Dry Bones

Dry Bones Jacques Gaillard brilliant teacher of France s future VIPs vanished years ago The mystery inspires a bet that Enzo Macleod forensic scientist and biologist can find out what happened to Gaillard b

  • Title: Dry Bones
  • Author: PeterMay Simon Vance
  • ISBN: 9781455166947
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Jacques Gaillard, brilliant teacher of France s future VIPs, vanished years ago The mystery inspires a bet that Enzo Macleod, forensic scientist and biologist, can find out what happened to Gaillard by applying new science to a cold case.

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    2 thoughts on “Dry Bones

    1. PeterMay Simon Vance Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dry Bones book, this is one of the most wanted PeterMay Simon Vance author readers around the world.

    2. I kept having the odd feeling with this book that it was not the first in a series and that I had missed out on some important character development in a previous book. However this was not the case and it is indeed the first in a series. The main character, Enzo, has already enjoyed an amazing life with two daughters by different mothers, a divorced wife, a dead mistress and a drastic career change resulting in moving to another country. All this before our book even starts.Anyway the story mov [...]

    3. This is the first book in 'The Enzo Files' by Peter May. I enjoy reading Peter May's work and decided to start this series which are the only books I haven't read by him. I love the way he writes and he has this way where he actually writes excellent novels but at the same time manages to teach you things. I had previously read his series based in China where I learnt so much about the culture as well as enjoying the series. This time the series is based in France so I expect more of the same. I [...]

    4. Competently written, but full of the improbable leaps of logic that bedevil a lot of wilder detective fiction. The premise is completely mad and entirely too much of the book is spent on computer searches and long descriptions of shapely graduate students clicking things whilst oversized Scotsmen galumph about discovering precisely the right clues. It sort of worked when Sherlock Holmes could condemn a man to death on the basis of his trouser cuffs and then force a confession by sheer weight of [...]

    5. I have enjoyed reading all of the Peter May books that I have read so far; in particular The Lewis triology series. This was the first book in The Enzo Files. It would be about a 3 1/2 star rating for me.Quite a different style from what I have previously read of his, and I would agree with some of the other comments that I have read stating that it had a bit of a Divinci style to. I will probably read the next in the series.

    6. After reading the Lewis Trilogy I decide to try one of Peter May's other novels. I thoroughly enjoyed this book although it is quite different from the Lewis books. There is none of the flashbacks that made up a good part of the Lewis books but there was still the rich descriptions of the country and history that seems to be Peter May's trademark. This one is set in France and follows the investigation of a cold case by Enzo McLeod a forensic scientist who is teaching biology at a French univers [...]

    7. A detective story. It was OK to read, but there's definitely room for improvement. I've had it with dumb cops putting clever investigators behind bars.

    8. I read the entire Lewis Trilogy by Peter May and loved it, but I was hesitant to start this series because I had heard it was a completely different style to the Lewis Trilogy. Picked it up from the library and once I started it, I could not put it down. Yes, it is completely different from the Lewis Trilogy, no flash backs, no dark intense moodiness. However, it is excellent in its own way. The mystery revolves around a bet. Enzo, our sleuth, an ex-pat Scotsman living and teaching in France, ha [...]

    9. A new teccy series for me, set on the continent & so a chance to explore some Parisian culture as well, diversifying into diffo cultures being a favoured thing to my mind when reading.French cop series for me revolve around TV Shows Spiral & Braquo which make the 70’s Sweeney series look tame very naive of me to think that a book set in Paris by a Brit would have similar themes running through it. certainly no parallels here & I found it a tad middle of the road & easy going. T [...]

    10. I wanted to like this book, but there were a few things that counted agaisnt it. I didnt really care about Enzo or the supporting characters. The place names and what felt like long winded descriptions of getting to a location was abit annoying. It felt like the author wanted to put in everything he knew about street names in Paris, rather than being helpful in orientating you in the city. The whole puzzle and body parts thing was a bit far fetched for my liking and I didnt find the final explan [...]

    11. Totally agree with another reviewers who says that this book is just too full of impossibly ridiculous clues and long drawn out scenes involving google searches.It's a shame because I've really enjoyed anything else I've read by this author, but I certainly won't be continuing with the Enzo files.

    12. There's lots wrong with this book. Hackneyed phrases, ridiculous (and totally pointless) sex scenes, massive leaps of faith which (all but once) turn out to be true, too many French place names (leaving aside my ignorance of any language but English)ButThere's lots right with it too. Characters are relatively well developed, story (and again, leaving the massive leaps of faith aside) is rather good and based on an interesting ideaWill I read the next in the series? More than likely.So it goes.

    13. May's Lewis Trilogy books are excellent. Unfortunately this isn't . An unlikely set of symbolic clues appearing at intervals to be understood with the help of Google. The Da Vinci code applied to the machinations of the French civil service. Why the murderers ever bothered committing the murder was never clear to me.

    14. This intelligent crime thriller will appeal to Francophiles. I found it different, stimulating and evocative of French holidays (not that I explored the tunnels under Paris!). There was one absurd coincidence but it had some good twists. The writing was attractive.

    15. 4.5 StarsThis is the first book in The Enzo Files Series by Peter May, one of the earlier series by one of my favourite authors after having read the superb Lewis Trilogy. Interestingly I have just noticed he is due to publish a sixth and final book in this series next year after a gap of six years. This has a very different feel to his more recent work, and the central character is a Scottish Biologist teaching in France, having previously been in forensics when he was based in Scotland. Within [...]

