The Serpents Trail

The Serpents Trail At sixty three Maxie McNabb is cruising down the Alaska Highway in her brand new Winnebago With her mini dachshund at her side and the open road ahead she s never been happier But before her explora

  • Title: The Serpents Trail
  • Author: Sue Henry
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • At sixty three, Maxie McNabb is cruising down the Alaska Highway in her brand new Winnebago With her mini dachshund at her side and the open road ahead, she s never been happier But before her exploration of the Lower Forty eight gets underway, Maxie needs to figure out who burgled her friend s Colorado home and why And the closer Maxie gets to solving the puzzle, the mAt sixty three, Maxie McNabb is cruising down the Alaska Highway in her brand new Winnebago With her mini dachshund at her side and the open road ahead, she s never been happier But before her exploration of the Lower Forty eight gets underway, Maxie needs to figure out who burgled her friend s Colorado home and why And the closer Maxie gets to solving the puzzle, the it becomes chillingly clear that her friend s life isn t the only one on the line.

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    2 thoughts on “The Serpents Trail

    1. Sue Henry is the author of six novels in her award winning Alaska mystery series Murder on the Iditarod Trail, Termination Dust, Sleeping Lady, Death Takes Passage, Deadfall, and Murder on the Yukon Quest She has lived in Alaska for almost aquarter of a century, and brings history, Alaskan lore, and the majestic beauty of the vast landscape to her mysteries Based in Anchorage, where she teaches writing at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, she is currently at work on the next book in this series.

    2. Enjoyable cozy with a level-headed sleuth and cute dog. It also captures the bittersweet of old friends parting so well.This was a reread. I remember liking this one a lot, and hating the second. We'll see!

    3. This is the first of the Maxie and Stretch mysteries by Sue Henry and the first of her books that I've read. Since we were headed out in our camper for a couple of weeks, I thought this would be appropriate to read at the campground. The main character is an older, independent woman who lives in Alaska. After her husband dies she travels to the lower 48 in her RV with her mini dachshund to see the sights, visit family and friends, and to get away from the Alaskan winters. It is early Fall when h [...]

    4. Well, it's summer and I am trying new murder mystery series. And what I am learning is I am a dithering old person who nobody takes seriously.Really??I am going to try another book in this series because I did rather enjoy the main character --- who is just a few years older than I but speaks of herself as an 'old' grandma type, even though she is not living an old grandma existence. She is driving around in her Winnebago with her mini-daschund and packing some heat (for safety purposes, of cour [...]

    5. I picked this up because it was set in Grand Junction, with side trips to Salt Lake. Unfortunately that wasn't enough to keep me interested it didn't help that I was listening to it (vs reading) and the reader kept mispronouncing place names. For example, Fruita Colorado was pronounced "Froo-ee-ta". Kind of took the fun out of it.

    6. "Things do tend to come full circle, though not always in the way you expect."Surprisingly, a good old fashioned, whodunit; The Serpent's Trail is the sort of mystery akin to an episode of Murder She Wrote, in that, the amateur-sleuth is a capable, mull-everything-over, low-key woman of senior years who never gets in a hurry and doesn't scare easily. The vibe is similar, but with some unique character/element distinctions. "Like Indian paintbrush, I can grow almost anywhere, and I've always like [...]

    7. If you like a lot (and I mean a lot) of useless details, this book is for you. There are descriptions of the differences in elevation of various rocky outcroppings and paragraph upon paragraph explaining the mundane. (Yes, I really read how she let her dog outside, picked up his dog poop, and deposited it into a trash can. And, no, she didn't find a clue in the trash bin. There was no reason for it.)By the way, for a character who loves her dog so much, she certainly leaves him alone frequently. [...]

    8. If you enjoy reading travel books and mystery books this is probably right up your alley. For me, there was too much description of scenery and trails and highways. The main character goes on a hike and nearly 6 pages are the description of her walking the trail. There were also too many times where she didn't speak up when she should have, especially to the police. It just seemed weird to me. In the end, I didn't enjoy this enough, or care enough about Maxie enough to want to continue on with t [...]

