An Elephant in the Garden

An Elephant in the Garden With Lizzie s father fighting in World War II her mother takes on the job of a zoo keeper to provide for her family Lizzie her mother and her eight year old brother Karli have become especially att

  • Title: An Elephant in the Garden
  • Author: Michael Morpurgo
  • ISBN: 9780312593698
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With Lizzie s father fighting in World War II, her mother takes on the job of a zoo keeper to provide for her family Lizzie, her mother, and her eight year old brother Karli have become especially attached to an orphaned elephant named Marlene The bombing of Dresden is imminent and soon, so the zoo director explains that as a precautionary measure all the animals must beWith Lizzie s father fighting in World War II, her mother takes on the job of a zoo keeper to provide for her family Lizzie, her mother, and her eight year old brother Karli have become especially attached to an orphaned elephant named Marlene The bombing of Dresden is imminent and soon, so the zoo director explains that as a precautionary measure all the animals must be destroyed so that they re not running wild through the city Lizzie s mother persuades the director to allow Marlene, the elephant, to come stay in the family s garden.As predicted, Dresden is bombed, and the family, including Marlene, is forced from the city Lizzie and her family aren t alone Thousands of Dresden residents are fleeing to find somewhere safe to stay Lizzie s mother has to find a different route out of the city to keep the elephant and the children safe from harm Once they reach the abandoned home of their relatives, they come across Peter, a Canadian navigator who, by putting himself at risk of capture to save the family, gains their trust This unlikely grouping of family, elephant, and enemy turned ally come together beautifully to illustrate the importance of love, resolve, and hope.

    • Free Read [Biography Book] ç An Elephant in the Garden - by Michael Morpurgo ✓
      109 Michael Morpurgo
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    1. Michael Morpurgo is the author of many books for children, five of which have been made into films He also writes his own screenplays and libretti for opera Born in St Albans, Hertfordshire, in 1943, he was evacuated to Cumberland during the last years of the Second World War, then returned to London, moving later to Essex After a brief and unsuccessful spell in the army, he took up teaching and started to write He left teaching after ten years in order to set up Farms for City Children with his wife They have three farms in Devon, Wales and Gloucestershire, open to inner city school children who come to stay and work with the animals In 1999 this work was publicly recognised when he and his wife were awarded an MBE for services to youth He is also a father and grandfather, so children have always played a large part in his life Every year he and his family spend time in the Scilly Isles, the setting for three of his books.

    2. Inspired by two true events described the afterword, this novel is narrated by an elderly woman (Lizzie) in a nursing home telling the story of her youth in Dresden Germany during World War II. Her mother was a zookeeper, who brought a young elephant home nightly to their private garden out of fear for the mammal's safety. When the bombing begins on a snowy winter night, Lizzie flees with her mother, younger brother, and Marlene, the elephant. They flee to the country, only to find a Canadian na [...]

    3. A frail and elderly Lizzie tells the story of her youth in Dresden Germany during World War II. Her father was fighting on the Russian front. Her mother was a zookeeper and fearing for the safety of the young elephant, she brought the animal home each night to their private garden. But the war is taking a toll on everyone and when the bombing begins on a snowy February night the family must flee the burning city. How can they possibly evade enemy troops with an elephant in tow?What a wonderful a [...]

    4. This was a children’s book (probably for ages between 9 and 12) verrrry loosely based on real events during WW2 where an elephant was rescued from a Belfast zoo. It was a sweet story that only lightly touched on the horrors of the war and gave the perspective of Non-Nazi German citizens and their struggles with becoming fugitives in their own country. The characters felt a little flat and the story predictable but then again I am not the target reader.

    5. Despite the intriguing title and the promise of a mystery revealed, this is a very slow book to start. I've read a lot of Morpurgo and none has the almost interminable creep of the first half of this book. Morpurgo tries a variation on his usual framing device in this story and, rather than a tale of youth bookended by an adult narrator's musings, the reflections are interspersed throughout.Lizzie is a solitary old woman in a nursing home who often speaks of the time she had an elephant in her g [...]

    6. According to Michael Morpurgo (War Horse), “An Elephant in the Garden,” was inspired by a true story of an elephant rescued from the Belfast Zoo during WWII. The story begins in a nursing home in Canada with Lizzie, an aging woman who feels compelled to tell her life story to a 9 year old boy, the son of one of the nurses. Lizzie describes her life in Dresden, Germany during WWII. Lizzie and her younger brother are generally content until their father is sent to fight on the Russian front. T [...]

