The Blackouts

The Blackouts Red is a user Red is a pusher Red is a drug addict And that s not a problem Everybody in the Four Posts is nursing an addiction to something In fact their entire economy is based on the feed An offic

  • Title: The Blackouts
  • Author: Robert Brockway
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 442
  • Format: ebook
  • Red is a user Red is a pusher Red is a drug addict.And that s not a problem Everybody in the Four Posts is nursing an addiction to something In fact, their entire economy is based on the feed An officially sanctioned, omnipresent drug delivery system with terminals in every home Red s talent for mixing new and interesting narcotic concoctions isn t an issue, but theRed is a user Red is a pusher Red is a drug addict.And that s not a problem Everybody in the Four Posts is nursing an addiction to something In fact, their entire economy is based on the feed An officially sanctioned, omnipresent drug delivery system with terminals in every home Red s talent for mixing new and interesting narcotic concoctions isn t an issue, but the fact that he accidentally ran while testing an expensive new prototype just might be Now, with the help of QC, a walking nanotech factory, and Byron, an upper class slacker literally addicted to the past, Red has to figure out what the strange experimental drug is doing to his mind before the sinister, faceless recovery agents tear him apart That is, if his frightening and increasingly real hallucinations don t do it first.

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      442 Robert Brockway
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    2 thoughts on “The Blackouts

    1. I am Robert Brockway.I am an editor and columnist for Cracked I am an author.I wrote The Unnoticeables trilogy from Tor Books.I wrote Rx A Tale of Electronegativity.I wrote Everything is Going to Kill Everybody.I live in Portland, Oregon.I dislike raisins.I am right behind you.No, still behind you.Behind you, again.You are now spinning in circles.

    2. I'm a fan of Robert Brockway, Word Puncher and the rest of the crew over at Cracked, so when he announced via his column that he had written a sci-fi story and was releasing it as a serial novel, I was intrigued. Especially so as he'd written several different columns on science fiction in general that I'd enjoyed very much. So it wasn't difficult to plonk down a couple of bucks to try out the first installment of his novel.Unfortunately, while I can't say my expectations were high for a columni [...]

    3. If you know Brockway from Cracked, you know he's a top notch comedy writer. I was a little confused at first, because this is a straight-up sci-fi novel. Sure there's humor, in fact it's hilarious at times, but the humor is always secondary to the story.In short, if you like Brockway or sci-fi, you should totally read this book. Once you get past the prologue (more on that later), it grabs you very quickly, and opens a lot of interesting questions.Are they actually traveling through time when th [...]

    4. As the first in this three part series, this book sets the scene beautifully. As a Sci-Fi should, it gives an intricate and highly detailed overview of the world our players inhabit.We meet the main characters and learn a bit about them and their motives and get thrown headlong into the immersing and action packed story.

    5. The writing wasn't actually bad, but the book was not good. The world was interesting but the world-building itself was too sparse for me to feel like I knew where I was. I didn't understand how the gas trips worked (still don't) and might have enjoyed it all a bit more if Brockway had explained that in the prologue rather than the nonsensical-totally-purple-rambling-disjointed-snore-fest he went with. I will say that if you just don't like the prologue the book itself improves immensely.It's a [...]

    6. I didn’t even intend to read this book today, but I read a cracked article when I first woke up, and then I read a quick sample, and then It was available to buy with 1 click from for 2 bucks (technology these days) And then I couldn’t put it down. A fast read, supremely entertaining, humorous, and certainly a pretty cool sci fi world. Would definitely recommend it as a pleasure read for those with any interest in drugs, sci fi, and anyone who can handle a somewhat crude sense of humor. It [...]

    7. All I can say is thank god this was so short, or else it would have been the 3rd book in my life I've never finished. As it was, I forced my way through it with pure stubbornness.Heard lots of great reviews, but this story made no sense to me, and the writing, although not awful, felt forced. I think I literally rolled my eyes when Abraham Lincoln was fighting a dinosaur because it so ridiculous and this basically summed up the story for me.

    8. Oh, boy. Okay. Here it goes. I've had a draft of this review on my computer for quite some time but haven't had the cojones to publish it. If you have to ask why, you probably haven't heard of Robert Brockway or, more specifically, the fans and followers from his Cracked column. They're, let's just say, um, very loyal. One wrong step and I'll probably be pummeled with indignant comments and messages. Maybe I should just throw a "read this" at you and run. Settle down, boys and girls. If you'd le [...]

