy, and their facial expressions - which are mostly portrayed through the eyes! Very cute how the text describes the boy runs among trees, around rocks, and over hills, but upon closer inspection, he is running around his house. Simple text could be read by beginning r [...]

    11. What do you do when your parents give you a most terrible terrible stuffed animal? If your Adam you try to get rid of it. His parents don't understand . They don't see Koala's terrible face & paws or the eyes that follow him everywhere. Everyday Adam tries to get rid of koala and every night koala is back and too close to him. Until a stormy night then perhaps koala isn't the most terrible terrible thing there is. A funny book with perfect illustrations to show you just how terrible koala is [...]

    12. Every night, after Adam gets ready for bed, “he tries to get rid of Koala”. As a child, I never had a fondness for stuffed animals but I was incredibly attached to a few choice toys. I spent many happy years with them, loving them even when they lost an eye or a wheel. When I remember them now, I deeply regret giving them away. But I didn’t always feel this love. There was a time when the inevitable happened: I began to feel too old for them.I resented my parents for assuming I needed them [...]

    13. This book is cute, creepy, and kind of perfectif you don't look too closely. Because, seriously, what's the moral of this story? Hang out with something that stalks and unsettles you until a moment of vulnerability convinces you to embrace that being's inescapable presence in your life?? Kind of a strange message for kidsBut what if the message is actually for parents? By the end of the book, the boy is curled up with Koala in bed and his dad sees them and abruptly declares, "I don't like Koala. [...]

    14. ***The following is an extremely biased review, because, well, check out my username.***I didn't like this book. How could I? It contained dislike towards a koala, koala endangerment, koala abandonment, and it tried to make the most adorable creature on the planet seem creepy. The illustrator couldn't even make the koala uncute, because it's a KOALA. Maybe if the book had been about a clown or a creepy monkey (some sock monkeys are terrifying, and so are those monkeys with the cymbals), I would [...]

    15. Adam is so excited when he receives his present! He quickly unwraps it and there it is Koala Adam doesn't like Koala. Koala looks terrifying. Mom and dad insist in Adam sleep with Koala, and Adam insist in put Koala away.But when something even more frightening appears, Koala will be all Adam need to feel protected.I have to say that I can empathize with Adams' parents. I have been there, pushing, insisting on a toy that will make bedtime easier. I am actually there right now! (The chocolate col [...]

    16. In some situations defined as less than desirable, it's a good idea to give it the it could always be worse test. Even then sometimes you feel so trapped, helpless or frightened you believe it is truly horrible until life gives you another set of circumstances which is much worse. Given a choice it's a good time to apply the concept of the lesser of two evils. In fact you will probably wonder why you thought the first prospect is dreadful.Many times as a child it's hard to get adults to see your [...]

    17. I adore everything about this book! The illustrations are amazing. Koala is described by Adam as having "terrible eyes that follow Adam everywhere he goes." Admittedly, Koala is not classically cute or cuddly. He has one eye that lists to the right and one that stares straight ahead. He is Adam's constant, albeit unwelcome, companion. Adam uses him roughly, and we see through a wonderful double spread that Adam deposits him in every possible nook and cranny at night. Somehow, Koala always finds [...]

    18. This is a book about a boy who has a stuffed koala which he does not like at all. He tries to get rid of it in a number of ways, but it is always there at the end of the day. At the end of the book the boy has a change of heart about the koala, as he seeks its comfort in the face of something that could be even scarier.I did not care much for the book, because the boy seems to be a brat. The book is also not very realistic in that the bear is always there no matter what the boy does.It would be [...]

    19. Ok I totally interpreted this story differently than everyone else. I saw Koala as the toy the kid loved to hate. In other words he loved to play with him and make him the disliked, tortured, creepy character in all his imaginary play. Not every kid wants to play with a super hero like the kid in Toy Story that tortured toys. And the whole time his parents wish he'd be nicer to his toys yet really hate that stuffed animal with the creepy stare that he seems to play with (and sleeps with) all the [...]

    20. I don't usually do online critiques of children's book, but "I Don't Like Koala" was so much fun! It is definitely a modern version of "Where the Wild Things are" meets "We're going on a Bear Hunt". The illustrations are fantastic!!! You have to get into children's book and the characters to appreciate them. My only [-] is that the ending wasn't very cohesive and a bit of a mystery…maybe there's a follow up.

    21. I read this one at ALA midwinter and really enjoyed it.Enough that I preordered it.Then I got busy and never had a chance to read it again until now.And I loved it again. It's not your typical children's book. It really isn't warm and fuzzy. Koala is creepy. The illustrator, Charles Santoso does a great job.I can see this creeping some kids out. But a lot more are going to love it. But maybe not love koala.

    22. Adam does not like his stuffed koala. The toy has terrible eyes that follow him everywhere and does everything he does. He tries to tell his parents that he doesn’t like the koala. He even tries to get rid of his koala, but somehow it always ends up back in his room. But when Adam is afraid of an even more terrible thing, it’s Koala that he holds close and whispers to.julianaleewriter/books-ali

    23. "Koala is the most terrible terrible." This book was both hilarious and scary at the same time. No matter how many times Adam tries to get rid of Koala, Koala always shows up in the most unlikely places. This book is a great mix of scary and funny. This is a great book for any child who has had a doll that scared them.

    24. "Every night when it is time to go to bed, Adam has the same routine: He takes a bath. He puts on his pajamas. He brushes his teeth and he tries to get rid of Koala."This makes me laugh, and I love the texture and delicate lines in the pencil drawings. Koala looks genuinely demented, and I appreciate the slow reveal of the Calvin and Hobbes situation. It's a book that surprised me.

    25. I really enjoyed this one. It's a funny story with amazing illustrations. The koala reminds me of a Furby which always creeped me out, too. The great lengths Adam went to in order to lose the Koala definitely made me laugh. I recommend this one!

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