    9. This was the first Sue Henry mystery I've read, and, wouldn't you know it, it's not her regular sleuth that is the solver of the mystery in this book. The protagonist, from Alaska, goes to visit her best friend, who is dying, in Grand Junction, Colorado. She travels in her RV with her dachshund, Stretch. The mystery was good, but my favorite thing about the writing is the description of the surroundings, both city and country. It helps that I know Grand Junction and have been to the Colorado Nat [...]

    10. I read this because it's set in Grand Junction CO, where my brother died. She is a great author, showing good insight into the characters and makes the mystery complicated.

    11. Love this woman and her dog stretch! She's funny and quite entertaining. This the second book I have read in the series and loved both of them.

    12. Have enjoyed every Sue Henry book I've read. No it's not grad school literature (!) but it's great for a one night stand with Kindle on the pillow. Just wish each book was available in my library in Kindle form. Oh well

    13. This was my first Sue Henry book and I liked it, but am reserving further judgement until I read a couple more - hence three stars. This book was a cozy mystery and part travelogue on places our heroine is visiting. Maxie McNabb is an independent, free-spirited, level-headed 63 year old woman who travels around in a Minnie-Winnie Winnebago with her mini-dachshund named Stretch. She summers on the Kenai Peninsula, spent last winter in New Mexico and loves exploring the lower 48 states. Maxie rece [...]

    14. Maxie McNabb and her dachshund Stretch board their mini-Winebago to travel from their home in Alaka to Colorado where Sarah, Maxie's best friend since their college days, is dying of advanced heart disease. Sarah requested that Maxie come for a final visit as she has some very important matters to discuss with her dear friend. Maxie arrives nearly too late as Sarah has been rushed to the hospital. As Maxie sits with her dying friend, Sarah tells Maxie that she has written everything down for Max [...]

    15. I was in the mood for a soft-edged, intriguing mystery filled with excellent characters, and that's exactly what I found in The Serpents Trail. Already familiar with Sue Henry's Jessie Arnold mysteries set in Alaska, I wanted to see what a wandering sixtysomething widow with a small dog and an RV could do. Maxie McNabb is in the minority in the crime fiction community of characters. She's in her sixties. She's widowed after two happy and fulfilling marriages and has no inclination to go that rou [...]

    16. When I first picked up this book, I saw the name Sue Henry and immediately remember the Jessie Arnold series that I had started last year and thought that this was another in that series. Well, no, I was wrong; this is a series that involves Maxie and her dog, a mini-dachshund named Stretch, traveling in their trusty Winnebago.When twice-widowed 63-year-old Maxie gets a call from an old friend living in Colorado, she decides that it is time to take a little trip. Sarah is her dearest college fri [...]

    17. In my top 5 fav books. The whole series was great. There are 4 books in the series, and I wish Sue Henry (one of my fav authors) had kept the story going on into more books. This is a cozy with a bit of thrill. I loved that you have an older lady who lives in Alaska but takes her RV, along with her weenie dog Stretch, into the lower 48 for travel and adventure. Along the way in each book she visits a different state, a different murder. Or rather murder seems to find her. She is always the smart [...]

    18. Loved! Can you believe I grabbed this book out of a .10 box because the back of the book said the lady was going to Grand Junction, CO - a place where I lived for a couple of years. It is a cozy - not my normal read but hey. For .10 it could fall apart out by the pool and I could throw it away. A real bizarre thing about this book. I am always doing a search for authors who include dogs in their stories - since my first book, Special Run, is about a dog. Totally unrelated I had downloaded a book [...]

    19. I have not read anything by this author before. I'm not sure I'll read any others. This one is set in Grand Junction, which is why I picked it up. The "detective" in the series is Maxie McCann, a 63-year-old Alaskan widow, who travels around with her dachshund much of North America in an RV. Clever concept, and there is plenty of info about RVing included. The mystery surrounds the death of an old college friend of hers in Junction just after she arrives in town. Maxie has been named executor of [...]

