Kin Traditions created and subverted Love nurtured and destroyed Friendships marriages and the wild beauty of Cape Breton Island And above all kin in all its convoluted forms In Lesley Crewe s sixth

  • Title: Kin
  • Author: Lesley Crewe
  • ISBN: 9781551099224
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • Traditions, created and subverted Love, nurtured and destroyed Friendships, marriages, and the wild beauty of Cape Breton Island And above all, kin, in all its convoluted forms.In Lesley Crewe s sixth novel, we trace the tangled lines of loyalty, tragedy, joy, and love through three generations of families Beginning in Glace Bay in the 1930s and ending in Round IslandTraditions, created and subverted Love, nurtured and destroyed Friendships, marriages, and the wild beauty of Cape Breton Island And above all, kin, in all its convoluted forms.In Lesley Crewe s sixth novel, we trace the tangled lines of loyalty, tragedy, joy, and love through three generations of families Beginning in Glace Bay in the 1930s and ending in Round Island in 2011, Crewe weaves her most complex and engaging novel yet The cast of characters is vast and varied some with the island s deliciously cutting wit, some dour and uptight, some frail, some resilient, and all inextricably bound together by their shared histories.Brimming with humour, poignancy, and the maddening joy that is family, Kin is bound to be every Crewe fan s favourite book.

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    1. Lesley grew up in Montreal, QC After graduating from Concordia University with a degree in English and Education, she and her hubby settled down in Homeville, Cape Breton and raised a family From 2000 2005, Lesley was a features writer and columnist Home Fires for Cape Bretoner Magazine, and from 2005 2009, a columnist Lesley s Letters with the on line magazine, Cahoots In 2005 her first novel, Relative Happiness, was published by Vagrant Press, the fiction imprint of Nimbus Publishing It was and instant bestseller, and was shortlisted for the Margaret and John Savage First Book Award She has since written seven novels, with an eighth due out in fall 2015.In 2012, Relative Happiness was optioned for film, and in 2014, Lesley s characters came to life on the big screen The movie was produced by Wreckhouse Productions, directed by Deanne Foley, and stars Australian Melissa Bergland Winners and Losers , and homegrown Canadian talent like Susan Kent This Hour has 22 Minutes , Jonathan Torrens Mr D, Trailer Park Boys , and Rob Welles Trailer Park Boys.

    2. This is a solid, quiet multi-generational story that does capitols the magic of island living, in this case Cape Breton, with the highs and lows of belonging to a large family. It's the second Lesley Crewe book I've read and I do appreciate her effort and the layering of some of the characters in this book. That being said, the writing isn't as crips and fluid in this book as it was in "Amazing Grace", which hampered my immersion in a story about large family dynamics, which I know well.

    3. Probably closer to 3.5 stars. Kin is the story of siblings Annie and David Macdonald and Annie's best friend Lila. It traces their lives and their subsequent families from the 1930s into the millenium, mainly based in the Glace Bay area of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. I don't get to read that many books based in my home province and always enjoy the ones I have found. Lesley Crewe is a fairly new author for me. She writes books about friendships and families, mostly all pretty relateable (though th [...]

    4. A story about family, all at the same time Leslie Crewe's Kin is poignant, powerful and heart-wrenching and captures the true essence of family: glorious, funny, tragic, wild and bittersweet.When I first started the novel, I was bored. It was in part because I kind of hate reading work done by Canadian authors. Especially set in the Maritimes. It’s a bit of a problem I developed in school reading local authors and whatnot. I kind of hated novels set where I lived because I always felt that the [...]

    5. I found the story engaging, but the writing style was just too pedestrian for me. And, the publisher needs a copy editor. Some dialogue felt wrong for the era. For example, I don't think people in the 1940s went out to "grab a coffee,".

    6. Kin is set in the Glace Bay area of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Cape Breton is a place my heart will never leave; I love stories set there, so for me, Kin had a leg up to begin with. It's the second Lesley Crewe book I've read. As with Mary, Mary, Crewe skillfully draws three-dimensional characters. She is able to elicit strong feelings either for or against those who people her stories. While there is no definable plot in Kin, the drama of family life through three generations, with all its real- [...]

