Border Crossings

Border Crossings Two worlds collide when the violence of one of Mexico s most violent cartels spills over the border An American college student has gone missing in Cancun The police and government are interested in p

  • Title: Border Crossings
  • Author: Michael Weems
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Two worlds collide when the violence of one of Mexico s most violent cartels spills over the border.An American college student has gone missing in Cancun.The police and government are interested in protecting the popular vacation destination s image than finding the truth.Catherine James has been hired to find the missing girl, but she soon discovers herself in deepTwo worlds collide when the violence of one of Mexico s most violent cartels spills over the border.An American college student has gone missing in Cancun.The police and government are interested in protecting the popular vacation destination s image than finding the truth.Catherine James has been hired to find the missing girl, but she soon discovers herself in deep with the cartel Catherine has no choice but to turn to an ex lover for help, a former Marine named Matt with whom she shares acomplicated past Together they do what nobody else is willing to do take on the cartel to find out the truth about what s happened to the missing girl.Meanwhile, Yesenia is a young Mexican woman lured by the same cartel with the promise of a better life across the border only to find herself forced into modern day slavery, a victim of human trafficking Having escaped from her prison but a witness to a murder, she must now run for her life with the cartel hot on her trail.

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    2 thoughts on “Border Crossings

    1. Michael Weems Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Border Crossings book, this is one of the most wanted Michael Weems author readers around the world.

    2. I read the updated (edited and corrected) Kindle edition. Found very few grammatical or spelling errors. The story - wow - it was well written and I'm really kind of surprised its self-published - a good editor with a major publisher should have seen through the spelling issues and snatched it up. I liked this book very much. The intersecting plots were intriguing and I could not wait to see what happened next. I look forward to reading more from this author.

    3. Having spent 20 years "crossing borders" and knowing many others who have done so as well- both legally and surrepticiously- this book captivated me. The heroine's almost miraculous ability to solve things, and her innumerable connections are a little hard to believe, but it was still a good read. I found the details of the interwoven story lines very similar to many real-life scenarios and news stories over the years. I found myself thinking everyone with an opinion about "the border" should re [...]

    4. This was a bit of a tough read, but very likely true to life. It was worth the time for the reminder of the problem with human trafficing.

    5. Wow, what an action packed story! And with it being over 700 pages (then an additional two chapters of the author's newest book to boot), it was quite the read. I have to admit, however, that I had a difficult time going to sleep after completing it, with that being due to the subject matter and all the violence/killing that took place within it. I frequently travel through the area author Weems described in the book - i.e the Texas area near Guadalupe Mountains and near the Mexican border - and [...]

    6. This had the potential to be a really good book. The topics it covered are relevant today to the violence, drug cartels, illegal human smuggling and kinappings going on in Mexico. However the author's writing was very simplistic and boring and there were soooo many grammatical errors that it was very distracting. This was a free Kindle book so I only hope someone edits it before it goes into print.

    7. A self published kindle freebie, I wasn't expecting much after the last one that I read. I was however, pleasantly surprised, this was a fast-paced thriller with a kick ass female protagonist that I could relate to. The twists and turns were epically good and I'm surprised that they author couldn't get this published the traditional way. All in all a great read.

    8. While the story was interesting, this book was probably the most poorly written (grammar and spelling) book I have ever read.

    9. This is another random book I found on my Kindle so who knows if this was a freebie or one I did pay a bit for. But either way, I'd certainly be willing to purchase this full price if I had to.I was gripped from the first line of the book. I couldn't work out how the plot lines ended up crossing paths - they seemed so disparate and so I read on, and on, always looking for connections. In the end the connection really is rather tenuous but I didn't mind - it made me feel like I had two stories fo [...]

    10. Border Crossings is a disturbing book, one that gripped me tight and held on. The topic is a hard, desperate struggle to comprehend. As Catherine James says at one point: you really don't know until you've been there. The story of the Mexican girls in Texas literally gave me nightmares in which I was desperately trying to escape the life they are forced to live. Weems paints a grim and heart wrenching picture of what can and assuredly does happen to girls who are just looking for a better life.T [...]

    11. I go to Mexico a lot and the main rule in Mexico is support their economy and mind your own business as you are in a different country. Everyone is very friendly and love Americans. This book portrays the majority of Mexico and its people in a false light. Typical of anyone who's never been. There are of course bad people but every country in the world has its good and bad. Anyway, I enjoyed the story line even though my Kindle edition has a lot of grammatical errors. Julio is my favorite chara [...]

    12. This book was really goodbut I can't give it the 5 stars it would deserve because of a couple of things. For one, the grammatical errors are abundant and at several parts, I had to re-read and edit to the best of my ability. This distracted me from a good story. Another reason is that there were some lose ends that bother me. Without giving anything away, I have no examples to offer. It really bothered me that some things were never wrapped up tightly. However, the story line was great and minus [...]

    13. Two different stories running side by side. On one side a young American girl is murdered bythe drug cartel in CanCun, at the same time a young mexican girl has been smuggled into theU.S. under the assumption they they would aid her in finding work, however she was kept in a traileralong with other young girls and was made to be a prostitute, also by the drug cartels. Interestingstories, just a little to unbelievable as an American woman and her former lover stepped in tojust about single handed [...]