    7. This book should be a movie! I want to see this one in theaters. What a fantastic read! Before reading this book, the cover art of the elephant is beautiful and serene, quite a contrast to the raging fires of the bombed city in the background. When I read the jacket, I wasn't quite sure to expect, and I judged it from the description on the book jacket ("Oh, another World War 2 novel"), but to readers who think similarly: don't. This book sets itself apart.This book centers around this young per [...]

    8. During WWII, Lizzie's mother works as a zookeeper to help provide for her family while her husband is away fighting. Lizzie, her mother, and her younger brother become especially attached to a young orphaned elephant named Marlene. With the bombings of Dresden imminent, the zoo animals are going to be put down as a precautionary measure, but Lizzie's mother gets permission to let the elephant stay in family garden. As the bombs begin to fall, city residents, including Lizzie's family along with [...]

    9. I think the book was great. I wrote a essay on it so here it is. There are many different ways that characters were self centered. Just some of the characters who were self centered at times were: Mutti,Lizzie, and Hans. They were self centered in different situations. Although, they all cared about themselves at first,but then came to care more about others. Michael Morpurgo uses the craft technique symbolism in An Elephant in the Garden. I inferred that Marlene running away the second time. is [...]

    10. It's always a great day when books unexpectedly show up in your classroom. It becomes an even better day when this book is nestled contently within the confines of that box waiting for you to discover it. The title instantly attracted me to this book. How does an elephant just casually live in the garden? Once I read the brief synopsis on the back, it didn't take much convincing that I needed to read this book. Within the first few chapters of Lizzie's story, I realized that this story needed to [...]

    11. I had a Barnes and Noble email the other day that mentioned "An Elephant in the Garden" as a listing in the children's books, then went on to say it was by Michael Morpurgo the author of "War Horse." I thought I would check it out. Found it in the children's section at Central Library.In this story a German family escapes the Dresden bombing with the young elephant the mother has been taking care of at the zoo. The odd group of refugees form a family escaping towards the Americans and away from [...]

    12. This story is probably a true story. 1940, England, Lizzy, her mother and her eight year old brother, Karli, are in deadly World War ii. They live in a small village, and have experienced various traumatizing bombings from the Nazis. When their village's zoo is getting bombed, no one helps the helpless animals in despair, except for empathetic Karli and his family. They try to save all the animals but they don't manage to save all of them, except an adorable elephant named Marlene! They have to [...]

    13. An Elephant in the Garden is about a family of three that lives in Dresden. Lizzie, Karli and their mom Mutti. Their father is fighting in World War II. Mutti works at a zoo, and has a very close relationship with this elephant. When they hear that Dresden is going to be bombed and they have to kill all the animals, Mutti forces the head of the zoo to let her keep the elephant Marlene in the garden. Unfortonaly Desden ended up getting bombed.Their family escaped just like may other families in t [...]

    14. I loved this book! It is yet another wonderful example of Young adult genre transcends a specific age category.During WWII Dresden Germany was blasted/bombed unmercifully. This is a tale of an older woman, now in a nursing home, who recounts the story of her brave mother who worked in the zoo and fearing that an elephant she had tended since its childhood would die in the war, brought the animal home.When Dresden was bombed the family left the ruined city and made a trek westward with the elepha [...]

    15. By the author of War Horse, Michael Morpurgo. Inspired by a true story. (see newsc/2/hi/uk_news/no) One of the best historical novels I've read this year. As he writes in his author's note, Mr. Morpurgo was inspired by not only historical facts, but by his admiration for the animals he calls "the noblest and wisest, and most sensitive of all creatures." This is a story of kindness and love woven into the travesties of war. 9780312593698

    16. 3.5Definitely a unique story. The beginning seemed a little slow, but it picked up. An interesting use of point of view. A different angle on war. Fascinating how Morpurgo pieced everything together from various true historical events. I recommend for those looking for something a bit out of the ordinary or for those who value various angles on war and peace.Next stop, War Horse!

    17. An Elephant in the Garden shares an unusual story of war. At the same time that it is devastating and tragic, it is uplifting and hopeful. Lizzie is old and frail; so fragile that she has been moved into a nursing home. The narrator of the book is a nurse there. She is also a single mom, so on weekends, snow days or days when she takes on extra hours her son Karl comes too. If the weather is right, he brings his friends and they play in the snow outside the home – often to the great delight of [...]

    18. An Elephant in the Garden:Michael Morpurgo's Elephant in the Garden is about a family displaced by war. Set in Germany in 1945, it explores the story of Elizabeth, her brother Karli and their mother, not to mention their pet elephant Marlene! As a result of the war their father is enlisted to join the army forcing their mother to take on work at a local zoo. It is here that she comes across an orphaned elephant called Marlene who the family befriend. As a result of the war, and with Russian troo [...]