    7. I’m left with the impression that this is a strange and lovely book. I really enjoyed reading it, and so in that sense my 3-star rating isn’t congruent, but a big part of my enjoyment was my wonder at how the book was written. This is where the strange comes in - the writing was, for me, reminiscent of books like the babysitters club series (books I loved!) for reasons I haven’t been able to clearly articulate/pinpoint. My best way I can describe it is that while the characters were dealin [...]

    8. A book that keeps me interested and beckons me to keep reading deserves a four star. Although, Lila’s weak character did get on my nerves; Annie’s character kept me laughing the whole way through. I remain a big fan of Lesley Crewe’s books!

    9. While I found the first third of this novel somewhat flat reading, I became fully engaged in the characters as the story unfolded.

    10. My goodness! That was epic, as kids today would exclaim. It was excellent, addictive, multi-generational family-centred storytelling. This is the 4th book I've read by this author, and I love her style and her well-rounded characters. The storytelling flows smoothly although I did have some difficulty keeping the family members straight, especially as the point of view seemed to change often. I'd need to review in my mind who was whose aunt, grampy etc. But it kept me on my toes. The heart break [...]

    11. Each family starts with roots, no matter how a member is connected, and branches out to become a beautiful masterpiece. Kin celebrates that with the telling of many stories linked to a small town in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and Crewe does it in a way that leaves you breathless.Kin is the story of Lila, Annie, David and everyone their lives connect with. The main character can arguably be their family as a whole, each of them as individuals or the community and the stunning tree that is within it [...]

    12. I really like this author and have read all of her books. This is her sixth offering and it is quite different from her other work which was full of a lot of humour. So that was a little off putting at first. It seemed completely out of her style. But then as I continued it was clear that this is one of her best books.The story covers three generations and starts with David and Annie, a brother and sister growing up in the Macdonald household in Glace Bay Cape Breton in the early thirties. We ar [...]

    13. I'll be honest, this was a book that I knew I would like from the cover! This story is written in a way that shows the interconnectivity of three generations of a family. It is a profound and emotional story, and one that I found hard to put down. While reading this book I felt very close to the characters and felt that I rejoiced with them in the good times and also shared their sadness in times of loss. Being from Nova Scotia, I really liked the Cape Breton setting of this book! I feel that th [...]

    14. This book was not as good as Mary Mary. It started off great but it got slow as we went through the generations.

    15. In my life I never read something more beautiful. Well written, such real characters, such crude life and everything putted together in a period of time that I love it - beginning of 20th century. A family life, in Maritimes, in an wonderful Cape Breton with its goods and bad but always being and remaining a close family. Values cherished by old generations and seemed not important of the new family 2000 year generation, the peacefulness and pleasure of living there are overwhelming. Like a chil [...]

    16. This was a very nice bookI love Lesley Crewe. There is no big drama storyline to follow. Its the story of a family thru sister, brothers, cousins, etc. Their ups and downs thru life. But as Lesley Crewe does so well, there are a few "gasp" moments in the book.s a nice read and you find yourself relating to what the family is going thru. I love that it takes place in Cape Breton and you can imagine the places they are talking about being from the area. I would certainly recommend this book to all [...]

    17. I enjoyed this novel very much, especially the first two thirds, as I felt that Crewe spent a lot of time concentrating on Annie and her immediate family and I really felt that I understood the characters. It was wonderful to hear about the traditional life in Cape Breton and the family stories and traditions were touching. I didn't find myself as attached to the second and third generations, but did enjoy how Crewe connected them and their lives.

    18. Loved this book! Laughed and cried (a number of times) a long with the characters. Made me reflect on my own family and their stories.

    19. A lovely family recall is provoked upon reading this endearing history of a family 'down home' in Cape Breton.

    20. I really love this author and get swept up in her books. I like the local references and the complicated relationships.

    21. one of the best books I have read in awhile. such a good one, that I am considering buying it sometime. It was loaned to me. It is a real good book. I will definitely look for her books to read

    22. Read an advance reader copy. Definitely her most ambitious novel to date with three generations full of characters, and not as much humour as her previous books.

    23. I just loved this book. I liked the way it was written, the subject matter and the memories of Nova Scotia.

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