    20. I love camping and the outdoors and I love, love, love dachshunds. So how could I not read this book. I really like the concept of the book, a retired lady traveling around the country in her RV with her best-friend Stretch the dachshund. Maxie is a lady I would like to meet. She is an independent and energetic lady with a good outlook on life. I enjoyed all the description of the scenery (makes me want to go on vacation) and I liked the set up of the crime. The mystery is definitely a cozy myst [...]

    21. Cozy Mystery. With her mini-dachshund, Stretch, by her side, 63-year-old retiree Maxie McNabb cruises across America in her Winnebago, indulging her wanderlust. So when Sarah, a dying friend in Grand Junction, Colorado, calls and asks Maxie to come visit, she does. Unfortunately, when Maxie arrives, Sarah is in the hospital and soon dies from very unnatural causes. Who would kill her? Maxie remembers Sarah's penchant for secrets and hiding places and begins puzzling out the answer, but the close [...]

    22. Twice widowed sixty-something Maxie McNabb and her traveling companion mini-dachshund Stretch have discovered the pleasures of RV traveling. Longtime resident of Alaska, Maxie has been wintering in the western state of New Mexico since starting her RV days. She seems to get mixed up in murder everywhere she goes. This story is no exception; her longtime best friend Sarah calls her begging her to start her trip early because she has found out that she has only weeks to live and she wants to have [...]

    23. A friend recommended Sue Henry to me, and I enjoyed this novel about Maxie, a 63-year-old widow, who travels the country in her Winnebago with her little dog. It was a good mystery with no sex, but it did have some swear words. I liked it being set in Colorado and Utah and recognized some of the places, especially Salt Lake City. However, I did get a little bored with all of the descriptions of the scenery and I'm not as much of a dog lover as she apparently is and got a little bored with the do [...]

    24. Essentially, this book and I were not meant to be BFFs. While Maxie and Stretch were fun, and Maxie's lifestyle is an unusual and refreshing choice for a cozy mystery series, I had a difficult time reading this book. At least half of the sentences seemed to run on too much for a comfortable reading experience for me. It felt like they could have ended about 10 words earlier, it kept pulling me out of the flow of the story. However, my Mom and three of her friends have all read and adored this se [...]

    25. 3 1/2-4 stars. Visiting close friend in CO. I believe this was my 2nd reading of this story. I enjoyed it both times. Cozy.

    26. Bought this at the very National Monument where it is set, which turned out to be the most delightful thing about this unexciting mystery. The ingredients are all there for a decent amateur detective story but Henry's pacing and structure is messed up. For instance, she starts with our hero fidning an open door to her friend's housed then proceeds to divert from this exciting development to give us nearly the entire background of the hero when she should have dribbled it out as the story went. P [...]

    27. I really like the way this author expresses herself--the reading is easy. The outcome wasn't predictable, necessarily, but some of the plot twists were. I didn't enjoy all the "chamber of commerce" or "travel brochure" blurbs about different places she visited, and found I kind of scanned at least a fourth of the book. I will read book 2 in the series, however, and see what I think about that one.

    28. This is my first time reading Henry. I was drawn to this series because the protagonist is a 63-year-old, twice-widowed female. Maxine was an enjoyable character and the settings of Alaska, Colorado and Utah were well drawn. What I didn't enjoy was the mystery. None of the other characters sparked my interest and I figured out the murderer pretty early on. Not likely that I'll pursue other books in the series. Too bad, because I did like Maxine.

    29. In a spin off from Sue Henry's Alaska series, she takes two of the secondary characters - Maxie McNabb and her dog Stretch - and sends them out of Alaska on the road, in this case down to see a friend in Colorado, where murder and mayhem inevitably ensue. Enjoyable. I haven't read enough of the original series to have met the characters in that context, but it works as a stand-alone mystery

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