    16. Enzo Macleod was challenged to find answers to the cold case of missing Jacques Gaillard who had disappeared ten years prior. The police had no idea whether he’d just vanished or had been murdered – no clues whatsoever. This was a case that Enzo was determined to crack – and with his field of forensics from when he was in Scotland, he knew he was qualified. Living in France for almost twenty years, Enzo and his teenage daughter Sophie managed well. But he had another daughter living not to [...]

    17. I got this book because I have been to the catacombs in Paris and thought it was a great place for a crime story. It is a good story, but I think it contains too many descriptions and some bits dragged but it was still worth reading.

    18. Peter May’s Lewis Trilogy was one of my first crime loves and is still one of my favourite crime series. It goes without saying, therefore, that I’ll gladly read anything he writes.The Enzo Files have been sitting on my to-read list for a very long time. My to-read list is somewhat out of hand meaning some things sit on the list for longer than they really should. At long last, however, I’m working through the Enzo Files. Unfortunately it appears as though I’m working on a ‘read a Pete [...]

    19. Ááá, na té knize je děsně znát, že je prostě "stará". Takhle se thrillery přesně psaly před těma deseti, dvanácti lety Záhady, hledání vodítek, tři sta tisíc odboček a "zvratů", ze kterých hrdina stejně vyvázne na dalších pěti stranách. Brown jak vyšitý, fakt (na rozdíl od něj se ale May ve své tvorbě výrazně posunul, díky Bohu). Autora mám stejně ráda, dobře se mi čte jeho rukopis, nicméně byla chyba začít od něj lewiskou trilogií, která je pod [...]

    20. Dry Bones is also published as Extraordinary People and is the first in a series featuring the Scottish Italian biologist detective Enzo McLeod living in France. McLeod is on the trail of a cold case, the disappearance of the brilliant professor Jacques Gaillard. The case leads him to the literal underworld of Paris, the catacombs which lie beneath the sewer system.McLeod has two daughters - one from his first marriage, and from whom he is estranged. The second is his daughter by his second wife [...]

    21. Hodnocení: 3,5/5.Výjimeční lidé se řadí mezi dobrodružné detektivky s brilantních hlavním hrdinou, plasticky vykreslenými charaktery postav a komplikovanými mezilidskými vztahy. Jejich potenciál trochu snižuje pomalé tempo vyprávění a chybějící gradace. Dozajista je ale ocení řada čtenářů, co si potrpí na luštění hádek a odhalování tajemství.Celou recenzi si můžete přečíst zde: suzannesworldofbooks/cl

    22. Peter May is one of my favorite authors and this book did not disappoint. It is a brilliantly written book with intriguing characters and an excellent plot. As the clues are laid out step by step, you can see the ingenious way this murder is solved. I learned a great deal about Paris and champagne making which added to my enjoyment of the book. It is an intelligent story that every mystery fan would love and I highly recommend it.

    23. I've rounded up my 3+ to a 4--I liked the premise of this series and really enjoyed the puzzle of tracking down an old murder in which the killers had purposely planted plenty of clues. An artificially constructed plot, but fun.

    24. Hmm. When I read the main character had one blue and one brown eye (or was it green?) and a white streak of hair running from his left temple into his ponytail, I realised Peter May and I were not going to get along.

    25. Someone please help me with where my logic went wrong. I think this audio was on sale (of course it was), it was the first installment of a series about a forensic dude who is chasing a cold case. In Paris. Aaaaaaand is narrated by the lovely Simon Vance. WHAT COULD GO WRONG????Well apparently a lot. Seriously, I will never trust again. This book was BAD. And it wasn't because of poor Simon. He did his best with the material he was given. You wouldn't know it to read the reviews. Probably for th [...]

    26. Peter May is really a wonderful author with my favorite book being The Blackhouse which begins the Lewis Trilogy. Extraordinary People starts off the Enzo Files series, a series of six books of which I have read none. Always prefer to start at the beginning, so now am hooked on another series.In real life, Peter May is a Scotsman who lives in France and this is the scenario of his main character, Enzo. That alone lends some authenticity. This is a pretty traditional mystery / whodunnit though it [...]

    27. This book came to my attention as a sale item on Audible. I read the synopsis and liked the idea of a mystery set in the Paris Catacombs.The story follows Enzo, a France based Scottish Biology teacher, as he and some friends attempt to solve a murder that has been a cold case for ten years. The initial hunt begins with a skull found in a metal box in the Catacombs. The skull is identified but it's the other objects found in the chest that provide the mystery. The objects are all obscure clues th [...]

    28. The first book in a series isn't always the best one. The author needs time to get warmed up and develop the character. This book - the first of the Enzo McLeod series - is like that. Although it is quite a good story, I didn't quite warm to Enzo as much as I would have hoped. I was thrilled the first time we came across the puzzle in the locked tin chest, but by the fourth time Enzo had to figure out a puzzle the whole idea was a bit tired. I enjoyed the French setting, in particular finding ou [...]

    29. Funny how quickly some books date. This one is mid 2000s and has a forensic expert using modern technology - a crazy thing called the internet - to solve a cold case. It was a bit different to what I expected - so the lower mark - very much in the airport thriller/Dan Brown aiming of things rather than a detailed 'realistic' examination of a cold case. This was a 'we found a box containing 5 clues, which we'll solve (via the power of the interweb and some knowledge) the end of the chapter. Then [...]

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