The Pilot's Wife

The Pilot s Wife With five novels to her credit including the acclaimed The Weight of Water Anita Shreve now offers a skillfully crafted exploration of the long reach of tragedy in The Pilot s Wife News of Jack Lyon

  • Title: The Pilot's Wife
  • Author: Anita Shreve
  • ISBN: 9780316788229
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
  • With five novels to her credit, including the acclaimed The Weight of Water, Anita Shreve now offers a skillfully crafted exploration of the long reach of tragedy in The Pilot s Wife News of Jack Lyons s fatal crash sends his wife into shock and emotional numbness Kathryn wished she could manage a coma Instead, it seemed that quite the opposite had happened She felt hWith five novels to her credit, including the acclaimed The Weight of Water, Anita Shreve now offers a skillfully crafted exploration of the long reach of tragedy in The Pilot s Wife News of Jack Lyons s fatal crash sends his wife into shock and emotional numbness Kathryn wished she could manage a coma Instead, it seemed that quite the opposite had happened She felt herself to be inside of a private weather system, one in which she was continuously tossed and buffeted by bits of news and information, sometimes chilled by thoughts of what lay immediately ahead, thawed by the kindness of others frequently drenched by memories that seemed to have no regard for circumstance or place, and then subjected to the nearly intolerable heat of reporters, photographers and curious on lookers It was a weather system with no logic, she had decided, no pattern, no progression, no form The situation becomes even dire when the plane s black box is recovered, pinning responsibility for the crash on Jack In an attempt to clear his name, Kathryn searches for any and all clues to the hours before the flight Yet each discovery forces her to realize that she didn t know her husband of 16 years at all Shreve s complex and highly convincing treatment of Kathryn s dilemma, coupled with intriguing minor characters and an expertly paced plot, makes The Pilot s Wife really take off.

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    1. Anita Shreve grew up in Dedham, Massachusetts just outside Boston , the eldest of three daughters Early literary influences include having read Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton when she was a junior in high school a short novel she still claims as one of her favorites and everything Eugene O Neill ever wrote while she was a senior to which she attributes a somewhat dark streak in her own work After graduating from Tufts University, she taught high school for a number of years in and around Boston In the middle of her last year, she quit something that, as a parent, she finds appalling now to start writing I had this panicky sensation that it was now or never Joking that she could wallpaper her bathroom with rejections from magazines for her short stories I really could have, she says , she published her early work in literary journals One of these stories, Past the Island, Drifting, won an O Henry prize Despite this accolade, she quickly learned that one couldn t make a living writing short fiction Switching to journalism, Shreve traveled to Nairobi, Kenya, where she lived for three years, working as a journalist for an African magazine One of her novels, The Last Time They Met, contains bits and pieces from her time in Africa.Returning to the United States, Shreve was a writer and editor for a number of magazines in New York Later, when she began her family, she turned to freelancing, publishing in the New York Times Magazine, New York magazine and dozens of others In 1989, she published her first novel, Eden Close Since then she has written 12 other novels, among them The Weight of Water, The Pilot s Wife, The Last Time They Met, A Wedding in December, and Body Surfing.In 1998, Shreve received the PEN L L Winship Award and the New England Book Award for fiction In 1999, she received a phone call from Oprah Winfrey, and The Pilot s Wife became the 25th selection of Oprah s Book Club and an international bestseller In April 2002, CBS aired the film version of The Pilot s Wife, starring Christine Lahti, and in fall 2002, The Weight of Water, starring Elizabeth Hurley and Sean Penn, was released in movie theaters Still in love with the novel form, Shreve writes only in that genre The best analogy I can give to describe writing for me is daydreaming, she says A certain amount of craft is brought to bear, but the experience feels very dreamlike Shreve is married to a man she met when she was 13 She has two children and three stepchildren, and in the last eight years has made tuition payments to seven colleges and universities.

    2. Another bomb from Shreve. Her husband had a secret lifeblah blah blah. She can't confront her grief and betrayal over finding this out, because he is dead. Then the usual fairy-tale ending for books of this genrewhile Kathryn is grief-stricken, unkempt and unshowered and at her blubbery worst, a gorgeous guy is right there to fall madly in love with her! Yes, this happens *all* the time!

    3. BLURBA pilot's wife is taught to be prepared for the late-night knock at the door. But when Kathryn Lyons receives word that a plane flown by her husband, Jack, has exploded near the coast of Ireland, she confronts the unfathomable-one startling revelation at a time. Soon drawn into a maelstrom of publicity fueled by rumors that Jack led a secret life, Kathryn sets out to learn who her husband really was, whatever that knowledge might cost. Her search propels this taut, impassioned novel as it m [...]

