Across Eternity

Across Eternity Logan Richards is doubly blessed Not only is he a genius but he has a rare gift he remembers things and not just from this life but all his lifetimes He lives a life of wealth and luxury and has neve

  • Title: Across Eternity
  • Author: Aris Whittier
  • ISBN: 9781463655273
  • Page: 119
  • Format: ebook
  • Logan Richards is doubly blessed Not only is he a genius but he has a rare gift, he remembers things and not just from this life but all his lifetimes He lives a life of wealth and luxury and has never lacked any material possession There has never been an obstacle his intellect couldn t overcome But Logan has a problem every night he dreams of the same woman, a womanLogan Richards is doubly blessed Not only is he a genius but he has a rare gift, he remembers things and not just from this life but all his lifetimes He lives a life of wealth and luxury and has never lacked any material possession There has never been an obstacle his intellect couldn t overcome But Logan has a problem every night he dreams of the same woman, a woman he has dreamt of all his life He knows she is real and he is determined to find her and convince her she belongs with him, forever.Amber Lewis, a waitress for a five star restaurant in Dana Point, California, is overworked and stressed Her sister s death has left her weary and wondering if there s something to life than mere existence Then, one evening while working she meets Logan Richards, a chivalrous man who feels deeply familiar.Fate has brought them together, but will their growing love prove strong enough to resist the forces that could pull them apart

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    1. Aris Whittier is a romance writer She writes suspense, contemporary, and commercial woman s fiction Her debut novel, Fatal Embrace is a romantic suspense that was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine as a Red Hot Read Foolish Notions is a contemporary romance that has just a touch a mystery too Across Eternity is a beautiful love story that transcends time Visit Aris Whittier at awhittieror facebook ArisWhittierAris has also written non fiction as well The Truth About Being A Bass Fisherman s Wife was featured in many fishing magazines and sold in Bass Pro Shops It was rated one of the top Christmas gifts for the outdoors mans for under twenty bucks.

    2. Logan has spent most of his life looking for his soul mate. When he was a child she was his playmate and best friend that only he could see. But when he turned ten she was taken from him and “reborn”. Logan vowed to spend the rest of his life looking for her, and as he grew and dreamed about her he realized she was the only woman he would ever truly love. Awww, so romantically sweet. Flash forward twenty seven years and Logan’s now a rich, successful businessman and his lifelong search com [...]

    3. Previously published on my blog: fictionfervor.wordpress/20Across Eternity was a fairly pleasant read for me. After finishing it in a few hours (it’s fairly short – only about 300 pages), I immediately wrote this review.The main problem I had with reading the book were all of the grammatical errors. To normal people (yes, apparently I am not normal), the book’s typos would be easily forgiven. But I’m a grammar freak. Every time I stopped at a misspelled word, a misplaced apostrophe, or a [...]

    4. I am so excited I was able to read an arc copy of Across Eternity by Aris Whittier. I was really intrigued by this story. After reading the first few chapters I was unable to put this book down. I was so drawn into the story that I had to see what happened next. This is a love story that pulls at your heart. I was balling in more than one place. ( so make sure you have some tissue near by) Aris has told a emotional love story that makes you stop and really think. It does contain a few swear word [...]

    5. I persevered to the end but found this book really sickly sweet and repetitive. Perhaps I am just not romantic enough!

    6. One love for all your lives. The concept is so beautiful, so intriguing and is what made this book incredible and unique. Once I’d started, I just couldn’t stop reading. It was another of those so-beautiful-it-actually-hurts books, and I loved every minute of it.Logan first met her when he was three, before she was born – well, born in this time, at least. No one else could see her, because she was his, and he was hers and it had always been that way. It all changed when he was ten, becaus [...]

    7. Across Eternity begins with Logan Richards, glacially calm entrepreneur, who wants one thing in life - to find the one thing he doesn't have and has always yearned to find.n. Logan always had a "special friend", one that no one else could see or hear. When he turns ten, his best friend tells him its time for her to go, to be born. And he promises her he will find her. Fast forward 27 years. Logan finally finds her, this time in the body of Amber Lewis, waitress and a vet in the school of hard kn [...]

    8. Logan and Amber are destined to be together. They come together each time they are reincarnated. Before Amber was born this time, she was Logan's constant childhood companion. After she left to be born, Logan made it his mission to find her again. But Amber doesn't remember anything from before this current reincarnation. This is the story of their current meeting in time.This is a very romantic love story, based on the idea of destined love repeating through time. It was a very sweet read.I fou [...]

