Call the Shots

Call the Shots And action As the uproarious trio returns sensitive Sean takes the spotlight scripting a low low budget film while fielding unexpected female fans Coop is cooking up another sure misfire scheme big s

  • Title: Call the Shots
  • Author: Don Calame
  • ISBN: 9780763655563
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Hardcover
  • And action As the uproarious trio returns, sensitive Sean takes the spotlight scripting a low low budget film while fielding unexpected female fans.Coop is cooking up another sure misfire scheme big surprise , and this time the comedy plays out from Sean s point of view What s the new master plan Making a cheapo horror movie guaranteed to make Coop, Sean, and MAnd action As the uproarious trio returns, sensitive Sean takes the spotlight scripting a low low budget film while fielding unexpected female fans.Coop is cooking up another sure misfire scheme big surprise , and this time the comedy plays out from Sean s point of view What s the new master plan Making a cheapo horror movie guaranteed to make Coop, Sean, and Matt filthy rich It s a terrible idea, and Sean knows it But he actually is desperate for cash and for a way to wipe that big fat L off his girlfriend less forehead But when he agrees to write a script about the attack of zombie vampire humanzees, he has no idea just how powerful a chick magnet this movie will be Suddenly Sean is juggling not one but three interested ladies There s his accidental girlfriend turned psychotic stalker, Evelyn There s the wicked hot actress from drama class, Leyna, who seems willing to do anything to land the starring role And even his twin sister s gothed out best friend, Nessa, is looking at Sean in a whole new way Will any of them wind up as Sean s true leading lady Will Sean stop being a doormat and finally start calling the shots

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    2 thoughts on “Call the Shots

    1. Don Calame the author of SWIM THE FLY, BEAT THE BAND, CALL THE SHOTS and DAN VERSUS NATURE He is also a professional screenwriter whose film projects include EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH and HOUNDED Of his many prior occupations, he says his most satisfying was teaching elementary school for four years in Los Angeles, where he received the LAUSD District Intern Golden Apple Award and a Los Angeles Education Partnership Grant He lives in British Columbia.

    2. The final book in the series???Fun, adolescent male humor that (based upon the reviews and video for the book) evidently appeals to females as well. Maybe for insight into the minds of teenage boys? I wouldn't think it too difficult to figure out, but as a former teenage boy myself, what do I know? Or maybe it is to simply laugh at the stupidity of my gender?I've loved hanging with Matt, Coop, and Sean throughout their adventures in this series and their ability to make me literally laugh out lo [...]

    3. It has been a while since I first read Swim the Fly, and then Beat the Band is always checked out. So for me, "Call the Shots" is a stand-alone, even though it is the third book in this cycle. Either way, it is funny and plays like a good guy-centered comedy. While the other titles came first, they aren't necessary to enjoying this entry.I don't love Sean as a character; he's cautious and nerdy and sniffs his hand whenever he's anxious. Which is much of the time. But he is a fine example of Star [...]

    4. Awesome book. It was hilarious and totally awesome.I haven't read any of the other books so I was sceptical going into this one. But, it turned out great!It is always interesting to read a book from a guy's perspective because I so rarely do. Sean and his friends were very entertaining. It was cute that he wanted a girlfriend and I hate to say it but Evelyn was insane. It wasn't surprising what ended up happening with them. I couldn't believe the stuff that Sean, Coop, Matt, and everyone else we [...]

    5. Finally, it's Sean's turn for a book of his own! His sister is a total bitch, his parents are insane, and there's a new baby on the way--a new baby who will need a room of its own, so their parents have the bright idea to make Sean and his twin sister Cathy share a room. Who thinks this is a good idea? Coop has a great idea--make a short horror movie and win the $50,000 prize at TerrorFest, and use the money to build an extension on Sean's house.Yeah, Coop's idea works as well as you'd expect. I [...]

    6. Such a fun series - crude, funny and real. I liked how it was shown that most of Sean's problems stemmed from his inability to stand up for himself, and how each of his girl relationships worked out. And the sexting confusion. Actually that was REALLY hilarious!

    7. 3.5 stars. Quickie Review- It pains me to give this book 3 stars, but looking at it from a logical point of view, it was the only sensible rating I could give it. The two previous books in the series got generous ratings, and I didn't quite like this as much as the other two, so it was only fair.Call the Shots is the conclusion to the fantastic Swim the Fly series by Don Calame. Sean Hance is facing a bunch of upcoming challenges in his life. There's a baby on the way, which will force him to sh [...]

