Henny on the Couch

Henny on the Couch Kara Caine Lawson has worked hard to become the woman she is wife mother and successful shop owner Having survived a turbulent childhood Kara understands that life could ve just as easily gone anoth

  • Title: Henny on the Couch
  • Author: Rebecca Land Soodak
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kara Caine Lawson has worked hard to become the woman she is wife, mother and successful shop owner Having survived a turbulent childhood, Kara understands that life could ve just as easily gone another way and even if she isn t gliding through the trials of lost library books, entitled customers and routine date nights, at least she s not sipping a Dewar s all dayKara Caine Lawson has worked hard to become the woman she is wife, mother and successful shop owner Having survived a turbulent childhood, Kara understands that life could ve just as easily gone another way and even if she isn t gliding through the trials of lost library books, entitled customers and routine date nights, at least she s not sipping a Dewar s all day like her mother did But then Kara unexpectedly encounters paintings by her now famous college boyfriend just as she s beginning to suspect that her daughter Henny s difficulties may be the sign of something serious, and all of her past decisions are thrown into dramatic relief.Kara s narration, at turns heartbreaking and hilarious, captures the imperfect thoughts we have about ourselves and those around us Rebecca Land Soodak s debut novel asks the difficult questions about the choices we make while revealing the minute details that end up defining our lives.

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      258 Rebecca Land Soodak
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    2 thoughts on “Henny on the Couch

    1. Rebecca Land Soodak Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Henny on the Couch book, this is one of the most wanted Rebecca Land Soodak author readers around the world.

    2. After suffering from a long winded "reading rut," I was gifted Henny on The Couch, and VOILA! " reading rut" is no more. Henny on the Couch captures the essence of a less than perfect childhood, the pros and cons of dating as a young woman in college whose still struggling to learn about herself, the privileges of being a mother and the everlasting ability to follow your dreams. The novel reduced me to tears, had me laughing out loud and going from nostalgic to inspired in a matter of pages. Reb [...]

    3. This is a great summertime read. There were several themes that run throughout the book. The role of women who have children and work, and how being married or single effects these roles. It's about friendships and lust and committment, and self-esteem and art. What I loved most about it is that each woman struggles to become herself in her own way, some more gracefully than others, and in the end a crucial factor is beliving in yourself, whether it relates to your art or your life your choices. [...]

    4. I highly recommend this book! I started out reading it feeling very aware that it is the author's debut novel, and was quickly astonished at how masterfully the plot works and how evocative the writing is. Then I just forgot about the writing process and was swept up in the characters' lives and story line. I related to so much of the main character's thought process and a lot of her life's chapters. Henny on the Couch will be particularly interesting to readers who gravitate toward themes like [...]

    5. I won this book from , which we all know is really hit or miss. I actually, liked it even though it wasn't usually a genre I would pick up. If I'm going to read about mothers going through mid-life crisis, well, then, I'd probably pick up Triangles again. But that's neither here nor there.Really, that's what we're doing in this book is following Kara on her mid-life crisis. Everything is changing around her and she doesn't quite know how to deal with it. In fact, she doesn't. She completely igno [...]

    6. Kara’s life in Manhattan roars at a dizzying pace. She feels she is always rushing to something—work, her children’s activities, or an event with her husband. There’s no time for her to think, just to do. Then, one day when she encounters paintings in a gallery from her former lover in college, she begins to question what she really feels is important as well as how she wants her future to unfold.Henny on the Couch by Rebecca Land Soodak takes a look at how easy it is for us to go throug [...]

    7. Henny on the Couch is about a typical New York City mother and her family. Kara owns a successful children's salon, her husband is a successful architect, and they have 3 beautiful children. One day Kara notices a new art exhibit down the street from her salon and realizes that the artwork is by her former boyfriend Oliver. The chapters alternate between Kara's life now with her family, and her younger self - when she was growing up and during her relationship with Oliver. Kara used to paint too [...]

    8. Although this book was slightly depressing in that the main character struggles with finding her true self, I really enjoyed it. This was one of those books that made me want to live in New York and be surrounded by all of the culture there. Reading about Kara's life from childhood to adulthood and learning of her relationships, talent, and career mixed with the raw emotions and stress of motherhood was a refreshing tale of real life. There were awkward moments of not knowing how to act with her [...]

    9. My favorite type of book is memoir so I wasn't sure when I started reading this novel if it was going to hold my attention, but I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, I carted the book to Hawaii so I could read it at the pool, on the beach, during any down time. I loved the different time periods and that the author moved us back and forth between them with ease. The story line was so compelling that I thought about the characters even when I wasn't reading it, and wanted to get back to the book a [...]