    9. So okay, My friend Debbie Robinson recommended this book. Before I!!!! The humanity.I cried. A lot. Yes, this book is not for the faint of heart. If you like a sweet, uncomplicated HEA, then this book is not for you. It is a love story, but ughAny who, I'm trying not to give anything away, other to say it is a beautifully, heartbreaking love story.Logan remembers his soul mate through his lifetimes. After 37 years, he finally finds her. Amber. Once Amber sees him, that's it. They beg [...]

    10. From first glance, this book reads as a love story that is at first sight, deep and life-changing, but upon further investigation the heart of this book is a matter of debate - reincarnation. First, let me express that I wasn't quite sure about this whole reincarnation thing as I was brought up that beyond your one life that you live there are two options - Heaven and Hell. Now that I studied religion in a school setting and I hold a minor in the study of religion - I respect the idea of reincar [...]

    11. Despite the many good reviews this book has received, I can't do it. This is one of those books I finished reading just because I wanted it over with. The reason it's not rated a one, is because at least I wanted to get the book finished and didn't just brush it aside.The characters are so unbelievable. And while that could be tolerable since the plot was also unbelievable (two people fall in love and reincarnation and that jazz,) it just wasn't handled well. Plot: Man and woman are two souls th [...]

    12. What if you only had one love for all of your lives? What if you keep meeting again and again during each reincarnation from Roman times to present? How would you react? How would you explain it to the other person who is completely innocent of it all?Across Eternity answers these questions and more. Logan Richards met Amber when he was three and she had yet to be born this time around. She was his waitress and they felt an immediate “knowing” that they kinda sorta knew each other. But they [...]

    13. Across Eternity is the story of Amber Lewis, a twenty-something waitress. One night she waits on Logan Richards, a wealthy, successful and smart thirty-seven year old man. Over the course of twenty-fours they fall madly in love. Logan seems familiar to Amber and he's desperate to get her to remember why.I think this book had a good plot outline for the most part, it just needed a lot more story and character development. There was too much telling me the story instead of showing me the story. I [...]

    14. I am so thankful that this book was recommended to me because I'm afraid I might never have found it if it wasn't for that and I'm beyond thankful I did. The premise behind this story pulled me in right from the beginning. Two souls bound together through multiple lifetimes lived and finding each other in a current one. It was well written, the characters were well developed and it pulls at your heartstrings and never stops pulling right up until the very end. This is an emotional read, so those [...]

    15. Reviewed for THC ReviewsAcross Eternity is a bittersweet love story about star-crossed soul mates who have spent many lifetimes together. After our intrepid hero spends his entire thirty-seven years searching the globe for his one true love, they finally reunite only to have this lifetime cut short. I've never read a love story centering around the idea of reincarnation, and I found it to be a unique and interesting premise. I really enjoyed the deep connection that Logan and Amber share, and ca [...]

    16. Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst.I received this title from the author in exchange for an honest review.3.5 stars!Sweet, Heartbreaking and Uplifting!The Rundown:What would you do with your life if you knew your time was limited or transmigratory? What would you do if you knew things others didn't? If you could see into the past, know the outcome of the present and have a certainty of the future that was unwavering?Logan Richards has this insight. From a very young age, he knew he [...]

    17. Across Eternity is. something. It's a beautiful love story, written by Aris Whittier. But it's not a typical love story. It is the story of soul mates Logan and Amber. It begins with Logan spotting Amber as he's driving down the street in the California coastal town he lives in. She is walking into a restaurant, and the prologue ends with the words "It's really her." Then the first chapter begins with the first time Logan meets her, when he is three years old. Warning: This will be a bit spoiler [...]

    18. book blurbBorn a genius; education, wealth, and prestige came easy to Logan Richards. Actually, there wasn't much that Logan couldn't learn or acquire. However, he knew there was more to life than money and power. Logan was determined to find the woman who he'd dreamed of his entire life and know what it was like to love her before he died.Amber Lewis, a waitress for a five-star restaurant in, Dana Point, California, was overworked, stressed, and wary of life since her sister, Heather, had passe [...]

    19. WHAT I THOUGHTI would like to see this as a movie is what I thought.It’s what you dream about, isn’t it, love that is so strong it lasts for eternity. In this case love lasted and travelled across time. Logan had waited a very long time for his love to be realised and oh what a love that was. Logan was completely and utterly in love with Amber and after finding her it didn’t take long for his love to be reciprocated, romance to blossom and deepen and become one of those everlasting loves w [...]

    20. "Remember, anything is possible." Those are Logan's words to Amber, shortly after he meets her in the fancy restaurant where she works.Yes, anything is possible. It is possible that two souls meant to be together, continuously find one another, time after time. That even death does not destroy the connection the two souls have to one another. Death simply disrupts their time, until they can be together again. That is what happens between Logan and Amber.Logan is a rich entrepreneur who is seekin [...]

