Fourteen Arianna Weller has never fit in with the other kids at her high school The daughter of the only lawyer in town she s overweight compared to everyone else Being picked on and put down by her peers has

  • Title: Fourteen
  • Author: C.M. Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Arianna Weller has never fit in with the other kids at her high school The daughter of the only lawyer in town, she s overweight compared to everyone else Being picked on and put down by her peers has become normal expected.When she has a bad run in with Evan, the boy she s had a crush on for 4 years, she decides to bide her time until she s out of high school and off toArianna Weller has never fit in with the other kids at her high school The daughter of the only lawyer in town, she s overweight compared to everyone else Being picked on and put down by her peers has become normal expected.When she has a bad run in with Evan, the boy she s had a crush on for 4 years, she decides to bide her time until she s out of high school and off to college where she can start over.Evan Drake has never had to worry about not being popular He s on the baseball team, has friends than he knows what to do with, and he doesn t care about anyone that s not in his circle So when he is forced to work with Arianna for a science fair project, he decides that dealing with her is just an unfortunate circumstance until he sees what he s done to her.The road to forgiveness and acceptance is not smooth Overcoming peer pressure, jealousy, miscommunications, and social prejudices is never easy especially in high school Evan and Arianna have to learn things the hard way and answer one important question Is it worth it

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    2 thoughts on “Fourteen

    1. C.M Smith doesn t remember ever not writing or reading Like so many young children, her mother and grandmother read to her every night before she went to bed and before long, she d decided to try her hand at writing something of her own She has spent the better part of her life writing short stories or novels that she s only shared with a few select people She finally took the plunge in late 2009 and decided to publish her first novel, Fourteen.C.M lives in upstate New York with her family.

    2. Another special snowflake who thinks filing the VIN off of her mess of a fan fiction is appropriate or ethical. I gave it latitude as a fan fiction. It's utterly ridiculous to think this was appropriate to "publish" (outside of the whole taking someone else's characters and trying to profit, fucking ridiculous). The plot was not only improbable it was made impossible by the fact Edward changed his tune almost overnight (something like two weeks).

    3. As the constant target of ridicule, Arianna Weller isn't exactly thrilled to be paired up with the hottest guy in school, Evan Drake, for a science fair project (Really? Seniors in High School still have to do Science Fair project? I thought that was a grade school thing. The last one I did was a hot air balloon in the 5th grade. *shrugs*), and Evan is even less so. Doing their best to work with the situation, they decide to try to be friendsuntil Evan begins to see Anna in a different light. Us [...]

    4. I really did enjoy this. It was thought provoking and eye opening. While at first, when reading, I wasn't sure if I really liked Anna. The victim of verbal abuse at school, she kept this shell around her and tried to let everything bounce off of her, being used to it since middle school all for being a plus size girl (and not that much more plus size). At first, this kind of annoyed me. I had wanted to see her softer side. It wasn't until I finished the book and actually thought about it that I [...]

    5. This was an awesome book. Bullying comes in all forms. Anna has been the butt of everyone’s jokes for as long as she could remember. The thing is she has done nothing to warrant it except being larger than they think she should be. Instead of retaliating she built a wall around herself. I like to say that the wall protected her from hurt but it is obvious it didn’t. As she and Evan become an item I was often exasperated with her responses to him. Then it hit me that she really had no reason [...]

    6. 2.5 stars I thinkAlthough dearly in need of an appointment with an editor for some major syntax issues and an over abundance of completely superfluous commas, I did enjoyed this quick read for what it was - a converted fan fiction. I didn't go into it expecting incandescent prose or an epic adventure worthy of J. K. Rowling, so I wasn't at all disappointed with what I got.The story, while nothing new and certainly not entirely captivating, was fast moving (at some times to the detriment of chara [...]

    7. I really liked the plot of the story. It gave hope to a fat person like me(how I wish a guy like Evan notice me and we'll live happily ever after!!! whahahaahaa!) Anyway, the novel is short unlike others. The characters are not that many and the story, mostly, revolves around the main characters only

    8. I find it hard to believe that a book can be published when there's clearly a huge need for editing. If you can see past that and still make sense then sure it could be readable and maybe, maybe enjoyable

    9. Fun-FUCKING-tastic !!!! God.I love the story. I wondered why it took a long time for me to finally read it. Now, I know why is because of the coverI meane on an orchid for a novel called ‘Fourteen’what the heck uninteresting and dullbut as soon as I read the first wordIt got me hooked up and I even believed that we shouldn’t judge anything from the cover, especially this C.M Smith’s masterpiece. Fourteen.It was not a bad number. It was not that great, either. It used to be an eighteen; s [...]