    9. I went into this expecting to like it. I've been a long-time fan of Robert Brockway from Cracked and I really enjoyed his previous book "Everything is Going to Kill Everybody." The first episode of this story didn't disappoint. I'm not a huge sci-fi reader, but I do enjoy the genre when it's well written so I tried to maintain an open mind while reading it. Luckily Brockway's writing style didn't require me to overlook so many of the ridiculous sci-fi tropes that turn a lot of people off. There' [...]

    10. FAIR WARNING: This review stands as an overall review of all three installments of Rx and may (probably does) contain spoilers for other parts of the story.*****I’ll admit that while reading the prelude I was a bit worried. It seemed like the Brockway I knew (figuratively) and loved (ditto) was lost amongst fancy words and pretty descriptions. Thankfully, my fear was put aside a couple of pages into the first chapter (there was still plenty of fancy words and pretty descriptions, but it was in [...]

    11. When I say that Rx has great potential, I do not use the phrase lightly. Brockway, as well as already being one of my favorite authors (making his a name on a list that include Asimov, Crichton and King), has written what is shaping up to easily be one of my favorite books. Allowing the reader to spend a day among the three characters introduced in the first installment is quite the treat. Brockway has a real knack for thrusting the reader headlong into his world, a cramped world of rampant vice [...]

    12. UPDATED: Screw it. I'm upgrading this to 5 stars on the basis that I really did LOVE this story. But I still have rage. So much rage.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I would have given this a five star review if it had been a complete novel. I'm not a fan of serialised fiction - I would rather just pick a book up, immerse myself in it for a while and finish it. No pissing about trying to hunt down the next instalment and getting distracted by s [...]

    13. I've never got in to sci-fi before, but after reading this, the first of "Rx"'s three parts, I might just have to change that. After a slightly-too-verbose opening describing the world, it becomes clear that the real talent in this book is in it's incidental description as the author employs a writing style reminiscent of his "Choose your Own Drug-Fuelled Misadventures" on Cracked, so if you're unsure about getting this episode you might want to read those first. This style gives the book a fami [...]

    14. I bought this book on a whim, figuring "Meh, it's only two bucks. Even if it's terrible, I'm not out much." I was apprehensive, knowing that the author is a writer for the popular humor site Cracked, and I was concerned I would get a bunch of stupid jokes and half-nude female characters. I am glad my concerns were completely off, and was very happy with the purchase. The story quickly becomes engrossing, and the characters are well-developed. Each character is interesting and different, and the [...]

    15. Robert Brockway manages to do something amazing and downright magical, he has an uncanny ability to mix and merge the wacky comedic value of our every day lives and merges it with (somewhat) realistic views on how our current society works. What emerges from this is a book and honestly anybody with an open mind can take something from, whether it be the virtues and vices of having a nonchalant and light hearted view of the worlds we are placed in, or be it how we as humans strive to interact wit [...]

    16. George Orwell imagined a bleak future born out of the totalitarian lust for control; Brockway imagines the opposite, a bleak future born of capitalism’s aggressive apathy, fuelled of course by the internet’s psychopathic sensationalism. Brockways drug-addled dystopia of shantytowns built into the shell of a technologically incredible world is a one of a kind creation and it is absolutely fascinating. His extrapolation of modern trends is exceptionally psychologically acute; the intense strat [...]

    17. I like a good weird sci if book and this is one of them. Actually it easily outpaces about 95% of the genre in unadulterated (heh) weirdness, so for that alone I'd recommend it. BONUS it's self published and ridonculously cheap. So if you're in the mood for a good yarn featuring Abraham Lincoln fighting dinosaurs in a prominent role why not check it out? The weirdness can fly a bit to thick to understand at times but I'm hopeful the next installment well have some 'splainen to do.Merged review:I [...]

    18. Damn, this book sucked. I blame myself. Everyone seems to have rated it very highly. I thoroughly enjoy Brockway's Cracked articles, and I LOVED his previous book "Everything Is Going to Kill Everybody". This is the first of three parts of this book, and the author has a promotion of sorts going where if you review the first part of his book and provide proof, you will get the next "episode" for free. If you review that, you get the next one, and so on. I'm sorry Mr. Brockway, if you see this - [...]