    14. Author says he's not a good editor and he's right. The errors aren't big but would be easily caught with some diligence. Grammatical errors and capitalization are annoying bumps in the ride. The story suffers from lack of imaging and believe ability. Catherine sure is good with a gun, which is unexplained as she's a contract lawyer. The Mex. kid sure knows his English--very well spoken for a homeless street kid. The Mex. cops give her and Matt a lot of leeway--too much, making things too easy. I [...]

    15. This is a solid book by Michael Weems. The setting involves running females from Mexico to America to be prostitutes. That is enough of the plot, becaue I don't want to destroy the book for you. It is a book that is interesting, provocatve, and provides you with a wonderful story as well. What more could you ask?J. Robert Ewbank author "Wesle's Wars" and "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms"

    16. It was a good book overall that reflected the extremely dark and painful world of human trafficing mixed with drug trafficing. I did find the deeds of the hero and heroin (tortured and killing)with the perpetrators to be a little unbelievable as far as in reality, they would not get away with a lot of what they did. There were a lot of grammaticle mistakes in this book but as I said, overall I did like it.

    17. Great story, but I think the book went from the author's draft to the publishing company. There are glaring grammar errors throughout the story. A college girl on spring break in Cancun, Mexico, is kidnapped and murdered. This is the beginning of the story that leads to investigation of Mexican drug cartels, illegal crossings at the Mexican-US border, drugs being brought into the US and Mexican girls being sold into prostitution. A mystery thriller with plenty of action.

    18. Great thriller.When young college girls head off for spring break to Cancun, they are seeking only a temporary break from life not a permanent end to life. When young girls from Mexico head off, they are looking for a better life across the border, only to discover that the U.S. is not the "land of the free".Great characters, great story. The only thing keeping this from 5 stars is the delay on merging the storylines.

    19. A phenomenal book! Deep, rich characters, and a solid, well-developed plot make me think this book somehow fell though the publishing cracks. There were some grammatical issues with the ebook, but other than that, I HIGHLY recommend this very eye-opening novel. Sheds light on the lengths people go to in order to come to America, and the tragic and scary drug cartel situation in Mexico. Excellent book, and I can't wait for the sequel that it appears may be coming down the line.

    20. I actually found this book by accident on my nook. I was waiting for some to finish a book I wanted to read and found this as a lend me copy from a friend. I couldn't put this book down. Yes there may be some grammatical errors but it doesn't take anything from the story. I loved this and if you are looking for something a little different but a great story then you need to read this book!!!!!!!

    21. Kept my interest. Several stories told in alternating chapters. Looks like #1 in the author's Catherine James series. Murdered tourist, border crossing from Mexico across Rio Grande into USA, sex trafficking, cartels, and romance.m. Strong and weak writing. Indie publish with lots of typos which is exceedingly distracting. Same author as Ghosts of Varner Creek but very different genre.

    22. Border crossing was a very timely read for me. I happened to be in Southern Arizona for the first time! I also experienced the presence of Border Patrol everywhere for the first time. The book grabbed me from the start and was a page turned to the very end. The author has a gritty style. I would recommend this book.

    23. I liked this book as it delivered a difficult message very simply without too much overplay, I was affected by the characters that were important and not distracted by unnecessary characterisation or scene setting. I found it in the kindle store as a freebie and on the whole not too disappointed regardless of spelling/grammar issues.

    24. I was really impressed by the way two seemingly unrelated stories came together. although the intro is a bit confusing with chapters going back and forth between situations, the piece weaves together well. you will become invested in the characters. my one issue is that there is a lot of violence in this; it is not gratuitous, but be aware that this will have a fair amount of violent situations.

    25. Since I have crossed many borders, and live across the border from the U.S. this book kept me on the edge of my seat. Mr. Weems has spun a tale that which could be taking place at this very moment. He did an amazing job of combining different characters, but still kept the fast pace throughout the book.I'll be reading more, to be sure, by this author

    26. I got this book off as a freebie & after reading it I would have happily paid.What a fantastic read.Interesting to see as well that it was self published.A lot of people said it had a lot of grammar errors etc. but I only noticed one spelling mistake.A must read.

    27. great book, pulled from the headlines. action packefd and kept you wanting to read more. A shame to know stuff like this is happening still today. Makes me miss the days when i lived in south Texas and we could walk across the border dshop, eat, and not have to worry.

    28. 02/10/2012Hi all,Edits complete and the paperback is now out. I also just got a really nice review from Patricia C. Doerner, acclaimed biographer. I'm excited to see how people like the new edition after all the edits that were made. Hope you all enjoy!Michael Weems

    29. A fast paced thriller that I couldn't put down. It showed the ugly side of both human trafficking and the drug cartels. I couldn't help but think of the American girl who disappeared on Spring Break in Aruba a few years ago.

    30. This is a really great read. Full of mystery, corruption, intrigue, and set in Mexico for added flavor. I definitely plan to read more books by this author! I especially enjoyed his character Catherine James

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