The Leopard Sword

The Leopard Sword The Empire series begins a new era Marcus has fled from Britannia but the emperor s henchmen are still on his trailBritannia has been subdued and the murderous Roman agents who nearly captured Marcus

  • Title: The Leopard Sword
  • Author: Anthony Riches Carolyn Caughey
  • ISBN: 9781444711820
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Empire series begins a new era Marcus has fled from Britannia, but the emperor s henchmen are still on his trailBritannia has been subdued and the murderous Roman agents who nearly captured Marcus Valerius Aquila, alias Corvus, have been defeated by his friends But in order to protect those very friends from the wrath of the emperor, Marcus must leave the province whiThe Empire series begins a new era Marcus has fled from Britannia, but the emperor s henchmen are still on his trailBritannia has been subdued and the murderous Roman agents who nearly captured Marcus Valerius Aquila, alias Corvus, have been defeated by his friends But in order to protect those very friends from the wrath of the emperor, Marcus must leave the province which has been giving him shelter He travels to the Tungrian auxiliary legion s headquarters in northern Gaul where a different kind of war and very different dangers await him.

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    1. Anthony Riches began his lifelong interest in war and soldiers when he first heard his father s stories about World War II This led to a degree in Military Studies at Manchester University He began writing the story that would become Wounds of Honour after a visit to Housesteads in 1996 He lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and three children.

    2. Where do I start with The Leopard Sword? Strangely, with a comparison.You see, I've been a fan of Tony's books since the first Empire novel, but to me there is a definitely change between the first three books and this fourth one that makes a comparison viable. I have recommended the first three novels to numerous people since I started them (and bought copies as presents for some) but the target audience for that recommendation was fairly specific. The Empire books have been distinctly miltary [...]

    3. This book is practically the epitome of the slow-burner.With the principle setting for the action having switched from Britannia, the location of the previous three books in the series, to Germania Inferior (roughly where modern day Belgium is), I was initially a little sceptical about whether there would still be the same level of ever-present threat such as that represented by the tribes of Britain being in open revolt like earlier in the series.One of the themes that set this story arc apart [...]

    4. I really love this series. I absolutly love the characters - it seems well-researched and is certainly well-written. Riches is for sure one of the best novelists around at the moment writing about the Romans. This is the best in the series. I couldn't put it down!!!Very good.

    5. Once again, be warned - if you’re looking for Jane Austin set in 183AD, you better go find some Jane Austen, or Phillipa Gregory, or…or… You know, the stuff that is basically ‘Mills and Boon’ masquerading as Historical Fiction. For girls. Chick Hist Fic. Lit. Etc.This is the fourth of Anthony Riches’ ‘Empire’ series and the first one to leave Britannia. As the series was clearly originally planned, or commissioned as a trilogy (you read the last chapters of #3 and disagree), I gu [...]

    6. SynopsisBritannia has been subdued - and an epic new chapter in Marcus Valerius Aquila's life begins.The murderous Roman agents who nearly captured Marcus have been defeated by his friends. But in order to protect those very friends from the wrath of the emperor, he must leave the province which has been giving him shelter. As Marcus Tribulus Corvus, centurion of the second Tungrian auxiliary cohort, he leads his men from Hadrian's Wall to the Tungrians' original home in Germania Inferior.There [...]

    7. Okay I'm new to this site and this is my first ever review, but here goes.This series had me hooked from the moment I picked up wounds of honour. I love reading about Romans and the way Anthony Riches has woven this story into a historically accurate backdrop makes it all the better. Marcus Valarius Aquilla (Corvus) is fast becoming one of my favourite characters in any of the books I've read.Riches may be by all accounts 'the new kid on the block' when it comes to historical fiction but he's ju [...]

    8. 2012. FWFTB: Tungrorum, violent, bandit, hidden, helmet. The 4th book in the Empire series – there was no way that I was not going to be reading this one. Sadly, I now seem to have caught up with the publications so it looks as if I have a long wait ahead of me for the next one. Sometimes, the honesty of the author regarding the writing process serves to distract me from the read as a whole. In this case, Mr Riches mentioned a plot point problem which I was trying to identify from the start of [...]

    9. The Leopard Sword is the fourth in the Empire series. The first three were set on Hadrian's Wall with young Centurion Marcus Tribulus Corvus hiding under an assumed name, escaping the politics of Rome. The books centred on his adventures on the Wall and the barbarians beyond, while finding him home in the camaraderie of his Legion colleagues. Very entertaining they were too, but Anthony Riches was wise enough to realise he needed to throw something fresh into the series, and indeed he has.The Le [...]