    21. 4,5/5I feel extremely lucky that Aris Whittier asked me to review her book Across Eternity, and that I had a chance to read this amazing book. As soon as I read the summary, I was sold immediately and once I started reading I couldn't put it down.This book is about love, love, love, love! Eternal and unconditional love. Logan has spent all his life looking for the woman he could only dream about when he was young. Now, he finally finds her in Amber, a waiter in a five-star restaurant. Amber imed [...]

    22. (Review was originally posted on Alexa Loves Books)To be frank, the reason that Across Eternity really blew me away was because, going into it, I didn't know what to expect. When I first read the synopsis, I thought interesting. But then, thinking about it, I was really of a mind to believe that it was going to be your typical romance novel so I didn't go into it expecting something new and different from what I've read before. This book deserves the highest of praises from me, as it went so far [...]

    23. Do you believe in a soulmate? I do, I believe my husband is mine. He completes my heart and I truly would feel lost without him. What will happen when one of us dies? Will we meet again someday in Heaven or in another life?Across Eternity answers these questions in a profound story about how deep a love can be. I was drawn to Logan and Amber’s story and want to believe that their love can last through many lifetimes. The story starts in the present day with Logan’s desperate need to meet the [...]

    24. This review first appeared on my blog:knittingandsundries/20Logan Richards grew up in Napa Valley - a genius who started college at the age of 13, until he was 10 years old, he had an imaginary friend that visited him and talked to him all of the time.Amber Lewis is a waitress whose sister Heather died of cancer a year ago. Now she is just trying to work and find her way through life.When Logan sees Amber at a restaurant, he is instantly drawn to her. For this reader, the deep attraction was puz [...]

    25. This book has a brilliant theme and great reading. I was surprised by this romance and the way it was laid down on the pages. It is based on a theme of re-incarnation or the existence of more than just one life that hasn’t been overdone yet. This author picked a great theme, one that many adults wonder about and would love to read. Logan is a young boy who has a very special gift. He is aware of a lot more things than the adults around him know. He has a really special playmate, a girl who is [...]

    26. Logan has spent his whole life loving one woman. A woman he knew lifetime after lifetime. A woman he has to find in this lifetime before it is too late. Eventually, fate finds a way to bring them together.Amber has had a tough life. Absentee parents, the death of her sister and massive debt have made her not trust easily. But when her eyes meet Logan’s, she has no choice but to fall head over heels and give him both her heart and her trust.Across Eternity by Aris Whittier is a book about true [...]

    27. I enjoyed many things about this book. First, I liked the unwavering devotion of Logan. He was a man of strength and determination as well as patience. His persistence in finding his love was touching. While I, myself, do not believe in reincarnation, I do believe that we existed before this earth and that we continue on after this life. I really do believe that love can last an eternity and you are lucky if you can find and make a life of love and devotion with someone that will be fulfilling t [...]

    28. From my blog:When Logan Richards was just a small boy, a girl suddenly appeared to him. Not an imaginery friend, but, a kindred soul who was always at his side. No one else could see this girl, or even knew that she existed. But, for Logan, she was his best friend and constant companion. He knew, even at his young age, that she was his soulmate. Years later, during adolescence, things changed. The girl told Logan that she was going away. It was time for her to be born into the real world. And, o [...]

    29. Across Eternity is the story of Logan and Amber as they rediscover their love for each other. They have been lovers in many different lives and time periods. In this time period, Logan is a wealthy, wise, good-looking older man, and Amber is a young, vibrant, waitress who hasn't quite discovered her true self yet. As their relationship develops, it takes Amber longer to comprehend the full depth and scale of their love. Due to Logan's sizable amount of assets, they spend long days alone, with on [...]

    30. While I reading the synopsis for this book, Across Eternity by Aris Whittier, I had this slight feeling of deja vu as I thought it was highly similar to another book about reincarnation, My Name Is Memory by Ann Brashares. I was proven wrong when I began to read this book.Across Eternity is all about two people, Logan and Amber, whose souls kept meeting every time they were reincarnated. Logan, who meets a sort of 'imaginary friend' when he was younger, was told that this friend would be followi [...]

    31. Across Eternity is a beautifully written love story revolving around two soul mates who cross paths in every lifetime. Logan has spent most of his current life waiting for Amber. He sees versions of her in his dreams but never imagines that he will find her working in one of his restaurants. Their initial meeting made me laugh. Amber was so funny and feisty, never allowing Logan an easy exit. She knew immediately that he was hiding something from her and she wasn't patient about finding out his [...]

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