Camille La troisi me enqu te du commissaire Verhoeven touche au plus secret de sa vie priv e t moin du hold up d une joaillerie des Champs lys es Anne Forestier sa ma tresse chappe par miracle la fureur me

  • Title: Camille
  • Author: Pierre Lemaitre
  • ISBN: 9782226244284
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
  • La troisi me enqu te du commissaire Verhoeven touche au plus secret de sa vie priv e t moin du hold up d une joaillerie des Champs lys es, Anne Forestier, sa ma tresse, chappe par miracle la fureur meurtri re du braqueur De ce truand virtuose, assez rapidement identifi , Verhoeven conna t les habitudes et le mode op ratoire De la victime demi morte, il ignore beaLa troisi me enqu te du commissaire Verhoeven touche au plus secret de sa vie priv e t moin du hold up d une joaillerie des Champs lys es, Anne Forestier, sa ma tresse, chappe par miracle la fureur meurtri re du braqueur De ce truand virtuose, assez rapidement identifi , Verhoeven conna t les habitudes et le mode op ratoire De la victime demi morte, il ignore beaucoup de choses Le flic se lance l aveugle dans une traque acharn e qui va devenir une bouleversante affaire personnelle.

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      343 Pierre Lemaitre
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    1. Pierre Lemaitre is a French novelist and screenwriter.Awards Prix du premier roman du Festival de Cognac 2006 pour Travail soign Prix Le Point du polar europ en pour Cadres Noirs Meilleur polar francophone 2009 au Salon de Montigny pour Robe de mari.

    2. "Querido Pierre:Ahí te muerda una anguila eléctrica en la entrepierna y el impacto te haga trastabillar y darte con la cabeza en una estantería metálica de bordes afilados que contenga un bote de ácido clorhídrico cuyo contenido se derrame sobre tus ojos, al tiempo que una bandada de cuervos lanza polvos pica-pica contra tu persona.Tal vez así sufras lo mucho que yo sufrí en las 37 primeras páginas de este libro. La tensión en esas páginas me causaron dolor casi físico, y casi acabar [...]

    3. Que desperdício de "carcanhol"! Há "um ror de tempo" que não lia um livro tão insuportável. Que "diferença de alto lá com ela" entre este terceiro volume da trilogia e os anteriores.Achei a linguagem tão odiosa que não consegui interessar-me, nem um pouco, pelo enredo. Nem sei que pensar sobre a descrição física das "garinas", que se foca essencialmente nos seus assentos: uma tem "um cu titanesco, babilónico"; outra "um cu para alpinistas"; outra "um cu de antologia" pff! não tenho [...]

    4. After Irene and Alex comes the final book in the trilogy, Camille.The first two being really thrilling reads, I was looking forward to reading the final instalment. This one for me, however, was not up to the mark of the previous two. The story is a continuation of the previous book where the commandant has moved further on in his life and has met someone new. Things seem to be going fine until one awful day where his girlfriend is badly beaten and practically left for dead. What follows is a so [...]

    5. Paris police commandant Camille Verhoeven’s wife was brutally murdered in the first book of this trilogy. While the plots in the three books are connected, this one is a stand-alone police detective story that you can enjoy without reading the first two books. It’s a pretty good detective story. All detectives have quirks; Camille’s is that he is less than five feet tall. After years of dealing with his grief in isolation, Camille finally opens up and has a steady female friend. Then she i [...]

    6. Camille is the final book in a trilogy and completes my binge read. I'm very happy with this series.The beginning of this book felt like I was watching the events unfold in slow motion. I don't recall an author ever making me feel that way before. Some parts of this book had the antagonist speaking in first person, although that person is not identified until near the end. I had no suspicion who it was until it was revealed. I liked Commandant Verhœven and was happy to see some of the aftermath [...]

    7. Con esta novela se cierra el círculo de una saga que comenzó con Irene y con la cual, en concreto, guarda mucha relación. Esta vez comienza con un buen ritmo y contiene un giro argumental que deja al lector totalmente descolocado. Muy interesante el estudio psicológico de su personaje principal

    8. 3-1/2 stars rounded up to 4.I read what I thought was the first book of this series when it was translated and released in the USA, not realizing at the time that the book Alex was actually the SECOND book in the series. I thought that book was one of the best suspense novels I've ever read.When Irene - the first book of the series - was finally published in the USA, I did enjoy it, but because I already knew some of the outcome of it because of having already read the second book, it fell a lit [...]

