The Rancher and the Rock Star

The Rancher and the Rock Star To the world Gray Covey is a rock superstar But to his runaway son he s simply the father who never has any time for him To prove that he s than his rock star lifestyle for the next few weeks Gray

  • Title: The Rancher and the Rock Star
  • Author: Lizbeth Selvig
  • ISBN: 9780062134646
  • Page: 146
  • Format: ebook
  • To the world, Gray Covey is a rock superstar But to his runaway son, he s simply the father who never has any time for him To prove that he s than his rock star lifestyle, for the next few weeks Gray must put aside his fame and becomea farmhand Abby Stadtler has built the perfect, quiet life for herself Neat and orderly is the name of the game for her and her beTo the world, Gray Covey is a rock superstar But to his runaway son, he s simply the father who never has any time for him To prove that he s than his rock star lifestyle, for the next few weeks Gray must put aside his fame and becomea farmhand Abby Stadtler has built the perfect, quiet life for herself Neat and orderly is the name of the game for her and her beloved farm When Gray shows up on her doorstep, looking like he stepped straight off the front cover of a magazine, she is determined that he won t upset her routine.But what neither counts on is the love that springs up between them Abby knows that life on a ranch in Minnesota can never compete with an exciting world tour But for Gray, it s time to decide what s really important With Abby s help, will he be able to decide, once and for all, that love and family are the answer

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    1. Award winning author Lizbeth Selvig writes fun, sexy sweet contemporary romance She is a winner of the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart award, and a finalist for RWA s prestigious RITA award She turned to fiction writing after working as a newspaper journalist and magazine editor, and raising an equine veterinarian daughter and a talented musician son Lizbeth shares life in Minnesota with her best friend aka her husband, Jan , an under ridden gray Arabian gelding named Jedi, two human grandchildren, and her four legged grandkids of which there are over twenty, including a wallaby, two alpacas, a large goat, a mammoth eared donkey, a miniature horse, a pig, and many dogs, cats and regular sized horses pics of all appear on her website lizbethselvig In her spare time she loves to hike, quilt, read, and horseback ride She also loves connecting with readers so contact her any time

    2. Review posted at: Swept Away By Romance4 1/2 Stars! Well developed, very enjoyable romance/family drama! I was impressed. Right off the bat I want to say, don’t judge this book by its cover or its title, neither do the book justice! Yes, this is a book about a small-time rancher and rock star, but not in the way that you might think. Abby Stadler runs a small horse farm, and Gray Covey is a rock star, however, he’s not a down and dirty, gritty rock star as is being depicted in so many popula [...]

    3. Previously titled “Songbird,” Liz Selvig’s book was the winner of the Single Title Contemporary in RWA’s Golden Heart contest in 2010.The “new” title doesn’t do it any favors – it’s atrocious in my opinion. So glad I read the blub and several reviews. Otherwise, I would have missed out on a more-than-expected sweet treat!A word of caution to those who care: There’s a slight “religious” overture to the book but very mild and it works within the storyline.The romance is swe [...]

    4. A storm-eyed girl took my hand one day, and said, "Follow me, boy"Wonderfully heartwarming tale infused with realism and emotional depth. Some may find the story little too long and even slow at times but I think both the length and the pace were necessary to realistically build romance between such a different protagonists as a Minnesota rancher and a famous rock star. The romance was quite unusual in two other aspects: the characters were older (37 and 45), previously married and had to deal w [...]

    5. Notes: Liz entered RWA’s Golden Heart contest in 2010 with The Rancher and the Rock Star (then titled Songbird), and won the Single Title Contemporary category.Sometimes we get caught up in the daily grind that is life and lose sight of what's important. We get lost in the here and now and don't see what's going on around us. It's something made more difficult for Gray Covey because his son, Dawson, lives an ocean away. Gray, a modern day rock star, let his job be his first priority. Only seei [...]

    6. THE RANCHER AND THE ROCK STAR is a surprisingly well-written contemporary romance about a road-weary man looking for his son. In the process, he lands at the working farm of a widowed mom and her daughter. His son has taken refuge there under an alias pretending to be older than his sixteen years.The responsibilities of being the lead singer in a popular band are beginning to take their toll. David Graham, aka Gray Covey, is trying to avoid becoming a jaded man. He has attained his goal in life, [...]

    7. Do you ever have certain expectations when you get ready to read a book? Lots of times I don’t. I just see a book, think it sounds interesting, and I buy it. With this book, it was different for me. I followed a blog tour where I read author interviews, excerpts and reviews which convinced me that this would be a wonderful read. With the book actually in my hand prepared to read it, I had that moment when I stared down at the great cover and took a deep breath of anticipation. Some time later, [...]