    8. We’re back with Matt, Coop and Sean in Rockville and this time it's Sean's story and he’s got a lot on his plate. His mum’s surprising pregnancy means a shortage of rooms and Sean faces having to share with his twin sister and arch-nemesis Cathy. Enter Coop with one of his crackpot money making ideas: shoot a cheap horror movie and win a cash prize at an upcoming film festival. To complicate matters, Sean’s new girlfriend turns out to be a bit of a psycho.Will they be able to finish thei [...]

    9. I slogged through the second one and since this was on my shelf, I figured I might as well try. Yeah, no. A heteronormative toxically masculine American bro book.

    10. I thought that this was a good book. It continued the story of the three boys very well. It also added some new crazy twists that I wouldn't have expected happen. There were many detailed parts in the book, that made the book even better. Also the humor is amazing, Don Calame was not holding back when he wrote this book.

    11. [Review originally published on Rather Be Reading!]Sean’s friend Coop is a “big idea” kind of guy. Usually his ideas cause more trouble than they do good. When Sean finds out his mom is expecting another baby and he’s going to be forced to share a room with his twin sister, Cathy, (that he doesn’t get along with), he thinks Coop’s idea could be his only solution. What is Coop’s idea? To make a movie, though he’s never made one before, and enter it into a Horror Film Contest. Coop [...]

    12. I have enjoyed and laughed my way through the outrageous madcaps of Calame's Swim the Fly series. I picked up Swim the Fly on a whim, loved it; carried on to Beat the Band, which was great; and now Call the Shots, which I think has pulled out all the stops.Call the Shots is a raunchy, hysterical, over-the-top adventure in teenage boy-land, and I think it is a great read. This novel is told from Sean's perspective: the quieter, less confident of the three boys. Sean has often taken a backseat in [...]

    13. So sad that this series is ending, but a great note to end it on. As with the previous two, Cooper, Matt and Sean are best friends who pick wild and crazy things to do to challenge themselves and have fun. As with the first two, told from two of the three boys, this one is told from the remaining friend, Sean's perspective. Unfortunately Sean's a little bummed about a few things-- namely that his mother is going to have a baby leaving him to room with his twin sister (who is going through a Goth [...]

    14. The last book in a series. As with the first two books, this was laugh-out-loud funny. Much laughing going on. And lots of raunchy boy humor. It was hilarious. And highly irreverent. So we've established it's funny. What else did I like? The boys' friendship is really nice. They all give each other a hard time and call each other on whatever stupid thing they've done but they're ultimately good, loyal friends. And all the other relationships in the book seemed very normal, very layered. Brothers [...]

    15. I will definitely miss the Swim the Fly series.This, I believe, is the last book in the trilogy - and I really wish it wasn't. This might sound sappy, but the thing is, I don't want this series to end. I don't want to miss this trio, because it's so clear that I will. I wanna keep reading about them. I love these boys. Matt, Coop, and Sean - I love each and every single one of these characters, and I feel that I myself am part of this amazing trio.Okay, okay, I'm sounding extremely sappy right n [...]

    16. One book i’ve recently read was Call The Shots by Don Calame. The book wasn’t that bad. I’ve read better but it was still quite interesting. This book is about three best friends. Sean, Matt, & Coop. They’re all Sophomores in high school with no worries. Until one day Sean the single one, with a evil twin sister, finds out hes going to be a big brother. This was a surprise to everyone. But there was another surprise for Sean. Since the house was too small & the baby needed to hav [...]

    17. I recommend all the Swim the Fly books to my reluctant readers. Boys love the hilarious humor and bromance while the girls love the humor plus the unexpected romance. What I think resonates with my reluctant readers is the authentic teen male voice, language and the thought processes (more like, the lack of) of his main characters. The books are a very fast and easy read, full of heart. You don't have to read the Swim the Fly or Beat the Band before jumping into Call the Shots. While Swim the Fl [...]

    18. "Call the Shots" is the third book out of the series, this book is in the perspective of Sean Hance.Sean's mom is having a baby, which means Sean has to share a room with his monstrous sister. How will Sean and his friends help get enough money to build a new room in Sean's house? By creating a big block buster movie of course. How will Sean succeed his goal while juggling the new baby on the way, his crazy new girlfriend, his Uncle Doug and his feelings for a new girl? Read to find out.I chose [...]

    19. Call the Shots contains more of the same antics with Sean, Cooper, and Matt. Still, the final book of the trilogy remains fresh and certainly holds nothing back.This one is told from Sean's point of view. He's the quiet, withdrawn one of the group, and this makes his narration that much more intriguing. Sean is coping with the fact that both Cooper and Matt somehow have girlfriends, while he lacks female company. Until, of course, he meets Evelyn at the skating rink and, much to his dismay, they [...]