    9. 4.3 « Anne, companheira de Camille, é uma vítima acidental de um violento assalto. O inspector não olhará a meios para apanhar o responsável, pondo mesmo a carreira em risco! A investigação leva-o a um astuto criminoso movido por uma vontade de ferro. Estará Camille à altura? Terá este caso ultrapassado a sua capacidade de discernimento?O "Mestre" Pierre Lemaitre é para mim uma referência no que a boa escrita diz respeito! É um dos poucos autores que conheço em que de imediato con [...]

    10. Podés leer esta y otras reseñas también en mi blog: ceresplaneta/2Un acontecimiento se considera decisivo cuando desbarata nuestras vidas por completo, reza la primera línea de esta última parte de la saga del comandante Verhoeven. Eso es lo que le sucederá al protagonista, cuando tiene que embarcarse en la resolución de un caso cuya víctima principal es su pareja, Anne. Así, y sin importar si tiene en cuenta la legalidad o no, Camille debe hacer todo lo posible para ayudarla. El argume [...]

    11. Well that twist happened out of nowhere. This series has been such a mindfuck and im always baffled. Plus lets not look away from the fact that he writes very graphic and bloody. This book felt a bit rushed somehow. I was just missing something. I guess I missed Camille's interactions with his coworkers cause he was SO ALONE in this one. But yeah, a very thrilling thriller with surprising elements and twists. Perfect for those who like gory crime.

    12. "Camille" ("Sacrifices" in France) is the third in a series of interconnected novels that center on Camille Vanderhoeven, a Parisian police commandant. Taken individually, the books ("Irene," "Alex," and "Camille") are intricately plotted, wonderfully well written, and never less than interesting. Taken together, and they should be, the books amount to an extended examination of loss, recovery, and revenge. The series is a five-star series. The series is so interwoven that a spoiler alert would [...]

    13. Oh, my, oh, my! Lemaitre is such a consummate storyteller. I got up at night and did not go back to sleep until I finished this. Tricky, twisty, suspenseful, heart-breaking, infuriating I could go on. Perhaps just ever so slightly unsatisfactory ending, but fits in well with the rest of the trilogy.

    14. El que menos me ha gustado,me ha resultado muy previsible. ¿Hay que leer "Irene" antes? Sí. Pero no leáis seguido Camille,ese es mi consejo para que os guste más que a mí.

    15. Magistral forma de dar fin a una serie que atrapa desde la primera página de Irène, desde la epígrafe de Barthes: “El escritor es una persona que encadena citas quitando las comillas”, y es que eso, la deuda literaria de Lemaitre se paga con un bonche de historias bien estructuras, bien engarzadas, con unos personajes que le deben lo mejor de sí mismos a la historia de la literatura, a un excelente lector que demuestra ser Lemaitre.Camille (y nuevamente se afanaron en dar un estúpido t [...]

    16. 3.5★sI greatly enjoyed the two earlier instalments of the Verhoeven series. Camille Verhoeven is a terrific character, hugely talented, highly motivated, deeply flawed. So I was keen to dive into the third book in the series.For some reason the style of this book's narrative didn't grab me. The PoV alternates very rapidly between Camille's third person story and the villain's first person account. Initially I found it disconcerting, but soon got used to the sudden jumps from one to another. I [...]

    17. Things haven't changed for me much from the first book to this one. Not a fan of the writing. It's too short and choppy for my liking. It works sometimes, yes, but all the time? Not for me. I don't like Camille. Sorry, I just don't. I feel disconnected from him the whole time and I find the other characters more interesting. He would have made a great side character, in my opinion.Again, it took ages for this book to speed up. Literally, it wasn't until 70% where this book really picked up and s [...]

    18. Since the title characters in the first two books of the Verhoeven triology ended up dead, it was with some trepidation that I began this book. There was no way I would NOT read it, but a delightful sense of dread followed me through. No spoilers here. Read it for yourself.This time the diminutive police Commandant Camille Verhoeven (4'11" if that) finds that the woman he is currently involved with (the first since the violent death of his wife and unborn child three years ago) has become the in [...]