    8. I just read in another review that this book was titled `Songbird'. I think I much prefer this title. Although it could also double as the name of an English pub.This book was free on I bought this for .99 plus the cover just jumped out and grabbed me. Or maybe I jumped up and grabbed itrrwhich I can't do as it's an ebook so maybe this was in my dream :) What I mean to say is that the cover is just yummilicious. So, romance authors, if you put a buff half-naked man wearing jeans exposing his Ad [...]

    9. What's a father to do when his teenage son runs off from his posh boarding school to a ranch in Minnesota? For Gray Covey, it means spending two weeks at the ranch of Abby Stadtler while trying to find a way to salvage his relationship with his son Dawson while somehow maintaing his rock star image.Abby has a calming effect on Gray and helps him realize there is more to life than living out of a tour bus and having many people making demands on his time but he never standing up for himself. She [...]

    10. Wow, 419 pages in on day. I have to say that I'm impressed. I'm impressed that what I thought would be just a "happy little romance novel" would manage to keep me captivated to such extents.I was fortunate enough to win this signed copy in a GoodReads giveaway. I thought that, since I grew up on a farm and I've stood on a few stages, this book would be a fun read. As I got into the book, it spoke to me even more. Having an admiration (not quite so moon eyed or love struck as Kim) to a musician m [...]

    11. I found this a bit slow to start but once the story finally emerged, I was hooked - big time!! The emotional tension between Abby and Gray began to build wonderfully. Their attraction to each other which began in the first chapter expanded, deepened and breathed new life into the story. There was more than one time that Lizbeth's emotional writing brought tears to my eyes. As a romance novel debut, Lizbeth Selvig did an excellent job of creating a story surrounding a group of people from vastly [...]

    12. When his son goes missing, rocker Gray Covey tracks the teen to a quiet Minnesota farm in the employ of Abby Stadtler, a hard-working single mom with stormy eyes, the face of an angel, and a painful past. Attraction sparks from the second their eyes meet, but does his chaotic lifestyle have a place in her peaceful, ordered world?Winner of RWA’s prestigious Golden Heart Award for Single Title Contemporary in 2010, this beautiful story has finally found a home with Avon Impulse. More than your t [...]

    13. The Rancher and The Rock Star is a sweet love story! It made me laugh out loud and connect to the characters in a way only a true love story can.Gray is a rock star looking for his run away son only to find him living with a widow and her daughter, he plans to just take his son and leave, but fate has different plans. He is a man trying to find a place in his sons life.Abby mother, rancher, photographer, everything except a Gray Convey Groupie. She is a woman trying to prove she doesn't need any [...]

    14. Great story and characters. My only complaint was that there was way too much descriptive narrative for my tastes, and the pacing was a bit slow because of the narrative. A lot of people love prosy books, and it was beautifully writtenI just found my attention drifting. I'd call this an 'inspirational' contemporary romance. There were quite a few references like, "I get my strength from God," etc that I wasn't expecting due to the branding. A great read, regardless. This is a mature couple with [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this book; the characters were engaging--both the main couple themselves as well as their kids. I'm learning that contemporary Westerns really appeal to me. I liked that the couple weren't your typical young, nubile romantic hero and heroine pair; they had some baggage. It made them more real. And it's been a long time since I read a romance novel where the heroine was my age! Definitely recommend this one.

    16. Others seemed to like this book, but it wasn't for me. Right from the beginning the characters frustrated me. The plot never grabbed me and even the teenage runaway didn't tug at my heartstrings the way he probably should have.

    17. This was an entertaining love story between a single Mom who is a rancher and a rock star Father who is looking to connect better with his son. Really FIND his son, since his son ran away. I'm not normally a fan of westerns and when I read the title, I was a little worried because I don't enjoy the ranching/farming/western stuff. However, this really wasn't a story about ranching - it's a horse farm and the focus was not really all about farming at all. Have I also mentioned that I LOVE books ab [...]

    18. A collision of worlds and cultures, a tangle of emotions and living philosophies, yet all in all it is the stuff of which the best romance fiction is made! Stability meets life-on-the-run in the person of a kind-hearted and loving woman who is barely making it on her ranch, and then the world-famous, never-to-be-forgotten rocker drives into her property seeking his teenage son who is on the lam from a mother who wants to put him in boarding school in England. All the ingredients are here, and wh [...]

    19. I went in to this story expecting a little bit different than what I got but that’s my own fault, I need to go in to each book, especially with a new author, with no expectations. The reason I say this is because there was a little bit of a faith element that I wasn’t expecting. Our heroine, Abby, has the family say grace before each meal, the kids went to church camp, and her beliefs do factor a little bit in her decisions about her relationship with Gray. I have absolutely no problem with [...]