    4. Onvan : The Pilot's Wife - Nevisande : Anita Shreve - ISBN : 316601950 - ISBN13 : 9780316601955 - Dar 304 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 1998

    5. This is one of those books you pick up in Costco when the line is really long and you need something to kill time, but then it accidentally gets rung up so you go ahead and read it. The back cover described it as “oddly gripping”, and the premise looked intriguing enough for me to actually buy the book on purpose: a wife delves into what really caused her husband’s plane to crash, only to find outhe was leading a double life!! In England!!! How could a book about loss, betrayal, and really [...]

    6. This could be a quick read but is sometimes painful & I would have to put it down until I could read and savor a passage or two at a better time. I often read during lunch break at work & some books simply aren't meant to be read in an office setting - this is one of them. Kathryn, the pilot's wife, is so well written - you not only feel what she feels, you eventually know what she will feel before it is written for you. No doubt this is because I could be the pilot's wife; I could live [...]

    7. I’m afraid I didn’t feel any love for this. It dragged to begin with and virtually nothing happened for the first hundred pages. That wouldn’t have bothered me had the writing been inspired or the characters compelling. Unfortunately, for me, neither was the case. Katheryn, the wife who’s told her husband, the pilot, has died in an air crash, didn’t provide any of those exciting identification moments when you see something of yourself or a good friend eloquently arrested and made luci [...]

    8. This was an airport "argh, I need something to read on a 4 hour flight" impulse buy. Since everything at the airport shop seemed to be on Oprah's list, there was no avoiding it. I don't know what is more annoying about this book, the supposed idylic settinig of New England, or the preposterous misunderstanding of the IRA. The whole thing is implausible, unless the protaginist is a major idiot Oh, maybe that is not that big of an assumption.

    9. Shreve did a good job capturing the main character's grief and confusion, but the book just didn't hold my interest. It was kind of boring in the first two thirds, and then when the main character travelled to England and discovered the "twists," it just seemed kind of silly. I was also annoyed by the main character falling in love with the union rep. I get that people bond under intense circumstances, but I hate that falling in love seems to be the go to literary reaction. There are other ways [...]

    10. I had read so many great things about this book, and I saw it in a used book store, so I bought it. I really didn't enjoy it.

    11. This is my third Anita Shreve book and I am not sure if I am going to read any more of them. For the most part I enjoy her writing and her stories, but the endings are sometimes unbearable. Anyway, this book was another Oprah book. It was pretty short and I got through it very quickly. Plot summary: The wife of a pilot learns that her husband's plane has gone down and that he is dead. While dealing with all the initial shock as well as dealing with the grief of their 15 year old daughter, she le [...]

    12. Amazing book, there are many twists and turns that keep you interested and on your toes. I love the author's writing style. Again, this I read in two evenings; so you know it was good!

    13. I got a great book from my friend, Kathran for Christmas, and I just finished reading it The Pilot's Wife by Anita Shreve.Shreve is a great writer I love her language and use of words. I'm such a lover of language and the ways in which it can be swirled and whirled and encircle your mind making you want to read the same sentence over and over. Shreve is excellent at this task.She makes you think. And I like thinking.Right from the second page of the book she sets the essence of the whole book in [...]

    14. I have no idea how I ended up owning this book, but I decided it would be a quick read on the plane. It was quick but every second of the three hours was painful. The book suffered from multiple personalities. The first half was all grieving (fitting for a self help book), the second half attempted to bring in some more mystery and intrigue. Unfortunately the mystery involved was the "pilot" having an affair,,, which comes as no surprise to anyone who has worked in the airline industry. The last [...]

    15. An airliner explodes over the Atlantic, and at home the wife of the pilot is left to pick up her own life, as well as deal with the implications that her husband may have caused the disaster. This book didn't grab me on many levels, and by the end, I felt a bit hostile towards it. The big revelations that are unearthed seem a bit preposterous and convenient, and the fact that her husband has personal secrets from his wife well, you could have seen that coming. I didn't feel emotionally involved [...]

    16. Who is the real wife: the one who was protected and was never left behind or the one to whom the deepest secrets were shared?After fifteen years of marriage, Kathryn Lyons woke up to the news that the plane piloted by her husband Jack crashed, killing 103 passengers. Throughout the investigation, Kathryn unknowingly unraveled the hidden life of her husband and discovered the darkest secrets of the man she thought she knew.What she discovered were as unbearably painful as Jack’s death itself. S [...]

    17. The Pilot's Wife in a nutshell: Jack Lyons, a commercial pilot, is flying a plane when it explodes. The book follows the grieving process of his widow, as she tries to figure out what happened in that plane. The overriding question in the book is "How well can we ever really know someone else?"There wasn't anything really wrong with the book, it was just overly gray for my taste. I don't think the sun shines in the entire book. It was solidly written though, and it did keep me turning pages. I d [...]

    18. So's probably quite obvious that I'm back at work. I was averaging a book a week and now, three weeks have passed with no new reviews. A few people have even contacted me (which I loved) about what I was reading now. Sorry folks, the whole having to get up early to teach the children how to read is interrupting my own leisurely reading time. I'm hoping once the haze of the beginning lifts, I'll be able to get back into a better reading routing. For now, once or twice a month is probably our max. [...]