    19. Between the free sample on the website and the low asking price, I've got to say that I'm impressed by the respect the author gives the reader. The idea that you don't need to buy a book to see if it's good shouldn't be this new and interesting, but it is.Overall, I enjoyed this book. The characters were interesting, with depth to their traits, and genuine motives behind their actions. The plot is kept kind of secrets, but considering that this is just the first episode of the book, I'm fine wit [...]

    20. This is the first book (short novella, really) in a series that really can't be summed up any better than the description does. Dark, drug filled, cyberpunk, that is nonstop action and bodies in motion, and that keeps you constantly curious as to what will happen next. Sure, some of the minor characters in the story may be a bit over the top and unrealistic (on any level whatsoever), but they, just as with the main characters, are all still entertaining and highly enjoyable.This was a quick read [...]

    21. First off, totally aside from the story, I love that the Internet and digital distribution is allowing self-publishing and episodic novels to rise again. This could be really, really cool for new authors and unconventional works. On to the book. I have been told, and believe, that 95% of science fiction is terrible. This book is in the 5% that's great. The setting is really, really strong, as are the characters. Think Brave New World, but modernized and with way less direct government involvemen [...]

    22. Marvelous stage-setting; the world which Brockway has concocted is intriguing as it is full. The use of nanotech and self-medication is integrated into the lives of the characters in a way that makes it familiar to the reader, simply because it is familiar to the characters themselves.On the other hand, I admit I don't have much empathy for the characters--or perhaps not yet (since this seems to be the first installment of a serial release). Perhaps it's their patterns of self-destructive behavi [...]

    23. RX is one of the few books I've read that is truly great and worth reading again and again. Brockway's writing is very reminiscent of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It constantly switches between the plot and explanations of the world the book is set in. This causes some disorientation at first, but instead of making the book worse, it works perfectly at putting you in the disorienting world of constant drug use. Anyone looking for a good science fiction book for a low price, look no further. [...]

    24. The biggest problem with the first offering of Robert Brockway's Rx is its first few opening paragraphs. They attempt to welcome the reader into a dystopian future where drug addiction is a necessary part of daily life and a cornerstone of consumer culture in a way that comes off as clunky and unrefined. It's almost bad enough to completely turn off the reader, but past those first few paragraphs lies a science fiction story with serious potential. Give this one a chance, you won't be dissapoint [...]

    25. This shows great potential in a complex world immersed in drugs/nanobots that dictate everyones life. I was enthralled and captivated by the twists and turns of this short novel. However, as it clearly states, it is just Episode one in a series of three (?). I would have much prefered some sort of ending to this 'episode' which would have made it more complete, but still leaving the desire to read two and three.I felt that it was just left hanging and therefore have only given it 3 stars and not [...]

    26. Wow. What a ride. I can't wait for the next installment. The story is jumpy, but in a good way. Trying to figure out how things work in this futuristic world can be difficult at times but totally worth it. I especially like the triceratops fighting Abraham Lincoln. I hope we get more info on this part. The Gas trips are interesting, but I have a hard time understanding if the fights are actually happening or just mass hallucination.

    27. I knew two things going into this book: that Robert Brockway of Cracked fame was the author, and somehow Lincoln fighting a dinosaur was involved. What I didn't expect, however, was an intriguing science fiction novel set in an immersive world that to me personally is one of the closest approximations to our possible future ever written. Filled with drugs, crime, and technology, I completely recommend it to any fan of the genre, and I definitely plan to continue with the rest of the series.

    28. This was one of those bits of books that I tried really hard to read slowly, not knowing when the next bit would be available. I was not successful. Now, I angrily await part two.Robert Brockway is one of my favorite Cracked writers, but he seems to make the transition to novelist with ease. The characters and the world are beautifully detailed, and the humor is as unexpected and delightful as a deathmatch between Abraham Lincoln and a triceratops.

    29. It felt nice to finish something quickly again. After slogging through R A Martin for seven months, finishing this 101 page ebook in two days felt like a triumph. A very intriguing dystopian future filled with drugs, nanobots, and alternate reality trips. I'm looking forward to acquiring the next chapters.

    30. I was almost turned off by the overly descriptive beginning, but by the end of the prologue, I was engrossed by it. The frequent shifts in focus from one character to the next took some getting used to, but once I did, I enjoyed seeing how the characters fit together into the larger narriative.

    31. Drug induced time travel where Lincoln fights dinosaurs. The world of RX is an interesting place where nanobots are common place and drugs exist that can take you into the past; sometimes just to watch historical figures battle to the death. This book is highly entertaining, and I look forward to the future installments.

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