    19. Reason for Reading: I like the author and would simply read anything he wrote.This story set during WWII is from a perspective which I don't read much of, that of the everyday German family. I have read books from the German perspective but usually they are hiding Jews and that would be the focus of the story. An Elephant in the Garden does not really explore the War itself very much, outside of what this middle class pacifist family would know from the propaganda they were fed. Before the war a [...]

    20. What a story! From the blurb on the back and the front cover of the book, it would have been hard to guess the story line, which prompts the saying 'never judge a book by it's cover!' This book tells the story of Lizzie who is a patient at a nursing home retelling of her tale of when there was an elephant in her garden. This story no one had believed before, until the son of one of the nurses insists that Lizzie tells him the whole story of the elephant. Lizzie's story is of how her mother had w [...]

    21. This international book is written by an award winning British author, Michael Morpurgo. You might know him from his book, "War Horse." The touching story begins with an elderly woman, Elizabeth, beginning her story by telling of how an “elephant was in her garden” to a nurse and her son in a nursing home. Elizabeth begins her story by telling about growing up in Dresden, Germany at the start of WWII. The story follows her through the course of the war, but the excitement in the book really [...]

    22. I honestly read this book in one day because I could not put it down! What feels like what should be a slow start grabs you right from the beginning and does not let up until the last page. The story has every bit of greatness you yearn from a book: historical basis, family dynamics, endless amounts of hope, hints of wild imagination, happy memories from your childhood, and of course, a love story. The story starts with a woman in a nursing home, looking to tell her story, the story no one belie [...]

    23. Wonderful tale of a families survival during WW2 - survival by elephant, you might say! Papi has been sent to the Russian front to fight, and Mutti is working for the zoo in Dresden when the zoo director tells his staff the plans for killing the zoo animals when the inevitable bombing of Dresden begins. Mutti can't bear the idea of killing Marlene, the orphan baby elephant, now just 4 years old. She convinced the zoo director to let her take Marlene home with her, across the park, where she can [...]

    24. 3.5 starsAfter finding out that there's a warehouse not far from the school i teach at, i decided to get my students books as holiday gifts. As preparation, I had them select their favorite genre. I had two students choose historical fiction: a boy and a girl. The warehouse had War Horse, so I picked that up. And then I noticed this one nearby and thought I'd read it first before deciding whether to gift it or not.Having the present-day bracket for the WWII story struck me as both a good thing [...]

    25. First of all I’d just like to mention that 97.53% of this book was walking. It’s basically all they did. (In case you’re wondering, the other 2.47% was sleeping). There was literally so much walking and at times it was a little boring because there were constant descriptions of the cold weather.However, a couple of times I was genuinely petrified to turn over the page because there were so many surprises, sometimes terrifying, sometimes exciting and sometimes both. But then it just went ba [...]

    26. Work off tardy Lizzie mother get a job at the zoo, she’s a zoo keeper to provide for her family. Karli and her eight year old brother fall in love with an elephant name Marlene. The bombing is coming soon and they don't know what to do with all the animals, Lizzie mother asks if she can bring home the elephant to stay at their house. Bombing goes on and they are forced to leave their city. They aren't the only ones many others are leaving the city also. Their family has to find a place to live [...]

    27. An Elephant in the Garden by Michael MorpurgoLizzie and Karl’s mother is a zoo keeper; the family has become attached to an orphaned elephant named Marlene, who will be destroyed as a precautionary measure so she and the other animals don’t run wild should the zoo be hit by bombs. The family persuades the zoo director to let Marlene stay in their garden instead. When the city is bombed, the family flees with thousands of others, but how can they walk the same route when they have an elephant [...]

    28. This comes under the hard to resist pile! I went in to a bookshop looking for something completely different and found this (and what I was looking for!), and read it the same day :D Morpurgo is one of my favourite authors of all time, right next to Neil Gaiman (somehow I like English writers!), and this fascinating story did nothing to dispel him from my list! Once again, he took a historical even I knew very little about, gave it an interesting twist, made me intrigued, and it even had a happy [...]

    29. The story An Elephant in The Garden by Michael MorPurgo is about an old woman who is telling Karl and his mother about how when she was younger, she had an elephant in the garden. Her father was in the war, so it was just her, Karli, and her mother. Her mother, who works at the zoo, fell in love with an elephant, Marlene, found out that they had to kill the animals because the bombers were coming soon, so she decided to keep Marlene. Then, one day, they went out for a walk and the bombers came. [...]

    30. this book was very interesting. It was very descriptive also. If you like fantasy and story tales then this would bi the book for you. It starts off kind or different,but don't stop there because it gets to a point where you don't want to put it down. I really liked it and i think you will to.

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