    19. Increíble final para la serie del Comandante Verhoeven!!! Engancha desde las primeras páginas y llegas a sufrir mucho, no, muchísimo!!! De este cuarto libro, poco se puede decir, ya que decir más es quitarle todo el misterio Está lleno de giros que me han tenido muy despistada y sospechando de algunos personajes pero sin saber, que es lo que estaba pasando Además la trama está relacionada con el primer libro, Iréne, creando momentos tensos y de gran expectación Que más se puede decir d [...]

    20. y ahora llega el cierre definitivo con Camille (Un caso del comandante Camille Verhoeven 4).Servidora podría empezar a cantar aquello de «lástima que terminó…» pero no. Pienso que concluir la serie con cuatro entregas —Pierre Lemaitre quería cerrar con tres pero “se coló” Rosy & John—, es de lo más acertado para guardar un buen recuerdo y no seguir quemando a su protagonista Camille Verhoeven, ya que los lectores podríamos pasar del amor a la hartura más absoluta hacia el [...]

    21. Sacrifices or Camille, in the English translation completed this excellent trilogy which begins with Irene and followed with Alex. Camille ties up the loose ends nicely and is a thrilling read in its own right. The first two are more exciting but this is the necessity of the final book which has a particular job in sorting all the threads of the story. Highly recommended trilogy. Intelligent and thrillling.

    22. Es el que menos me ha gustado de la saga, quizás porque al ser seguidos me resultaba predecible. Puede ser.entremontonesdelibros

    23. Me ha gustado un poco menos que Alex que es brutal pero el cierre de la tetralogía ha sido muy bueno, me ha dado pena que se acabe porque son adictivas. Camille no tiene igual, con su inteligencia sabe salir de los peores apuros pero en este caso lo ha tenido bastante difícil y no digo más.

    24. In September 2013 I read the book “Alex” by Pierre Lemaitre without realising this was the second installment of the Commandant Camille Verhoeven trilogy. “Camille” is the third and final part. I missed the first: “Irène” but this has not spoilt the enjoyment of reading this brilliant crime thriller.Commandant Camille Verhoeven of the Brigade Criminelle has to deal with the most brutal crimes against women. “Camille” includes carefully calibrated scenes of horrific violence. But [...]

    25. Sé que para algunos seguidores de la serie Verhoeven este pueda NO ser su favorito, pero a mi me parece muy superior al resto. No por la trama de revolcones a la que nos acostumbra Lemaitre, que pueda ser que en Alex fuese más gozosa, sin porque se nota que el autor ha crecido desde sus obras anteriores: el tono de la novela es delicioso: hay en cada una de sus páginas más inteligencia, más humor, más elegancia, más profundidad que en el ochenta por ciento de lo que se publica del género [...]

    26. Camille! I'm sorry to see this trilogy end, because Camille is someone I will genuinely miss reading about. That being said, what a way to go! Lemaitre gives us lots of twists and turns in the final installment, and I definitely didn't it have it figured out until the very end (much like the book's predecessors).I can't say much more to avoid spoilers. One word of caution: do NOT read this series out of order unless you really really don't mind spoilers. (But really, don't read it out of order, [...]

    27. Simplemente genial! Te atrapa desde la primera página, al punto que me duró un día. Esas primeras 30 páginas son desesperantes, un remolino de emociones que me tuvieron casi mordiéndome las uñas. La trama no decae en ningún momento. No se pierde en descripciones tontas y sin sentido. Entras en el mundo de Camille, en sus pesares, su incertidumbre, su desesperación y lamentas que sea la última de la serie. En mi caso, lo extrañaré.

    28. 3.5/5. A fost o carte bună, chiar a avut unele pasaje extrem de interesante, dar nu la fel de bună ca primele 2 volume. În altă ordine de idei, îmi pare atââât de rău că s-a terminat seria asta. O să-mi fie tare dor de Camille şi de Louis şi de Le Guen şi de toţi. Chiar aş fi vrut să fie tradus și al treilea roman, măcar în engleză dacă nu în română asta e, poate în viitor va fi. :(

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