    10. While this is the fourth book in the most excellent Empire series, it is the first one that I have reviewed…when I read the first three I had yet to begin my pseudo-career as a book reviewer. In this volume we find the Tungrians posted to their original home in Germania Inferior to seek out and destroy the bandit gangs that are disrupting the grain trade in the area. The worst of the bandits is lead by a mysterious cavalry masked villain who goes by the name of Obduro, an ardent worshiper of t [...]

    11. I have read all of Anthony Riches' books, but for me, this has been his best, in what has so far been a solid series.The story was reasonably complex and had enough twists and turns to keep me entertained until the very last few pages without going over the top.(thus inducing that 'WTF?' moment that you get with some other books.)The characters were three-dimensional and in my opinion, the strongest part of the book. We have a fantastic leading man, but his mates aren't that bad either. Add into [...]

    12. well, the story gets a little farfetched in this one. The antagonist has a sword of Damascus steel. While it is known that the Damascus steel made great swords, the closest the ancient world came to modern steel alloys, this one also has magic! Some of the feats done with this sword would be physically impossible. Just because a metal blade is harder than another, it would still take a tremendous amount of force to cut through another blade. Even the hardest tempered steel made today could not c [...]

    13. Another holiday library found. Unfortunately the 4th in series. But just means I will have to read all the others. A cracker of a read. Very enjoyable characters and storyline.

    14. Marcus has made it to Book 4 and we are promised by the end many more. Now however he is out of Britain, and this becomes puzzling in that the adversary here that the man we know is the hero of the story, is the Centurion, out of all his choice of officers to look into, that needs to be investigated to the point that he learns Marcus' secret. Riches falls into this trap that he believes his tale of the comic book like Marcus needs to be full of this dark past that must haunt his character in eve [...]

    15. In this book, #4 in the series about the adventures of a fugitive Roman centurion Marcus Tribulus Corvus and his comrades, the Tungrian auxiliary cohort travels to Tungrorum, to protect grain supplies from the attacks of a notorious local bandit called Obduro, who tries to instigate a rebellion. Or is he?I'm getting tired of saying this about Riches' books but this is another great installment in what is an awesome series about army life on the frontier. This book is slightly different than the [...]

    16. Although not quite as good as the last two, this fourth book in the Empire series was still very good. Apparently Riches has a long term contract (10-12 books) with a new book approximately every six months, so if you are looking for a really good series on Roman Auxiliaries, then look no further. My only complaint is that supposedly the fifth book has already been published in the UK but is unavailable to date here in the States; hopefully this will not be an ongoing concern for future books as [...]

    17. For me a return to form as I just couldn't get into the last one. A straightforward enough plot is one of the strengths for this book. Too many similar stories become convoluted so the get the bandits save the town is welcome in its simplicity. Riches keeps the pace rolling along well and flips between characters more easily. But while it is a short time period only one character has any development. But then you don't read these books for that do you. This was quite enjoyable. Less was more, an [...]

    18. Klasické oddechové čtivo sloužící k ukojení mého zájmu o historii starověkého Říma. Jedno plus to má - autor má evidentně velký přehled a znalosti o tom, jak to chodilo v římských legiích v době, kdy začalo jít do tuhého a Řím měl co dělat, aby se ubránil barbarským kmenům. Určitě by stálo za to tuto sérii zfilmovat

    19. Another adventurous chapter in the Marcus Aquila mysteries. I really love these books for their historical detail, coupled with fantastic mystery writing. Riches paints a vivid picture of a soldier's life in the 2nd century. In Obduro he created an intriguing, easy-to-hate, villain. A wonderful read.

    20. Really enjoyed this one as well. looking forward to the next one coming out in paperback, will definitely keep following the series.An interesting tale with a few twists and turns. This one tones down the main characters of the past books a little and brings one of the previously less important characters to the front.

    21. As others have said, this is the best in the series thus far and a well-written and very enjoyable read. Moving the story location injected a freshness into the series that provided a firm foundation for this latest episode.

    22. Not a bad read by any stretch of the imagination but it didn't quite live up to the very high standards the author had set himself with the first 3 books. Hopefully the next one will see us back on track.

    23. Great book, he knows a lot about soldiers humour, its his best book so far,defo worth ago for a Roman era book. 5 stars

    24. Another good read , though this book moves away from the endless battles of the previous , as the plot revolves around a bandit leader and how to bring him down.It almost reads like a who dunnit

    25. The fourth in the superb Empire series. So good to see Marcus Valerius Aquila again, not to mention Arminius, Martos, Julius, Felicia and most especially Dubnus! Review to follow shortly.

    26. another very good opus in the Empire series.Great characters, strong story. definitely a page-turner series :)

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