    20. I received this book in a goodread first reads giveaway. I found the book to be very sweet. It's a story about Abby who is a widow with a ranch in Minnesota. One day Gray a rockstar shows up looking for his son who was hired by Abby to help around the ranch. Gray's son Dawson is only 16 and showed fake ID to get the ranch job. Dawson ran away from boarding school in England and doesn't want to return. Gray agrees to stay away the ranch bonding with his son for a couple of weeks. The book has a b [...]

    21. I have never been more pleasantly surprised by a book. The cover is just blegh (even if if the model used for it is a sure fire hottie) and the blurb for it left me kind of cold. But a recommendation at a romance novel community on LiveJournal said give it a try. So I broke down and bought it for my Kindle and LOVED it. There is this odd twist of reality to it that most romance and erotica don't have. It's honestly worth the read. If you're weary of religious notes in your romantic fiction, then [...]

    22. Gostei muito. O herói é um rock star que negligencia o filho adolescente, este acaba fugindo de casa e se refugia em um rancho de uma amiga que ele conheceu pela internet. Nossa heroína é a mãe desta amiga e logo se vê a atração entre a mãe/rancheira e o pai/rock star. Ocorre um choque entre o mundo de cada um deles e a realidade da vida na estrada fazendo shows e a rotina de um rancho e os cuidados diários com os animais e etcOs filhos adolescentes e os problemas da idade também são [...]

    23. I won this book as a FirstRead.I enjoyed the building of a relationship between Gray and Abby. I appreciated the fact that they got to know each other before jumping into bed together. The friendship beetween Dawson and Kim was really cute. I would have liked to have known exactly how things wrapped up - would Gray continue making music; would Dawson be able to stay in the United States with his dad? I have to say, it bothered me that the guy on the cover had absolutely no chest hair, when at le [...]

    24. I never really know what to expect when I read a book by an author I haven't read before, especially at .99 cents, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! Gray and Abby were great characters with good developments. I enjoyed seeing their love grow over a period of time. In so many books the characters fall in love in about two seconds which is just unrealistic. This book was realistic in their relationship, their parenting issues, and their feelings about one another. I also loved the mino [...]

    25. WOW!!! I won this book. I could not wait to read it and once I started reading it I had a very hard time putting it down. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Gray and Abby. Abby has one of the biggest hearts in the world. I loved how they both have things in the past that they have to overcome in order to look to the future. They also have to deal with their teenage kids and of course they need to do all this under the media radar. This is a great romance book. If you like romance books this [...]

    26. The Rancher and the Rock Star is a wonderful story. It is obvious from the first page why Liz won the Golden Heart. There are so many fantastic lines: "His make-nice smiles hardened into anger lines." "Her flash of defensive pride had no time to grow." "This slam was a roundhouse kick to the heart." "Beautiful, mature maples were staggered in the boulevards, shading the angled parking spots along the street." I could go on, but I'd have the entire book in this comment. The characters are real, t [...]

    27. Christina recommended this to me and I'm glad she did. I didn't want to buy the book outright because Selvig will be at the RWA literacy signing on July 25, 2012 and if I liked it, I didn't want to buy it twice. I ended up requesting it through my job and, after what would be a bit of a long story, I finally got it. I'll be buying it in July. It could have used a little pruning, but I thought it was an excellent addition to the famous person subgenre. I look forward to reading another book by Se [...]

    28. This is a beautifully written, poignant, and emotionally satisfying book. Ms. Selving gives her rock star hero a rare depth and humanity. Abby, the heroine, isn't so much a rancher as a she is a nurturer - of animals, children, and anyone else who needs caring and attention. The most amazing thing about the story is how real everything feels, from the dialogue, to the emotions, to the conflict between Abby and Gray. Nothing is forced or contrived. I LOVED this book and was sorry to see it end.

    29. Although some may find the little bit of faith/religion in this story to be too much for there taste, I believe it was just enough an not over done in the least bit. Liz writes a beautiful story of a woman who lost her husband and son in an accident and has a faith that pulled her through the most difficult time in her life. When a rock star comes knocking on her door, she opens up not only the door, but her heart as well. Bravo on your first release Ms. Selvig!

    30. This a very sweet book. With the religious overtones it might not be for everyone. I enjoyed watching a father learn to be a better father and a widow learn to love again. I also liked how well they were able to mesh the families together. At times you wanted to shout at Gray that he needed to pay more attention to his life. I also enjoyed the town people. I will say that the beginning of the book was slightly slow going but picked up quickly.

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