    10. So much of life is figuring out just who you are and proving to yourself that you are worthy, especially if your childhood did not leave you feeling that you were. At times, I didn't like Kara. She seemed to wrapped up in herself to really let herself feel anything. And then other times, I loved her for the flawed person that she was. We all worry about being a good mother and what others think of us. You could feel Kara's struggle in every word. This was a very good read. It is a very serious s [...]

    11. I liked this book. It is more depressing than I would have predictedd yet I still liked it. I wanted the protagonist (Kara) to find herself, without sacrificing her family. I felt for her husband and kids. I understood her friendships. And I sympathized with how crazy life can get when we're not looking. A decent storyline (though could have done with fewer chapters regarding her college years, though I understand why they were needed)I would recommend this book. Don't expect anything uplifting, [...]

    12. Such an amazing story, I loved it from the first page and read it straight through. I loved all the characters and felt that Kara was amazing. The story felt so realistic, a mother's life, struggles, mistakes and triumphs. Her growth throughout the book made me like her even more- I would totally be friends with her :) So great I will read it again! I received this book for free through a First Reads give away.

    13. I'd say 3 and a half stars (damn you ) but between choosing between 3 and 4 definitely 4 stars. This is a sad, sweet, brutal book about being a woman and a mother and a sad human with essentially nothing to look forward to after a misspent youth, even if the twist at the end is predictable and unnecessary. I hope that Henny ends up happier and less brooding than her mother, but I doubt it and since this is fiction not life I'll never know.

    14. Book about a parttime SAHM and business owner (with a full-time, live-in nanny!!) with some serious confidence issues. Her daughter is having some learning problems, her business is pulling her in a direction she's not ready for, and her husband wants to move. I empathized with the protagonist's insecuritymetimes, and other times it was really upsetting. The blurb on the front recommends the novel for anyone who's ever put their own dreams on hold. And I agree with that.

    15. Soodak has a raw honesty to her writing. It's obvious she's a mom and a wife, and she isn't shy about all the truths that come with those experiences. I thought her descriptions of mother guilt and inability to stop ourselves even when we know out behavior is outrageous to be true almost to the point of discomfort. The novel is good, but the story never picked up enough for my taste. I read it in a day (so it obviously held my attention) but I kept waiting for "more".

    16. It was a quick read and pretty interesting. I think I could have related more to it if I were 10 years older and had kids. At times, Kara annoyed me because she was a hypocrate. Couldn't live without her nanny, but got angry at the nanny when Kara felt like she was being a bad mom. That was annoying. But over, it was a good book.

    17. I stumbled across this book randomly in a hurry at the library, it turned out to be a great surprise. Great book for moms. Not overly dramatic but a meaty enough story to keep you going. You will want to be the main characters best friend. She is so relatable.

    18. An inoffensive offering in the privilieged-white-mother-trying-to-find-herself genre. Usually, these types of novels make me cringe, but this one put the main character's problems into perspective. She seemed to know her complaints were a product of a privileged life and too much choice.

    19. A sweet and emotional story. I enjoyed this one and would definitely read more by Soodak!

    20. I really enjoyed this book. A great summertime read. It was full of raw emotion that depicted the struggles and triumphs of life beautifully

    21. Gripping story of a housewife with 3 kids coming to grips with her own desires versus those of her husband/kids/friends and art and other's opinions. Great ending and conclusion to plot.

    22. For the first time in years, I didn't research a book or check its ratings when I picked Henny on the Couch. I was walking through the library and it caught my eye. I'm glad I trusted my instinct.

    23. I really enjoyed this book about what happens to us when we lose ourselves in what we thought we wanted. Great summer read.

    24. A very honest book about motherhood. Having the chapters alternate between time periods really built tension into the story.

    25. I enjoyed this read about a woman trying to do it all but still not doing what she really wanted to do, yet.

    26. (3.5 stars) Kara is managing with her life as mother of two, shop owner of a haircut shop for children, and wife. She has overcome a past of a difficult childhood, making it to college and surviving an intense relationship relationship with an artist. Her world is upset when she sees that her former lover has a show in a gallery near her shop. She misses her own artistic life, which has been suppressed since leaving school. Her life becomes more complicated with the realization that her daughter [...]

    27. JUST GREAT!!!!! The author has some serious talent. I recommend this book to everyone , but it does have some intense words, if you know what I mean. I could't seem to put the book down my kids were like "mom you only made dinner for Cassie" I responded by saying "isn't that enough," kind of whining.EMBARRASSING!!!!! (JUST READ IT)my mom wrote the boo!!! tee hee

    28. I found this book to be a really slow read. I just didn't really like the characters and it seemed to go nowhere for me. I couldn't relate to the people in the book and I just wasn't a fan of Kara's.

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