    10. I read Fourteen as part of a book tour for The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House.What I Liked: I am a romance reader whether it is contemporary, historical, paranormal, steampunk, adult, young adult, whatever. If there is romance, I'll give it a shot. Fourteen is all about the young adult romance. If you like the whole story to be 'will they or won't' they make it work, this book is for you. There is tension, backstabbing, first love, reformed characters, bullyingyou name it for young adult, [...]

    11. I began this book thinking the synopsis would be better than the actual book. I assumed Anna would be whiny and annoyingly self conscious. At first I thought she was, but as I got wrapped up in the story I noticed that she was not only acting the way I assumed she would, but it wasn't annoying. She sounded real. Wrongly hurt by people who don't understand her, and trying to get by with defenses up against everyone. But, the great thing is, she pulls it off without sounding annoying, and, instead [...]

    12. Arianna Weller is a size fourteen. The kids at school bully her by calling her fat and generally humiliating her. It’s the end of her senior year, and she knows if she just holds tight, she’ll be out of there soon and never have to deal with these ignorant kids again.When Arianna is paired up for a science project with super hot Evan Drake, the school’s most popular boy and the guy Arianna has had a crush on for years, she’s afraid of what might happen. Evan is one of the guys who humili [...]

    13. I started this book yesterday night and could stop the crying. I'm a mess right now, so I'm going to start this review by stating the obvious: you will need lots and lots of tissues. Bring a whole box! And don’t read this one in public if you don’t want people looking funny at you because you can’t stop the floods from your eyes.Fourteen is the story about a teenage girl that has "curves", as a friend of mine would say. She is a size 14 and doesn’t seem to get any thinner. Arianna is cou [...]

    14. This Pg book was so difficult to read yet sweet as ever. I cannot imagine being bullied like that and still finding it in your heart to forgive time and time again. The things Evan said were so harsh and I know he was a changed man, but still, that was a hell of a lot to get over. The transition to dating was so quick At that instance I didn't feel the connection between them. I mean, the connection was definitely there closer to the end, but I still felt that quick date was a 180 too quickly fo [...]

    15. I felt like this story was deja vu'. Oh, no, that's just my life I was thinking about. I really felt close to Anna- she was "real" and you could relate to her "pain". I think I was shedding tears at some point in each chapter. I also really liked Evan he was very brave to "change". Fast read because I just wanted to get to a HEA! ;)(*Not sure, but I think this story may have been originally posted as a fanfiction I just felt like I had read this story somewhere before however, I still really enj [...]

    16. This was a good book. It definitely would have been something I read in high school. While I wasn't bullied, I wasn't Miss Popular by a long shot. Smith did a good job of capturing the bitterness and the not being able to let go one feels when in Anna's situation. Read my full review at Girl Who Reads

    17. Bullying is such a wide spread epidemic and almost every child has or will be effected by it at some time in their life. This book gave you a glimpse of what emotional damage can be had from cruelty from others. I'm not so sure most children are as strong as Anna in this book but I would hope they could be. I recommend this book to EVERYONE young and old.

    18. Tolle Geschichte aber Sie könnte viel mehr Charakter haben. Ich finde auch in so einer Situation kann man mit erhobenem Kopf zur Schule ohne sich runter kriegen zu lassen. Am Schluß ging es doch auch.Ich war auch keine Superbeliebte. Aber wenn man mit sich im reinen ist ist alles genau richtig.Oder man währt sich mit einer frechen Klappe ;)

    19. This book was excellent although I think a bit unrealistic. I don't know how many "popular" guys would just all of a sudden fall in love with someone who was constantly picked on in high school. That being said, I really enjoyed reading this book and am glad that it addressed bullying in high school and that kids are willing to stand up for each other.

    20. It's similar to The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend by Kody Keplinger, just a little darker.

    21. Really loved this book.I felt really sorry for the main character and you couldn't help but root for her. I could really relate to the character and her situation.And will read this story again at some point.

    22. This was a great book that I read in one sitting. From the beginning it had me crying and sympathizing with Anna. I loved the conversations that Anna and Evan had and felt myself sitting there with them. It's a story about learning to trust, overcoming self-esteem issues, and forgiveness.

    23. started it at 6 last night read till i was done a wealth of depth written in these pages. prood leapords do change thier spots

    24. Nothing special, really. The ending was predictable, but overall it was okay. Good way to lose a few hours.

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