    20. The third time is the charm for this author--not that he really needs any luck since the two titles that precede Call the Shots (Swim the Fly and Beat the Band) are always equally appealing and hilarious. I'm not the kind of reader who usually gravitates to humorous books, but these titles all have passages that made me laugh out loud. In fact, I'll confess to having snorted a few times as I moved rapidly through the book. When Sean Hance's parents announce that a new baby is coming, and Sean wi [...]

    21. Don Calame is coming to town for a festival in September so it seemed like we should get ready by reading one of his books, right? We were rewarded for being eager beavers because this is one funny book - I said it was 'hilarious' but my 13-year old daughter said that was because I am probably so old that the sense of humour this author uses seems more funny than it really is. (?) After a long discussion about our different senses of humour we both agreed that this is a fantastic book and grabbe [...]

    22. 4.5 starsIn the third installment of the Swim the Fly series, author Don Calame proves that third time’s the charm, finishing off the series with yet another hilarious story, and this time, it’s Sean’s time to shine. Coop has come up with another one of crazy schemes. This time, it’s making a low budget horror movie at Rockville’s Terror Fest, with a grand prize of fifty thousand dollars plenty of publicity, Coop is convinced it will lead to almost instant fame and fortune for the thre [...]

    23. Thoroughly enjoyed the final in this hilarious trio of books all based on the friendship of Coop, Sean and Matt. This time it is Sean's turn to give us a peak into his perspective. Coop's latest and greatest idea is to make a low-budget horror film that will catapult them to fame and fortune. Sean and Matt are completely against the idea at first, until Sean realizes that he needs $30K pronto if he wants to avoid bunking with his most-annoying twin sister Cathy. Sean is also a bit jealous of Coo [...]

    24. Buddies Sean, Matt, and Coop make a final appearance in Calame's latest, CALL THE SHOTS. This time Sean is front and center as he struggles to deal with a changing family, a new girlfriend, and a sister who is trying to convince everyone he is gay.When Sean's mother and father announce their BIG news, that his mother is pregnant and that Sean and his sister Cathy will have to begin sharing a room, Sean looks to his friends for help. He is at least hoping for some much needed sympathy, but he get [...]

    25. Call the Shots is the final book of the trilogy that began with Swim the Fly. In this book, Sean Hance is the narrator of a story that centers on another outrageous scheme orchestrated by best friend, Cooper Redmond. This time the guys intend to film a horror movie and become rich. Sean goes along with the plan because he has been put out of his bedroom to accommodate an expected new baby in his family. His twisted sister, Cathy, taunts him even more with barbs about his sexuality, insisting tha [...]

    26. In the book "Call the Shots" by Don Calame the main character Cooper, also known as Coop, is full of ideas, some great, some not so much. He decides this school year he's going to get some friends together and make a horror film. He makes this decision because at TerrorFest the best horror movie wins the big prize of $50,000. Although they are ambitious about the idea, the three friends have no movie-making experience. One should also know none of them own any movie-making equipment. To top it o [...]

    27. In the book "Call the Shots" by Don Calame, you go through the life of a teenager in a family problem. His parents are having another child, but that's not the only thing He has to move ALL his stuff out of his room and move INTO HIS SISTER'S ROOM! Sean is the name, the name of a boy who you can sympathize with(If you're a teen who still lives with their parents). So of course, I would recommend this book to teens & young adults. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars mainly because there are som [...]

    28. Really liked this trilogy even though I'm WAY beyond the YA demographic. While the characters are far more eloquent and witty than real teens, Calame captures the young male mindset in a way not often seen in fiction and despite the strong (but realistic) language, there are a lot of redeeming qualities. Writers can take note on Calame's ability to take a situation, get the protagonist in trouble, and then deepen the trouble twist by twist. (I think there are five levels of trouble in one partic [...]

    29. Call the ShotsDon CalameCall the shots by Done Calame is about Boy who has a twin sister, that refers to him as a homosexual even though he isn't. Then one day his parents anounce to him that they would be getting a little sister soon, and that he had to share a room with his sister that he loathes. To avoid that he decides to make a movie(idea of his best friend) for the movie contest. My favorite part was when he discovered that his sister has been calling him in gay(though he isn't) because s [...]

    30. Call the Shots is the third book in the hilarious Swim the Fly trilogy, with each book focusing on one of the trio of fifteen-year-old friends. Mild-mannered Sean is in the hot seat this time, looking for love and trying hard to get out of sharing a room with his twin sister. Sean is a nice guy who doesn't stand up for himself, and as a result, is steam-rolled into dating a pushy, somewhat psycho girl that he is afraid to break up with (a situation he justifies because she has provided the camer [...]

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