    19. This was chick-lit in disguise. I feel dirty and tricked.Although I probably am being harsh by giving it two stars, I don't really see too many good things about this book. The bits where Kathryn are at her house are far too dragged out. Shreve relies only on the 'feel' sensory to explain what her character is going through, rather than the 'show'. The important parts where things could have been really interesting--such as the funeral or the first Christmas without Jack--are glossed over and ba [...]

    20. I don't understand what all the hype was about with this book. I think Shreve's writing is pretty good - no complaints there - but the pace of this book is all over the place. It's very slow to start, to the point where I wanted to just give up on it, and then the last 2-3 chapters rush to wrap eeverything up into a neat package. The plot was pretty good, a bit "Lifetime movie" for my tastes, but decent enough. If the pace had been a bit more consistent, I probably would have given this 3 stars. [...]

    21. To leave, after all, was not the same as being left.She considered the question. Odd, she thought, how intensely you knew a person, or thought, how you did, when you were in love - soaked, drenched in love - only to discover later that perhaps you didn't know that person quite as well as you had imagined. Or weren't quite as well known as you had hoped to be. In the beginning, a lover drank every word and gesture and then tried to hold on to that intensity for as long as possible. But inevitably [...]

    22. The Time Travelers Wife, Gone Girl, The Silent Wife, and now the Pilot's Wife. Unintentionally my small collection on has a very common theme! Out of the three recently read- The Pilot's Wife is certainly my favorite. I was visiting my parents last weekend and picked this off of the top of a stack in their laundry room. I don't usually commit to a book without knowing more about it or hearing a recommendation but I'm really glad that I did! I think its the most well written and you immediately [...]

    23. I really liked this book more than I thought I would. The reviews I had read (on , I think) all seemed disappointed and felt that Shreve ended the book prematurely. In this case, I think it was a perfectly fine place to end it. You can guess how the story would continue after all is said and done. You know there might end up being a friendship. You know there probably will be a relationship. Since you know what will probably happen, it's okay.I actually found myself bored in the beginning of the [...]

    24. I actually read this book quite a few years ago but have been trying to update my "read" books. I have read a few books by Anita Shreve and for the most part I enjoy her writing and her stories.She did a good job of showing Kathryn's grief and confusion making the reader feel as though this is something that they could be going through themselves. However, at times the plot seemed somewhat confusing and undeveloped. Some confusion and questions that didn't seem as though there were fully answere [...]

    25. This is the second Anita Shreve book I've read. I like how the author writes and describes the scenes and emotions. The flaskbacks of her early family life were partically good. Her tone impresses me, although Sea Glass seemed to flow a little better. I was hooked in the beginning and I felt Kathryn's pain. That half of the book I felt was written well but when Shreve attempts the different plot twists during the second half of the book, I lost interest. Which is sad, because those plot twists a [...]

    26. The Good: Anita Shreve writes well and he books never fail to suck you in, even if you aren't loving where the story is going.The Bad: This was a depressing book with a unrealistic ending. To throw some romance in at the end, as if Kathryn would been remotely stable enough at that point in her life for anything to work out, is ludicrous. She's obviously obsessive about the husband, not able to let go of this "secret" even though he's dead and she should just mourn and move on.

    27. I never imagined that I would be interested in a book about men and their secret families. But after the heroine's husband is killed when his plane explodes, her search to understand her life with her husband is fascinating, since it is not the life that she thought that she was living.Check this book out if you like to see women rise above their circumstances or if you're interested in an insider's experience of finding out that her life is a lie.

    28. I did really like this book although I felt very uneasy about it considering Josh was overseas at the time. It is a story about a woman who has no knowledge about her husband's (who is a pilot) double life he is leading with another woman. He has a whole other family and the book is about her process of finding out about this other side of her husband's secret life. I did really like it, but probably would have enjoyed it more had I not been away from my own husband at the time!

    29. Although the first third of THE PILOT'S WIFE is depressing, it is so well written you won't want to give up on the book. Then it becomes unputdownable.Kathryn's husband, a commercial airline pilot, is killed when his jet explodes over Ireland. So most of the beginning involves her dealings with the airline union and newspaper and TV reporters. She almost comes to depend on one union representative, Robert, in particular.When Kathryn finds small clues that something suspicious may have been going [...]

    30. Reading for my library book club. I didn't think I would care for this and resented paying $9.99 for the e-book, but it's very good and I don't regret buying it at all now.* * * * *This is a fantastic book. As mentioned earlier, I didn't expect to be interested in the story of a widow whose husband died in a plane crash, but there is so much more to the tale. It becomes a mystery to be revealed in small increments as the widow becomes aware that she didn't really know her beloved husband as well [...]

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